When I woke up the next morning Ted had already left for early morning practise with the Qudditch captains.


Well that’s what the note said anyway on my bedside.


Dom was sitting up on her bed reading Witch Weekly, she didn’t even try to talk to me as I got up and dressed myself. Usually she nit picks on my weekend outfits. For all I know I could be wearing totally mismatching clothes today.


Figuring I should be safe with a long grey turtleneck knitted sweater, light ripped jeans and my runners, I made my way to the Great Hall for breakfast.


The Great Hall was unfortunately semi-packed today. I like it when it’s empty on weekend mornings. Red still hadn’t returned with Teddy from Quidditch, and they’re technically the only two people I feel like sitting next to at the moment.


Sighing I sat myself in a vacant spot.


‘So little poppet, I here you have taken the Teddyster from a Veela. That’s quite an achievement there Roxanne’


I groaned so loud. Lucas Dierre slide into the vacant spot next to me.


‘Shouldn’t you be out screwing taken girls’ I said rolling my eyes.


‘HA!’ laughed Lucas ‘And what exactly do you think I’m trying to do?’


‘Excuse me?’ I said flatly


‘I look for girls that …let’s just say are unhappy in their relationships. I turn my needs into their happiness. It’s a win-win scenario.’ He said smirking


‘Ugh! You’re a pig!’ I scowled.


‘Maybe, but at least I admit it’ Lucas shrugged. ‘Now Lupin chose you over the Veela, so that makes you’ he held his both hands up with his right extracting higher than the left. ‘This much better to conquest’


‘Conquest? What are you bloody on about Lucas!’ I snapped


Just then Cruz took a seat infront of us. He glared at Lucas.


‘Well if you’re bored with Lupin I can give you a better ride, if you get what I’m saying’ said Lucas winking.


I ignored him


‘Hey don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. You’re exactly the same as me. I too like to screw someone else’s partner. And I usually get what I want. It’s the thrills of being me’ he chuckled.


‘She’s a virgin you moron. She won’t ever touch you and your herpes’ snapped Cruz.


I banged my head on the table.


‘Miss Weasley…. A virgin? Wow! You just got that much more interesting!’ said Lucas ‘And Zabini, go screw yourself, she won’t ever touch you either. So you can stop pondering after her like some pathetic mongrel’


‘Whatever’ said Cruz shrugging his shoulders ‘Did the Veela smell your Hepatitis or something? Is that why you’re looking around for Virgins?’


‘I don’t know you tell me. You slept with her too bro, why don’t ya ask her?’ said Lucas laughing


I spat out my drink.


Cruz looked like he wanted to kill Lucas.


‘Tell me it isn’t true…’ I said quietly to Cruz. He refused to look at me.


‘Oh you bet your ass it’s true’ chuckled Lucas ‘Somewhere after the Christmas break, it would go Me, than him, than me, then him, and then I think some douche from Slytherin’


‘Dierre shut up’ growled Cruz


‘You slept with HER?!!’ I snapped at Cruz who continued to glare at Lucas.


‘You really didn’t know Roxy did ya?’ said Lucas with a smile.


I wanted to punch him in the face. Cruz put his head in-between his head.


‘Which douche from Slytherin?’ I asked although I had a feeling I knew the answer…


‘The one that turned homo on us… Pretty sure he was with the mini Veela as well at one point’


‘Dierre SHUT UP!’ said Cruz.


Lucas gave Cruz a cheeky smirk.


‘Tough guy huh? What are you going to do about it Zabini’ smirked Lucas standing up.


Cruz stood up and went to put his fist out, stopped himself then cursed outloud and sat back down.


‘Are you on probation still with McGonagall? What a wuss’ scoffed Lucas. ‘Anyway see ya Ro, let me know whenever you’re free’ he winked.


I ignored him. Glaring at Cruz, with all might that I could master, I stood up and gathered my things from the table.


‘Ro – I…’


But I held my palm up to his face. He shook his head back into his hands.


‘Consider this friendship 100% over’ I cried as my eyes started to betray me and water.


I hurried down the corridors and found myself outside of the greenhouse.


I sat behind the glasshouse for some vitamin D and fresh air.


Okay so Cruz slept with Victoire. Why am I not okay with this information. I literally feel crushed and betrayed. Why would he sleep with her, he was my friend. He said he always had my back. I mean if he was that desperate he could have at least casually mentioned to me like James randomly does when he screws someone. I don’t know how else to put it but I figuratively feel heart broken.


I shouldn’t be feeling heartbroken over this.




‘Oh Teddy, be sure to show me around when you have the chance okay?’ someone giggled.


I banged my head against the glass. Seriously what else could make me feel like absolute shxt today!!


I peeped though a hole opening and saw Teddy, drenched with mud and sweat from Qudditch, and YZABEL DELACOUR???! What the hell is she doing in Hogwarts!


‘Whenever you want Yzabel, just let me know when’


‘Mmmm I don’t know, whenever you’re free Teddybear’ said Yzabel batting her eyelashes. Ted stretched out his arm behind his head and laughed.


