‘DOM!’ I snapped. ‘I. Don’t. Care. If. My. Shoes. Match. With. My. Purse’


‘Then don’t take the purse’ she shot


‘FINE!’ I said throwing the little handbag back onto my bed.


We were getting ready for the Easter Break Party. Dom managed to sneak some Gigglewater while we got dressed. It has yet to take effect.


‘Thank you!’ said Dom with a giggle. I started laughing


Ok so maybe the Gigglewater has taken some effect.


Dom was wearing a highwasited nude skirt with a really nice white bralette. I wore a light playsuit. Red threw on her jeans and a top.


‘When will you let me dress you?’ Dom asked Red


‘When you let me train you for Quidditch’ said Red grinning.


‘I’m not playing Quidditch’ said Dom flatly.


‘I’ve seen you play and with proper training you could actually be a really ace quality Seeker for us’ said Red. Dom rolled her eyes.


Red had a point though. During the holidays when we would have a family Quidditch match, we would usually beg and force Dom to play Seeker for us.


I still remember the first time we got her to be Seeker. You see, we wanted to make the game last longer, so we picked the people who we thought at the time, had the least amount of Quidditch experience to play. Dom and Molly. Turns out they are both actually really competitive and quite good Seekers. Fastforward 8 years and Molly is now the Ravenclaw Seeker, and Dom well… She still refuses to play Quidditch.


‘Ok are we ready?’ said Dom throwing back the remaining bottle of Gigglewater.


‘Lets go’ I nodded.



As per usual, the words of a James Potter Party spread all over the school like wildfire. There were A LOT more people than 70. Everybody was either dancing or mingling. Hugo and Lucy were sitting in their own underage V.I.P booth that had the Maurauders Map enlarged so they could watch out for Professors.


The DJ Booth was playing track on it’s own and it sounded so good! The vibe of the party was just so much that I couldn’t stop smiling.


I tried not to but I couldn’t help look for Ted in the crowd. How wrong is that? Looking for you ex even though you really don’t want to but can’t help it? I wonder if guys have the same debate in their heads when they see us?

‘He’s not here yet’ said Fred as he greeted us.


‘Who’s not here?’ I asked trying to act dumb. Fred rolled his eyes.


‘Don’t play dumb’ he said grinning. ‘Want a drink?’


‘Sure why not?’ Fred hi-fived me then went off to get us some drinks. He came back carrying a tray of Firewhisky. ‘Shots?’


‘Hell yeah!’ said Dom as she flung her shot glass back. I threw mine back. It burnt my throat and made my eyes water. God I hate this crap!


‘Comon Ro’ said Cruz thumping my back lightly as I continued to cough my lungs out ‘You’re stronger than that’


‘I knew I should have stuck to Gigglewater’ I said catching my breath and scrunching my face.


‘Weak’ he said laughing. I hit him on the arm.


‘Guyssss you made it! Excellent!’ said James with open arms. He was dressed sharply.


‘Wow scrubbed up nicely James’ said Red


‘As I am the host, it is my job to provide an excellent service to the people’ said James bowing. ‘Enjoy’ he said walking away.


‘He seems chirpy’ I said


‘Yeah he didn’t want to throw this party at first but we all knew he loves doing this. Party planning is in his soul’ said Fred


‘Oh em gee’ said Dom suddenly. I didn’t even have to look at her to know where she was looking.


I turned to look at the entrance we just came through.


Teddy Lupin walked through the Room of Requirement HOLDING HANDS WITH ALANA BERRY!!


He briefly glanced at my face and smoothly turned the other way, with Alana in tow.


It burnt my heart so much. Firewhisky was nothing compared to this burn.




‘Who’s up for more shots!’ I squeaked.


‘Are you okay?’ whispered Dom


‘So who’s in?’ I said ignoring Dom. We all took another shot of the whisky.


This time when I drank it, it felt refreshing as opposed to burning. Like a good internal kick to your body to wake you up.


‘Want to dance?’ I asked Cruz abruptly. Cruz looked confused but nodded anyway.


‘Are you all good Ro’ he said looking at me


‘Yep’ I said shaking my head to the song playing.


‘Are you drunk already?’ he laughed


‘No I wish’ I said. It was the truth. I wasn’t drunk yet, or at least it didn’t feel like it. I felt angry and hurt. I wish I felt drunk and numb.


We continued to dance until the song finished playing. Well if you could it dancing. We messed around throwing some wacky dance moves. The other people on the dance floor made us a little space corner so they wouldn’t get hit.


‘Man I forgot how fun you were’ said Cruz grinning. I laughed


‘What in merlin’s name kind of dancing was that!’ asked Fred laughing when we returned.


‘Ours’ I said. Cruz rubbed the back of his head laughing.


‘Nah I don’t usually dance like that, that’s all you babygirl. The Ro Dance’ Fred cracked up laughing.


