‘HAPPY EASTER!’ shouted Red as she burst through the guest room.






Of course. The only reason as to why Red would wake me, or anyone up this early is because of something Quidditch related.


Our annual Quidditch match consists of the Oldies vs Youngins. It’s a fair even match to be honest because although they may have more experience than us we are fitter and faster.


‘UP OR I’LL DRAG YOU OUT’ said Red as she stretched her calves with my bed post.


Cursing her and Dom for always waking me up whenever I sleep at Nana Molly’s house, I got up, got dressed in my sports gear, and threw back 3 raw eggs. Not by choice might I just add… Red held the glass to my face and shoved it down my throat. Good pre-game protein apparently.


She then marched everybody else down to the homemade pitch in Nana Molly’s backyard.


‘Ok team!’ Red shouted. ‘Team 1 first half, Team 2 second half’ she said as she held up a piece of paper with names and positions.


‘First Div, Chasers : Teddy, Myself, Ro, Beaters: James, Cruz, Keeper: Al, Seeker: Dom’


‘OH NOOOO YOU DON’T!’ snapped Dom. I just noticed Dom standing beside me. She was wearing sunglasses and a swimsuit including an overlarge sunhat.


‘Are you going swimming Dom?’ I laughed. She scowled at me. ‘No I’m just going to tan for a couple of minutes’ she said fanning herself.


‘Fine!” snapped Red ‘You can dress me up next event, including make up and hair’


‘Full access or no deal?’ said Dom flatly.


Red gritted her teeth. ‘You have my word’


‘And I want to throw out those jeans of yours as well’ said Dom taking off her glasses like some sort of poker exchange affair. Red swore outloud.


‘You drive are hard bargin Weasley’ she said ‘Fine done’


Dom grinned. Red started laughing. Everybody else was still half asleep.


‘Second div Chasers: Hugo, Lily, Molly, Beaters: Fred, Victoire, Keeper: Louis, Seeker : Dom.’




‘Because she’s injured !’ said Red




From across the pitch we saw our parents laughing and chatting with each other. They were slowly walking to the pitch…. like, well old people ?


‘This isn’t a picnic!’ yelled Red as she blew her whistle. ‘Pop it’s all yours’ she said handing the whistle over to Pop Arthur.


‘Brooms in the air team Div 1, lets go!’ Red said as she kicked off the ground. The rest of us followed.


Our parents had quite a team again this year. We almost beat them last year. Almost being the key word.


Chasers: Mum, Ginny and Bill,

Beaters: My dad and Charlie

Keeper: Ron

Seeker: Harry


Pop blew the whistle three times and the Quaffle was thrown.


I caught the Quaffle, dodging my mum I passed it to Ted who threw it to Red who tried to score against her own dad andddd missed. Damn


‘Come one Rosie, you can do better than that’ teased Ron.


Ron threw to Ginny who dodged a bludger hit by James, went in for the kill anddddd scored. ARGHHH


‘Watch it Zabini, you hit me you idiot’ snapped Ted rubbing his arm.


‘Must be that Slytherin training ey?’ smirked Cruz, swinging his beater bat. Ted gritted his teeth. Oh no… they can’t seriously be fighting during this match can they?


‘RO CATCH!’ yelled Red as she threw me the Quaffle. My reflexes betrayed me, Bill caught the Quaffle and went for a goal throw, James bludger hit the ball out of his hands, Red caught it, passed it to Ted who sent the ball soaring through one of Ron’s hoops.


’10 ALL’ shouted Pop


Ted zoomed back to starting position and knocking Cruz with his shoulder off his broom as he flew past. Cruz held onto the broom and swung himself over.


‘Must have been going too fast ‘ said Ted shrugging. Cruz spat blood on the ground.

My mum now had the ball and she dodged both bludgers sent from James and Cruz, Ted did a weird double take thing and stole the ball from her.


My dad sent a bludger flying to Ted which was blocked by James.


Uncle Charlie smacked a bludger to Ted aswell who Cruz was supposed to block.

However, Cruz moved backwards deliberately, allowing the bludger to smack Ted in the face.


