In the years following the Wizarding War Hogwarts was a mess of debauchery, alcohol and house rivalry. According to legend well before I came to Hogwarts four popular seventh years got together, one from each house, to create the ultimate House competition secret from the faculty. The competition was supposed to be an amalgam of the House Cup, Quidditch Cup as well as new categories. To say that the formal competition didn’t last long would be an understatement but the concepts they created continued.

These students created the ‘House Whips’ based off some muggle concept.  Every year the four whips would select one 7th year from each House whose role was to ensure that their House stayed in line. Rules were written and punishments assigned. In an effort to reduce the drug and alcohol related incidents that were alerting the professors to student after hour activities. 

The Whips were to work together and they individually could be punished for not keeping their house in line. Everything about the Whips was a bit of a mystery and no one knows quite went on between these four students. The idea of the Whips was to ensure that house competition never went too far and to encourage “friendly competition” rather than allow to reign. 

Ever since I have been at Hogwarts there has just always been a Whip for each House. No one knew how they were chosen and everyone just accepted whoever was announced. It was always a prominent member of the House nearly always Head Girl or Boy was a Whip as well as Quidditch Captains and they were always popular among their house.

I am Amelie Nott; straight O student from one of the most prestigious pureblood families still in existence. I come from money, prefect since 5th year and (without attempting to sound too vapid) pretty good-looking. I am what pureblood family’s dream of having an ice cold Slytherin and the epitome unattainable perfection. Perfect marriage material. Eurgh.

Everyone assumed Emmett or myself would get Whip in our year. Ever since 3rd year there were whispers of which of us would ‘win’ the honour. As the days towards the end of my 6th year loomed however I hadn’t heard anything. Emmett was just as oblivious and slowly I decided that they had chosen someone else. 

Therefore I was definitely not expecting to be shaken roughly awake at 3AM on my final night of 6th year.

“What the fuck do you want?” I snarled at the intruder simultaneously snatching out with my left arm to stop the intruder shaking me and reaching for my wand with my right.

“Calm down Nott,” the intruder hissed keeping his voice low to not wake up the other girls asleep in my dorm. “Get up we have places to be.” 

Loosening the grip on my wand as I recognised Sebastian Zabini standing over me with a stupid smarmy grin on his face.


Seb was the current Slytherin Whip and has been, I use this term loosely, a friend of mine since my 1st year. Slipping out of bed I glared popping on my slippers and grabbing a jumper to cover my nightie.

We both silently slipped out of the dorm so as to not wake the other girls. “What is this about Seb?” he didn’t reply just ushering for me to be quiet as he swung a leg over his broom flying down the stairs to avoid it turning into a slide. 

“Put this on” Seb whispered at me chucking a black blindfold as I reached the common room. 

Snatching it from the air just before it fell to the floor I looked at him incredulously keeping my voice quiet “Seriously? Why do you assume I am going anywhere with you at 3AM in the morning blindfolded?” 

“Don’t be a pain Nott and just put it on this will be over quicker if you just do it. You don’t need me to tell you what this is about, you’re a clever girl Nott.”  

Weighing my options I sighed, slipping on the blindfold I grabbed Seb’s hand as he led me out of the Common Room. This mightn’t have been my best decision but following a Whip didn’t usually lead to anything bad. Well, too bad.  It was not following a Whip that caused trouble not that I had any first-hand experience with Whip punishment.

Walking along the halls we were taking so many turns I lost track of where we were. Occasionally Seb took less care than desired leading to a few curses from me as I walked into a wall or tripped on a step. After I got stuck in my second trip step Seb let me jump on his back so he could carry me to our destination. Finally Seb walked through a tapestry which was particularly musty judging from the mouthful I received as we unceremoniously walked through it. 

Once we were behind the tapestry Seb put me down and pulled the blindfold off pocketing it. Glancing around I saw we were in a small alcove. After assessing there was nothing interesting to see I gazed up at Seb who at 6’2 towered over me. Seb leaned down so we were eye level his lips hovering just inches from mine pushing a blonde lock away from my face. 