‘I’ll let you know when then okay’


‘Do you think Victoire would care if we were alone together? You know as friends’ she winked.


‘I don’t care what she thinks’ chuckled Ted. My heart dropped.


‘What about that redhead girl you chose over Victoire? Roxanna’ she sang.


I moved closer to the glass pane to see his face expression.


‘Ro? She’s my girlfriend.’ Said Ted simply. I felt myself smile.


‘Well does this Ro care if you show me around the castle?’ she giggled. It sounded like glitter and chimes when she giggled. It made me sick.


‘I don’t know… maybe…’ Said Ted shrugging. I felt myself shake with anger again.


‘Okay Bye then Teddy’ she sang and kissed him on the cheek. Ted instinctively turned his cheek to the opposite direction.


‘Yeah, not OK Yzabel. I love Ro. I’ll show you the castle when you want but please don’t kiss me again’ said Ted walking away from her. She looked at the back of him walking with pure mischief and interest etched all over her pretty face.



‘Hey there! I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Where’ve you been?’ said Ted smiling as I returned back to the Griffyndor Common Room.


He was playing wizards chess with Fred who looked like he was about to lose his bananas.


‘Check!’ laughed Ted as Fred knocked over the table in frustration.


‘Nowhere interesting. Just at the library finishing up some homework’ I lied.


‘I swear I checked the library’ said Ted ‘Oh well I must have missed you hidden somewhere. How’s your day been?’


‘Shit, I saw Yzabel Delacour in the corridor’ I said with caution.


‘Oh yeah I spoke to her this morning before Quidditch ’ said Ted ‘ Yeah she is Hogwarts foreign exchange student now apparently. Just flew in yesterday’


‘Is that all she said?’ I asked innocently


‘Yeah pretty much. She was walking with Vic this morning around the Qudditch pitch’ shrugged Ted


‘Why would either of them want to see the pitch, I highly doubt they’d be interested in Qudditch?’ I asked frowning.


‘I have no idea, you’d have to ask them’ said Ted shrugging his shoulders. ‘Vic and that pretty blonde seventh year from Hufflepuff um whats her name, Alana? Yeah well usually Vic and her watch us train all the time, so now I’m assuming Yzabel is going to join their pack’


‘Who exactly are they watching?’ I said trying not to get angry. Sure Alana’s ok looking but he shouldn’t be telling me that.


‘I don’t know I’m assuming Dierre or the vice captains. It drives Red absolutely mad. But if you’re so worried come to the next VIP practise’ He teased.  ‘I doubt they’ll rock up to your practise. Oh by the way Red said to not be late tonight for training’


‘I still don’t get the point of Captains and Vice Captains having special training’ I muttered.


‘Take it up with the Department of Magical Games and Sports’ he laughed.


‘Will you be at my Quidditch practise tonight?’ I asked winking


‘Of course! I have to be at all the Quidditch practises. That’s why I have to student teach here for a year’ said Ted. ‘But I know you especially will be needing my guidance, because the last time I saw you play it was absolute rubbish performance’


‘What the flip flap caddywack? I play just fine. You just distracted me’ I giggled.


‘I’m always going to be a distraction for you’ said Ted playfully.


‘Ugh can you two get a room!’ said Fred cheerfully jogging down the staircase to the boy’s dorm.


‘And where do you think you’re going?’ I asked him. He was dressed nice and sharp. And smelling of cologne?


‘Are you going on a date?!’ I laughed.


‘Ro comon leave me alone’ said Fred smiling. ‘Ask no questions, and I’ll tell no lies’


‘What the hell does that mean’ I ask while Ted and Fred fist pumped each other laughing.


‘Nothing ‘ laughed Ted as he pretended to bite my forehead making me laugh.


‘See ya at practise then’ I said waving Fred off.


‘Now, where were we’ he whispered quietly as he led me back to the sofa. Lucky the common room was empty.


Nobody besides my family and some extras, know of Teddy and I. Which is both kind of convenient and messed up. See most people assume we’re close because we’re cousins, which is ridiculous. But in a way at least we’ll never get caught.


We snuck each other sneaky kisses as we versed each other in Wizards Chess. But eventually we had to stop as people started hanging around the common room.


‘Hi Ro, Hey Lupin’ said Samuel joining our table after walking through the portrait hole.


‘Hey Sammy!’ I said smiling.


‘Is it just me or do you also feel like you’ve been left out in the dark’ he asked


Ted and I both shrugged our shoulders.


‘No idea mate. Probably why whats up?’ said Ted smiling


‘Like for example, one minute everybody is laughing and hanging around together and the next minute, James is dating Al’s ex girlfriend, because he is apparently dating Malfoy now. Cruz and Fred are on really bad terms with each other for some unknown to me reason, And Dom has taken a sudden interest with me. Everyone has gone complete bonkers.’ He ranted.


‘And what’s wrong with Dom taking an interest in you?’ I asked.


‘She’s never been interested in me Ro. She is only showing interest because Yzabel said she had a thing for black guys’ he said shaking his head laughing.


