‘You’d think by now, my parents would have proven their point about hard work and learning to live without magic without making us do this! This is just plain cruel’ I muttered as I scrubbed a pan.


Teddy started laughing.


‘Come on Ro, it’s not that bad. What’s a lil elbow grease here and there?’ he smiled, taking a plate from the drying rack. Using a tea towel he dried the plate and placed it back into Nana’s pantry.


‘Easy for you to say’ I grumbled as a splash of dirty water smacked my face.


‘Here’ said Teddy chuckling. He wiped my face with a clean tea towel, still laughing to himself.


‘Thanks’ I said smiling slightly. ‘…And thanks for today, you know with defending me against Victoire and all that stuff’


‘Kiddo, you don’t know how hard it is to see you look sad and down when Victoire is lashing out insults at you’ he said seriously.


‘Mmm she’s right though, well not exactly but she has a point…’ I sighed, watching the water rinse through the plate. ‘With all the stuff I’ve done to you and Cruz, why do you both still love me…’


‘You’re right, we should just drop you and stop wasting our time’ chuckled Ted ‘Ro, the question you should be asking yourself is, why am I still talking to Teddy after all the things he’s done’


‘I’m lucky to even still have a friendship with you Ro, I don’t know how you can see yourself as something less than perfect.’ 


‘If that were true, you wouldn’t have screwed up in the first place’ I mumbled without thinking. I covered my mouth with my hands. ‘I’m so sorry I -


‘-If anyone knows that, it’s me’ he said softly ‘I should have never let you go’


‘Sorry’ I said smiling slightly ‘Salt on raw wounds? I’ve been doing that all day today apparently… first with Fred and Shay and the whole pregnancy thing-‘


‘-Who’s pregnant?’ frowned Ted flipping the tea towel over his shoulder as we finished the last of the dirty dishes. ‘Shay Abrams is pregnant?’


‘ME AND MY BIG MOUTH’ I said cursing myself ‘Don’t tell anyone yet please, or at all. I don’t know how Fred is going to play this one out.. but yeah Shay is pregnant’


Ted looked worried.


‘Why the face?’ I asked arching my eyebrow


‘You do know who Shay Abrams is right?’ said Teddy slowly


‘No… should I?’ I asked trying to think back to all the names containing Shay and Abrams that I’ve met or known about in my life. None are ringing any bells


‘Shay Abrams is Minister Kingsley Shacklebot’s daughter…’ said Ted biting his lip.


‘No…’ I said slowly ‘Minister Shacklebot’s daughter is like old and married to what’s his face and- and her name was like um- arhhh’


‘Married to Adam Abrams. Adam Abrams the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic...He’s family, The Abrams are extremely wealthy and they’ve been powerful, pure-blood, high valued political figures for centuries’ said Ted pacing back and forth


‘Nooooo’ I said with my mouth open ‘Stop no way… it can’t be him, I’ve seen him in the papers, the Minister’s daughter had another name it’s not Shay...’ I shook my head.


‘Ashayla Shacklebot?’ said Ted chuckling


‘OH…MY…GOD…’ I said ‘They’ll murder Fred’


‘If she decides to keep it… but who knows with these Abrams’ scowled Ted.


‘Does he know??? We have to tell him… I have to tell Cruz’ I said quickly


‘Maybe talk to Fred first…’ said Ted shrugging his shoulders.


‘Still won’t stop me from telling Cruz’ I said jogging out of the kitchen as Ted chuckled to himself.



‘Lupin’s right’ said Cruz biting his knuckles again ‘That is the Minister’s daughter! Shxt why didn’t I notice before’


‘Why do you bite your knuckles when you get nervous?’ I asked realising the pattern.


Cruz started laughing ‘I don’t know, I guess to stop myself from over reacting. It’s safe self inflicting pain I guess?’


‘Jeez that sounds a little dark, even for you… why are you self harming?’ I frowned


‘Woah easy Ro, it’s just a way for me to calm down ‘he laughed ‘It’s not a signal for help or anything relax. Some people pinch themselves to wake up, or bite their nails. I bite my knuckles’


‘Like Ted bites his lip?’ I asked without thinking


‘No not like that, Ted bite’s his lip because he wants to look stupid’ he said laughing


‘Not funny, he didn’t say anything about you today, you don’t have to make fun of him everytime I mention his name, you know’ I said.


‘No promises sorry Ro’ chuckled Cruz as he tossed a rock over the garden fence.


We were sitting on bench under Nana’s special tree. It was a massive Sycamore Tree that she said had been passed down for generations. It was her special tree because there were markings around the tree that started from the top, and so far has made it half way down, of names of people, the year they were born, and the year they died.


Fred namesake, Fred Weasley was the lowest the tree carved itself with a name. It gave such a beautiful carving pattern around his name, that Nana and Pop placed a special bench next to it so that could talk to him without the glumness of the gravestone.


