Ted and I haven’t spoken for a whole week. Either he’s too stubborn to admit that he was wrong or I am. But one of us is wrong and it’s not me,.. so he is wrong.. yeah that’s it….


And surprise surprise guess who he has been spending an incredible amount of time with, not that I’m spying…


Alana Berry. Arrhg her stupid good girl next-door act drives me nuts. She a typical down to earth chic that someone like, Teddy Lupin, would froff over.


I on the other hand have spent a lot of time with Cruz again. But we are completely friends and only friends. I mean yeah I guess there are still a lot of awkward moments between us but we’ve managed to just ignore it.


‘Do you think you’d be allowed to come over for Easter Break or are you banned?’ I asked Cruz one day during Defence against the Dark Arts.


‘I have no idea to be honest. I copped it hard from Harry for the engagement party I’m not really too keen on seeing him again’ he said


Professor Chang was teaching us to deflect a spell using our opposite hand preference. It was a really hard lesson, which kind of made it also really funny.


‘Yeah but you’ll be staying with us aren’t you’ overheard Fred as he and James threw spells at each other.


Yeah at some point this week Fred and Cruz made up. Well if you could call it that. See when I make up with my friends there’s tears and sorry’s and hugs. When these two made it was like ‘Bro we cool’ ‘Yeah we cool’ and they started talking like normal as if they weren’t angry at each other for 3 weeks.


‘Mmm I figured Ted would be staying with you guys’ shrugged Cruz


‘I’ll ask him when we start talking again’ I said


‘Is Dani coming?’ I asked James. James shuffled nervously.


‘Dani said she wanted to spend Easter break with her Dad because he’s coming home’


‘Oh Where did he go? On vacation with her mum?’ I asked while perfectly deflecting Cruz’s stupefy.


‘Concentrate Mr Zabini!’ snapped Professor Chang. Cruz muttered something under his breath.


‘Dani’s dad is a muggle, he is coming home from their muggle army. Her mum died a couple of years ago’ he said




‘Well tell her to invite him as well’ said Fred ‘Your dad wouldn’t mind I’m sure’


‘I did’ said James ‘She said her dad didn’t know about us yet’


‘Ooooo’ said Cruz making a face.


‘Good luck man’ laughed Fred


‘Can’t be any worse than my old man can he?’ said Cruz


‘Who knows maybe?’ chuckled James. ‘But I just know he won’t like me’


‘Why?’ I asked half smiling half trying to be serious


‘Because not even my own parents like me that much’ he shrugged ‘I’m the worst candidate for your daughters. I have tattoos, I drink, I’m in detention every second day, I have a long list of crazy ex girlfriends, I have zero ambition apparently’


‘Don’t be a prat James’ snapped Red as she and Dom duelled next to us. ‘You’re more than that’


‘Don’t need your sympathy Red, I am what I am’ he said smiling.


‘James stop talking and work please!’ snapped Professor Chang. James ignored her.


‘Dani likes me for me, I guess that all that I really care about’ said James


‘Aw Jimmy I’ve never seen you this smitten over anyone before’ I whispered loudly.


‘She’s that wifey material, what can I say’ chuckled James


‘JAMES I’M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU AGAIN!’ snapped Professor Chang.


James shrugged his shoulders and sat down on the floor.


‘JAMES! Get up and do some work!’ she snapped


‘Oh common Professor I’m tiredddd, I’ve already disarmed Fred both right and left handed. Im practically pro now’ he said cheekily. Some girls in our class giggled.


‘Detention! After class in my office’ she snapped. James sighed. ‘Do I need my quill or wand this time?’


‘Quill’ she said taken aback.


‘It’s a date then’ James grinned. Professor Change rolled her eyes and walked away.


‘Wow you must be serious about this bird ey?’ said Fred pulling up James form the floor.


‘Want to know how serious?’ chuckled James. He flung a very thick black book at Fred who caught it.


