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Classes didn’t start until Monday, which meant they had an entire day before classes started. David wanted to just have fun all day, but Rose had a different idea.

“Let’s go to the library,” she said. “We’ll have the library to ourselves, since nobody has homework, so we can talk freely. We can search the shelves for that dementor Uncle Harry mentioned.” Albus was in favor in this plan. The dementor interested him. That is, until he actually went to the library and he saw all the books on dementors.

“We’re going to die of book-y-ness,” David moaned. “There’s an entire shelf of books on dementors!”

“We’ll live. Besides, book-y-ness isn’t even a word. C’mon, let’s start cracking open some novels,” Rose said. Albus pulled The Beginning of the Dementors off the shelf. He cracked open the book, and read Chapter One. It was all about the reign of Emeric the Evil during the early middle ages. Albus skipped most of it, since nothing about dementors were mentioned. He skipped to chapter two, and read from there.

Even though Emeric the Evil had conquered almost all of southern England, one thing he lacked was an army. He had several followers, who could duel ten wizards at once, but they were few in number. Instead of recruiting more followers, Emeric retreated to his home, where it was widely rumored he was at work trying to create the foulest creature in existence, one that would ensure his control over the country.

This creature, of course, was the dementor. It is unknown exactly how he created the monster, except that he used an extensive amount of dark sorcery. Five years later, wizards began reporting of a fearsome creature that caused them to mellow in misery. The reign of the dementors had begun.

Emeric was clever in designing these creatures, because as long as fear was around, the dementors could breed quickly. They began to infest the rest of the world, until they occupied every continent, spreading fear. The time of their creation was also the time when they were most prosperous, and thousands and then millions formed across the world. Even muggles, who could not see the dementors, could feel their effects and named this period of time as the “Dark Ages”.

What few people know is that the first dementor Emeric created was drastically different from dementors today. The first dementor ever created by Emeric was called “The Dementor King” and was born to be the commander to all future dementors. Emeric put more time into this lone dementor than all the other millions of dementors combined.
There are several differences between the King of Dementors and normal dementors. The most drastic, and most important, was that when the King of Dementors “kissed” a person, he had the power to examine their soul, and all of their memories. Emeric believed that the King of Dementors could therefore learn from each person he attacked, and become the ultimate military commander. In addition, this dementor of many names, among those the "God of Darkness", reeked so much despair people could feel it for miles around.

One of the most peculiar things, however, was that it had a distinct red glow. Throughout history, the color red has been associated with emotion. The dementor, by altering ones emotion, represents the color red, so it is perhaps not coincidental that it shows this color.

This dementor led the regime against the world, and organized the otherwise unorganizable dementors. The dementors were very influential throughout history during this time, increasing everyone's fear of everyone. This is part of the reason the Vikings were so greatly feared.

When Emeric the Evil was nearing a hundred fifty years old, his hold on England was deteriorating. Finally, the wizard know simply as “Egbert” entered a massive duel with Emeric, one that lasted nearly half a day. Emeric lost, and ultimately paid with his life. But while Emeric had died, the Dementor King was still at large. Thirty years later, a force of four hundred wizards managed to corner the dementor and capture him for the time being. Once he was captured, the wizards were unsure what to do with the Dementor King. How could you lock up a cunning, fearful creature that radiated power?

After several wizarding quarrels, the urgency of the situation allowed them to come to an agreement. They built a prison far, far away, exiled in an unknown location. This was quite revolutionary at the time, since wizards typically did not travel very far from their hometown. After consulting several magical experts, a wizard, his name unknown, suggested to make the prison the happiest place possible: paint rainbows on the walls, unicorns, everything that symboled beauty and love and purity. Some wizards left the convention at this outrageous idea, but most of the wizards approved. They put the prison underwater in the location, with many enchantments so it would be incredibly difficult for any wizard to free the dementor.

It is rumored that the dementor lays down there, cold and forgotten, to this day. Dementors do not die, they simply diminish and become so small they barely exist. However, the Dementor King, being extremely powerful, probably would not fade with time.

