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January 19th, 2030 – 9 p.m.

I.               Vic


Vittorio liked few things.

Most people called him pretentious, high-demanding, a bitch.

But he simply was a man that knew how not to put up with unnecessary bullshit and appreciated the finer things in life.

He liked the flat he had bought with his family money – he was a rich kid and knew that made him even more spoiled –, he liked tidiness, sculpted male bodies, his grandfather’s wine, his father’s lasagnes and parties.

But most of all, he liked his privacy.

Which spoke volumes of how much he actually liked his best friend, Elizabeth Warren.

He didn’t need a flatmate, but he enjoyed her company, even if she was as scatter-brained as they came; besides, it would have felt strange to not see her every day like he had for seven years, so she had moved in with him the moment they had left Hogwarts.

But the girl was also a disaster for his nerves and neatly catalogued cutlery – even though he could admit that she had acted quickly and effectively during the ‘flooding incident’ –, so he had liked well enough Louis – the cheating, filthy bastard – and he liked James even more, for it meant the house was his on the weekends.

But he rarely was actually alone.

That particular Saturday evening, for example, he had cooked a fine dinner for his latest conquest, a true gem that needed to be wined and dined like a prince, and was planning to make unmentionable things to his body the moment it would become acceptable to do so in polite society.

Which meant right when his guest was sampling his perfect tiramisu – he had used his grandmother’s secret recipe, after all.

It was in that idyllic moment, with his mouth on the delicious specimen at his table and a purposeful hand into his pants, that his so called best friend barged into the house, hysterically calling his name.

“Vic! VIC! I need your hel… OH MY GOD!” She shrieked when she entered the dining room, while Vic hastily pulled his hand away and his guest protested with a soft grunt.

“Elizabeth!” Vic cried out, righting himself as best as he could.

He took a couple of deep breaths as Elizabeth cautiously lowered her hands from her eyes.

“Is that Albus Potter?”

Potter looked at her, shaking his head in defeat. “No?” He denied half-heartedly, resigned.

“What are you doing here?” Vic asked, walking towards her to tug her outside the room. “Weren’t you supposed to be at J… your boyfriends’?”

She seemed to wake up and stopped gaping at Albus, the panic flooding back into her eyes.

“Yeah, about that…”

She looked at loss for words and kept glancing between him and Albus.

Vic scoffed and turned to his guest.

“Elizabeth is dating your brother James.”

Albus’ jaw dropped. “What?!”


What?! When?” Albus stood up, trying to discretely adjust his pants. He looked shocked, “How?”

“Vic, what the hell!”

Elizabeth seemed ready to punch him – which had actually happened a couple times during the long years of their friendship, and it hadn’t been fun – so he raised his hands in a calming motion and gave her a weak smile.

“Let’s sit in the living room, shall we?”

But he still was a perfect host, for Morgana’s sake.



Once they were all seated on the sofa with their cups of espressos – and tea for the profane woman Liz was –, Vic looked pointedly at Elizabeth.


She still looked hesitant, so he turned to Albus – damn him, he was gorgeous – and gave him a quick recap of the story between his brother and Elizabeth, without mentioning Louis.

Albus looked out of his depth. “He didn’t say anything. Grandma’s always pestering him for news, and he didn’t tell. I mean, I knew there was someone he was seeing, he’s been looking way too cheerful lately, but I thought…”

“That it was casual,” finished for him Elizabeth, smiling at his apologetic nod. “It’s ok, I asked him to keep it private.”

Albus frowned “Why?”

Liz sighed and put her cup on the table – right next to, but not on top, of the cup plate; Vic felt like screaming – and turned to Albus.

“I dated Louis about a year and a half ago.”

Albus’ jaw dropped again.

“Better than the Kardashian, right?” quipped Vic to ease the tension, internally shaking his head.

“Right, but he cheated on me with fucking Jasmine, and I was a mess for months, I only worked, I got fat, I cried and didn’t want to see anyone-”

Vic sighed wistfully. “Ah, the good old times…”

“But then I moved on and after a while I finally met James, so we’ve been dating ever since.”

“Ok…” said Albus, sipping on his coffee, “what’s the problem, then?”

Elizabeth waited a few pained moments, like she couldn’t quite bring herself to say it.

“He wants me to go to your grandparent’s tomorrow.”

Albus nodded like that explained everything “Yeah, James is the worst grandma-boy ever.”

But Vic knew better. “Will Louis be there?”

“See, that’s the thing: I don’t know. Could be, could not, but the problem is that I also don’t want to see his parents – how awkward would that be? And if Louis were there… I don’t know how I would react, considering I have the image of him fucking her burnt into my mind. But I can’t say that to James.”

Her hands flew in her hair, tugging fiercely: she was the picture of distressed.

“Why not?” Albus asked, genuinely confused.

“You should have seen the way he looked at me when he thought I might not want to see Louis because I still care.” Elizabeth shook her head, “I don’t think he would understand.”

“Don’t sell my brother too short, though,” said Albus with a knowing glance, “He’s the best of us at relationships.”

“Yeah, about that.” Elizabeth looked mischievous for the first time, and Vic intuitively tensed. “When did you guys start?”

“We were trying tonight,” said Vic, at the same time that Albus spluttered and said: “Oh, no, we don’t… I’m straight.”

There was a long pause; Liz raised an eyebrow in Vic’s direction. “Ah.”


“What do you mean?” Albus was looking at both of them with a defensive stance and Vic and Elizabeth shared another quick glance, before Vic took a lock of Potter’s hair between his fingers, leaning into his personal space. He could still see the slight bulge in Albus’ pants.

“Potter, we were going to fuck,” he said with an understanding smile, “I’m a male. You’re not straight.”

