How amazing is this chapter image of Elizabeth by Newt Scamander at the Dark Arts? 

I had an awesome life. I really did. I worked at the Ministry in the Department for Magical Communication. It was a well payed job and the best of all, it made it possible for me to travel all over the globe. Just a few weeks ago, I returned from a six-month trip in Argentina where I negotiated with Argentina's Minister of Magic about the use of magic carpets and their impact on Muggle Community.

I had three best friends that never left my side ever since we met each other in first year of Hogwarts when I got sorted in Gryffindor. Johanna, Alex, Maya and I were, although completely different, best friends. We always had each other back.

And my parents... Well, they tend to be a bit complicated but I lived in a flat in London far away from my childhood home in Scotland.

So basically, I had a perfect life. Had. Until I peed on a pregnancy stick one morning and the words 'Pregnant' turned my life upside down.

But let's start from the beggining.


“Park right here, please.” I ask the cab driver to stop right in front of the club where Maya insisted we meet. I just got back from Argentina and I was completely jet-legged but I couldn’t wait to see my friends. So when Maya suggested we get together at the new club that just opened, I couldn’t resist.  

And in deed, just when I’m about to step out of the cab, I hear Maya’s scream.

“Oh, my God, you’re back!” she yells and before I can even pay off the cab driver, she tackles me in a hug.

“For fuck’s sake, Maya!” I protest but can’t help but smile. “Give me some room to breathe.”

“Oh, gosh, look at you!” she says when she takes a step back. “You’re so tanned.”

“Oh, you should’ve seen me when I first got there. I was red all over.” I turn around to hand the impatient cab driver his money.

“All over, ha?” Maya says with a wink. “What have you been up to down there in Argentina?”

“Oh, if you only knew.” I say and the cab driver raises his eyebrows as I hand him the money. “So, where are the girls?” I ask Maya as we start to walk towards the club. There’s already a lot of crowd waiting in front but Maya walks confidently towards the entrance.

“Oh, they’re already inside.” She says as she greets the bouncer. “Daddy worked hard to get us in. Everything was already full, but he pulled some connections.”

Maya’s father is some kind of tycoon who owns a lot of hotels. He and Maya’s mother got divorced when Maya was just a little girl but her father still tries to make up for that. Hence, the tickets for club openings.

We enter one of the best clubs I’ve ever been to and manage to squeeze through the crowd to get to our table where Johanna and Alex are already comfortably seated.

“It was about fucking time!” Alex yells when I finally join them.

“Nice to see you too.” I smile and hug her.

“Ellie, you look so great!” Johanna squeels as she joins in on the hug. “We missed you terribly.”

“Oh, I missed you as well.” I say smiling at my friends. “All of you!”

“So, how was Argentina?” Johanna demands.

“Yeah, did you fuck your way through the negotiations?” Typical Alex. The only thing on her mind is sex.

“Maybe once or twice.” I admit and they all start laughing. “I’ll tell you more but can we order some drinks first. I’m parched.”


It took me a couple of drinks to tell them everything that happened in Argentina. And then it took us a couple more for them to tell me what happened while I was away. Alex got a promotion at her job in Gringotts, Maya quit hers for Merlin knows what time and Johanna moved to a new flat.

After we’re done with catching up, each of us already drank about six pink cocktails with little umbrellas in them, but that’s okay, because how strong can a little pink drink be?

“Oh, fuck me hard!” Alex says when she almost falls out of her seat when she stares at someone behind me. “It can’t be!”

“What?” Maya asks trying to see what she’s looking at.

“Is that James Potter?!”

“What?!” I snap and all four of us turn around to see if Alex was right.

“It can’t be!” Johanna protests but she’s wrong. Because there he is. Wearing a simple white T-shirt and a leather jacket, looking sexier than ever. I haven’t seen James Potter (other than on the cover of every newspaper there is about Quidditch) since he graduated Hogwarts.

“What is he doing here?” Johanna asks as the four of us stare at him. “I thought he was playing for some French club.”