Several wizarding archeologists have attempted to locate the prison, but the wizards performed their spells well. Fear drove them to put hundreds and thousands of spells around the prison, and only a truly talented wizard, one who put in hours and hours of time each day, could even have a chance of breaking all the enchantments.

The chapter ended there. Albus glanced it over again. This was most definitely the dementor that escaped a few weeks ago. But who could take down thousands of enchantments? That must have been incredibly difficult. And whoever took those enchantments down would have spent hours upon hours finding its location, and then figuring out which enchantments were used…

Albus realized that he hadn’t told Rose, David, or Art his revelation, all who were searching hard through the books.

“Hey guys,” Albus said. They looked up at him. “Found it.” Albus sat back in his chair as they read the chapter in the book. Well, it certainly was an accomplished day, and it wasn’t even lunchtime. He stared out in space, thinking. To be honest, a dementor from all the way back in the middle ages was absolutely fascinating. Terrifying, but fascinating. There wasn't anyone who could talk about times back then, unless you counted portraits and ghosts.

When David reached the end of the paragraph he cursed under his breath. "Are you kidding me? That dementor… do we really need more trouble this year?"

"What I'm curious about, is who could release a dementor from all those enchantments," Rose said. "Hundreds, maybe even thousands of enchantments? That would be the equivalent of taking down all of the wards around Hogwarts, which is practically impossible! Voldemort couldn’t even do that.”

“Did he ever try, though?” Albus asked. “Voldemort had control of the school, back when he was in power. He had two death eaters stationed there. He never had any reason to take down the wards protecting the school.”

“I suppose…” Rose said, sighing. “It’s not something just you or I could do, however. Or any normal person.”

“Agreed,” Albus said.

“Let’s think on this,” Art said. “I mean, we know what it is now, but it’s not like we can do much about this Dementor King, right? What do we do with this information?”

“No idea,” Albus admitted. He had no idea what he would do about him. “I’ll send a letter to my dad about him, I suppose.”

“Alright then,” Art said.

The rest of the day passed relaxingly, as everyone was just playing around before the first day of classes started. Albus, Art, Rose, and David all went to the lake, where they lounged back on the grass and laughed at the attempts of older students to find the giant squid. Between the four of them, however, there was an unspoken tension; an unspoken fear. None of them wanted to admit how afraid they were of this new dementor.

Albus just hoped that classes the next day would be enough to distract them.


The very first class Monday morning was Defense Against the Dark Arts. In an effort to stop thinking about the Dementor King, Albus thought about how Professor Unglesbee kept staring at him in the Great Hall. He was not eager for that class. He knew he ought to reserve judgement and wait until he actually has the class, but… he couldn't help feeling apprehensive.

When Albus and the rest of the Gryffindors in their year entered the Defense classroom, Albus stopped abruptly in the doorway. Hundreds of Harry Potters stared down at him from the wall. Not a single inch of the normally beige wall could be seen. Posters and pictures of Harry, from his time at Hogwarts until present-day, smiled vividly at Albus. He, meanwhile, stared up in horror. Would he have to see this practically every day? This was going to be the worst year ever! And why was it even there?

“Albus Severus Potter!” Professor Unglesbee said, immediately shaking Albus’s hand and practically bouncing on his feet with excitement. “Pleasure to meet you, pleasure, pleasure. Did Harry Potter actually escape from Gringotts on a dragon? And what is he like as a father? Is he nice in person? What was his childhood like? That always seems to be shrouded over.”

“Er…” Albus said, overwhelmed. So Professor Unglesbee wasn't a dark lord or anything, he was just… a Harry Potter fanboy?

Albus would rather have a dark lord.

“Oh, and can you introduce me sometime? I mean, you probably are good contact, since you’re his son! You’ll see him at Christmas, won’t you? I’d love to come!" Unglesbee said.

“Er, I don’t really know…” Albus said a little shakily. He really did not want this guy at his house for Christmas. Having a professor he barely knew at Christmas would be extremely strange anyhow.

“Grandma Weasley always likes to know who’s coming for Christmas in late summer,” Rose lied. “You know, preparations and things.”

