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Beautiful CI by floralprint@tda <3


January 19th, 2030 - 8.30 p.m.

I.               James


“Why not?”

Liz stopped kissing his jaw and righted her back, sitting straight on his lap; she had an adorable frown and a pout that simply begged to be kissed, but he refrained and tried to focus on the matter at hand: convincing his girlfriend to go to his grandparents’ for Sunday lunch.

“You know why,” she said, fixing him with an intense glare, “I don’t see why you want me to come so much, anyway.”

James raised an eyebrow in what he hoped was a sceptic look. “Sure, it’s completely irrational that I’d want to introduce my girlfriend to my family.”

Her cheeks darkened slightly, making her dark skin look like berry juice, but she kept her defensive stance.

Then, she lowered her gaze.

“They already know me, anyway.”

And there it was: Louis was the issue, of course, but they were finally entering into difficult territory; he’d have to treat carefully.

He kept his hands on her legs, moving them in a soothing way, and tried to smile.

“Not as my girlfriend, they don’t.”

Liz sighed and lowered her head in the crook of his neck, like she always did when she was feeling vulnerable; he loved it. He wrapped his arms protectively around her small frame – she had lost weight, damn her – and he kissed her softly on her cheek.

“Your grandma will judge me,” she accused him with a low, shy tone.

James snorted loudly to hide a laugh “My grandma? One of her sons is gay! Trust me, she’s all about that free love, as long as it leads to children. Which Charlie didn’t want anyway, the ungrateful bastard, and let me tell you, that broke the poor’s woman hear-…”

“Jamie.” She stopped him, but he could feel her smile on his neck “Louis will be there.”

“Well,” he said, scratching her back a little more forcefully than necessary, “We don’t know that for sure. Besides, would it be so bad? You guys have been broken up for more than a year…”

James knew what he wanted to say: that the fact that she looked so afraid to meet her ex-boyfriend – incidentally, his prat of a cousin – could mean that she still had lingering feelings for him.

He didn’t like the idea.

Elizabeth seemed to understand what he was implying because she rose from her position and took his face in her hands, her forehead planted against his, annoyed.

“Listen to me, James,” she said, looking in his eyes with an intensity that sent shivers down his spine, “I don’t care shit about him. He’s just a person that hurt me a lot, and I don’t want to see him if I can avoid it. But, that doesn’t mean that I still think about it. I don’t.” She smirked, “I waste too much time thinking about you, anyway. Couldn’t even if I wanted.”

James wouldn’t have admitted that, while the last sentence had been a joke, it still filled his ego with male pride.

His woman thought only about him.

Fuck them French cousins.

James sighed, smiled and sat back on the sofa, putting some distance between them.

“If you don’t want to come, it’s ok,” he said, staring “But I really would love you to.”

Elizabeth opened her mouth as to speak, but he interrupted her “Besides, you know only half of the family. The cool side is better.”

She giggled. “The cool side?”

“Yeah,” James said, raising a hand in a ‘you-know’ gesture, “it’s us, Ron’s and George’s kids. The others are Bill’s and Percy’s.”

“So the girl with the stick up her ass was…?”

James nodded, smirking. “Molly, she’s Percy’s. Did you meet Lucy?”

Elizabeth shook her head, “There were only Louis’ sisters and this Molly the time I went, beside the parents. It was a Friday dinner, though.”

James grinned from ear to ear “Grandma’s always open for everyone, anytime. Usually the cool side goes Tuesday night, but I have practice, so I pop in randomly. Sunday lunches are just institutional, though. It’s frowned upon not to go: nana doesn’t care I have a games the same evening.”

Liz nodded, serious. “I understand.”

They looked at each other silently, before cracking up.

When James’ laughter was dying, she took his hand.

“I’ll think about it.” She murmured, before sighing and standing up.

James pouted, playfully keeping her hand when she tried to get away.

“Where are you going? I thought you were spending the night.” He whined, tugging her towards himself.

She tugged back, acting annoyed “I am, you dolt.”

He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “Come back here, then.”

“I forgot something at home, I’ll be back in an hour.”

James shook his head, standing up and enveloping her in a bear hug “Your stupid flat without floo. I’ll Apparate you.”

She scoffed, feigning outrage. “So now we’re just assuming that I never have my wand?”

“I saw you using mine before to make tea, darling,” James murmured in her ear, smug.

She shivered. “Caught again. Anyway, don’t worry: I feel like walking.”

“You can walk back, darling, don’t be stubborn.”

“Ugh, fine,” she protested, turning into his hug to face him. “Are you happy?”


“I swear; sometime you just act like a lovesick pupp-…”

He cut her off with a deep, sensual kiss, putting into it every ounce of his desire: once that Sunday lunch was out of the way, he had had plans.

When he let her go, she had a slightly dazed look in her dark eyes, and he noticed that she was leaning more heavily into him; his breath came in short staccatos and he threw her a brilliant smile, just because.

“And sometime you talk too much, darling.”

She mumbled a half-hearted insult and escaped his embrace to take her purse and coat.

He looked at her the whole time, pensive, and when she turned around and made a questioning face, he had the sudden urge to just tell her he loved her.

It came suddenly, unbidden, almost like a physical force and for a fraction of a second, he was going to do it: he was going to tell her the he loved her, jump her and keep her on his bed until the next morning.

But the moment passed just as quickly and he was left standing there like an idiot, knowing that saying it then would just scare her away – he had had ample time to learn just how insecure she was –, even if it were true.

Which was another deal altogether: he had just realized he loved her. Just like that.

Did it work like that?

With Carla, it had felt more like a building crescendo: he had thought about it, planned it, questioned it.

James didn’t feel the need to question anything in that moment.

“Well? Did your brain freeze?” she asked, baffled.

He smiled.

“Something like that.”

So, here we are again with Elizabeth and James. 

This first chapter is, I'll admit, just a tease BUT it introduces us to how the story will be structured: every chapter will be from the point of view of a character involved. The first is James, as you saw, and the last will obviously be Elizabeths'. 

What happens in the middle is a damned rollercoaster - we have Harry, Louis' new girlfriend, etc.

Next chapter will be from VIC's pov.

Also, can I get an amen for James? He's such a cinnamon roll I CAN'T

Tecla xxx

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