“I heard he signed the contract with the Chudley Cannons.” Maya explains as she sips on her drink. “I guess it’s true. Why else would he return to England?”

“He’s even hotter than I remember.” Alex joins in. “Don’t you think?”

“Don’t push it.” I say although she’s right. James Potter was always rather handsome. He was really popular with girls back at school and once he became a professional Quidditch player, I assume he got even more popular.

“Of course you can’t say the truth.” Alex teases. “You dated his cousin.”

“Fuck!” I curse ducking a bit. “You don’t think Louis’ here as well?”

“Took you long enough to remember.” Maya laughs.

“Relax.” Johanna says as she searches the club. “I think he’s here with his new teammates. Probably out celebrating.”

While I was at Hogwarts I dated James’ cousin, Louis Weasley, who was in James’ year in Gryffindor. And it was pretty serious as well. We dated for two years and I even met his parents and he met mine. We spent holidays together and everyone presumed we’d get married when I finished Hogwarts. But, when he graduated school, a year before me, he obviously realised what he was missing out on and cheated on me. I never actually broke it off, I just stopped returning his letters after I found out about it.

“You know, technically you and Louis never officially broke up.” Maya notices. “Technically you’re still dating.”

“Oh, we broke up.” I say bitterly. “He broke it off when he cheated on me with that red head.”

“But you’re over it?” Johanna asks.

“Of course I am.” I shrug and take a sip of my drink. And I’m not lying. Sure, I was planning a future with Louis. But, let’s be honest. I was seventeen. I haven’t seen a thing the world has to offer. Louis cheating on me was the best thing that ever happened to me. And to be honest, marrying him was more my mother’s idea than my own. I always had my doubts about him.

“He was a bit pathetic, wasn’t he?” Maya interrupts my thoughts.

“Oh, yeah, totally.” Alex says sarcastically. “With his gorgeous face and a fuckable body, he was totally pathetic. In fact,” she turns around to look at James again. “Potter’s totally pathetic as well. He’s so pathetic that I would lick him all over. That’s just how pathetic he is.”

All four of us start laughing and just in that moment James turns around and looks in our direction.

“Fuck!” I curse again as all four of us quickly duck under the table. “You think he noticed that?”

“Oh, I think he has.” Maya says as she peeks in James’ direction.

“Why do you think that?” I ask nervously from my place under the table.

“’cause he’s coming here.” She says and I jump so hard I hit my head on the table.


“Elizabeth?” I hear my name being called and I turn around rubbing my forehead painfully. And there he is. In all his glory. James Potter, ladies and gentlemen.

“James, hi!” I greet him pretending to be surprised to see him. As if I haven’t stared at him eagerly for the last ten minutes.

“I can’t believe it’s you!” he says with a smile. “I haven’t seen you since- well,” he coughs uncomfortably. “Ever since I left school.”

“Yes, it’s been a long time.” I nod. “How have you been?”

“I’m fine.” He shrugs. “I don’t know if you’ve heard but I signed a contract with the Chudley Cannons. We’re here to celebrate.” He points at his team mates who are laughing hard at something probably half-drunk already.

“Oh, haven’t heard.” I lie. “But congratulations!”

“Thanks.” He smiles. “So what have you been up to?”

“Oh, I just got back from Argentina.” I say as if that wasn’t a big deal. “I had a tough round of negotiations with their Minister.”

“Wow.” James looks at me impressed. “Makes my job sound like a joke.” He laughs and I smile modestly. “Well, I have to go. I just-“ he smiles nervously. “I had to say hi. I mean, we haven’t seen each other in years.”

“I’m glad you did.” I smile as well.

“Well, I hope I see you around.” He says before he turns around. “Oh, and El?” he calls after me and I turn around. “I love your hair. You make one hell of a blonde.” With that said, he disappears in the crowd and I turn towards the girls in desperate need of a drink.

“What was that?” Johanna asks with a smile. “I never realised you guys were that close.”

“We weren’t.” I say as I take a sip of my drink. “He probably just wanted to be polite because I dated Louis and all.”