‘Cruz... YOUR PARENTS ARE HERE!….’ yelled a sceptical Harry


‘What? Did he- Did he just say my parents?’ asked Cruz looking furious.


I completely forgot to tell him about his Dad coming out of jail….


‘Cruz, the other day-‘ I started but he already ran back to the luncheon table on the other side of the house. ‘Okaaaay I’ll just talk to myself’


I followed him. WELL I tried to. See Cruz is like a fit, sporty type of guy, and i’m- well, I eat biscuits and pudding… so I run really and I mean really slow.


This can seriously only end up so bad… I don’t have a good feeling about it at all. I’ve never met Cruz’s dad, but by what everyone says about him, he seems like a complete asshxle.


My first thought when I saw Cruz’s dad was that he totally looked like Cruz, except he had green eyes, where as Cruz had blue. He was also dressed extremely sharp for someone who just came out on bail.


Everybody was sort of standing around awkwardly. Harry and Draco were probably the most awkward of them all. Astoria and Daphne barely made eye contact.


‘Why did they let you out?’ frowned Cruz


‘Is that anyway to speak to your father’ snapped Blaise. ‘Why aren’t you spending Easter with your family’


‘What family?’ snorted Cruz ‘You’ve been in jail for the past couple of years, and mum’s been doing just fine on her on’


‘Cruz, don’t speak to your father like that’ said Daphne softly


Cruz looked furious.


‘So, how was Azkaban Blaisey?’ asked Ron smiling. Blaise ignored him.


‘So you’ve turned weak have you then?’ said Blaise arching his eyebrow to Draco Malfoy, while sweeping his eyes around us. Draco flinched.


‘Weak?’ spat Draco ‘You come back from solitary Azkaban, to call me weak? Blaise you amuse me’


‘You want to talk about amusement?’ said Blaise smirking ‘Watching you squirm, while pretending to smile, because you’ve failed as a father, is amusement’


‘Fail as a father?’ snapped Draco ‘Your own son doesn’t even want to see you. He’s standing infront, disrespecting you like filth. My son-’


‘-Is wearing tutus and playing house wife with a Potter’ said Blaise nastily. ‘Cruz may not give me respect, but it’s only because he is headstrong like his father. Give it time Malfoy, most of us turn out like our-‘


‘Fathers? Please Zabini’ said Draco ‘You wouldn’t know who your father was even if it hit you in the face’


Blaise gritted his teeth


‘Blaise, let’s go now before you make a scene’ said Daphne sternly with her hand gripping on his shoulder. Blaise stopped glaring at Draco and turned to Cruz.


‘We’re going home son’


‘I’m not going anywhere’ said Cruz. Cruz was taller, and musclier than his dad I noticed.


‘Cruz baby, please just stop’ said Daphne. Cruz bit his knuckles. I know as much as Cruz hates his father, he would never disobey his mother. He’s always been very protective of his mother.


‘Thanks everybody for having me over’ he said, ignoring Blaise’s snorting.


‘See you on the train tomorrow’ he said looking at me with a slight smile. The Zabini’s then apparated out of the burrow.


‘He’s still a right old prick. You’d think Azakaban would have changed him by now’ said Ginny angrily.


‘Just sour I guess, from being locked up and realizing that nobody cared or mourned that he was away for that long’ shrugged Harry


‘Scorpius we’re leaving, Astoria get your purse’ snapped Draco


‘-What?’ said Harry looking concerned. ‘’Why are you leaving Draco?’


Draco ignored him.


‘Scorpius!’ yelled Draco.


‘Hunnie…’ said Astoria ‘Is everything okay?’ He ignored her too.


Scorpius and Al walked out of the burrow house holding hands and laughing. For some reason this seem to piss Draco off more.


‘I’m sorry Potter, but this isn’t working’ said Draco fiercely


‘What’s not working?’ asked Harry though he was clenching his jaw


‘Scorpius’ said Draco


‘Yeah dad, what’s wrong?’ asked Scorpius


‘From this moment on, you aren’t to see or talk to Albus Potter. This silly phase of yours is over’


‘Silly phase?’ snapped Scorp as Al growled.


‘You were born a man, not a pansy. This stops now’ Draco scowled as pulled Scorpius away from Al.


‘Take your hands off him’ said Al dangerously, Ted reached out and held him back as Al began swinging. Harry ran to help


‘Enough!’ bellowed Draco ‘Scorpius, you will no longer be attending Hogwarts. You. Will. Not. See. Albus. Potter. Ever. Again. Do. You. Understand. Me’ he spat.


‘We are no longer concerned with you Potter or your sprogs’ said Draco as he held Astoria’s hand. He sneered so viciously at Albus that Ted had to plant his feet on the grand to stop Al from pulling out his wand.


‘Dad wait nooo’ said Scorp as Draco twisted and apparated out of the burrow with his family.



‘SCORRP!’ yelled Al as he ran out of Ted and Harry’s grasp to the spot where they apparated.


