“Prove it.”


The words had barely escaped her mouth before Remus pulled Tonks closer to his chest and crashed his lips to hers in a searing kiss. Wanting to feel his body under her hands, Tonks fought against the grip he still had locked on her wrist, but even in a temper her strength was no match against his. For once not asking permission, Remus used the grip on her wrist to maneuver her body so she was laying atop him as he deepened their kiss.


You’ll be interested.


The surge of arousal that had shot through her body at his words was now pulsing steadily and threatening to drive her mad. She pulled against Remus’ grip once more. He released her wrist and brought both of his hands up to push her robes over her shoulders. Breaking their kiss only long enough to struggle out of her robes and toss them somewhere beyond the sofa, Tonks pressed her lips to Remus’ again and ran her hands up his chest, wishing the jumper that was separating her hands from his skin would simply disappear.


As their kiss slowed from its initial frenzied pace and turned more sensual, Tonks moved her body against Remus’ brazenly, looking for relief from the aching tension that had been plaguing her for weeks. The thought of Remus being the one to finally bring her relief exhilarated her. Sliding her hand up Remus’ chest, she grasped the shaggy strands in her fingers as her hand found its way into his hair. Now that she had him where she wanted him, and he was kissing her so thoroughly and deliciously, she didn’t want to give him a chance to retreat.


With a low growl, Remus gripped Tonks’ hips tightly, encouraging her movements rather than trying to stop her. He broke their kiss to trail his mouth down her neck, lingering at a spot near the base of her neck and drawing the sensitive skin into his mouth.


After the trying week at work and practically no contact with Remus, Tonks reveled in the opportunity to allow herself to be carried away in the moment, letting her senses take in everything he was offering: the feel of his lips on her skin, his large hands gripping her hips with near-bruising strength, the response his body offered as they moved together. In her mind, there was nothing better in the world at that moment than the comfort of his intimate embrace.


At the sensation of Remus’ teeth lightly nipping her collarbone, Tonks gasped then sighed in complete bliss. Unfortunately, her gasp of pleasure seemed to jolt Remus back to reality. He halted his movements and grasped her hips even tighter, this time stilling her movements rather than encouraging.




“What?” Tonks asked incredulously.


“We have to stop,” he said roughly.


Tonks sighed so heavily it ended in a low groan of frustration. “Gods, Remus, one of these days you’re going to find yourself at the receiving end of my wand,” she said breathlessly, releasing the hand tangled in his hair and placing her other hand on his chest to push herself not-so-gently up. Remus let go of her hips to wrap his arms around her body, holding her in place. “Let me go,” she said as she placed both hands palms down and pushed against his firm chest.


“You’ll hear me out.”


“I don’t want your explanations,” Tonks said angrily, fighting against Remus’ grip in an attempt to climb off of him. The wild swing of emotions from elated one moment to angry just seconds later yielded tears that threatened to fall.


Remus tightened his grip further and twisted them so he had Tonks pinned against the back of the sofa, their faces just inches apart. They simply stared at each other for a moment, both of them breathing heavily.


“Don’t you think I know it would be easier to give in to what we both want?” Remus rasped, grimacing slightly as he thrust the evidence of their mutual desire where Tonks wanted it most.


“Like you know what I want!”


Remus’ lips twisted into a predatory smile that succeeded in making Tonks’ longing more fierce. “I know what you want,” he said as he dipped his head and inhaled deeply with his nose resting at the juncture of her neck. “But it won’t be like this,” he murmured against her skin.


“Like what?” Tonks dared to ask, her pulse racing at the implication of his words.  


Remus lifted his head to look Tonks in the face. “If we make love, it’ll be because I say so.”


“Because you say so?” Tonks shrieked, resuming her struggle to get free.


Remus tightened his grip, frustratingly keeping Tonks from doing anything but struggling fruitlessly.


“Yes,” he said, raising his voice. “Because I say so. I won’t allow some primal instinct push you to a decision maybe you wouldn’t otherwise make.” Remus stopped to take a deep breath.


