A cold breeze whips Nautica's curls into her face as she cheers radically for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Beside her, Tess is screaming just as fiercely with both Freddy and Jeremiah's numbers painted on both cheeks. The surrounding Ravenclaws are all decked in green, their eyes narrowing at the two Captains of their own Quidditch team. Because, Ravenclaw always supports Slytherin and vise versa. 

James flashes by the stands so quickly, he's naught but a blur. He tosses the quaffle to Jeremiah, who throws it effortlessly into the left post. "YES!" She yells, jumping up and down excitedly. Seeing James, obviously in a much different light than when watching past games, she can fully admire his agility. She had always known him to be a good player, but there was pride now. 


"A bit of house pride would do you both some good," Atria Feathington says bracingly from behind them. Glancing back at the girl with an eye roll, Tess ignores her. They both had known that coming out here and supporting Gryffindor would probably kick up a bit of a fuss, but neither cared.


"In case you didn't realize," Nautica says, crossing her arms over her chest as she turns to stare down the girl. "If Gryffindor wins, that secures us in second place for now. if Slytherin wins, we drop to third. So if I were you, I'd be praying for the Lions to kick some arse." That shut her up immediately, her eyes narrowing.


"That's a foul!" Leona Grabill yells into the microphone, causing the crowd's attention to land directly on Lucas Flint and James. One of which had nearly dropped the Quaffle. "Madam Hooch! Did you not see that? FLINT HAD GRABBED THE END OF JAMES' BROOM! What the bloody fuck-?"


They watch as James lands another ten points for Gryffindor, a grim look on his face. But then again, Nautica can't be too sure, considering it's hard to tell from this distance. It had been a rather dirty move of Flint's, but not surprising or out of the ordinary. He has always been a dirty player.


"60-60, We are tied!" Grabill is saying angrily, her face clearly red from here. Tess groans, rubbing her hands on her face. "POTTER YOU BETTER GET IT INTO GEAR-!"


"If I have to tell you again, Ms. Grabill-"


"I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous!"


The Slytherin section laugh haughtily, their fists slamming into the side of the stands in a wild beat as Victor Harris swipes the Quaffle from Elora Hanks and flies straight for the hoops. Gryffindor's keeper, Alexandria Wood is waiting patiently, her eyes fixed on the prize. Nautica watches with trepidation, praying that either their seeker would finally spot the snitch or that a bludger would come out and hit Harris.


It's as Victor brings his arm back to throw it in that two things happen at once. A bludger (hit by Freddy) appears from thin air and slams into Victor's broom. And Roxanne Weasley, their seeker, drops from high above the pitch into a perfect dive.


The entire Stadium watches with bated breath, for a moment forgetting that Victor had just been hit with a bludger (he was saved by a cushioning charm, by the way), their eyes wide. The Slytherin Seeker, Bishop Watts is right behind Roxanne.


And as Nautica watches the dive, she can't help but to imagine her own self once again on a broom with the wind in her hair. The sleek wood squeezing between her thighs, her hand outstretched. The exhileration that always came when making that tight of a dive. Beside her, Tess is biting her finger nails.


They are speeding even closer to the ground, their eyes on the prize. Nautica resists the urge to shut her eyes, as last minute Roxanne pulls from the dive and is flying parallel to the ground. Watts is still behind her, his pull from it slightly more wobbly than hers had been.


Roxanne reaches, her hands closing around the snitch as the side of the stands filled with red and gold begin screaming. Nautica and Tess with them. She is yelling so hard, her chest burns with it. The cool air searing her lungs.


"GRYFFINDOR HAS WON-- 180 to 60!" Leona is screaming into the microphone as the entire Gryffindor team gathers in the air, their arms wrapping around each other in happiness.




James hurriedly dries his hair with a towel, pulling a t-shirt quickly on as he heads for the door out of the locker room. He is practically beaming, his cheeks already hurt from smiling so much. And it hasn't been quite fifteen minutes from their win. Jeremiah and Freddy are both still in the showers. Roxanne is gone, probably off to snog her new boyfriend. James cringes at the thought, hating that his younger cousin was old enough to date. Alexandria has gone too, but Elora is sitting cross legged on a bench with her head in her hands.



"Alright?" James inquires, feeling slightly uncomfortable. He was never good for girl talk to be honest. The only one he never seemed to muck it up with is Nautica, and he thinks its more due to her relaxed nature with him than anything else.


"I really messed up," Elora says with despair, her eyes flashing as she looks up at James. "If it weren't for you and Jeremiah, we wouldn't have won-- I was playing miserably." While it was true, that she wasn't up to her normal standards, James hadn't thought it'd been so bad.


"Hey, don't beat yourself up about it," James says, taking a seat besider her. His hand ruffling his hair to get the rest of the water out. "It happens to the best of us. Now, we'll have a problem if I keep seeing that performance." He cracks a smile to let her know he's joking. "We'll practice more plays and maybe try you to the left instead of the right. Jeremiah can play either side no problem."



"Thanks, James, you're such a great Captain," Elora says, smiling softly, tilting her face upward toward him. He smiles back, glad to be of service. She places a hand on his slowly, a look of uncertainty flashing before a shy smile spreads. "And a really great friend--" It takes a moment for him to register what exactly is happening, but when it does an expression of horror garners his features. He pulls his hand away gently, realizing what exactly she was trying to do.


"Elora, I have a girlfriend--"



"Oh, yeah, of course," She says hurriedly, standing up quickly. "I-I'm sorry--" Her face is flushed with embarrassment as she hangs her head. "I didn't -- think, obviously.."



"It's okay," He says, raising his shoulders, "Well no, it's not okay. But really, I-I'm-- flattered..." He rubs the back of his neck, quite unsure of what to say now. "Well, I'm going to go. I'm sure Nautica is waiting for me...." His voice trails off as Elora nods and turns away. "See you!"



When he gets outside, as expected, Nautica was waiting for him with her wild hair drawing his eyes immediately. She smiles upon seeing him, her entire face lighting up. So beautiful, he thinks as he takes her hand in his and kisses her softly on the lips, Elora already forgotten.



"Congrats!" She says sweetly, as they begin heading for the Great Hall for a late lunch. "You played well." He knows she is loathe to fully admit that, being the Captain for an opposing team, so he appreciates the compliment that much more. "Flint was being a prat, as usual."


"I would've been shocked otherwise," James says, remembering the brief moment of substantial fear at the feeling of his broom almost being yanked out from beneath him. "I love your outfit, by the way." She blushes under his gaze, as he eyes his jersey nearly hidden beneath her jacket and his number painted on one cheek. A lion on the other. A red and gold headband is in her hair, and the colors look good on her. Better than the blue.


"Freddy helped me to charm the headband the right color," She offers, as they enter the hall to see Tess waiting for them. The entire Slytherin table jeers angrily, their lower lips practically stuck out. It's as they go to sit down that Molly, his cousin, comes over and sits beside him.



Nautica stiffens, making him curious. He glances at her as he turns to look at Molly. "Hey, did you catch the game?" She gives a shake of her head, not surprisingly. She'd never really been one for sports. "Are you feeling alright?" Now that she was so close, he notices that she looks a little peaky.


"I-I've got to talk to you," She says quietly.

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