“Well, I can come next year then!” said Unglesbee, still smiling. “And you must be Rose Caroline Weasley! Daughter of Ronald Bilius Weasley and Hermione Jean Granger, Harry Potter’s best friends! I can call him Harry, can’t I? I do know you two, after all!”

“Er, I suppose,” Albus said. “Anyway, er, I suppose we better, er, get our seats,” Albus said. He cautiously slipped away, sparing a quick glance at a rattling covered cage at the front of the room, and slipped next to David and Art. “He’s completely bonkers,” Albus whispered, keeping his voice low so Unglesbee didn’t hear.

“I can tell,” David whispered, grimacing.

“Let’s see how he teaches first,” Art suggested. “It is the first day, after all. We shouldn’t really be making judgements yet, but so far I agree.”

“Hello!” Unglesbee said, shaking bounding over to where they sat. “You two lads must be the best friends of Harry Potter's son!”

"I suppose, yeah," Art said. David remained silent.

"What are your two names?"

"I'm Art Gambeski." Albus and Art both looked at David, who was silent, looking like his mind wasn't even present. Since when did David space out? "And he's David Haid," Art said quickly.

"Pleasure to meet you two!" Unglesbee said, shaking both of their hands. David looked like he wanted to sink into the floor, which was unusual for him, but Albus was dying of embarrassment as well. He slouched so low his seat that his face was barely visible above the desk.

"Albus," Rose whispered. He looked behind him, where Rose was sitting. "Stop slouching. That's terrible manners."

"If I go under my desk nobody will be able to see me," Albus muttered. "I hate this."

"It could be worse," David said, finally pulled out of his dream-like state. "You dad is known for being a hero, not because he did anything bad. He's famous, not infamous."

"But it would be different if he set low expectations, because then I can overcome them easily. But he set such high expectations, so I can never compare. How do you compete with killing Voldemort?"

"Look, Albus. If you were the son of a death eater, you'd feel ashamed of them every single day. You'd be even more determined to overthrow the reputation they set. The reputation your dad set for you isn't a bad one."

"I suppose," Albus mumbled. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Scorpius Malfoy staring at him and David. Scorpius's dad was a former death eater...

Unglesbee clapped his hands at the front of the room. "Hello class! I'm pleased to see your wonderful, happy faces. Today we are going to take a short quiz, to see if you picked up anything from Lockhart's books." Albus wrung his hands together. He hadn't even looked at the Lockhart books. This was so unfair. Couldn't he at least given them a day to study?

Unglesbee gave them the list of questions. Albus scanned them.

What is Gilderoy Lockhart's favorite color?
What is Gilderoy Lockhart's greatest life ambition?
What is Gilderoy Lockhart’s favorite gift?
What is Gilderoy Lockhart’s envision for the future?

There were fifty questions in total. Albus scanned the paper. He didn’t know any of this. None of it. Well, he’d make up a color. Smirking slightly, Albus scribbled down hot pink…
Once the test was finished and collected, Unglesbee stood at the front of the room and looked over the tests.

"Unfortunately there were no perfect scores in this class, or even close to perfect, but Mr. Marc Mysticus and…" -here his eyes widened- "Ms. Rose Weasley tied for the highest score!" Unglesbee's smile dazzled the students as he looked upon Rose. "Of course Rose Weasley would have the brains of her mother! You know, Hermione Weasley, Rose's mother, was one of the brightest students Hogwarts ever had! She accomplished many extraordinary feats of magic while still in school, and then once she graduated she almost single-handedly reformed the Ministry of Magic with Kingsley Shacklebolt…" Rose blushed as Unglesbee rambled on about Aunt Hermione.

After Unglesbee finally finished talking, he strode up to the front desk, where there was a white cloth covering what appeared to be a cage. It shook and rattled, and Albus wondered what sort of creature was in there.

"Now class, I present to you… Cornish Pixies!" Unglesbee shouted, and whipped the cloth of the cage to reveal rapidly flying pixies, who were flying so fast in their cages that they kept crashing into each other. They looked like fairies, except they had a mischievous grin that unnerved Albus. "On the count of three, I will unleash the pixies, and you all have to get them back into the cage. It will be a test of what abilities you have acquired. One… two… three…!"