“I do all right making my own decision, thanks,” Tonks said bitingly.


“Nymphadora, listen.” Remus’ tone stopped Tonks from continuing to struggle. “I won’t be anyone’s regret,” he said softly.


Tonks rested her head against the upholstered back of the sofa, hating the heat that was still pulsing through her body and the tears that were stinging her eyes. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths to slow her racing heart. “This won’t always work, you know,” she said, opening her eyes and meeting Remus’ gaze. When Remus simply furrowed his brow at her, she continued. “You can’t always put me off just because you’re worried you’ll hurt me or offend me or whatever. This...instinct. It’s a part of who you are.”


Taking another shaky breath, she wriggled her shoulders, glad that this time Remus loosened his grip enough that she could push herself free. Tonks brushed his disheveled hair back from his face. Tears threatened again at the sigh of contentment that belied the conflicted look that crossed Remus’ face as her hand trailed down his cheek.


“I don’t pretend to understand fully what it means for you that the full moon is coming. But I’m going to keep telling you this until you believe it.” Tonks paused, knowing this wasn’t the time to admit how deeply she cared for him. “I like you. Just as you are.” She clambered off the sofa and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek. “Get some rest.”


Tonks grabbed her robes and swallowed roughly around the lump in her throat. Before Remus could say anything more, she left. She had told herself weeks before that she would give him time to open up to her, give him time to help her understand his feelings, that he was worth the wait. The wolf within was always going to make things complicated, and to her that was all right. Although her instincts were to push him further, she wouldn’t. If he was ready—when he was ready—she would be there for him.


The next morning, after a terrible night’s sleep, Tonks stood wrapped in a towel while brushing her teeth in front of the bathroom mirror after her shower, scowling at the love bite that was quite visible just above her collarbone. She closed her eyes to ignore the flush that was creeping down her neck and across her chest as she thought of the passionate embrace she’d shared with Remus the night before. Too wound up to sleep, she had stayed up late thinking over the words he’d said. Which, of course, had lead her back to reminiscing over their encounter—something that was not sleep-inducing. In order to get through her workday, she would have to push these thoughts to the back of her mind. If she didn’t, she’d likely end up at Headquarters, demanding that Remus show her exactly what his instincts were capable of. Bending her over the back of the sofa and shagging her senseless seemed like a good place to start.


Annoyed—and hurt, she could admit—as she was at him holding back, her late-night musings allowed her a chance to see how a physical relationship could be complicated for him. For his sake, she wanted to understand. Which was why a better tutorial as to what it meant to be a werewolf would be helpful. A tutorial preferably not delivered while they were in the middle of wanting to tear each other’s clothes off.


Tonks decided to dress for work rather than stand any longer in her steamy bathroom replaying the events from the night before in her mind again. Not wanting to cover the mark Remus had left with a charm, Tonks pulled a black sleeveless mock turtleneck over her head and morphed her hair black to match. Lucky for her, the weather that day was cool and rainy rather than warm and sunny, making the turtleneck a perfect choice. The color was perfect for her mood.


As she was lacing up her boots, Tonks heard a tapping at the window over her kitchen sink. The owl entered once she opened the window and gave a hoot of displeasure when she informed him that she had nothing but coffee to offer. Her kitchen had probably never been more devoid of food as it was just then. Compared to its poorly stocked shelves a few weeks prior, it was now like a deserted wasteland where half-drunk cups of coffee went to die. A trip to the corner shop was a necessity soon.


Tonks hoped the letter was from Remus asking her to stop by Headquarters to kiss and make-up. Or Snog and make-up. Starkers. Knowing these thoughts were completely unhelpful, she took a sip of the cup of coffee she’d made and opened the parchment.


7:00 A meal will be provided.