‘You’re not interested in Yzabel either? I don’t believe it’ I laughed.


‘Blondes aren’t my type, so sue me’ he laughed. ‘Brunettes and Redheads are’


Ted laughed ‘Yeah I see what you mean man’


‘I mean like you for instance. I find you incredibly sexy’ he said to me. Ted frowned immediately and I felt him tense. Sam didn’t notice.


‘But you’re my friend Ro, and I’d rather us be friends than awkward ex’s. Because let’s face it, high-school romance never ends well’ he said smiling


‘Touchee’ I said smiling.


‘Look I don’t know much about everyone’s drama lately but I think the source of Cruz and Fred is you. I’m not saying it’s your fault, but maybe just tell Fred to back off abit and you know give you and Cruz a chance?’


‘A chance for what?’ I asked although I knew what was coming. I could feel my heart race.


‘Really?’ Sam shook his head laughing ‘Damn girl you can’t be that clueless’


Oh god please Sammy don’t rub salt on raw wounds….


‘Cruz is so inlove with you it’s not funny. And he has been for years. I’ve always told him to just tell you upfront but he always thought you friendzoned him too much. Man that boy is crazy about you’ said Sam seriously.


I shrugged my shoulders.


‘Cold much? What’s wrong with Cruz? Do you know that whenever we had parties and you’d get smashed, he would be the one to carry you up to bed or make sure that you’re safe? Why don’t you just give him chance babygirl, he could surprise you’


Ted stiffened.


‘Maybe she doesn’t want to’ he snapped.


Sam smiled ‘I get it bro, protective cousin, don’t worry like I said to Fred, she’d be in really good hands with my man Cruz’


‘Sam no! Thanks for being his wingman but Cruz and I are not on good terms anymore in fact we’re not even friends so ...’ I said angrily.


‘Alright alright’ he said smiling ‘Sorry. I just wanted to keep the peace with the boys. I’m tired of eating alone out in the courtyard’.


‘How annoying’ I said as Samuel left the common room.


Ted laughed. ‘So we’re cousins now are we? I swear I overheard someone say we were siblings yesterday’


‘Siblings don’t do this’ I said playfully as kissed and pulled him down to lay on top of me. Ted smiled through his kiss which made me reach for him more. He began playing with my arm and then slowly kissed my collarbones. I began kissing around his neck. I froze when I felt him get turned on.


‘What did you think was going to happen. You kissed my spot’ laughed Ted


‘Sorry’ I mumbled. ‘I don’t want to lead you on. I’m not ready yet’


‘It’s okay’ he laughed. ‘I know you’re not’ he kissed me on the forehead and placed a pillow above his lap.


‘It will eventually go down’ he said smiling.


‘Sorry’ I mumbled. We sat in silence for about 5 minutes before he stood up.


‘Lets get changed its almost time for practise. Your captain will eat you alive if you’re late’ he chuckled.


I laughed but alas he was right. I haven’t been to practise for almost 2 weeks. Red said she was going to kill me literally if I miss the next one.


‘Want to help me get dressed’ I said playfully


‘ROOOO PLEASEE’ said Ted begging ‘I just gained control of myself, please don’t do this to me’


‘Oh yeah sorry’ I teased


‘If I go up there, and it’s game over for me’


‘Okay okay sorry, I’ll be back in 5’ I said as I ran upstairs to get changed.


When I came back down Ted was already dressed in his student aide uniform. He looked so hot in uniform.


‘I love it when you tie your hair up’ he said.


‘Why?’ I said laughing


‘Because it really brings out your big eyes’ he chuckled. I punched him in the arm.


We walked to the pitch laughing about stupid things. When we arrived, I noticed there were actually a couple of people watching us from the stands.


Victoire was sitting inbetween Dom, Yzabel and Alana. They were giggling when we walked past.


‘Wooo go Teddy!’ Yzabel shouted as the girls giggled again. Ted smiled awkwardly and mounted on his broom, flying off.


‘Boooo you whore’ shouted Yzabel again. Dom and Victoire burst out laughing. Alana rolled her eyes. I glared at Dom. She looked ashamed at once.


Red mounted down from her broom next too me.


‘Either watch in silence or get lost’ she snapped at them.


‘Don’t be a sourpuss Rose!’ shouted Victoire laughing again.


‘Good to see you finally made it to practise. I was going to kick you off if you didn’t show up this week’ she said brightly


‘Thanks for not replacing your favourite Chaser’ I said


‘Chandra is my favourite Chaser, you’re my favourite …errr…something, I’ll think of it later. Come on up up up and lets play Quidditch’


We flew up and I positioned myself waiting for the whistle.


I looked back to where the girls were. Alana and Dom had walked back to the castle. Yzabel and Victoire were still pointing and giggling at me.


I really needed to talk to Dom. I can tolerate her being angry with me, but I can’t stand her teaming up with Victoire like that. I miss my bestfriend. That’s not her, and I hope to God she still there somewhere under all that anger.




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