‘Want a drink? I’m super thirsty!’ I said trying not to laugh. They nodded cheekily.


The illegal alcohol set up that they did was amazing. There were heaps of different types of alcohol and a section just for non-alcoholic drinks. Al and Scorpius were supervising the table. They were both dressed in suits. Wearing sunglasses. Indoors…


‘Yelloo’ I said as I helped myself to three bottles of Butterbeer.


‘Having fun?’ asked Al.


‘Ehhh you could say that’ I shrugged grinning. I stopped grinning almost immediately.


Teddy and Alanna were laughing into each other’s ears as they danced in a quiet corner by themselves.


‘Oh yeah…’ said Al awkwardly. ‘I can’t look at them either’


Despite myself, I looked back at them before I left.


Alana and Teddy were kissing. Well kissing was an understatement…. He had his hand up her shirt and she had her hand down his pants. She was trying to drag him to the door that James so graciously provides for people like this.  And Ted did. The door slammed closed.


I ran to the bathroom to throw up.


I couldn’t believe what I just saw. Seriously we aren’t even a month broken up and he completely moves on like I didn’t exist. And of all people freaking Alana Berry !


Isn’t funny the people they swore nothing was going on with are the first people they choose to be with after you’ve broken up.


What an asshole!!


I started crying softly, and then full bawled my eyes out. I gave myself 5 minutes before I had to mentally slap myself to pull it together.


OK Ro, you need to snap out of it. Screw Teddy. If anything maybe it’s good that you saw what you saw because now you know the real Teddy so in a way you didn’t lose love, you lost lust.


Yeah that’s right!


I walked out of the toilet stall, fixed my make up, plastered a smile to my face and made my way back to the others.


‘Hey there you are!’ said Cruz ‘We had to get our own Butterbeers, you were taking forever!’


‘Sorry’ I said ‘Did you guys get one for me?’


He handed me a Butterbeer. I sculled it back in one go.


‘Woah that’s enough for you I think, are you planning to die or something tonight?’ asked Cruz


‘Nope’ I said smiling as I drank from his bottle.



‘Ro are you okay?’ asked Cruz.


‘YEAHHHHhhhh I’m AWESOMEE!’ I slurred.


‘Come on lets go, I think it’s time for you to go back to your dorm’ said Cruz.


‘BOOOOO I WANNA HAVE FUN !’ I shouted. I went to walk but I fell flat on my face.


‘Okaay let’s go !’ said Cruz firmly as I felt him lift me up. He threw me over his shoulder.




‘A cool one’ he laughed as we left the Room of Requirement. ‘Ro I need you to please be quiet until I get you to your dorm or we’ll get caught’


‘OK!!-Oops sorry crooz!’ I  whispered loudly ‘cRUz sOunds liKe a cRUiseee sHip or in SpANish that Meaans thE CrOSS !


‘Wow that’s cool’ whispered Cruz tightening his grip. He continued to haul me over like a sack of potatoes.


‘I cAN wALK yOUU knOW’ I said


‘Barely’ he snorted. ‘Okay here we go’ he said laying me on my bed.


‘aRE We HeRE ALreaDY?’ I said taking off my shoes. ‘tHat was qUICK’


‘You fell asleep a couple of times when you sang ‘I’m on a Cruz ship’ he laughed.


‘OooOoO’ I said as I took off my playsuit. Cruz looked away.


‘Aw DON’t yOu lIke seeing me naked’ I said trying to undo my bra. Cruz sighed and picked up a shirt from the floor and threw it at me


‘Come on Ro, I’m tired too’ he said


‘CoMEE SLEep witH mE’ I said pulling him to my bed. He stood firmly on the ground.


‘Ro. No. You’re drunk’ he said sternly.


‘I Know ThaAT’ I said. ‘LETss just dO it PLEasee!’ I said pulling him back to the bed.


‘Ro. No’ he said


‘COMEE oN’ I begged . I tried to take off my panties but Cruz stopped me.


‘Ro I’m going to leave now okay, you can get naked when I leave’




‘Ro, you’re drunk’ he snapped.


‘nOO I’M NOT’ I said trying to unzip his pants. Cruz sighed.


‘Ro enough please. Go to bed’ he said


‘I’ve aLREAddy SeeN You nAked! ‘ I said pulling him back to the bed ‘YoU’rE SEXxy’


‘Sober Ro wouldn’t do this ‘ he said pulling away again.


‘YeS because sOBer Ro TOold me she wAnts To Kiss YOuu’


‘No. Sober Ro loves Teddy remember? Drunk Ro needs to sleep’ he said gently laying me down.


‘NOO sOBer AND DruNK Ro WaNT To LoSE herr virginitYYY TO yoU!’ I said with my eyes closed.


‘Goodnight Ro’ said Cruz kissing me on the head.


I reached down and pulled him in for kiss on the lips. He hesitated at first, then hungrily kissed me back.