Tonks giggled as she recognized the spiky handwriting she remembered being scrawled across her Potions essays. Definitely not a message from a man about a snog. Guessing she was meeting at the Hog’s Head, Tonks made a mental note to rummage through her bathroom cabinet for a potion for indigestion. Aberforth's cooking was good, but it was definitely indigestion-provoking just as Dumbledore had suggested. After draining her coffee and locating the potion she needed, Tonks left for work even though it was still early. If she was going to get through her work day, get to the Hog’s Head by seven, and to her mission on time—all of that as well as try to squeeze in a quick trip to Headquarters—she needed to get moving.


Her day at work was just as mad as the rest of the week. Sirius was apparently all over London. Not only had her day had been filled with Sirius sightings, but it also included a quick interview with Murphy’s estranged brother she’d conducted with her colleague Henry Williamson. The man hadn’t been pleased that two Aurors had shown up at his place of work to question him about the whereabouts of his “pompous prat” of a younger brother. Tonks wryly thought that this meant one less person to notify of his being moved into protective custody. After that not-so-fun field trip, she had attempted—unsuccessfully—to finish up all of her paperwork so she wouldn't have to spend her Sunday at the Ministry bent over her desk with a quill in her hand.


Thankful it was the last day of her work week, Tonks rushed home to get ready for her second night at the Poison Quill. She walked through her flat to her bedroom, quickly undressing and flinging her Auror robes and clothes on her bed. Her hopes of hearing from Remus were realized halfway through her work day when a note turned up asking her to stop by to see him if she had a chance after work. Knowing she wouldn’t have much time between meeting with Severus and making it to the Quill on time, she was hurrying to make sure she reached the Hog’s Head at precisely seven o'clock.


Rummaging through her wardrobe, Tonks realized she had little to wear. She picked up the jumper she’d worn the week before and wrinkled her nose at the smell of stale drink. In her post-inebriated state the previous Sunday, she’d forgotten to take any of her laundry to her parents’ house, and the jumper had been sitting in a rumpled heap for a week. Knowing her laundry charms weren’t good enough to make the top wearable, she tossed it aside. The short black dress she’d worn on her mission to the Quill what seemed like ages ago with Remus was clean, but with Avery and his comments about wanting to get to know Piper better, she didn’t want to show that much skin. In the end, she put on her black pleated skirt and pulled the sleeveless black turtleneck she’d worn to work back over her head. Even if the skirt was short, at least she could wear nylons and wouldn’t be showing off her bits as well as her legs. She pulled on a set of black robes to cover her skirt and warded her door before Apparating to Hog’s Head.


Since there were a few patrons sitting at the tables scattered throughout the pub, Tonks took a seat at the bar. Aberforth was standing behind the bar with a filthy rag in hand, drying a few glasses.


Tonks crinkled her brow at him. “You know, it’s a right miracle you get any customers at all. Your dishrag is enough to put me off eating your food.”


Aberforth’s mouth twitched in a smile beneath his grey beard as he picked up his wand. He tapped the tip to his rag and Tonks watched as the stains and grime disappeared. She shook her head as Aberforth turned and went into the kitchen, returning a few moments later with a plate full of roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots.


“Why the buggeration do you use an Appearance Charm?” Tonks asked as he set the plate in front offer her.


“Puts people off, like you said.” He pointed his wand as he reengaged the charm. “I don’t care for the crowds Rosmerta gets down at the Broomsticks.”


“Mission accomplished, then,” Tonks said as she gratefully accepted the cup of coffee Aberforth set in front of her. “How’s your guest?”


“Won’t be my guest much longer, I reckon.”


Tonks took a bite of her chicken, glad that she would be facing her mission once again that week with her belly full of food. “Really?”


Aberforth leaned on the bar and lowered his head and his voice. “Where he’s goin’, he can be consulted if needed. Albus is sending him off to help your mate on the Continent.”


Tonks nearly choked on her bite of carrot and potato. “Charlie? I haven’t seen him in ages! I wonder if I can help escort our friend to his new location.”


Aberforth eyed her sternly. “I haven't seen that boy since the two of you were in here tryin’ to get the older brother to order you Firewhisky.”