“No, but…” Albus was at loss for words, “it’s, you know… it’s you. One time.”

Vic snorted, trying to be kind. “While I agree I am the best choice out of the lot, I’m still a part of the other team, Albus. You’re bi-sexual, at the very least.”

Albus’ cheeks reddened and he lowered his gaze, frowning.

“Right. Right, well, but I don’t… I mean, I thought we were…”

“Casual?” added helpfully Liz once again, this time smirking like a Cheshire cat.

Sometimes, even she could look like the Slytherin she was supposed to be.


“Why don’t you decide that after I’ve shown you what you’ve been missing out for your whole life?” said Vic huskily, purposefully lowering his voice to a vibrant tone, leaning all the way into Albus like a predator ready to strike.

Albus’ eyes kept darting in every direction, looking for an escape. “I…”

“I would fuck you like you’ve never been fucked, Albus.” Elizabeth made a surprised sound and Albus’ eyes immediately zeroed in into his, wide open. “Mind-blowingly, filthy, without control or direction. I would make you orgasm so loudly, my neighbours would wake up, and you’d be sobbing, crying for help, in ecstasy. I would…”

“Vic,” whimpered Elizabeth, begging.

Albus was all the way back into the sofa, breathing heavily: his eyes were sparkling and there was a hunger there that Vic was dying to explore and satisfy; he stared at Albus a little longer, conveying what he couldn’t say with a scorching gaze, and Albus visibly swallowed.

“…Right,” he murmured again, unsettled, and Vic rewarded him with his best shit-eating grin.

Then Albus pinned Elizabeth with a panicked expression. “Don’t tell James,” he pleaded and Elizabeth nodded seriously.

“You, too. I told him I had forgotten something here, when all I really wanted was for Vic to tell me what to do.”

“Ok, that’s it.”

Vic got up, ignoring their confused gazes, and turned to his best friend: she was dressed in dark green track pants and a blue t-shirt, which made him cringe, but she otherwise looked better than she had in months, and that solidified his intention to say what he wanted to say.

“Listen to me, tesoro: it may have been my fault for letting you act like a recluse and a pitiful excuse of a woman for months after the Louis debacle, but at the time I honestly thought you would stop soon enough and I didn’t need to worry. You finally snapped out of it at the very last moment I had planned to give you, so I was relieved; I said to myself: she’s ok, she’s able to function like an independent person, there’s no need to worry. But there is: you can’t come in here and expect me to tell you what to do! You’re a grown woman, and you need to witch-the fuck-up! If you don’t want to go, you have to really explain why to your annoyingly perfect boyfriend, who I’m sure will be disgustingly understanding, but in my opinion, what you really need to do is stop running. Louis is a closed chapter of your life, one that you should look back at to learn that people can be shit, but nothing more. And I hate that you actually made me tell you what to do, again, but you need to stop whining and take your life in your hands.”

Stunned silence met the end of his tirade: Albus was looking at him like he was an alien – ugh, damn Liz to having made him do the scene when he was there – and she was opening and closing her mouth, a streak of rebellion and outrage clear in her eyes.

He didn’t let her talk.

“You’re going to waste this opportunity to be happy, tesoro. James seems like a really good guy and you’re looking better than you have in months. But, like all good guys, James will wait up to a point, and then he will look for what he needs in someone else. If he’s really as attached to his family as he seems to be, he won’t be able to keep up like this for much longer. So,” he finished, crouching in front of her and taking her hand, “if you really want him, you have to face the past.”

Elizabeth had closed her mouth, her previous fighting stance all but forgotten, and she had almost deflated on herself, looking as defeated and one could be.

“You’re right,” she whispered, “I have to go.”

“Of course I’m right,” he said, pretending to be offended by her surprised tone, “I always am.”

Albus was still silent, but Vic would deal with that later, as Elizabeth looked ready to cry; she hugged him fiercely, almost chocking him, and let go as fast as she had reached for him.

“You’re the best, Vic. Ti adoro!”

Vic snorted. “Stop butchering my language and go back to your perfect boyfriend.”

She simply laughed, nodding, and in a few moments was already gone, with a quick wave at both of them, as fast as she had barged in the first place.

“Sorry about that,” said Vic once he’d closed the door and walked back in the living room (he noticed Liz’s wand on the counter and internally sighed); Albus rose from his seat and assaulted him with an impetuous kiss, taking him by surprise: Vic took a few seconds before answering in kind.

“What was that for?” he asked, pleased with himself: it was the first time Albus had been the one to initiate physical contact.

Albus blushed adorably, “Don’t apologize. It was a really good speech, and I liked what you said to her.”

Had Vic been a different person, he would have blushed as well; but alas, he was himself, so he smirked to hide how much flustered that compliment had made him, and made a witty remark.

“Do you have the hots for me now, Potter?”

It spoke volumes of how much he didn’t know Albus (yet), that Vic was surprised by him simply nodding seriously and caressing his face with a pensive expression.

“What are you thinking about?”

It was Albus’ turn to smirk and Vic was reminded that he, too, had been a Slytherin.

“What were you saying about waking up the neighbours?”

Vic laughed.


Hello! Here we are with the second chapter, this time from Vic's POV: we see a little more about the dinamics with Elizabeth - and how they're a bit co-dependent, the reason for which will be explained in more detail later - and we also have a plot twist! ALBUS POTTER IS EXPLORING! 

Ah! so, Translation corner: 'ti adoro' is 'I adore you' and 'tesoro' is still 'sweetheart'!

Let me know what you though - liked it, hated it - and if Liz still feels in character - I feel like I'm losing sight of her in the midst of all these other POVs.

Next chapter will be from Albus' POV!

Hope you enjoyed,


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