‘Is this your little black book then?’ laughed Fred. Cruz walked over to read it aswell.


‘It’s yours man. I don’t want it’ said James proudly.



‘So does Draco Malfoy know that you and his son are a couple now?’ I asked Al at breakfast the next morning.


‘Can’t see why he should care, we’re in the 21st century for merlins sake’ said Al.


‘Mmmm old people are weird with things like same sex love though’ I said


‘I don’t care Ro’ he laughed.


‘Fair point’ I smiled ‘Does your dad know?’


‘Yeah he does. He always knew’


‘Cool, then I’m happy for you Al’ I said grinning as I hugged him.


‘Thanks cuz; he said ‘Hey there’s Teddy. Looks like he’s looking for you’


I turned around. Teddy was standing at the entrance hall check out for our table. Seeing me he smiled slightly and hurried over.


‘I’M SORRY!’ he blurted out ‘Ok? I’m sorry Ro’


‘You’re forgiven but I’m still angry with you’ I said stubbornly


‘Angry with me? You were the one spying on me…’ he said frowning


‘What kind of an apology is this?’ I snapped ‘Are you starting another fight with me?’


‘No I’m not, but jeez you could at least pretend to be remorseful’ he said


‘Oh so, you hang out all week with Alana Berry and then make a fake remorseful sorry and then make yourself angry again because I’m not sorry for being right in the first place’


‘You hung out with Zabini the whole week’ he said crossly ‘You don’t see me getting worked up about it!’


‘Okay guys I’m going to go now’ said Al awkwardly as he left the table.


‘Can we talk outside’ said Ted. I followed him out the castle. We walked in silence to the lake.


‘Why are you sooo obsessed with Alana? Seriously it’s not healthy Ro’ he said


‘ME?!’ I shouted ‘You’re the one who has an obsession with Alana’


‘I saw her kiss you on the cheek Ted, just like Yzabel did. But you smiled when she kissed you on the cheek…’ I said quietly.


‘So you WERE spying on me’ he said hotly


‘Are you seriously not apologizing? FINE! Here I am thinking every day and night shxxt if Ted ever found out about Cruz and I would have been crying apolo-


‘I’m sorry? You and Cruz did what?’ he frowned


‘Uhhh nothing..’ I said. Ted stared at waiting for me to answer. He looked so hot when he stares like that. Damn why do guys always get super attractive when they’re angry.


I sighed. It’s better if I just tell him now rather than continue to let it eat me up inside.


I took a deep breath.


‘The week we came back from the engagement party Cruz and I had this massive argument in potions class. I blamed him for ruining everything. He then said it was half my fault because I kissed him back, but I said  I didn’t, then he said prove it so I kissed him’ I rambled. ‘But I pulled out straight away and I said see. Then he ignored me and pulled me in for another kiss and then I thought of you and I ran’ I said catching my breath.


Ted looked real angry. And I mean real angry. He then sniggered as he looked to the ground shaking his head.


‘I’m so sorry Ted…’ I said quietly


‘I think we should take a break’ he said bluntly.


I stayed quiet. ‘You obviously don’t know who or whom you want. So take time and figure it out, because I’m not wasting any more time on girls that cheat’ he spat.


 His hair started turning red.


‘Ted your hair is red!’ I gasped. He shook his head and it turned back to brown.


‘You can metamorphmag again?’ I asked.


‘See, while you were out snogging slytherin’s poster boy, Alana was helping me metamorph again because she’s a metamorphagus too, which is exactly what I was about to tell you before you judged me’ he said angrily.


I flinched.


He turned and marched back up to the castle.


I stayed by the lake watching the ripples as I threw in pebbles.


