Inside the Marquee there were tables and chairs neatly all set up around a massive dance floor. There were so many people here already it made me sick.


We found our reserved empty tables and all scattered around for seats.


‘Do you want to dance Albus?’ asked Dani excitedly.


‘Nah’ said Al as pulled out his phone. Dani looked crestfallen. I felt so bad for her that I could seriously kick Al up the bum. I looked around for James. Maybe Jimmy can. But no of course Jimy was already on the dance floor picking up some of the cousins from France with Fred that he didn’t even notice.


‘Hey I’ll be back’ said Al as he got up to leave the table.


Dani looked like she wanted to say something then sighed and poured herself a glass of water.


‘Are you okay Dani?’ I asked as soon as Al left. She shook her head.


‘No I’m not’ she said as she jumped off her chair and stormed out of the Marquee.


‘Should I follow her?’ I asked Cruz. He shrugged his shoulders.


Men are stupid. That’s my conclusion from everything I’ve witnessed today.


I left the marquee and found Dani standing behind a tree crying.


I didn’t ask her again if she was okay, because I knew she clearly wasn’t so I just hugged her.


‘He ignores me all the time. I’m telling you he has a relationship with that phone!’ she snapped.


‘Okay normally I wouldn’t betray my cousin like this but he is being a total prat. What are you still doing with him Dani, I’m sure there’s somebody out there that’s dying to be with you and treat you with respect. I don’t know what my cousin Al wants but he clearly isn’t ready for a relationship’ I said sympathetically. She nodded sobbing.


James and Fred suddenly appeared followed by 3 giggling blondes.


‘Oh god iz zat heffa again’ one of the girls said nastily looking at Dani as the other two laughed. Dani pretended to not here them.


I was about to explode when James turned around and said ‘Get lost now before I say something I’ll regret. Don’t ever talk about her like that’ he was glowering at them.


Fred and I flinched.


‘Zat okay we prefer ze redhead anyway’ they said as they giggled and began flirting with my brother. Fred shrugged his shoulders.


‘Ladies who wants to be first’


‘I do’ said a fourth blonde immerging out of the Marquee. She was wearing a silver shimmery tight dress. Her hair was as blonde as Vic and Dom’s hair.


‘Hi Yzabel’ said Fred


Enchante’ she said as she held out her hand. Fred bent down to kiss it so seductively that it made me feel so queasy. God why am I even watching him flirt.


‘Ew ‘ I said shuddering. Dani laughed a watery laugh. That’s when James noticed her tears.


‘What’s wrong? You’re not crying because of what those girls said are you? Because if you are, I’ll curse them right now. Just say the word D’ he said as he pulled out his wand.


Dani chuckled and wiped her tears. I helped her fix her make up before she could smudge it.


‘Nah not those girls, I’m use to being bullied. I just ignore it. I love my body. I love being a heffa.’ She said smiling


‘You’re not a heffa’ James frowned. ‘You’re-


James suddenly turned his head, as did Dani and I to the haystack near our tree.


We could hear Al. He was laughing with somebody. We couldn’t see with whom but we could see Al laughing and giggling in their ear.  He obviously didn’t notice us standing under the tree.


Just then Al started making out with them. Like full on clothes are almost coming off make out.


‘AL?’ shouted Dani


Albus froze immediately.


‘What are you doing… Who is he…’ whispered Dani


Albus didn’t move from shielding the person. He sighed then stood aside.

Scorpius stood up pulling his top back down.


‘Scorpius?!’ I said


‘Oh’ said Dani


‘YES !’ shouted James. We all turned to look at him puzzled. He was practically jumping with joy.


‘You’re gay Al YES– sorry not sorry’ he said. He then turned to Dani and kissed her on the lips so hungrily that she was literally almost swept from her feet.


She didn’t even hesitate. She completely let herself loose and kissed James back so fiercely.


My mouth dropped open. I turned to Al who looked was looking at his girlfriend and brother kiss with a smile on his mouth.


Scorpius grabbed Al to kiss him. Now everybody was kissing.