‘Fxck!’ he said pulling out ‘Ro I can’t you’re drunk I’m sorry’


‘Then just lay here with me until I fall asleep’ I said dreamily .


Cruz sighed then kicked his shoes off and jumped in the bed with me.


‘Can you be big spoon’ I said softly as I could feel myself falling asleep


‘Ro’ groaned Cruz . He sighed then I felt his hand hold my waist. Just like Ted use too…


I fell asleep quickly.




I woke up the next morning to someone lightly snoring in my ear and an arm around my waist.


‘Cruz?’ I laughed as Cruz jumped upright. ‘Oops sorry Cruz!’


‘Oh shxt sorry Ro’ he said shaking his head’ I was suppose to wait for you to go to sleep and then go back to my bed, I must have fallen asleep too.’ He said rubbing his eyes


‘It’s okay’ I laughed. ‘You were extremely warm and comfy’ I said


‘I’ll go’ said Cruz awkwardly getting up.


‘Wait for me, I’ll just a shower real quick and then we can get breakfast together. I don’t know about you but I’m starving’ I laughed.


When I got out of bed I noticed I just had my underwear on.


‘Uh?’ I said covering up with a towel nearby.


‘Oh yeah ‘ said Cruz blushing furiously looking away. ‘You um. You were so wasted you took off your clothes because… umm… because you wanted to have sex with me’


‘Did we?’ I asked holding my breath.


‘Of course not Ro! I would never do that to you or anyone. That’s rape’ he said seriously. ‘I tried to get you to wear that shirt over there, but you insisted on sleeping like that…’


‘Oh okay I’ll be back give me 5 minutes’ I said as I walked to the showers.


I was washing my hair when it all came crashing down.


I remembered Teddy. Teddy walking in with Alana. Teddy kissing Alana. Teddy with his hand up Alana’s shirt. Alana with her hand down his pants. Alana pulling him into the bedroom. Teddy walking in and slamming the door closed as he took off his shirt.


But I refuse to cry. I remember crying so bad last night in the toilet. I remember trying to drink the pain away, which ironically makes it 10x worse the next morning.


I don’t remember asking Cruz to have sex with me, but I do remember asking him to sleep next to me. I know I didn’t want to wake up isolated and alone in the morning.


How can Ted do this to me! Who says they love someone then pulls this move! I’m so glad I didn’t say it back. I’m so glad we are finished!


I shut the water off. I quickly used a hot-air charm to dry my hair, and then walked out of the bathroom with my towel still on.


Cruz was quietly waiting for me on my bed. I noticed my dorm was empty. Where the hell were the others?


‘Ro you said 5 minutes’ he laughed ‘I’m hungry as well and you’re not even dressed yet’


‘I wasn’t lying about what I said last night’ I said ignoring him


He blushed and then started looking down at his feet.


‘Ro I’m not taking your virginity’ he said flatly shaking his head.


‘I’m not drunk. I know what I want’ I said firmly.


‘No you don’t’ said Cruz frowning. He stood up. ‘I’ll meet you downstairs when you’re ready then’


‘I want to..’ I said


‘You yelled at me for kissing you two months ago and now you want me to have sex with you? I won’t do it’ he said angrily ‘You don’t want me, something’s not right. You can talk to me Ro. I’m you’re friend’


‘I already made my choice Cruz..’ I said quietly


‘You always said you’d loose your virginity to someone you loved Ro. You don’t love me. Well not in that way..’ he said ‘I…I love you too much to do that to you’


‘You still love me? I thought you said you let it go?’ I asked in despite of myself.


‘I haven’t stopped’ Cruz said ‘You are the only person in the world who drives me this crazy. I’ve tried to let you go Ro, I really have but I just can’t.’


He walked over to the door


‘Cruz’ I said before he could open the door. He turned around and I dropped my towel. Cruz was biting his knuckles trying to look away.


I walked towards him with nothing but one thing on my mind.


He didn’t move so, I pulled him to me and kissed him. He closed his eyes.


‘Ro, you’re killing me’ he said groaning. I gently tugged him away from the door and back towards my bed.


I didn’t realise before but Cruz had the softest lips.


He continued to kiss me laying me on the bed.


‘Ro….’ He said shaking his head. ‘Are you sure…’


I bit my lip and nodded. He smiled kindly.


‘Ro please just let me know if you change your mind..’ he began but I stopped him talking by pressing my lips back on his while taking off his shirt.


He took off his pants.


‘Ro, are you sure it’s me that you want…’ said Cruz quietly before he went any further.


‘Yes’ I said looking him straight in the eye as he gently took my virginity…



Hey guys :)!! If you could kindly drop a review to let me know how you are finding this story so far that'd be great. I love all kind of feedback negative and positive. I know Ro is kind of a big mess at the moment but i promise it gets better. Also i have no idea why I created Alana but i'm really starting to hate her haha, i'm not sure whether or not i should continue shipping them.

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