Who ever said clearing your conscience makes you feel better, lied…



‘So are we making this happen or not Potter?’ asked Fred


‘I don’t know man’ laughed James ‘My party days are behind me bro’


‘Booooo’ said Cruz ‘Common man do it for the single lads’


‘Yeah take one for the team, then we can help you set up a little couples corner for you and Dani, Al and Scorp, Cruz and his hand’


They all started howling with laughter


‘Why don’t you guys plan your own damn party’ said James


‘Because it’s not a party unless James Potter throws it’ said Samuel


‘Alright alright lads, you’ve convinced me’ said James pulling out his glasses. ‘Hey kid can I borrow this thanks’ he said snatching a notepad from a Second Year.


‘YES!’ cheered Fred


I sat on the couch trying to not listen to them but let’s face it. History homework is A LOT worse than History class.


‘Now’ said James in the most business tone voice I’ve ever heard. ‘Fred as you know everyone and everybody, spread the word to the people whom we’d like to be there. I don’t wanna push it so try aim for no more than 70.

Sammyboy you are in charge of the food and house elves. We want an order of the 4 P’s. Pizza, Pies, Pudding and Pumpkin Juice.

Cruz, you and I are going to re arrange the room of requirement and then I need you to organise some tunes. Ask umm who is our smartest cousin that doesn’t snitch?’


‘AHEM’ I coughed loudly. They all turned to laugh at me. How rude!!


‘I need he or she to make some charms for decorations’


‘I reckon Molly would be able to. Either her or Red’ shrugged Fred


‘Red wouldn’t do it’ said James flatly. ‘She told me last time she wouldn’t get involved’


‘Okay I’ll ask Molly’ said Cruz.


‘Great. I’ll get the booze seeing as I am legal’ chortled James.


‘Absolutely no youngins this time though okay’ The others nodded in agreement.

‘Sixth and Seventh years only. Plus teacher aides’


‘Sweet’ nodded Fred


‘So when’s the big night?’ asked James


‘On Friday just before Easter Break’ said Cruz as James smirked ‘Naturally’


‘Are we paying Hugo and Lil to be on teacher watch with your map?’ asked Sam


‘Yep, I’ll go ask them now actually. Okay lads let’s make this happen!’ clapped James storing away his glasses.


‘Oi Lil!’ shouted James


Lily was chatting with her friends by the fireplace.


‘LILLIAN!’ shouted James


‘WHAT??!’ She yelled back clearly annoyed


‘Can you be look out for us on Friday?’ asked James.


‘For what?’ she said walking over to the group of boys.


‘For our party that we’re going to throw’ said James


‘Screw you James I’m going to the party ask Hugo and Lucy to be look out’ she said pursing her lips


‘What? No you’re too young, no youngins sorry’ he said


‘James I’m one year younger than your year level. Anyways I over heard you morons, cut off was sixth years, and I’m in sixth so see ya at the party James’ she said walking away


‘If you think you’re invited Lillian you have another thing coming!’ shouted James. Lily flipped him the middle finger.


‘Well she is of age you know, just let her come’ said Sam


‘Sam. No -shut up’ chuckled James.


Lily turned to smile at Sam. He winked back.


Nobody else saw that but me. I’m a freak sitting behind a pile of history books watching this scene unfold. God this is depressing.


But in other news there’s definitely something fishy going on between Samuel Thomas and Lily Potter.



‘So I hear you and loverboy broke up’ snickered Yzabel


‘Is that what you heard?’ I said ‘I didn’t know you could hear under all those hair extensions’


‘Oh you’re so funny’ she snapped ‘So is he free for the taking now? Not that I care if he wasn’t. I just came here to pretty much tell you I’m making a move on Teddy Lupin, just because I can’


‘Sod off Yzabel’ I said. I turned back to my textbook. This is why I hate studying in the library. Bloody full of Ravenclaw asshxles. I had no choice though. James was having a karaoke sing off with Sam in the common room.


‘I wonder if Victoire is thinking along the same lines as me’ she said nastily ‘Teddy was too beautiful for you anyway’


‘You know what I don’t understand’ I said rudely ‘Why you have perfect English yet you claim to have gone to Beauxbatons. I’ve spoken to students from there and they all have a fresh heavy accent. Why don’t you?


