“Rose. Rose. Look at me!”

Through her hysterical tears, Rose could see someone at the end of her tunnel vision, saying her name, holding her face.

“Rose you need to calm down,” she heard the voice say.

She tried to clear her head, stop her sobs and take a few deep breaths but the ache in her chest wouldn’t stop - Sam was dead, he was gone and no one had even thought to wake her.

“Rose, are you with me?”

She felt the hands cupping her cheeks gently stroke her face, and her vision finally came back into focus.

All she could see was Sam’s face, and it cut her to her core, now she was hallucinating about the person she’d just lost, she squeezed her eyes shut and whimpered, “He’s dead, he’s gone, he’s not really here.”


Then she heard a snort, “Rose I am here, what are you on about?”

She opened her eyes back up and there was Sam sitting on the ground across from her, with a smarmy grin on his face. Her hands reached up to his and grabbed hold of them, gripping hard, almost testing to see if they were real.

She sniffed, “Your… your bed was empty and all made up when I woke up and you were gone-”

Sam chuckled, “I went up to use the loo and I made the bed, it’s an old habit. I’m here Rosie, I’m fine - OW!”

Rose had reached over and pinched him, hard.

“When you’re unsure if something’s real, you’re supposed to pinch yourself.”

But the pinch was really just the beginning, next came the smacks.

“How - dare - you - scare - me - like - that!” Each word was punctuated a slap to the arm.


“I thought you were fucking dead Sam! Do you know how horrible that was? Wake a girl up next time.”

Sam laughed through the pummelling and wrapped his arms around Rose until she could no longer reach to hit him. She snaked her arms around him too and cried into his hospital gown.

“I really thought you were gone,” she sniffed and buried her face into his shoulder again.

“You can’t get rid of me that easy, Weasley.”

And they stayed there, wrapped together on the ground until Healer Greenleaf came in and asked them what in Merlin’s name was going on.

     ~          ~           ~             ~           ~              ~             ~           ~         ~          ~ 

“He’s the picture of good health, the Scrofungulus has completely subsided, he looks rejuvenated and well-rested after the coma, I can’t think he’ll be staying at St Mungo’s longer than a few more days,” Healer Greenleaf reported back to Sam’s parents, Al and Rose as they stood around his hospital bed.

Sam grinned, “Yesss! Hear that, ‘picture of good health’, no about this ‘few more days’ thing Healer. Could we say one more day and call it even?”

Healer Greenleaf smiled but shook their head, “Mr. Malfoy, we will keep you for monitoring until I am happy with your progress and then you will be discharged when you are ready.”

Sam’s Mum wrapped her arms around him and breathed a sigh of relief, “Mummmm, gerrof me, gerrof me,” Sam muttered but he didn’t shake her off with any real force. He knew she was just thankful he wasn’t going to die.

Astoria wiped a tear from her eye gracefully, “Healer Greenleaf, I can’t thank you enough, honestly, and Rose, all the work you did caring for him while he was in quarantine.”


“It was nothing Mrs. Malfoy, I would do it again in a heartbeat,” Rose blushed and looked down at the ground.

Al ruffled Sam’s hair affectionately, “Well mate, I’m stoked you’re all right, now you can finally come watch me play a bloomin’ game of Quidditch!”

“I can’t wait mate, I’m sure you’re way better than the mediocre way you were playing at Hogwarts.”

“Hey now, that’s uncalled for,” Al whined dramatically, but he still smiled. “I better get out of here Sam, I got practice.”

Sam and Al exchanged goodbyes and Rose got up to leave too, but Astoria walked over to her and touched her on the arm.

“You don’t have to go dear, Draco and I were just leaving. We really can’t even begin to find the gratitude in your Healing work and helping Sam get better.”

“You’re welcome” Rose murmured, but before she could say another word Astoria had given Sam another kiss goodbye, nodded her head at Draco and they both left the room in Al’s and Healer Greenleaf’s wake.


Rose sat down next to Sam on the bed, pondering whether the timing was right. She really hadn’t been as honest with Sam as she could have been and it had been eating her up ever since he’d awoken.

What if he was mad at her, what if the words they’d exchanged right before he went into his coma were just a symptom of the traumatic experience of his Scrofungulus, would he forgive her?

Her palms started to sweat and she knew she’d better just try and get it out.

“Are you really feeling as well as you say you are?” Rose asked looking over Sam’s face, he did look healthy as far as she could tell without examining him.

He nodded, “Yeah, I really feel fine, that coma really did the trick.”

Rose’s mouth twitched as she tried to form sentences, “I, umm, you know what I said to you before you went into the coma?”

Sam’s face dropped a little, “You didn’t mean it, I know, we were really caught up in the whole near-death experience, I get it-”

“No, that’s not it at all, I meant it, I did. I just… I want you to know the whole truth before you commit to anything with me because I didn’t tell you everything while we were in quarantine. I didn’t know how to bring it up, and I didn’t want to, because I was falling in love with you and I didn’t want anything to get in the way of your feelings to me, but I know that isn’t fair.”

Confusion spread across Sam’s face, his thoughts started racing with the possibilities of what Rose could be hiding. What hadn’t she told him?

His heart-rate picked up a little and butterflies began in his stomach, he dreaded her next words.

“I was dating someone before you came to St Mungo’s.”

His stomach dropped. How could he have been so stupid? Of course she wasn’t single, she was too amazing to be single-

“Her name is Rai and she’s a witch from a few grades above us at Hogwarts - she’s a Healer too, and we met at St Mungo’s around 6 months ago. We had been dating for around 3 months before I got caught up in quarantine with you and… I’ve seen her since I got out of quarantine and you woke up.”

To say Sam looked confused would be an understatement.

“You’re dating a witch?” 

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