Chaos ensued. Within about ten seconds, Albus was engaged in a wrestling match with a pixie for his wand, highly annoyed. Rose shrieked in pain as several pixies pulled her hair different directions. A few Slytherin girls were shrieking slapping the pixies with their hands. Scorpius Malfoy also had a few pixies attached to his wand. In an attempt to get them off, he accidentally rammed into David. The two boys glared at each other, and only stopped when more pixies fluttered around them, distracting them. The scene blurred before Albus's eyes, as everyone was moving so fast. Desks were knocked over by panicked students, and Professor Unglesbee was nowhere in sight. The written test they had just took on Lockhart scattered to every corner of the room.

"GET OFF!" Albus shouted at the three pixies who were trying to grab Albus's wand from his hand. After several attempts to pry them off, he finally smacked them hard against the wall, and they fainted. But while three were out of the way, dozens remained buzzing all around the classroom.

There had to be a spell for this. Something to stop the pixies, or slow them down. Albus tried to remember the various spells he had heard mum and dad use. What could slow something down…

Impedimenta. Mum used that spell whenever James knocked something off a shelf, and mum used that spell to slow down the objects so they wouldn't crash on the floor.

Impedimenta, Albus thought, pointing his wand at the pixies in the room. Impedimenta. Chaos continued. It wasn't working! Was he thinking the wrong words? Or was it just too difficult?

Several pixies beelined for his outstretched wand. Albus tried to hit them off.

Impedimenta! He was really starting to panic now. Why did Unglesbee have to do this to them on the first day of class! What sane teacher would unleash dozens of Cornish pixies on a classroom?

IMPEDIMENTA! Albus thought, channeling all of his thought into his wand, his magic, his power.

The blinding flash of blue erupted from his wall, the jet wider than anything he'd ever seen before, and it bounced off every wall in the room. Within seconds, everybody and everything in the room seemed to be in slow-motion. Cornish pixies floated in the air, struggling and seemingly bewildered at their lack of speed. The students were also slowed, still moving, but their legs moved slower than snails.

Albus froze in the middle of it all, astounded. He had never produced anything like that before. It was amazing but… what would his fellow classmates say? That he was some powerful freak? And he knew they would rush up to him at the end of class, asking him how he did it… and he wouldn't know the answer. He didn't want their attention…

Obscuro, Albus thought, without twitching a muscle, and blindfolds covered everyone's eyes. Then, free and unseen, Albus hurried around the room, grabbing pixies and stuffing them into the cage. He was just quick enough-the spell wore off everyone right after the cage was closed. He thought Finite Incantatem, and the blindfolds were removed from everyone's faces.

Albus held his breath as everyone burst into babble.

"What was that light? Who cast it? I didn't see anything, did you?" Nicole was asking Rose.

"No, I didn't," Rose said.

While everyone was talking, Albus looked around for Professor Unglesbee. He wasn't back in the room yet, so Albus strode to the door and opened it. Unglesbee stood, looking slightly disheveled but otherwise perfectly okay. He beamed at Albus, and said, "Wow, everyone got them back into the cage? Good job!"

"Someone did. I don't know who; we were blinded," Albus lied. But Unglesbee didn't seem to care. He continued smiling at Albus, probably pleased that he was the one who retrieved him.

"Excellent work, everyone! Twenty points to both Gryffindor and Slytherin! We'll see how the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs fare tomorrow. Good work! Class dismissed!"

When class finally finished Albus hurried out of class faster than a cheetah. He did not want to linger. He was still a bit angry about the stupid test on Lockhart, and having to fight a bunch of pixies. He didn't care how much praise was heaped on them.

“That was the worst test ever!” Albus exclaimed. “Is he a fan of Gilderoy Lockhart too or something? Seriously, what educational value did that give us?”

“I knew a lot of the questions, since I read the books beforehand,” Rose said. “But you have a point Albus. Those were the worst question choices in history.”

“I think I failed,” Art moaned. “No, scratch that, I know I failed.”