“Are you ready for the hell of 7th year Nott?” Seb’s tone was mocking but his dark eyes held a promise that meant he wasn’t joking at all. 

Breathless and heart pounding I nodded.

Smirking Seb just grabbed my hand, “Follow me then Ames.” Apparently playing along with Seb put us back on first name terms. 

Taking a deep breath to calm myself I let Seb pull me through the seemingly solid wall at the back of the alcove and into a large room with a single round table in the centre of it with eight chairs around it. As soon as we entered the room Seb dropped my hand and walked straight to the table.

I noticed that we were the last to arrive with just two seats left. Sitting down I looked at the other Whips.

“Took your time Zabini,” Anderson Waverly threw at Seb as we sat down. Of course this was followed by a laugh and some sort of bro shake to indicate he wasn’t actually pissed at Seb.  Anderson was the current Hufflepuff Whip and generally was considered an all-around nice guy that even Slytherins didn’t mind. Well, didn’t mind too much. 

Sitting to the right of Anderson was Tobias Green of Ravenclaw and opposite us was Molly Weasley, Head Girl and Gryffindor Whip. Next to each of them was the chosen future Whips. 

“Fuck me,” I hissed at Seb once I realised who I was working with next year. A child of the Golden Trio, a Weasley and the son of a war hero. All of whom despised me due to my lineage. Seb smirked down at me and my grey eyes narrowed at him trying to inject as much venom as possible into my glare. James Potter, Louis Weasley and Anthony Thomas all three blokes I had barely spoken to in 6 years except to throw an occasional biting comment towards. All of whom definitely did not like me. Great. 

“Told you 7th year would be hell mate” Seb chuckled reaching under the table to squeeze my leg. Blushing slightly at his hand on my bare leg I tried to control my reactions. 

It wasn’t that I had feelings for Seb, no seriously I do not have feelings for Seb. It was just that he was seriously bloody hot and his hand was just the perfect amount of calloused from all the years of being a Beater on the Quidditch team.  Fucking hell I am only human after all I bet even Professor McGonagall would’ve blushed with that sort of contact.

“Right,” Molly glanced around realising no-one else was going to start, “as I am sure you’ve figured out the four of us have voted you to be the new Whips.”  Since none of the other current Whips looked like they were going to help her out she sighed again, “this means basically it is your job to ensure none of your House gets out of line and kills, maims, seriously injures or otherwise behave in a manner that 75% of your vote to be inappropriate behaviour likely to alert professors of our…” at this point Molly trailed off as if seeking the right word.

“Of our extra-curricular activities,” Tobias Green interjected finishing off Molly’s thought whilst throwing her a wink. 

Now as I have mentioned the “competition” purpose of Whips has mostly faded with really just the House Cup and Quidditch Cup still on the line. However that is not to say that the Houses do not still engage in illicit behaviour that if a professor learned of what really went on after curfew would lead to tighter restrictions. Apparently snorting pixy dust is against school rules, who knew? Therefore it was understood Whips tried to keep mayhem under the radar ensuring that professors were not inclined to introduce new rules. 

Everything Molly had said so far was common knowledge and it wasn’t really a surprise we all knew what the Whips did but they were also a mystery usually anyone who got in trouble with House Whip never spoke of what had happened to them and the mode of… control was not exactly publicised. 

“Being the Whip is a choice though,” Anderson decided to finally chime in, “If you aren’t up for it you can let us know right now and we will blindfold you and take you out and bring back the second choice. We don’t want unwilling Whips jeopardising the mission.”  Ah yes the sacred mission of ensuring free flowing firewhiskey and pills. Noble isn’t it?

