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Hermione awoke the next morning, to Draco kissing her shoulders. She loved being with him and feeling his lips on her. She rolled over and saw him with a tray. He had made breakfast in bed for them; she was touched by his thoughtfulness. On the tray were omelets, toast and jam, tea, mango pineapple juice- Hermione had become addicted to it, and a letter with her name on it. She assumed that Sweetie had dropped it by overnight. She sat up and they started eating and talking about things they wanted to do today as the weather had cleared up and was gorgeous. They agreed that a leisurely boat trip with a picnic would be wonderful. 

Draco handed the letter to Hermione to read, “I think it’s from Ginny. It looks like her writing, see if her and Harry are coming this weekend.”

Hermione took the letter, opened it and started smiling as she read it.

Hermione- are you kidding?! Do you even have to ask- YES!! Harry and I would love to come down this weekend! Harry has a meeting Friday at lunch, so we will arrive by port key about 5:30. I can’t tell you how excited we are! Please warn Draco, Harry has been wondering if they could go fishing. I think him and Blaise talked about his trip and is now totally obsessed with trying it. Maybe we can lay by the beach and relax! I can’t wait! Miss you, Ginny’

She gave the letter to Draco to read and he laughed. “I guess I better get ready for Potter. I am turning into a regular Jacques Cousteau!”

They kissed and she got up to go change to go on a boat ride. She was so comfortable around Draco, that she didn’t even realize that she was naked. She stopped in front of the mirror at the dresser and noticed it. It was odd she thought, I have really known Draco for such a short amount of time and it didn’t bother her for him to see her naked. He loved her and thought she was beautiful and sexy. She never did that with Ron, but she never felt totally comfortable in her own skin around him. She never thought of herself as really sexy with him. My, how the times have changed, she thought.

She opened her drawer and saw the black suit that she hadn’t worn yet. She thought she would today and grabbed a cover up, turned, and blew Draco a kiss as she went into the bathroom to get ready. She pulled her hair up in a messy bun that worked so well for boat rides and then put on the suit. She stopped as she looked at herself in the mirror. OH. MY. GOD!! Ginny! What the hell did you buy?! It was the most risqué bathing suit she had ever seen! She just thought it was a string bikini, but it was so much more! It had a very small triangle on the bottom that barely covered the essentials in the front and was a thong in the back. The top had two equally small triangles that just barely covered her breasts. Should she even wear this? Is this too much? Oh merlin! What the hell was she going to do?! She closed her eyes, took a few deep breathes, summoned her Gryffindor courage and then looked in the mirror again. She did look damn hot, she thought. Oh I am so going to drive him crazy! She put on the silver cover-up, brushed her teeth, washed her face, put on some sunscreen on her face and she went out. She put on her simple black flip-flops and went to the kitchen.

Draco was already out there putting drinks and food in the cooler. He had on her favorite black board shorts and a green tank top and his hat on backwards. Those shorts just mad her crazy for him whenever he wore them. They just hung so perfectly on him! She had no idea why it was, but every time he wore that hat backwards, then put on sunglasses she wanted to attack him right there. Well, this will certainly be an interesting boat ride she thought!

He smiled when he saw her and kissed her cheek. He asked her to finished putting in anything she wanted, he went back to brush his teeth and get his flip-flops. She threw in some cookies and fruit and closed the lid. He came back out, flicked his wand to float the cooler, took her hand and they went out to the dock. He helped her in and took off the ropes. She went to secure the cooler below deck and he was pushing off as she went and sat next to him. She decided that she wasn’t going to take the cover-up off until they were out a little ways. She knew he had to maneuver through some rocks and coral areas.

After about 15 minutes of boating, she knew that they were in the clear as Draco sat down to steer and was more relaxed. She thought this was a good time. No one was around, the water was amazing and the sky was a light blue with white puffy clouds. She moved off the seat next to him, still in his view and took off her flip flops, and untied the cover-up and let it slip to the deck. She pretended not to see him, but saw his jaw drop and his eye brows go so far up his head. She sat down on the opposite seat and got out the suntan lotion and was ready to put it on, when in lightning speed, he turned off the engine and jumped over the seat and had her in his arms, kissing her.

“What the hell are you wearing,” he managed to ask when he pulled away from her kiss.

“Oh I saw that I hadn’t worn this suit before and thought a change of pace might be nice…Do you like it?” She asked him innocently.

He picked her up and started to devour her with his mouth as he took her under the deck to the sleeping quarters. He was so seductive as he slowly untied the top ties of the suit with his mouth. She was laying back and just reveling in the feelings that he created in her. Oh sweet merlin…How was feeling like this possible?! How did he keep doing this to her and the feelings never got old or went away??!