But that was not entirely true. James and Louis were really close back at school. Almost like brothers. So, while Louis and I dated, it was normal for James to be around us constantly. Other girls would probably mind that their boyfriend’s cousin’s hanging with him all the time but I never did. I enjoyed James’ company. It didn’t take me long before I realised there was more to James than his looks. He was incredibly smart and funny. I was never bored when the two of us spent time together. He was so much different than Louis. And yet, I enjoyed having him around as well.

“How about another round?” I offer after I down my drink.

“Now you’re talking!” Alex cheers as she calls the waiter.


I’m really drunk. Like really. Completely pissed actually. I don’t even know where the rest of the girls are. I’m dancing in the middle of the dance floor holding my little pink drink. (Turns out they’re quiet strong. Don’t be fooled.) I can’t help but to sneak a peek in James’ direction. There’s something about him that’s not letting me rest. I find him sitting with his teammates but he’s not involved in their conversation. Instead, he’s already staring at me.

I down my drink and turn around to get another one. What the hell is wrong with me? I shouldn’t even be drinking this much. I should go get my things and go to sleep.

“Another one, please.” I say instead when I reach the bar.

“You should slow down on these.” I hear a voice behind me and my stomach makes a flip when I turn around and find James standing there with his hands in his pockets and that famous smirk plastered on his face. I can tell he had a few too many as well.

“I think I can handle my liquor, thank you very much.” I say as I turn back around and grab my drink from the bartender.

“As I recall, you never could.” James says when he joins me.

“You recall wrong.” I insist and he laughs.

“I believe there was a time when Lou celebrated his seventeenth birthday and you got so drunk I had to carry you to the Gryffindor tower and into Lou’s bed.” He laughs and I raise my eyebrow at him.

“That was you?” I ask and his smile drops.

“Oh, I- Well, yes.” He shrugs. “I figured you knew. I though Lou told you.”

“He didn’t.” I say and take a sip of my drink. “Thanks for that, I guess.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiles. “So,” he says after a moment of silence. “It’s weird running into you. I can’t believe we lost touch after everything that happened.”

“You mean after Louis and I broke up?” I raise my eyebrows at him and he shifts uncomfortably.

“He’s not here, just so you know.” He explains. “He’s currently in New York. Promoting the new broom.”

“I don’t really care.” I shake my head.

“You don’t?” James asks sounding a bit surprised.

“It’s been six years, James.” I shrug. “We’ve all moved on.”

“Yeah, I guess.” He says and we stay quiet for a minute. Then he suddenly cheers up. “Come on, dance with me!” he says and I snap my head at him.

“What?” I ask but he doesn’t wait for an answer. He grabs my hand and pulls me on the dance floor. “I had too much to drink, I don’t think I’ll-“

“Just shut up.” He orders and pulls me closer to him. I almost faint from the smell of his cologne that has been imbraded in my brain as a memory of something happy and comfortable. I can’t help but breathe him in. Oh, what the hell is wrong with me?!

Then he moves his hands on my hips and my heart skips a few beats. I look at him and he’s already looking down at me. In that moment I know we’re both thinking the same thing. I keep looking at his lips and he keeps looking at mine.


“James, we can’t.” I say but I can’t force myself to walk away from him.

“I know.” He nods seriously but he’s not stepping away either.

“It’s all too complicated.” I start. “Me, you, Louis… I could never-“

“I know.” He nods again. “But maybe,” he starts after a pause. “Maybe, give me one night.”

“One night?” I repeat and he nods.

“One night just to get you out of my system.” He says as he leans in closer. I can feel his breath on me and I can’t even think straight.

“One night?” I ask again.

“No one would know.” He says his lips almost on mine.

“Just one night.” I say. “Promise.”

“I promise.” And with that said, he kisses me.



I wake up the next morning with a massive headache. My stomach is turning and I feel like I’m about to throw up. I open my eyes heavily. When I find myself in an unfamiliar room, I most definitely feel like throwing up because I suddenly recall the evens from last night.