‘ONE JOB!’ bellowed Ted. Cruz smirked.


‘What is going on with them two?’ asked Harry.


‘SUB RED! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SUB ONE OF THEM OUT!!!!’ shouted Fred from below. Red called for a time out. Pop blew his whistle.


Cruz and Ted sped down to the ground.


‘WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM’ yelled Cruz shoving Ted


‘YOU WANT TO GO ZABINI LETS GO THEN’ shouted Ted shoving Cruz


‘STOP OMG JUST STOP!!!!!!!’ I shouted Ted and Cruz both dropped their fist. They still glared at each other.


‘I’m swapping one of you out’ snapped Red ‘Who’s off?’ she said looking at them.


‘I’m not off’ said Ted


‘Neither’ said Cruz


Pop blew the whistle.


‘Fine!’ snapped Red ‘But stop fighting and start playing’


Our ball, so I threw the Quaffle to Red who completely dodged Ginny and smacked the ball through Ron’s middle hoop.


‘That’s my girl!’ shouted Ron proudly.


Just then Harry spotted the snitch. Dom sped down so fast it was like lighting. James shot a bludger at Harry. It was blocked by my dad. Cruz smacked one as well. It chipped Harry’s broom causing it fly left.

Dom seized her chance and grabbed the snitch right out form under Harry’s nose. Pop blew the whistle.


Dom flew down, followed by Uncle Harry who was beaming.


‘Well done Dominque!! Wow you’re a really good seeker, why don’t you play Quidditch’ said Uncle Harry


‘Just not interested I guess; shrugged Dom.  


‘I didn’t get to play!!’ sulked Fred


‘Me neither!!’ cried Molly.


Cruz and Ted landed back on the ground and ignored each other’s presence completely.


‘AW DOM COME HERE!!!’ said James picking Dom up and flipping her over his shoulder. ‘Number #1 Seeker. Play for us Dom come on’ he said as Red smiled with encouragement.


‘Come on you lot! Let’s have Easter Lunch!’ shouted Aunt Hermione


We walked back to the burrow laughing and talking about the match. To our surprise Aunt Fleur and Aunt Audrey has prepared an extravagant outdoor setting lunch buffet.


‘WOW MUM THIS LOOKS AMAZING!’ squealed Dom. Aunt Fleur smiled at her, and immediately stopped when she saw me.


‘Don’t worry about it…’ muttered Dom as we walked to the bathroom to clean up. ‘She… well she hasn’t exactly taken the engagement party disaster lightly…’


‘Yeah I know’ I sighed ‘I mean it was her daughter’s big day... that got ruined for nothing by her intrusive backstabbing cousin…’ I said, washing my hands aggressively.


‘Don’t tell me you’re feeling sorry for yourself now…‘ frowned Dom.


I ignored her.


‘Let’s just go eat and get this holiday over and done with’ I said wiping my face with a towelette.


We walked back to the lunch table.


‘RO!’ shrilled Dani as she hugged me suddenly.


‘Oh hey Dani, you came!’ I said happily.


‘Yeah! Come!’ she said dragging me by the hand. ‘I want you to meet my dad’


I waved Dom goodbye and followed Dani to the south end of the table.


Dani’s dad looked exactly as I pictured him to be. He was a tall, dark and handsome man, wearing what I can only assume, muggle military uniform. He was standing straight with his arms behind his back talking with Harry and James.


‘Excuse me sir’ Dani said smiling ‘This is my bestfriend Roxanne Weasley, she is one of James’ cousins’


‘Nice to meet you Roxanne’ he said without a smile, yet it sounded welcoming. His voice was a loud soothing drawl, kind of like Minister Kingsley Shacklebot’s voice.


‘Nice to me you too umm..’ I said


‘Marcus’ he said smiling slightly. I nodded.


James laughed nervously. I’ve never seen James so nervous in my life. It was kind of hilarious.


‘Thank you Harry for inviting my daughter and myself’ said Marcus with a nod.


‘You’re welcome anytime’ said Harry beaming. ‘It’s good to meet new people, welcome to the family’


‘We’ll see’ said Marcus looking at James tattooed forearm. James shook his sleeve down at once.