They lay there in the afterglow of such an intense and passionate interaction. Neither of them wanted to move and he wasn’t sure that he could either.  He looked up and kissed her.

“Does that mean you like the suit?” She asked him.

“I am not sure. I will have to think about it and I will let you know later if I like it,” He replied with his sexy smirk. She laughed and slapped him on the arm. Finally, he was able to move and put his shorts back on and went back on deck to see where they were. She put her suit back on and went back up top with him and sat next to him again. She put some sunscreen on them both since they were out in the water and would be gone most of the day. She got out some bottles of water and they drank as he drove the boat to a little uninhabited island that he knew was nearby. They could eat on the beach there and swim for a while. He went at a leisurely pace, not too fast, and not too slow, just enjoying the ride with the love of his life.

He whispered in her ear, “I love you. You know that, right?”

She answered, “I do know. I can feel it every time we make love and every time you look at me. I love you too.”

His heart swelled as she said those words. He took her hand and kissed it as they continued on the little island. They reached their destination and it was almost lunch time. Draco got the boat as close as he could and the water was only about hip deep and dropped anchor. They levitated the cooler, towels and a large umbrella to the beach. Draco jumped out first, and then helped Hermione off the boat and they walked arm in arm to the shore. The sat on the towels and had a lovely picnic with a great wine to go with it. They curled up in each other’s arms and slept for a little while. She awoke to him watching her and smiled. She loved this life!! She never wanted to leave it-and that included him. The thought of never being with him nearly tore her heart in two. She prayed right there that would never happen. She got up and pulled him up with her. They went for a walk in the wet sand letting the waves wash up on their feet as they went. They stopped every so often to kiss and just look out to sea. They reached back to their spot and Draco sat down again, putting his arms out behind him.

Hermione looked at him and asked as she sat straddling him, “So do you like my suit? You never answered me before…”

She covered his mouth with hers before he could answer and pushed her tongue in his mouth and explored it. He wrapped his arms around her as he let himself get lost in her. She had total control and was using it to her advantage. They were driving each other higher and their breathing was rapid. He kissed her as they reached their limit and sat holding each other as they tried to catch their breath.

“I love the bathing suit, darling. I would have you wear it every day, but it would probably kill me in a week,” he managed to get out as he tried to get control of his breathing.

She laughed and they kissed some more. It was late afternoon and they decided to head back, so they packed everything up and sent it to the boat. They got back on the boat, pulled up anchor and went back home at a leisurely pace. They finally pulled up to their dock and with the help of magic, had the boat secure for the night. It was late as they really took their time getting home and the stars were starting to come out. With a flick of her wrist the gear was unpacked. They had a quick dinner of cold salmon caesar salads and bread, with some white wine.

After dinner, Draco went to the couch to read and Hermione decided on a bath. She kissed him and headed into their room. Man, she loved the sound of that. It just felt so right. She sighed contently as she lit some candles in the bathroom, turned on the hot water and found a really good muggle music station. She took off the cover up and the bathing suit and climbed in. It was a huge tub and could easily fit 4 people in it. She loved it. She lay back against the edge, closing her eyes and listening to the music, thinking about how happy she was. She had no idea how long she had been in there, when she heard the door open. She knew who it was so she never opened her eyes. She just smiled. She felt him get in the water with her.

“I was getting lonely, I am so glad you came in.”

“Well, I would hate to think of you ever being lonely,” as he pulled her over to rest on his chest. “This is quite the atmosphere you set up in here. Do you do this often?”

“Yea, I do this about once a week. I used to do it to relieve stress and think about my shitty life. Then I started doing it more to get away from Ron and his drinking. Now I don’t have stress and I am getting out of my shitty life and I am just thinking about how happy and relaxed I am and how much I love you.”

He kissed her cheek, “I am sorry that we didn’t get together sooner. I don’t like to think of you being sad and miserable. I am glad you are here now though and I am NEVER going to let you go.”

“I am never leaving!”

And they just sat there, listening to the music and enjoying being together. She was falling asleep and he was holding her, thinking how she fit perfectly in his arms. He gently woke her up and they dried off and he carried her to bed. They lay down on their soft bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The rest of the week was just as wonderful. They continued their days reading or swimming, paddle boarding and boogie boarding, going dancing or making love. They both couldn’t get enough of each other and they usually made love three or four times a day.

