The next few days were filled with fun and sun. They went boating, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and swimming. They made love frequently and where ever they wanted. Friday arrived and they took it easy before their big date night. They took a nap on the outdoor bed so they were refreshed and ready for a fun evening. After they woke up, they went and packed up some clothes before they started to get ready for dinner. Draco jumped in the shower as Hermione finished putting some more clothes in suitcases. He came out with a towel wrapped low around his hips with little drops of water on his skin and Hermione bit her lip. Merlin, what that man did to her!! He was so sexy!! He knew what he was doing by standing there and just smirked at her.

“Do you know what you do to me?” she asked as she went up to kiss him.

“It can’t be anywhere near what I feel when I look at you, Baby. Now, get in the shower before we never make to dinner,” he said as he playfully smacked her butt as she walked past him.

Once she was in the shower, he quickly dried his hair and got dressed in his favorite navy suit. He picked a white shirt and navy, green and red striped tie. He went in the office to get something out of the safe and went to wait in the living room. Hermione showered and got out and put on her favorite lotions and perfume. She put on a light, natural amount of makeup on and then magically dried her hair into sexy, waves and left her hair down. Draco loved to run his fingers through it when it was down. She put on a tiny red lace thong and a strapless bra to match. She slipped on her favorite black strappy high heel sandals. Then, she pulled the red cocktail dress over her head. It fit her like a second skin and she loved the dress. It was an impulse buy about a year ago and had yet to wear it. She was so glad that Ginny had packed it. She picked up a small black clutch, with fixed her lip gloss, threw that and her wand in and went down the hall.

She walked in and saw him standing waiting for her. They smiled at each other as he took her hand, kissed it and walked her to the jeep. It was a gorgeous night again and they loved driving with the top down and a light breeze, watching the moon and stars go by. They arrived and were immediately seated at a quiet table by the windows so they could watch the moonlight play on the waves. They ordered wine and decadent appetizers, talking and laughing as they ate. The waiter came and took entrée orders and they listened to the music as they waited. Her lobster was perfect and his filet was so tender, it was like cutting butter. They cleaned their plates and ordered after dinner drinks. A few couples had started dancing and Draco stood up, took her hand and led her to the floor. She smiled as he took her in his arms as they swayed to the music, remembering the last time they were here and what happened. That was a perfect night. This was shaping up to be as well.

The song ended and Hermione turned to go back to the table and have coffee. She looked back and noticed Draco wasn’t standing behind her. She turned back around and stopped dead in her tracks. Draco was down on one knee with a ring box in his hand and a beautiful smile on his face.

“Hermione Jean…There are not adequate words to tell you how much I love you. You are my world and have been since I first saw you when we were 11 years old. I want you to be with me forever, have a life with you and make a family with you. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

She was stunned and had noticed that she had tears gently rolling down her face. She looked at the box that he had opened and saw the most amazing ring. It was romantic and something she would have totally picked for herself. Damn, he really knew her. It was a platinum band with small diamonds all around it and had a large 4 carat marquise cut diamond on top. She loved it. She looked at him again and saw the love in his eyes and knew she didn’t want to be anywhere else or with anyone else again. This was her future and she couldn’t wait for it to begin.

“Oh Draco, YES!! With all my heart and soul, YES!” He jumped up, picked her up and kissed her passionately. The people in the restaurant clapped for them as they went back to their table.

The waiter and manager of the restaurant came over to congratulate them and opened a bottle of champagne for them to celebrate. They drank and ate rich chocolate cake. Hermione kept looking at her hand and smiling as she saw the piece of jewelry on her finger.

“How did you know that I would love this ring?”

“Well, this ring was my mother’s. She got it from her grandmother and I was supposed to give it to my wife, she told me years ago. When I saw you that first day in your office before you got hurt, I knew this ring was meant for you. It was romantic and that is who you are, not to mention classy and beautiful. When it comes to you, I feel like I know you better than I know myself.”

“I think you are right and it really is perfect. Will your mother be ok with this?”

“Baby, she was overjoyed when I asked her to bring it down with her. She was thrilled when I told her that I was going to propose to you. She loves you.”

“I have to say that I love her too. It is so nice to have someone I can go to like a mother again. I am so happy Draco! I can’t wait to show everyone! We should have a party to tell everyone when we get back!”

He laughed at her excitement. This was exactly what he wanted and his heart was full of joy. “Let’s do it Sunday night. I will contact everyone when we get home.”

They finished their cake, Draco paid and they went home. They made love, sweetly and tenderly to celebrate their commitment to each other. As they lay in bed asleep, she couldn’t help but have perfect dreams of what the future could hold

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