‘SCORRRRP’ he yelled again dropping to his knees.


‘Son..;’ said Harry




‘You can’t son… Draco is the secret keeper to his own home…’ Harry said quietly


‘So what he’s gone?!’ snapped Al. Harry looked at Ginny for help. Ginny looked absolutely livid.


‘Dad just tell me where’ snapped Al trying to apparate


‘Son…’ began Harry ‘He’s gone..’


‘Alright shows over everyone’ I snapped as everybody just stood there watching Al drop back down on his knees.


I dropped down on my knees with Albus, as Ginny rushed over.


‘Albus sweetie’ she said softly. Al ignored her


‘Al…’ I said quietly. He glared at me. I ignored it


‘Al, come on lets go inside’ I said soothingly


Ginny tried to get him to stand up, but he shook her off.


‘Just leave me’ he said.


‘Can you…. Can you try txting him’ I asked timidly. He scoffed and pulled out two phones from his pocket.


‘Why do you have it?’ I asked.


‘Because we were mucking around and I put both our phones in my pocket because it kept falling out of his’ said Al blankly.


‘Owl him then?’ I said. I’m trying so hard to come up with a solution.


‘He can’t’ said Ginny softly. ‘The Malfoy Mannor has blocked owl delivery for years now since the war ended… too many cursed envelopes… the only chance of communication is if…’


‘If Scorp can sneak one away from his father’ I finished as Ginny nodded.


Al stood up and shook our hands off him. He looked angry. And I mean extremely enraged, crazy eyed, Al angry.


He didn’t look at any of us and just twisted on the spot, apparating out of the burrow.


‘Harrry!’ said Ginny panicking. Harry ran over and they both apparated together.


‘What’s happening’ said James looking shocked as returned back from his tour. He was staring at all of us looking worried. I realised how gloomy and sad we all probably looked, staring at the spot everyone had just apparated from. Lily ran over to him and started crying.


‘Who died?’ said James going white in the face. Dani and Marcus were standing behind him looking confused.


‘Jesus Christ nobody died, Lil pull yourself together you’re scaring your brother’ snapped Red. She then told him what happened.


James turned around and kissed Dani


‘I’m so sorry beautiful, I have to leave early, I’ll see you tomorrow on the train’ he said, then standing up straight up he shook Marcus’ hand firmly and said ‘Sir apologies, but I have to go find my brother. He needs me’


He then too apparated.


‘Should we go help?’ asked Dom as we watched James apparated


‘No, you lot should just maybe go upstairs or inside while we clean out here. We’ll get in touch with Harry and Ginny and let you know if there is any updates’ said Aunt Hermione. She and Ron looked extremely worried.


Dani and Marcus left the burrow muggle style; By car.


I walked with Lily who was still sobbing back to the living room.


‘Lil, they’ll find him okay’ I said warmly


‘I know that’ she snapped. I flinched. I looked up at Dom who looked at me and shrugged.


‘Uhhh’ I said still rubbing her back, unsure of what to say

‘Sorry’ she said drying up her tears ‘It’s just, Al really loved Scorp… he will never get to see him gain’


‘Well that’s about depressing’ I said ‘Try think positive for him’


She shook her head ‘You don’t get it Ro, Scorp has never disobeyed his father. He admires him too much. Al will never see Scorpius again’


‘She’s right…’ said Dom softly sitting down next to her.


‘Lil, I’m going to go home now okay, if you need me call me’ said Sam kissing her.


‘Goooooodbye Saaaaamuel’ said a windchime flittery voice I hated all too well. Sam blushed and smiled to himself.


Yzabel walked in the house giggling with Fred in tow.


‘Dude you missed out on so much’ said Sam shaking his head.


Fred looked at me for an explanation. Watching Yzabel play with his ear I ignored him and I turned the other cheek.


‘What happened..’ asked Fred looking at us. Red glared at Yzabel who was still giggling into Fred’s ear. Fred didn’t pay her any attention.


‘Seriously nobody is going to tell me?’ he frowned


‘Maybe if you stayed with us instead of sleeping around with that whore, you would know’ snapped Red. Fred flinched


‘Always have something to say Rose don’t you’ said Yzabel arching her eyebrow ‘You look so much prettier with your mouth shut’


Rose threw a nearby cookbook at her. It hit her squarely on the nose with extreme force.


‘OW ROSE!’ yelped Yzabel as she clutched her bleeding nose.


‘Jeez mature much Red?’ snapped Fred as he helped Yzabel try to stop the bleeding. Red shrugged her shoulders with a smug look on her face. He scowled at her and took Yzabel to the bathroom.


We waited for Fred to leave with Yzabel before Dom and I turned to Red and gave her a hi-5.



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Thanks all so much for still reading this rollercoaster story ! I know Ro has been grinding majoirty of your gears, but don't worry the next couple of chapters are more the drama of everyone else. Of course, with a dash of Cruz and Ted just to keep things intersting xD

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