I slowly backed myself  to the Marquee. God just standing there was too awkward for me. I am such a fifth wheel.


‘Want to dance?’


Ted was standing in front of me holding out his hands. He was smiling. I completely forgot how blue his eyes were.


‘Do I want to dance at your engagement party? Yeah sure why not’ I said sarcastically.


Ted rolled his eyes but still continued to smile while leading me onto the dance floor.


‘You look really beautiful Ro’ he said as we swayed together to a really slow song.


I stayed quiet.


‘Look I’m sorry for arguing with you before we left Hogwarts. I was a jerk’ he said. I nodded.


‘Yeah you were’ I said. He chuckled.


‘You know it was just an argument. You didn’t have to go and find someone else so quick’ he said teasingly. He was laughing about it but I knew it burned him. Good.


‘It’s just Cruz’ I said


‘ I don’t know what that means’ he said honestly


‘Nothing’ I said. He seemed content with that answer.


‘Can we go outside to talk Ro, please’ he said  I nodded.


He led me outside the Marquee and was turning towards the tree and haystick section I was just previously fifth wheeling.


‘Uh can we go someplace else’ I said


‘Yeah sure, but why’ said Ted laughing as he continued to hold my hand and lead me to another destination.


‘Long story short. James is making out with Danika’


‘What?! Where’s Al?’


‘Making out with um…’ I wasn’t sure if my cousin Al wanted to tell people yet. He kept it a secret from us and we’re his family.


‘Scorpius’ finished Ted.


‘How did you know?’ I’m in shock.


‘I’ve known for a while now. I caught them making out behind Hagrid’s Hut. He asked me not to say anything yet because of Dani and Dom. So I kept quiet. But looking back now- It was pretty obvious. I mean look at all the signs. He and Scorpius are in love with each other. They’re inseparable’ he said


We found another haystack a lot further from the marquee than the first one. We sat behind it.


‘I forgot about Scorp and Dom. Dom is crazy about him. She’ll be so crushed.’


‘Or maybe not- Dani sure doesn’t seemed crushed’ he said laughing


‘I think because she suspected something weird with Al from the beginning. And James. Well James has been obsessed with Dani from the first time he met her’ I said


‘Obsessed is a harsh word. You make us sound like psycho stalkers’ laughed Ted


‘Us? I grinned


‘I was crazy for you since I was 6. Does that make me sound like a obsessed psycho stalker?’ he said


‘Nah just a young obsessed psycho stalker’ I said playfully.


Ted laughed out loud.


‘I’ve missed you’ he said


‘I doubt it. Dom said she use to hear you getting on with Vic every night during break so I’m sure nothing changed these last couple of days’ I said crossly.


‘Look I’m not going to deny what happened between Vic and I before I kissed you that night on Christmas, because that would be lying’ he said. I felt a pang of jealousy.


‘But I can promise on my life and soul that I have not slept with her or anyone since then. And we slept in separate rooms at Bill’s house’ he said


I felt a little better.


‘What about you and Zabini’ he asked while looking at the floor.


‘Me and Zabini? What? Did I sleep with Cruz? Hahaha Oh god no! OMG that would have been so awkward! I mean I have seen him naked but-


‘You saw him naked?’ he asked. He was glaring at the floor now.


‘By accident. I walked in on him as he finished having a shower.’ I said


‘Oh’ said Teddy and I felt him relax.


‘Ted I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this before but I have never slept with anyone before’


‘You’re a virgin?’ he asked. I nodded. He grinned.


‘Wow you don’t know what you’re missing out on kid’ he chortled.


‘Gee that’s a comfort thought. Tell me how good your sex is with my cousin’ I snapped.


‘Whoa that’s not what I meant. Sorry I know that came off crude. I meant – you know what you’ll eventually find out what I mean when it happens. Do me a favour though; don’t let anyone take it from you unless you’re inlove with them. Men are pigs. Boys are worse’ he said smiling.