It was like a game of chicken as all four of us new Whips glanced at each other wondering if anyone was weak enough to pull out. No one blinked or said anything simply waiting to see if anyone was going to be the first to quit. I certainly wasn’t planning on giving away any sign of weakness in front of this lot.
“Right so what the fuck do we actually do then?” Potter’s voice was husky from sleep and his brown eyes were hooded behind his black rimmed glasses as he glanced around clearly deciding that the prolonged silence meant we were all in. 

“Well Potter firstly you have to ensure secrecy of the Whips from the faculty, and have a meeting to plan on the first night back and then after that weekly meetings on a Sunday to settle any disputes.” Seb was cool as he answered clearly uninterested in making friends with a Potter after seven years of avoiding it. “At the meetings you are to report back on any House activities that might cause trouble as well as holding trials for those caught breaking the rules,” Seb continued to explain.

“As you know everyone will wake up tomorrow with a note of who has been selected so you won’t have to worry about alerting people to your new honorary status…” Molly said smiling at Seb clearly glad she wasn’t having to run the meeting alone. 

It was weird watching them all, if someone had said to me before I got here that the Whips were all friends I would have laughed in their face but watching their dynamic now it occurred to me that just because I didn’t see them together didn’t mean they weren’t friends, or at least friendly.  Molly had continued her explanation while I had zoned out.  Hoping I hadn’t missed much I forced by tired brain to focus “…the manual of disputes lists the procedure and punishments, you’ll be responsible for ensuring your House isn’t breaking any rules. Furthermore if you fail to alert fellow Whips to any goings on which later comes to bite them in the arse you are liable for punishment as decided by the other three.” 

Seb poked my side and jerked his head to the shelf in the corner indicating that was where this manual lived. Smiling in thanks I noticed that the meeting was wrapping up. It didn’t seem like Whips had much guidance for us after all the secrecy apparently we all just bloody made it up as we went along. 

“We’ll let you go now honestly there is nothing to this except making sure the professors do not get involved and that specifically firsties and secondies aren’t too harshly targeted.” Tobias was keeping strong eye contact with me while he said this last bit as unfortunately Slytherins have the worst track record for shall we say unfairly targeting students regardless of age. 

“Don’t fret Tob if anyone can keep the snakes in line it’s Amelie mate, she can be a bloody nightmare when she wants to be,” Seb jumped in. Ironically to defend the fact that us snakes had big reputations which were not entirely unjustified. Also to call me a nightmare. Charming as ever Zabini.

At Seb’s statement I heard Louis Weasley and James Potter scoff giving me a look that indicating they had no expectations of my loyalty to the Whips over the snakes. Surprisingly though Thomas was giving me a pitying smile. 

Smirking I sat a little straighter and looked dead back at Tobias “You’ve got nothing to fear Green the Slytherins won’t dare to cause too much trouble with me at the helm,” smirking I looked at Potter, “perhaps direct your little lecture to the houses that act with brawns rather than brain”. 

If looks could kill I would be dead based on the look Potter gave me but before any further comments could be thrown about Molly stood up causing us all to fall silent.

“That’s enough, I know you don’t really like each other but civility is key in this position we aren’t going to be around anymore to ensure you aren’t squabbling like toddlers. Look it is late and we all have a train to catch tomorrow this is in your hands now. Don’t fuck it up.” Molly was looking sternly at the four of us making me shrink just a little in my chair. Hey! Deference to your Head Girl did not make you a coward.

Seb stood up as well and pulled me up with him, I mourned slightly the loss of his hand on my leg I suddenly felt rather alone in this room. It was going to be a long year. “Righto team,” smiling cheerily as he looked around at the three new Whips who couldn’t have looked more disgruntled at the telling off they’d just received, “Good luck with this. And don’t forget we are always watching.” At this I looked to where Seb’s gaze was and saw that on the wall that the door was on was the portraits of all past Whips the four of them watching us moving around and whispering to each other from their little frames.