On Friday they realized they had to rein it in a little since Harry and Ginny were coming that afternoon. Draco didn’t want Harry to kill him if they were all over each other around them. He knew how protective he was of Hermione, especially since she was hurt. He thought of her a sister and would defend her as such. They started off the day making love before they even made it out of bed and then went on with their day. She was reading by the pool and he was taking care of some paperwork for his retirement from the National Team and his salary. He also had some charity work to ok and contacted his real estate agent to deal with selling his flat in London. He also asked his Mother to come for a visit next weekend to officially meet Hermione. He also asked her to bring a couple of things from one of their vaults for the love of his life. He was going to move into the completely remodeled Malfoy Manor and wanted Hermione to move in with him, but would wait for the right time to ask. He wanted to make sure that she was ready and not push her.

He looked at the time and thought he better get the steaks ready he would be grilling for dinner when the Potters arrived. He went into the kitchen and Hermione was baking a chocolate cake. He loved watching her move throughout the kitchen in total ease. She was just taking the cakes out of the pans and getting ready to frost them when he interrupted her.

“You bake too? Is there nothing you can’t do, Baby? I know you are the smartest witch of our age, you read, play water sports, you dance, you drive me crazy AND you can bake? I will tie you up if you ever try to leave me!!”

She giggled and as she was frosting the two layers of cake, whispering what she would do to him later. He turned her around as he stuck his finger in the bowl of chocolate icing.  Wiping it on her neck, he started licking it off and making her knees buckle. She dropped the frosting knife and she heard it hit the floor and she wrapped her arms around his neck to hold on. He picked her up and sat her on the counter top as she wrapped her legs around his waist as he made his way to her lips.

They had no idea how long they had been like that, but stopped when they heard, “What the Bloody hell is going on? I take it things are going well then?!” and a lot of giggling. They jumped and turned around to see Harry and Ginny standing there; Harry with his hands on his hips in shock and Ginny laughing.

Hermione blushed and jumped down as Draco smirked at them, “Ginny!!” And she ran to them, first hugging Ginny and then Harry. Ginny was indeed showing with an adorable little baby bump and Hermione reached out and touched it lovingly. Draco walked over and shook Harry’s hand and welcomed them. Ginny hugged Draco and asked for a tour right that second!!

Draco took her around the house and had her pick when room they would like for the weekend. While they were walking, she stopped Draco and asked, “I see that things are going well, then?”

Draco looked at her and laughed, “I love her, Ginny, but you already knew that, didn’t you. We have made some incredible memories here and I am never going to let her go now that I have her. I hope you are alright with that.”

She looked at him thoughtfully, “I did already know that, I could tell when we talked about your regrets at Hogwarts and the war. I knew she was miserable with my idiot of a brother but didn’t know how to help her. I am so happy for you!” and she hugged him. “Oh, did you like the purchases I made for Hermione?” She looked at him with a sneaky grin.

“Oh Ginny, there are no words to be able to tell you how much I LOVE the purchases you made!! I will be getting you the most expensive, ridiculous baby gift I can find when this baby arrives!” She laughed and they continued on the tour.

While they were gone, Harry was hugging Hermione and asked how she was feeling.

“Harry, I feel AMAZING!! Blaise gave me a clean bill of health and I am happy. I haven’t been this happy in a long, long time. I am relaxed, free from stress and actually feel like I am almost 26 instead of 96.”

“I know you were unhappy, I just didn’t know how to help you. I am sorry that it ended the way it did. It almost killed me to see you like that in a hospital bed. I almost killed Ron myself! So I understand that you are happy, but is that it?”

She looked at him and simply said, “I love him. I think I always have somewhere deep down, and now I can’t imagine a life without him.”

He nodded, understanding now what she was feeling. It had just become real for him to understand that his two best friends were never going to be together again and one of them very likely would be in jail. And the thing that confused him the most was that it appeared that Draco Malfoy was going to be an intimate part of his life! How far they had come since the first year at school, he thought. Lucius Malfoy would lose his mind if he found out Draco was in love with a muggle born witch. And not just any muggle born, but the Gryffindor Princess!

She changed the subject and finished frosting the cake for dessert. Ginny and Draco had just come back from the tour laughing and joking.

“Which room did you pick Ginny?”

“Oh, the purple room is perfect! I can’t believe we are here! This is amazing, I just can’t thank you enough Draco. This is just what we needed!”