‘Albus, Scorpius is here!’ shouted Nana Molly from the kitchen.


Scorpius appeared with Draco and Astoria beside him.


‘Astoria it iz so nice to zee you again!’ beamed Fleur as she made her way to greet them.


Al jogged to Scorpius, and I kid you not, grabbed his face and kissed him with such intensity you’d think they’ve been separated for longer than two days.


Everybody went suddenly went quiet?


‘Ummm’ I said loudly but James, who stood beside me kicked my ankle softly.


‘Yep!’ said Al ‘We’re inlove’


I realised that the only people who know of their relationship was his parents, Harry, Ginny and us cousins. I guess this was his way of telling everyone, which kind of explains why James kicked me.


Nana Molly burst out crying and hurried to kiss them both on the cheek.


‘Finally my Albus, you’ve accepted yourself, oh my baby you can finally be happy’ she cried pinching his cheeks.


Everybody started clapping and whistling.


‘Way to go Al!’ ‘Congrats guys!’ ‘Good choice!’


I’ve never seen Al and Scorpius so happy; they were beaming with such pride.


Draco made his way to Harry and shook his hand as everyone else started talking normal again.


‘Didn’t think my son would ever-‘


‘Be gay?’ challenged Harry arching his eyebrow


‘I was going to say-’ said Draco ‘develop a relationship with a Potter…’


The both started chuckling.


‘Never thought my son would be in Slytherin but it is what it is’ shrugged Harry with a smile. Draco nodded.


‘Sir’ bowed James to Marcus. I snorted. He ignored me. ‘Would you like a tour of the Burrow sir’ he asked.


Marcus nodded. ‘After you James’ he said letting James take the lead. Dani beamed looking at them walk away.


‘James, Samuel is here’ said Aunt Ginny


‘No he’s not here for James, I invited him’ said Lily


‘What do you mean you invited him?’ asked Al following Lily to the front door.


I followed them.


Samuel Thomas stood in the doorway holding flowers with the goofiest smile.


‘Oh hey Al’ he said as Al, reached the foyer.


‘Why is Lily inviting you? And why are you bringing her flowers?’ demanded Al


Sam’s smile fell.


‘She invited me, I always come over Al. What’s the problem?’ asked Sam


‘Yeah that’s when you were here to smoke up with James. What are you intentions with my sister?’ said Al folding his arms across his chest.


‘Albus, back off’ snapped Lily ‘I don’t need your over-proctective bullshxt. And if you need to know, Samuel and I are currently dating’


Al looked furious.


‘No you’re not’ he said flatly ‘You can’t date him, his too old for you’


‘Woah Al, I think you need to relax a bit, you know me man. I wouldn’t hurt anyone let alone Lily’ said Sam with his hands up.


‘Al come on’ said Scorpius joining the party. ‘What’s wrong with them being a couple?’


‘That’s my little sister’ said Al stubbornly


‘Al’ said Lily through gritted teeth. ‘I’m one year younger than you’


Al ignored her.


‘Lily isn’t young anymore Al, just let her be’ I said sympathetically


‘Al, it’s me’ said Sam ‘She’ll be okay, I promise’ Lily rolled her eyes


‘Al…’ said Scorpius seriously ‘How do you expect people to accept us, when you refuse to accept others’


Al turned around ‘Scorp I have absolute zero care and no expectations from anyone. We’re together because we want to be. Being with you doesn’t mean I can’t be the protective brother’ he smiled


Sam exhaled loudly, wiping his forehead.


‘We cool?’ he asked Al with his hand stretched out. Al shook it and smiled


‘Yeah we cool’ he smirked ‘But James won’t be’


Sam’s smile fell again.



‘So how’s everything going with Ted and Cruz?’ whispered Red as we filled our plates with sausages and mash from the buffet table.


‘Horribly’ I sighed


‘Which one makes you happy?’ she asked


‘Both do in their own ways. Like they’re two completely different people that whenever I compare them I get even more confused. It’s like someone asking you whether you prefer rain or shine. You love rain, because it’s soothing and good for crops, and it just fun to play in. However you also love shine because it’s warm, you can do things outdoors and its good vitamin D’


‘Personally I prefer snow’ said Red chuckling awkwardly


I pursed my lips looking at her.