Rolling my eyes I once again let Seb lead me away. Now I was no longer blindfolded I saw we were in a corridor on the seventh floor. “Did you really have to blindfold me to take me to the Room of Requirement Zabini?” I scoffed. 
Chuckling he kept walking back towards the dungeons, “What if you’d said no Nott? Can’t have the whole school finding out our hidey hole.” 
Glancing over my shoulder I saw Potter, Weasley and Thomas emerge from the room of requirement as well. They paused when they noticed I was still there, Thomas stepping closer and stretching out his hand out “How about it Nott, friends?”

Scoffing I glanced down at his outstretched hand contemplating if it was worth it, after a moment’s hesitation I reached out my own to shake it but right before I did I looked up and said “Just acquaintances not friends I think.” Thomas rolled his eyes and I shook his hand. Ensuring the other Whips didn’t loathe me was important but making friends with them was risky. 

Seeing that Potter and Weasley did not look interested in engaging in any sort of pleasantries with me I smirked at them “See you next year boys,” and I turned and walked away jogging a little to catch up with Seb who had waited at the end of the hall for me. 

Just as I was about to turn the corner and leave the Whips in my dust until September 1st, I glanced back. Somethings are so reflexive your body does it without conscious thought and I cursed to myself for it because when I looked back I saw Potter’s unreadable gaze watching me walk away while the other boys had disappeared.

I was suddenly very aware I was going to spend all of next year hanging out with Potter, a little part of me was also conscious that I was wearing a nightie and my hair was likely a bird’s nest and he probably thought I was some psycho obsessive bird. That was just a little part of me though. Raising an eyebrow at him I whipped back around to face straight ahead.

“Nothing good is going to come from this for me is it Seb?” I asked when I reached him, knowing the answer already.

“It isn’t that bad Ames, your family will never even be aware of it.” Seb’s reasoning was valid but we both knew that it didn’t defeat what I had said. Somehow Nott's manage to find out everything eventually.

“Why didn’t you just pick Emmett?” The question that had been burning inside of me since Seb woke me up spilled out of my mouth.

“Rowle is an idiot Ames, he’d have killed the other Whips before Halloween. The tosser would never manage to work with them. Although he might kill them anyway knowing his precious Amelie is spending hours every week with three fit blokes” 

"I am not his 'precious Amelie' Seb and you know it," he always seemed to know exactly what was worrying me and stabbing right into the core. No matter how Seb had decided Emmett would likely end up making a brash decision and crumbling everything.

After a quiet walk back to the common room we finally reached the bottom of the stairs that led left up to the boy’s dorm and right to the girls. Seb looked down at me smirking to me with his eyes never leaving mine, “How about it Ames? One last shag before I leave forever?” 

Attempting to frown but failing my lips lifted into a small smile and I stood up on my tip toes so I was so close to him I could smell him. I kissed him quick and chaste before scrambling up the staircase to the girls dorm calling out down the stairs just before I disappeared into my dorm, “In your dreams Zabini”.

Slipping back into my dorm I found a note on my bedside table that read:
“The Whips of 2020 cordially introduce the Whips of 2021; James Potter (Gryffindor), Louis Weasley (Ravenclaw), Anthony Thomas (Hufflepuff) and Amelie Nott (Slytherin).”

I never wanted to be the Whip. My ambitions went far beyond my school years this was just supposed to be a means to an end. I knew Emmett will be fuming when he awakens to the news I have ‘won’. Because ‘winning’ meant Seb and everyone else thought I was better than him. More powerful. Unfortunately the harder you try to fight fate the faster it comes to you. Only time will tell if staying in that room tonight silently accepting my fate was a mistake. I have stayed out of trouble for most of my time here and tonight I stood on the edge of more trouble than I can imagine. All I do know is that I am going to spend all of 7th year trying not to fall.  

A/N Hello! I hope that you’ve somewhat enjoyed my first attempt at a fanfic on here. I have been reading for a long time but this little idea has been with me for a while and I couldn’t put it away so I wrote it. Please leave a review if you have thoughts! Next chapter will be out soon it just needs some editing. RP x

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