Tonks laughed loudly, a wave of nostalgia hitting her hard as she remembered fondly the easy adventures of her school days. She finished her meal as Aberforth served a couple of drinks. Grumbling inwardly, she realized when she looked at the clock that she had already been there for twenty minutes. A few minutes later, she’d finished her coffee and was anxious to get the information she needed and make her way to Headquarters. Severus stalked in and took the seat next to her just as she was checking the clock for the twentieth time.


“You said seven,” Tonks hissed.


“Am I keeping you from something pressing?” Severus asked, accepting a mug of coffee from Aberforth with a nod.


Tonks rolled her eyes. “You know you are.”


“You have—” Severus pulled back his sleeve to peer at his watch. “More than thirty minutes until you need to arrive.”


“What is it you need to say?”


Severus raised his eyebrows and pulled his wand, casting what Tonks assumed to be a Muffliato Spell around them.


“I’ll be your contact this evening,” he began in a low voice. “Meet back here when you are finished. If there is anything we need to ask Murphy, we can do so as soon as possible. You should…” He paused and looked at Tonks seriously. “It would be prudent if you proceeded with extreme caution tonight.”


“I take it they’re not happy that Murphy is missing?” Tonks asked with a smile.


“Lucius is in a foul temper. Our boss, as you say, is not pleased with the loss of the informant hidden upstairs.” Severus looked at Tonks the same way he had previously when he had something he was reluctant to say.


Tonks sighed. “What is it you’re not sure you want to say?”


Severus pursed his lips in a very McGonagall-like fashion for a moment before speaking. “Avoid Avery at all costs.”


“Hard to do, it seems,” Tonks said with a snort. “What’s got his knickers in a twist?”


“With Murphy missing, there have been punishments for the failures earlier in the week.”


Tonks felt a chill run up her spine at the thought of You-Know-Who doling out punishments. Curious, but not entirely sure she wanted to know, she asked cautiously, “What sort of punishment?”


Severus’ tone when he answered reminded Tonks of how he had spoken to her when she’d first joined the Order earlier in the summer. Biting and harsh. “None of your business.”


“I’m sorry, I—”


Severus stood abruptly, his lip curling in distaste. “No doubt you are impatient to see the werewolf before your duties this evening since he will be...unavailable tomorrow. Be sure that you’re not late,” he spit out before turning from the bar.


Tonks stared, stunned. Maybe she’d been out of line blurting her question about Death Eater discipline, but she was truly surprised by his reaction. His comment about her being late for her mission incensed her. He’d spoken to her like she was a fifth year turning up late for one of his detentions. She scowled as Aberforth walked back around the bar and began collecting her dinner dishes.


“The Professors have had a long week,” Aberforth said, his eyes following Severus as he strode to the door and yanked it open.


“That’s not my bloody fault,” Tonks replied as she stood from the stool. “And how’d you hear what he said?”


He placed his hands on the bar and looked at Tonks. “Didn’t need to, girl. I saw his face.”


Tonks sighed and decided to push Snape’s nasty mood to the back of her mind. After all, she had a man to see and a mission to complete. “I’ll be back later,” she said, pulling a few coins from the pocket of her robes. “I realized the other night when I ate the rest of your stew that I’ve never paid for any of my meals. What do I owe you for dinner?”


Aberforth waved a hand at her. “Your money’s no good here.” When Tonks began to protest, he continued. “There’s not much I can do for our lot right now, but I can at least keep a few of them well fed.”


Since she couldn’t call out the location of Headquarters with other people in the pub, Tonks left through the front door to Apparate, smiling at Aberforth’s comment. With only twenty minutes left before she was expected at the Quill, Tonks hurriedly Apparated, thankful that she’d missed the wide puddle at her feet from the incessant rain earlier in the day. Her evening wasn’t starting out all that great and she was glad she didn’t have to contend with wet clothing on top of it.