I slowly turn my head to look at James who’s sleeping peacefully on the other side of the bed.


Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

How could this have happened? What was I thinking? This was so, so wrong.

And yet so, so good.

Off the point, Elizabeth! It doesn’t matter that the sex was the best I ever had. Actually out of this world, to be precise. What matters is that it is never happening again.

I look at James again and swallow hard. Never again!

I wrap myself with a sheet that’s lying on the floor and quietly get up trying not to wake James up. I look around the room for my clothes trying to get dressed and when I finally find my shoes under an armchair in James’ bedroom, I give James another look. I feel so guilty leaving like this.

I look around the room and find a piece of parchment and a quill on a desk right next to the armchair. I grab the quill and scribble a small note for James.

One night, remember? You promised.

-          E

I open the door and with one last look towards James, I walk out of his flat.



I enter my building feeling totally down. My feet are killing me, the Sun is too bright for my hungover eyes and I feel like I might throw up.

I climb two sets of stairs in a muggle building where my flat’s at and when I reach the top of the stairs, I find Alex waiting for me in front of my doors. When she sees the state I’m in, she laughs at me.

“You dirty, dirty whore!” she proclaims loudly and I shush her looking at my neighbour’s door, Mrs Jenkins, who I know has nothing better to do than eavesdrop, with concern.

“How about we don’t talk in here?” I ask and point discreetly at the next door. Alex looks at the neighbour’s door poisonously.

“The old bat listening again, ha?” she comments loud enough for Mrs Jenkins to hear before she follows me in my flat.

“So…” she starts with a smile when I lay down on the couch my headache getting the best of me. “Who was it?”

“Who was what?” I ask closing my eyes.

“Who was it that you screwed?” she asks eagerly and I feel like I’m going to throw up. I open my eyes and look at her full of guilt. “What?” Alex asks laughing at me as she flicks her wand to prepare some coffee. “Was he so ugly?”

I silently shake my head and she looks at me worriedly. “Was it that bad?” I shake my head again.

“It was the best sex of my life.” I say and she furrows her eyebrows.

“You’re scaring me Ellie.” She says sounding really worried now. I sit up on the couch and look at her.

“Alex, I slept with James.” I confess and Alex’ mouth almost drops to the floor.

“What?!” she yells and I shush her again. “James Potter?!” she asks silencing her voice. “I can’t believe it, El! James Potter? The James Potter?!”

“How many do we know?” I ask sarcastically and lie back on the couch.

“Oh, my fucking God!” Alex yells again and grabs her purse. “You’re the girl!”

“What girl?” I ask opening my eyes again.

“This girl!” she yells and throws a new number of Witch Weekly at me. Right on the headline is a picture of James kissing a blonde girl wearing a tight black dress.

“Oh, fuck!” I scream. “That’s me!” I say to Alex who nods eagerly. “No, that’s so wrong, Alex!” I say and get up from the couch. I start pacing round my living room. “No one can know about this.”

“Why not?” Alex shrugs. “You said it was good.”

“Oh, it was mind-blowing.” I correct her. “But it won’t happen again.”

“What?!” Alex protests. “But why?”

“He’s Louis’ cousin, that’s why!” I explain.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Alex reasons with me.

“Alex, I’m not doing that.” I shake my head. “I’m not going to go through all Louis’ cousins like a common whore. I don’t want to stand between him and James.”


“Oh, God, what if he recognises me?” I whine and Alex grabs the magazine from me.

“Please!” she says. “I didn’t recognise you and I’ve been your best friend for ages.” She points at the picture. “They only got your back. No one will recognise you. If you and James don’t tell anyone, no one will know.”

“Right.” I nod and try to calm myself down a bit. “You’re right. It will be like it never happened.”


Except that six week later, I’m sitting in my bathroom with Alex by my side. The two of us are starring at the words ‘Pregnant’ written on a muggle pregnancy test Alex bought for me this morning.

I look at Alex in need of some comfort words. She looks at me and then back at the little stick.

“Oh, fuck!” Is all she manages to say.


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