‘Sorry’ she laughed ‘Just being honest’


‘Not funny Red, I’m so exhausted with emotions going back and forth. I liked it better when we were all friends. Life was simple back then’ I sighed


‘Well now you know, not to kiss anymore friends’ laughed Red. I rolled my eyes.


Red and I took our seats on the far end table away from our parents.


The rest of our cousins, plus Ted, Cruz, Dani, Sam and Scorpius soon joined us.


‘Hi everyone!’ said Yzabel walking out from the kitchen. She smirked, pulling off her shawl off as she sat down on the seat next to me. She was wearing a tight white strapless sweetheart top that plunged her breast making them look huge.


‘Wow Yzabel, didn’t realise we invited you?’ said Dom sarcastically.  


‘Dominique, don’t pretend to hate me, now that you’ve befriended Roxanne again’ smirked Yzabel. Victoire started laughing.


‘Dom you’re so fake’ she said rolling her eyes


‘How am I fake Vic?’ snapped Dom


‘You hung around us like a leech when shxt went down with you and Roxanne, and now you’re acting brand new, when it was only a couple of weeks ago you were laughing with us’


Dom glared her. Vic started laughing with Yzabel.


‘Dudee look at all the guys goggling…’ whispered Red with a snort. She was right, every single guy on our table were goggling at Yzabel and her French bossoms. Ted and Cruz were both trying to not make it obvious by staring at their serviettes and forks, Sam was double taking between talking to Lily and staring, Al and Scorp were looking with their heads cocked sideways, Fred and James point blank stared at them with no shame, mouths hanging wide open.


Dani noticed James staring and slapped him behind the head.


‘Sorry’ James said blushing as Dani scowled.


‘I’m not’ chuckled Fred, Cruz snorted into his cup. Yzabel smirked at Dani, and shook her chests that her boobs jiggled dramatically. Ted coughed uncomfortably.  


‘Really, you had no other respectable clothing to wear to a family lunch Yzabel?’ I said rolling my eyes.


‘I’m sorry, does my sense of fashion bother you Roxanne? Or are you just bitter?’ she smirked.


‘I’d say bitter’ shot Victoire.


‘Why bother wearing clothes?’ laughed Red. Yzabel pursed her lips.


I sighed dramatically ‘Oh Yzabel, I feel like you’ve come to London to cause drama, because you were bored with your own sad little French lonely life. It’s okay we understand’


‘Yep, definitely bitter’ said Victoire smirking at me.


‘Vic leave her alone already’ snapped Ted.


‘Why do you keep defending her’ snapped Vic. ‘She’s made it clear she doesn’t want you either. We all know she chose him’ she said pointing at Cruz.


‘Now who sounds bitter’ said Ted rolling his eyes. Victoire’s nose flared.


‘Excuse me?’ she said ‘I’m not bitter Lupin, especially over you’


‘Whatever you say Wealsey- uh I mean ... Delacour’ he said shrugging his shoulders


Victoire glared at him. I giggled slightly, looking down at my plate. Ted noticed and blushed.


‘You’re such an asshxle Ted’ said Vic standing up front the table and slamming the chair back into place. She walked back into the burrow.


‘You know’ said Yzabel winking at Fred. ‘I’m feeling adventurous.. would you like to come for a walk with me Freddy and show me this burrow?’

Fred grinned mischievously.


‘Fred…’ I said


‘You go I’ll catch up ‘ said Fred winking at Yzabel. She floated away purposy jiggling her breast as she went.


‘Fred what about Shay... and the baby’ I whispered


‘You asked me to stay out of you business with Ted, now I’m asking you stay out of me’ snapped Fred quietly. ‘Shay is married Ro, there’s nothing I can do about it….’


‘But Yzabel really?’ I asked


‘She’s hot’ shrugged Fred chuckling. He kissed my forehead


‘Stop worrying twin, it’s making me twitch’ he grinned jogging after Yzabel.


Image created by kindlemesilly

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