Draco blushed a little and grabbed the plate of steaks and went out to the muggle grill to cook them. Harry went out with him and they talked. Ginny sat with Hermione in the kitchen as she finished up with dinner and they talked and caught up on everything over the last two weeks, including the relationship between Draco and Hermione. She admitted that she loved him and Ginny told her she already knew. Hermione rolled her eyes at her and they laughed as it felt good just to be together. Draco came in once and got 2 glasses of mulled mead for him and Harry and went back out to finish grilling. Harry called out that dinner was ready to go and the girls brought out the rest of the food. The four friends sat down to a lovely dinner by the pool as the sun set over the water.

After dinner, Harry looked at Ginny and she nodded. “I hate to change the subject and bring up a more serious one, but we do have something that you should both know. Someone, we don’t know who, leaked a photo of Hermione’s injuries to the Prophet and ran a story about the attack. Some of the facts are accurate, but the reporter made up a bunch of other lies. Kingsley is royally pissed and has started an investigation to see who leaked it, and rumor has it that they could face charges. We did as much damage control we could, but we want to warn you that there will be reporters all over the place at your hearing. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of the situation, especially if you take your relationship public.”

Draco reached over and took Hermione’s hand in his. She spoke, “Well, I can’t say that I am surprised. I guess it’s not the first time that I have been in the paper! I will tell you this; I WILL NOT hide my relationship with Draco! I am done hiding and doing what others tell me to, just expecting me to go along with it like a “good girl”. Damn it! I am a grown woman and will do whatever the bloody hell I want!”

“Thank you for defending us, baby. I really appreciate that. I won’t ask you to just go along with anything, but what if we come at this from a different angle? I know a reporter at Witch Weekly and we could have him do an interview after your hearing to tell your side of the story. You can go into as much depth as you want, I will support whatever you decide.”

Harry thought a moment and said, “I think that’s a really good idea. I will let Kingsley know that’s what you are thinking of doing. That might be the best way to get the real story out. This is going to be hard; I just want you to know that now.”

Hermione and Draco looked at each other, and he squeezed her hand.

Ginny interrupted the look and said, “I also have a letter from Dean. He said he basically needs you to write down how you want to divide the property. He wants you to give it some thought and just owl him what you want and he will make it happen. I know you will be fair Hermione. It’s not like Ron brought a lot into your marriage.” She rolled her eyes at the thought of her brother.

“I have been thinking about it and have made a few decisions. I am going to give him everything he got as a reward from the ministry. He never really spent much of it; I used my money for most of our purchases. The flat is mine; I bought it before we got married, so I already decided that I am not going back there to live. I will clean out my clothes and books and a few keepsakes and some items I have left from my parents, but I am selling everything. I don’t want any of it. So I am homeless now. Go me!” She finished with a sad smile.

Draco brought her hand to his lips and kissed her hand, then said, “I was going to talk with you about this later, but since we are on the subject, I was going to give you the option to move in with me. The manor is finished and I am selling my flat as well. I would love to have you with me all the time. I don’t want to pressure you, especially if you are not ready. But if you don’t want to live in a hotel or go through the process of buying a new place, know that I would love to have you call the manor your home too. You don’t have to answer now, but know that this is an option for you.”

Ginny’s heart went out to him. She knew what it took for him to offer this to Hermione, the risk he was taking. He was basically laying his heart out for everyone to see. It was very unlike the Draco Malfoy they knew from before. The love he had for her was real and she saw it.

“Draco, Honey, are you sure? Do you know what you are asking?” Hermione looked at him questioningly.

“I have never been surer of anything in my life.”

Harry looked at them both and knew what the answer was going to be before it was even said. He knew Hermione and wondered when they would be hearing wedding bells.

“Oh Draco,” she said starting to cry, “I would love to!! I don’t want to move to a hotel and try and find another place to live! I don’t want to be without you, even for one night. I love you!!”

 He was so happy; there were no words to express himself. He pulled her into his lap and just held her, hoping that his feelings were coming through while he was holding her.

“I love you too baby,” he whispered into her hair. She looked up at him and kissed him gently.

“Ok, my baby wants cake now! No more kissing and lovey dovey junk!” Ginny broke up the tender moment before she started crying. They all laughed as Ginny went into the kitchen and got the cake and plates. They all enjoyed the cake that Hermione had made and finished the evening with light hearted talking and laughter. At about 10, Ginny yawned and said that she and the baby needed to sleep. The all said good-night and Harry followed his wife to the bedroom that she had picked. Draco and Hermione quickly did the dishes and followed suit to their room.

They climbed into bed and talked about the plans they had for living together. Draco told her that she could redecorate anything she didn’t like and to be truthful with him. She promised him she would and they lay in each other’s arms and fell asleep, thinking of the future. 

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