‘Noted’ I said


‘Let’s go back inside? I have to talk to Harry first before I make my big announcement’ he said happily.


I froze. ‘Announcement?! You’re still going to announce your break up mid way through your engagement party?’


‘Do you know where Vic is right now? Screwing Lucas Dierre back in her bedroom’ he said


‘How do you know? Keeping tabs or her or something?’ I asked


‘No I just overheard him ask Bill about the bedrooms in his house and which were Vic’s. Doesn’t take much to figure out the plan of an idiot. Vic literally left 3 seconds after that. Swear they’re just as stupid as each other. I hope to God they stay together’


‘But Ted all my family is there and it’s going to be so awkward please don’t I’ll just keep it on the low’


‘Keep what on the low? You still want to be with me? He asked confused


‘Of course I do, why wouldn’t I?’ I said smiling


‘I thought you just wanted to stay friends. To be honest I thought you had a little crush on Zabini’ he said talking really fast. He was so excited.


‘I don’t have a crush on Cruz’ I said though I felt guilt at the back of my head and butterflies in my stomach. Cruz is sweet and good-looking and stuff but I wouldn’t have a crush on him. He is my friend… right?


I shook my head.


‘I want to be with you Ted’ I said softly. He chuckled in relief and lifted my chin up then went in for a kiss. His lips were so soft. Kissing Ted felt like a huge relief.


‘I don’t give a f*ck about anyone. I just want to be with you’ he said holding my hand.


‘So what were you going to announce?’


‘Nothing about you so don’t worry, just letting everyone know that I do not love Victoire and I don’t want to marry her’ he said


‘They will all hate you’


‘Yeah I know but that’s why I decided to do it now with everyone here. Instead of people creating their own versions’


We walked back to the Marquee in silence.


‘Okay wait here while I go to talk Harry first. He should know before everybody. I’m just going to tell him everything so it could be awhile’ said Ted. He kissed my hand as he left.


‘Care for a dance?’


Cruz was standing behind me smiling.


‘Yeah sure’


We moved to the centre of the dancefloor where I could both hide from the crowd and see Ted talk to Harry.


‘So everything okay with you and Lupin now?’


‘I guess so. I mean kinda of…’ I said as I continued to watch Ted and Harry’s conversation. Harry looked angry and confused as he listened. Ted look determined and focused.


I felt myself being spun around as Cruz directed our dance. He was laughing.


‘What’s so funny’ I asked facing him.


‘Nothing. I finally got your attention by spinning you’ he said smiling.


‘Cruz I’m dancing with you? How much attention do you want?’ I said chuckling.


He clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes. ‘So you and Lupin are a thing now or?’


‘Not yet. He is talking to Harry now and then I guess he will make his announcement’ I said.


Cruz flashed me a grin. There’s something about his smile that’s so infectious it make you smile back instantly.


‘I’m sorry for this’ he said ‘But I need too…before I never get the chance’


Cruz bent down and kissed me softly. I FROZE.




I felt a flash of light and snapped back into reality. Cruz swore under his breath.


‘Wonder what he’ll think of his virgin princess now’ said Victoire smirking as Izabel Delacour laughed out loud.  ‘Thanks Cruz’


I glared at Cruz  ‘What did she say?’


‘No what!? Ro – just listen please! She’s lying!’ Cruz said urgently. My head was spinning. I was so angry.


‘Get the hell away from me’ I screamed .


‘Um hi everyone, I’d just like to make a speech’ said Ted over from the stage with a microphone. Victoire scurried to the stage with her phone in her hand.


It all took about 9 seconds.


1st second- For Victoire to thrust her phone under Teds nose.


2nd second – For Ted to glare at the phone and look up from the podium.


3rd second- For Ted to charge at Cruz with his fist


4th second- For Cruz to punch Ted back


5th second- For the family to get involve and pull them apart.


6th second- For Ted to pull himself and spat blood with the words ‘You lied to me’


7th second- For Ted to apparate out of the party.


8th second- For Dom to drag me outside.


9TH second- For me to pass out .



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