As quiet as possible, Tonks crept through the dark entry hall, not wanting to wake up Mrs. Black. She peeked down the stairs leading to the basement kitchen and didn’t see light coming from under the door. As she headed up the stairs, Tonks hoped it wasn’t so late that Remus was already resting in bed. If he was, she decided she would let him rest. She couldn’t help but smile when she reached the drawing room and saw him relaxed on the sofa, feet propped on the coffee table and studying the book in his hands intently.


“Are you revising for an exam, Professor?” she asked from the doorway.


Remus looked up, startled. “I didn't hear you come in.”


Tonks walked over to the sofa. “You must be tired if I was able to sneak up on you.”


Remus patted the cushion next to his. “Please sit.”


Tonks shook her head. If she sat next to him on the sofa, she’d want to kiss him. She’d thought a lot about the previous night, and before they did any more snogging, there were things to discuss. Although the look of disappointment on Remus’ face made her want to sit and run her fingers through his hair and kiss him to make it better.


“I only have a few minutes,” Tonks said as she sat on the coffee table next to his outstretched legs.


“I wasn’t informed that you needed a contact for tonight,” he said with a look of surprise.


Tonks hesitated before she said, “Severus is my contact.”


“I see,” he replied, crossing his arms over his chest. “I would hate for you to be late.”


Tonks mirrored his defensive position. “Did you ask me to stop by so you could be as much of an arse as you were last night?”


“I simply don’t wish to start a conversation we don’t have time to finish.”


“I’ll stop by tomorrow, then.”


Remus took a deep breath and leaned his head back to rest on the sofa. “I think you know tomorrow isn’t a good day.”


“Are you going away again this time?” Remus shook his head and Tonks stubbornly said, “I want to help. I’ve been reading—”




Tonks rolled her eyes, thinking the two men she had interacted with that night we're going to drive her mad with their grumpiness. All she needed was Mad-Eye there to tell her off for something and all three of them could aid in putting her in a nark.


“Fine.” Knowing she was running out of time, she stood. “I have to go.”


Tonks turned and left the drawing room, making it down the steps to the entrance hall before Remus caught up with her. He wrapped a strong arm around her waist and pulled her roughly to him so her back was flush with his chest. He bent his head to speak into her ear, his hoarse voice and warm breath against her skin causing a thrill to run through her body.


“You can’t run away that easily.”


“Don’t push me and I won’t run,” Tonks said, feeling her pulse speed at his touch as he slid his hand just under the hem of her top to stroke the skin of her abdomen.


“I can’t help it. It’s been years since I’ve had to consider the consequences of my being this close to a woman,” he said roughly. His free hand pulled back the neck of her turtleneck as his lips brushed against her neck. “Did I leave a mark yesterday?”


“Yes,” she whispered.


Tonks inhaled sharply as Remus’ lips captured her skin in a spot much higher on her neck than the one from the day before. It would have to be covered with a charm if she were going to wear anything other than a turtleneck for the next several days. She didn't care. The thought that he seemed satisfied that he’d left his mark the day before was oddly thrilling.


Remus’ lips left her skin and he pulled her turtleneck back in place. “Go before you’re late,” he said as he released his arm from her waist.


On shaky legs Tonks walked forward, pausing at the front door to turn back. Remus was pushing his hands through his hair agitatedly. Not wanting to make things any more tense, Tonks left, letting the chilly night air cool her as she walked to the Apparition point. She paused for a moment and took a deep breath before morphing her features and hair to Piper Smyth.


Trying her best to push thoughts of grumpy colleagues and sexy werewolves to the back of her mind, Tonks took a deep breath and pulled open the door to the Poison Quill, disappointed that there was already a small group of potential Death Eaters at the table they usually claimed. She had the distinct feeling that this was going to be a long night.

A/N: Hello and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I meant to get this chap up much sooner, but Christmas in my house—with 5 children—is, as you can imagine, completely crazy! I hope you enjoyed their quick snog, and don't worry...there will be more:).

As usual, not mine, but Jo's. Also, if the format looks different, it's becasue the first 25 ish chaps were  written in Word, and from now on in Google docs.

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