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Connie and I stared at Scorpius with crossed arms, he looked back us like a puppy that had been scolded. After a minute or two of silence Connie piped up:

“Well?” Her eyes grew bigger, making him shift on his seat.

“Um, well, I’m not entirely sure, it hall happened rather fast.” He paused to see if we were satisfied, you’d think he’d never been questioned by us before. “I grabbed her by accident, I thought it was you, Guin, I ran out into the corridor and through a door that led into a huge library. Turned around and there she was, looking at me incredulously.”

“I bet she was,” smirked Connie, I gave a little chuckle. Scorpius gave us a dark look, so we regained our seriousness.

“I was looking around the library and I saw they had my favourite book, ‘The Beautiful and The Damned’”-

“That’s your favourite book?” I interjected, but immediately regretted it when he shot me another dark look.

“Turns out, she likes it too, so we were talking about the writer and the story and we moved through the house, we heard people coming so we ran into the next room we saw, whilst still in discussion. We began to disagree and argued and argued, things just got heated and tense and then.. yeah.”

Connie and I both looked intently him, puzzled.

“Im not sure if that’s romantic or totally lame” Connie finally burst out laughing, and I joined with a chuckle.

“Well I know more than either of you about muggle literature, in its own way it’s an art form, and Rose seems to agree.” He said in a matter-of-fact manner with an air of I’m-quite-pleased-with-myself. We both stood bemused, to which he then muttered “not all forms of magic comes from the end of a wad.”

This only seemed to encourage Connie –“Oh Scorpius, we’ve you’ve had the hots for Rose since the day you were conceived, but you, a hopeless romantic?!” she keeled over in laughter. Scorpius watched her with a flat expression, but a small smile creeped onto his lips, and he let out a chuckle. He looked up at me.

“What about you Grey? Do you find this as hilarious as this cretin over here?” I smiled and looked down.

“Actually, I think it’s quite fitting.” He seemed satisfied with that response.

An image flashed through my mind. I turned to face the door but backed away, fear in my eyes. Connie immediately stopped laughing. A bright, white stag came through the wood of the door, we stared in shock. Then, Mr. Potter’s voice echoed soflty:

“Lights out guys.”

“What the actual..” Connie began.

“A patronus.” Said Scorpius, seemingly unphased. I swung round to stare at him. “Have your parents never shown you what their patronus is? Everyone knows Harry’s is a stag.” And with that he headed for the door, gave us a wave, and left.

Connie and I barely breathed a word whilst getting into bed, both of us in awe of the patronus that had stuck its head through our door, but also coming to realise just how tired we really were.


The next day we arose at half past eight, both refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Having showered and packed up our things, we sat on our beds facing eachother.

“Bloody hell,” Connie’s subtlety is very subjective, “what a hell of a day yesterday was.” She looked at me, not with her usual mischievous smile, but with one of content.

“Merlin’s beard, Connie, you have ‘feelings’ written all over your face!” I teased her, and she gave me a withering look. I looked towards the door expectantly.

It flew open and in burst James, giving Connie a start.

“Good morning lovely ladies! It is nine-thirty and breakfast shall be served momentarily and I have come to escort you!” He gave a mocking bow and looked up at Connie, giving her a small wink. Albus was leaning against the door frame, broodingly, with a mischievous looking spreading across his face. He kicked James in the knees, allowing him to fall over, making Connie burst out in laughter.

“Foul play brother!” James turned onto his back, looking at Albus begrudgingly. “you’re lucky we aren’t allowed to hex eachother in this house.” He pulled himself off the floor, and offered his arm to Connie.

Albus shook his head, laughing, and gestured that I follow him. We dropped our bags by the front door, and headed into the dining room with the extended table. We were not the first ones there, it would seem the Potter-Weasley Clan are just as excitable in the morning as at night. I was greeted with many hellos and good mornings, before find my seat at the table opposite Rose and next to Louis. Rose seemed subdued, and Scorpius face flashed through my mind. I looked down the table to find him, and saw him five or six seat down, staring at Rose.

I internally groaned at his lack of tact. I looked back to Rose, only to find her timidly staring back , her cheeks reddening. I let out a little clear of the throat, to witch her head snapped up and looked at me.

“Good morning Rose,” I smiled knowingly at her “sleep well?”. She let out a sigh of relief and smiled back at me.

“Yes thank you Guin, but you already knew that didn’t you.” She mused, making me shift in my seat. I forgot how I had to explain my gift to almost everyone here, although them being all related, they probably all know. I began to feel uncomfortable, self-conscious, how do they not think of me at a freak?

“Guin?” Yes that is my name. I looked to see where it came from, and Louis was looking at me, puzzled.

“Not hungry or something?” I was confused. I looked around to see that the chairs had filled up with people and food had appeared on the table. “You better pick something up before its all gone!” He joked.

I let out a meek laugh, but I had lost of appetite. I picked a lovely, red apple and bit into it without enthusiasm.

I know they’ve accepted me into their family, but why? So I saved the life of Harry Potter’s son, Harry saved loads of lives and you don’t see him being invited into everyone’s family.  I don’t understand the need for this.

“Sleepy are we Guin?” it was Louis’s voice again, this time I snapped out of it.

“What? No, slept like a log.” I smiled as I looked up, catching his eye. Lovely, bright blue eyes.

“Merlin..” He muttered, still staring at me. My smile faded.


“Its just, your eyes, I hadn’t properly noticed them until now” he mused, and dazzled me with a smile. My cheeks grew hot, I was blushing. As I looked down at my plate, a pair of emerald green eyes shot across my mind, and a feeling of.. irritation. I looked up and found my gaze matching with Al’s. He held it there for a second or two, and looked down at his plate, without smiling. I sat, taken aback. Was he jealous?

Once every plate was cleared, we were all divided up to help with the chores. Connie and I were on drying duty. She nudged me in the ribs.

“Guin, whats up with you, you seem so subdued.” She said, bemused. I looked up at her from my wet plate and dish cloth, letting out a sigh. I lowered my voice.

“This is all great, it really is, but I don’t belong here, I just don’t see the need for it.” Connie put her dry plate in the cupboard, turned to face me and put her hand on her hip. I felt her irritation towards the subject, but also her intrigue.

“to be honest Guin, you’re over thinking it. Stop trying to figure it all out and just go with it.” She grabbed another wet plate and began to dry it, clearly not looking to move forward in this conversation. I took the hint.

As we stood, however, I had a creeping sense of restlessness. It grew into uneasiness. I looked up, out the window, and as I did I saw a figure, staring from across the road, straight at me. I had a pang of malice, and other dark feelings that struck me fear, so much so I gasped and dropped the wet plate, frightening everyone in the kitchen as it smashed.

“Connie!” I grabbed her hand, allowing her plate to drop too.

“Guin! What the –“ but I stumbled back away from the window before she could finish. The adults came rushing in, Hermione first.

“Guinevere? Guinevere, dear, whats going on?” She placed a hand on my shoulder and on my cheek, so that I would look her. My chest was heaving from the surge of fear, my eyes felt wide and my pulse was racing. Her expression grew concerned.

“Right, someone clear this up. Connie, take her to my studio, down the hall, fifth door on the left.” But I was frozen in place. Albus came running into the room, baffled as to what was going on. Connie said something but noise became muffled, my vision blurry. I felt myself being lifted off the floor before everything turning to black. 


Author's note: Its been a while, hope I can get back into the swing of the characters!

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