Albus hoped they’d all do better on the next one, even I-don’t-study-David. And speaking of David, where was he?

“SHUT UP Malfoy!” David was yelling. He was clutching his fists, staring at Scorpius Malfoy, who bore a small smirk.

“I can’t believe you haven’t yet, David, that’s all. I’m shocked you got into Gryffindor. You’re being a coward. Maybe you have a point, because he won’t forgive you after an entire year.” Malfoy grinned in satisfaction. David raised his arm to punch…

“DAVID!” Albus yelled, right as something-no someone-whizzed past him. Art had quickly restrained David before he could punch Malfoy.

“Scorpius!” someone shouted. A small, dark-skinned boy with a puffy afro put his arm over Malfoy’s shoulder. “Leave him. He isn’t worth it.”

“He gets away with it,” Scorpius muttered. “I don’t.” With a glare at David, Scorpius and his fellow Slytherin friend walked away.

David stood panting in the middle of the corridor, Art still holding back David’s arm.

“David?” Albus whispered cautiously. “What’s going on?”

“Malfoy was being a Slytherin bully, that’s what,” David said. “I so wished I had punched him.”

“And what would that accomplish? A detention?” Art said, slowly letting go of David’s arm. “You’re better than that.”

“David, what was Malfoy talking about?” Albus asked.

“Oh, nothing,” David said scowling, picking up his books that he had thrown on the ground. “Just forget about it, alright? We need to get to Potions class, or we’re going to be late.” He began walking swiftly away from Albus.

“David, wait!” Albus shouted. “You can’t just pass that off as nothing!” David didn’t reply, and instead disappeared around the corner.

Albus, feeling rather helpless looked around at Art and Rose. Art shrugged at Albus, looking just as confused. Rose’s face was impassive and deep in thought, like she barely noticed what happened.

Albus picked up his bag from the ground and walked towards Potion class. When he arrived, he saw David already setting the Potion ingredients. Al hovered near the doorway, unsure what to do. The four of them usually worked together…

“I’ll partner with David, and you can be with Rose,” Art whispered in Albus’s ear.

“Thanks,” he whispered, and walked over to a few tables away. He didn’t want to go all the way across the room, because that would be way too mean and obvious.

As the first Potion class of the year started, Albus barely thought as he brew. Rose just ordered him around, and Albus obeyed like a mindless dummy. In reality, Al’s mind was whirring, just not focused on the task at hand.

Did Scorpius and David know each other from outside of school? And what were they fighting about? David obviously hated Malfoy’s guts, but why? What was Malfoy taunting David about? Albus couldn’t help remembering what Rose briefly mentioned in Diagon Alley, “I think’s he hiding something from us”. Last year, David seemed embarrassed when meeting Hagrid, he hid whatever his parents sent him, and then disappeared when they arrived at Platform 9 ¾, and didn’t even bother to make arrangements to meet up during the summer…

But, even more than knowing what David’s secret was, Albus wanted the rift between them to mend. Sure, the rift was only going for about ten minutes, but Albus hated it. A lot.

Weird. This was taking up more of his mind than the dementor thing that escaped from Antarctica. And the crazy new Professor was a big fanboy of his dad. Couldn’t this year be simple? Couldn’t he just worry about Quidditch and homework?

At the end of class, Albus cautiously approached the table where David and Art were working. Art gave him a friendly smile, while David was bending over the cauldron, hiding his face and pretending to do something to the cauldron even though class was over.

“Do you want to walk to Charms together?” Albus said, acting like nothing was wrong. David’s head snapped up abruptly, hitting the side of the cauldron.

“I hate that thing,” David grumbled, rubbing the back of his head. “And yeah, sure.”

As Albus, Art and David walked out (Rose had gone on ahead), Art asked, “So, what did you think of the new Defense professor?”

“Oh Merlin,” Albus said, groaning. David let out a small snort.

Things were improving.

It's been... let's see... nearly two years since the last update? Wow.

I know I haven't been around since forever, but before I quit updating I had finished the second book. And I figured that it was a waste to have the entire second book on my computer and not up here. So... here you go! Think of it as a Christmas present.

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