Her face turned white and she narrowed her eyes at me


‘See you around Roxanne’ she said, shoving my shoulder as she walked past.


 I rolled my eyes.


I realised I’ve been so upset over the break between Teddy and I that I’ve just gone numb with emotion. I don’t even have the heart to really talk to Cruz, Dom or Red.

‘Hey Ro!’ said Dani as she took a seat next too me.


‘Oh hey Dani!’ I said  ‘What brings you to the library today?’


‘Muggle Studies homework’ she said.


‘Oh that should be easy for you then, seeing your dad is a muggle’ I said


‘You’d think so but no unfortunately. My mum was a witch and a really good one. She always used magic in the house and my absolutely dad loved it. I grew up with magic’ she said smiling slightly. ‘Then when she passed, dad said I had to learn magic like she did, he never lets me do anything muggle related’


‘Then why are you doing muggle studies?’ I asked her


‘Because I love my dad being a muggle. I love my mum being a witch too but I don’t want to leave my dad’s world…He’s all that I have left’ she said quietly.  I patted her hand.


‘I’m sure he’ll understand’ I said sympethically


‘I think he will in the long run, but it kind of makes me scared’ she said




‘What if James has future plans within the wizarding world once we finish school? I can’t do that to him. I can’t make him choose between muggle world and your world’ she said


‘I think I’d be perfect for him’ I smiled. Maybe James didn’t fit in the wizarding world because he was meant to live like a muggle. That makes total sense to me.


‘You should talk to him about this’ I said ‘Who knows he’d might surprise you’


‘Well if it isn’t my two favourite girls in the world’ snickered Lucas as he took a seat infront of us.


‘Seriously?!’ I snapped. I dropped my head on the table. I probably would have had a better chance studying in the common room than in this library.


‘Please just stop Lucas’ said Dani ‘Please. I don’t feel like defending myself today’


‘Defend yourself from whom my dear sweet plump Danika? It was all fun and games last time, no harm done right?’ he winked.


‘Okay that’s it, cya around Ro’ said Dani picking up her books.


‘Whaaaat do youuuu want Lucas’ I groaned


‘You’ he said simply


‘Well tough luck’ I spat


‘Word on the street is that you are now single, and I can’t seem to get you out of my damn head Miss Weasley’ he said sitting in Dani’s vancant spot.


‘Well try harder’


‘Come on Ro, you know you want me too’ he said playing with my hair


‘LUCAS!’ I snapped ‘Shove off’ I pushed his hand away’


‘Just one kiss’ he said licking my ear. I shuddered in disgust.


Mimble Wimble’


Lucas tried to shout but his tongue was tied to the roof of his mouth.


‘Come near her again and I’ll cut your tongue off’ muttered Cruz. He looked furious.


Lucas tried to swear but it just came out as kjbpbjfvkjnfle


He gave Cruz the finger and hurried out the library.


‘I could have handled him myself you know’ I said crossly. ‘I don’t always need you and Teddy to come save the day. I’m not that pathetic’


‘Never said you were’ he shrugged.


I ignored him and went back to studying. I noticed he took out his textbook and started studying quietly as well.


Thank god. To be honest I wasn’t in a mood for chatting anymore.


‘Ooo here he comes, how does my hair look’ I overheard a girl giggle.


‘Good what about mine?’ another girl giggled. They sounded young.


‘Aw darn he is with that veela’ another girl whispered.


Cursing myself for being nosy I looked up from my book.


Ted was sitting in the library chatting happily with Victoire.

‘Guess they’re friends again then’ scoffed Cruz.


Ted turned to look at our table. We both stared at each other for a few moments before he scowled and turned away.


Of all girls he chooses to hang out with it had to be Victoire at the Library.


So he wants to play like that does he? Well game on...

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