The next morning she woke up to her unusual flower on the pillow while he went running. She grabbed her robe and went out to the kitchen. She saw that her boys had on board shorts and loose tank tops.

“Hey Blaise, so did you get Evie’s number,” Hermione asked.

“Of course I did! I am going to contact her next week for another date.”

“I am so glad. She is a really nice girl. And going to be a doctor too! Smart girl! Do you like her?”

“I do…It feels different though…I don’t want to mess it up. I can see this going somewhere. The only problem is explaining the whole magical blood thing.”

“I think you of all people could find a way to gently tell her if things got serious. I can help if you want-when the time comes…”

Blaise just beamed, “Thanks, Mione. I really appreciate it!”

She patted his cheek as she walked past him and to the stove to get some eggs and bacon that Blaise had cooked.

“Hey baby, I promised Blaise I would take him fishing. Do you want to come?”

“No thanks. I will let you two go and have some alone time without me around. You guys go and have fun. Maybe when you get back we can go back to that bar and dance a little more before Blaise has to go back tomorrow. I am going to write Ginny back and explore your library. So don’t worry about me, just go and have fun.”

“Hey, why don’t you ask Ginny and Harry if they want to come next weekend? I bet they would like some R and R before the baby comes.”

She promised that she would ask in the letter. He kissed her, smacked her bottom then grabbed the cooler and he followed Blaise out to the dock.

She went and put on her green swimsuit, a cover up and went to the library. She sat at Draco’s bit desk and read Ginny’s letter. Her and Harry were doing well and she thought she was starting to show, which Hermione could tell she was excited about. Hermione wrote back that Blaise had given her a complete clean bill of health and that she was having a wonderful time. She talked about how blue the ocean was and how the sky was a totally different shade than the ocean. She loved being there and never wanted to leave. Mione did write that just admiring the artwork was getting harder and harder. She ended her letter with Draco’s invitation to come next weekend, if they wanted to come and relax before the baby came. She told Ginny to send her reply to Draco’s mother’s house and the house elf would bring it. It would be faster than sending an owl the whole way here.

She called for Sweetie and the cute elf arrived with a crack. Hermione apologized and told her what she needed. Sweetie was thrilled to help and took the letter and went back to send an owl on to the Potter’s.

Hermione went to the shelves in the library and found a book she had been dying to read and went to the outdoor bed with some lemonade and began to read. She was totally enthralled in the book and didn’t stop reading until her stomach growled a few hours later; she was famished. She found some leftover pasta salad and French bread in the kitchen. She took it back out to the bed and went back to reading. She didn’t look up again until she heard the guys return and laughing very loudly from the dock. She smiled to herself. There were no more handsome men in the wizarding or muggle world than these two, with their hats on backwards, sunglasses and their sexy self-confidence. And one of which, she was in love with. And that gave her goosebumps every time she thought about it, which was often.

She picked up her book, used her wand to get the dishes back in the house and greeted her boys. She sat in the kitchen, listening to their fish tales and loving every second. They were starving and quickly went and showered. Hermione pulled her hair into a long braid and threw on one of the pretty sundresses she had. This one was grey and white with a fitted top and full skirt. She threw on some flat grey sandals and went to meet the guys.

They were waiting on her and as soon as she came out they hoped in the jeep and went down to their bar, as they now called it. They all ordered and waited for their drinks and food. Once the food was set down they inhaled their food. The boys decided to celebrate and started doing tequila shots. Hermione was shocked how skilled they were on the lick, sip, suck process. She tried it and hated it. She went back to her Pina colladas, or ‘girly drinks’ as Blaise called her choices and was happy just watching them have fun. The music was good and the three of them danced as a group. As the night wore on, the guys were getting more and more intoxicated and it became apparent that they were going to hate waking up in the morning.

She saw that it was almost midnight; she had to get them in the jeep and back home. Oh boy, this would be fun, she thought rolling her eyes. She started with Blaise and helped him walk to the door of the bar, then used her wand to get him in the car when she was sure that no one was looking. She went back and found Draco sitting in the chair where she had left him sitting with a dreamy smile on his face; he would hate himself in the morning. She half dragged Draco to the jeep and used her wand to get him in, too. They both were passed out. With them both buckled in, She drove back to the beach house and used her wand to get them in the house. She set them up on the couches, thinking this would be easier for her if they needed her than two separate bedrooms. She conjured up blankets and pillows and got them all settled.

Once that was done, she went into the kitchen and mixed up a hangover potion they would definitely need in the morning. She put a glass for each of them on the coffee table, plus a glass of water. She kissed each of them on the forehead and went to bed, hoping the morning wouldn’t be so bad for them.

Hermione awoke the next morning to the sound of sobbing and whimpering. She put her robe on and noticed that it was about 8:45. She tip-toed out to the living room and saw Blaise sobbing on the couch, holding his head and rocking back and forth. Draco was still out. She walked over to Blaise and sat on the edge of the couch and touched his shoulder gently. He gingerly looked at her out of the corner of his eye. Not saying a word, she just handed him the glass and helped him drink it. Within a few minutes, he was able to look at her with semi-clear eyes.

“I love you Hermione. Thank you,” he whispered in relief.

She smiled, not wanting to talk and hurt his head any further, she went and refilled the glass and brought it to him. He drank it down and lay back on the pillows. Hermione went into the kitchen to start making some tea and toast. She was moving as quiet as she could but she accidently knocked over a tea cup and it fell to the floor with a crash. The screams that erupted just about broke her heart. She looked over to see Blaise sitting straight up with wide eyes and Draco grabbing his head in pain.

“I’m dying, someone please help me!” He was on the verge of tears. Hermione went and sat next to him, helping him drink the potion. He closed his eyes and rested his head on her shoulder. She just rubbed his arm for a minute to calm him down. She moved his head, and got him another class of potion. He gratefully accepted it and drank it down.

After a few minutes, he spoke, “Thank you. I don’t think my head would be in one piece if you weren’t here.”

“You guys are so sweet, so much better than Ron when he was drunk. He would just be mean. You guys are nice drunks, funny too. I really should have recorded you both singing, it was so nice,” she said as she went back to the kitchen to finish making breakfast.

They both looked at each other guiltily, remembering her past few years.

Draco stood up and said, “Hermione we weren’t thinking. We are so sorry that you had to go through that. We didn’t mean to make you suffer. How can we make it up to you?”

She looked at them both and their sad faces and said, “There is nothing for you to be sorry about. You were acting like normal young men having fun. You were not mean, cruel or yelling and cursing. Really, it’s ok. I don’t mind.”

They both listened to her words and nodded, but knew they had to make it up to her in some way. It didn’t have to be today, but one day they would.

She called them in to eat something. They basically crawled to the island chairs and sat. She put toast, tea and pain relief potion in from of them. She kissed them both on the head as she went to take a shower.

She finished her shower and got dressed in a short summery skirt and tank top. She just let her hair hang down and went back into the kitchen to have a class of tea with her two friends. They looked better than they did before her shower. They were at least talking.

Blaise asked rather sheepishly, “Um…how much did we really drink last night?”

Hermione giggled, “Well, let’s just say that I lost count after you were working on your second bottle of tequila.”

They both groaned, vowing never again to drink tequila. She smiled knowingly.

Both men finished up the small breakfast that she had given them and went to shower. They went to the pool area to just hang out and rest. Blaise’s port key left about 5, so they just spent a nice afternoon relaxing at the pool. The boys slept a little and woke up feeling much more human than they had before. Blaise went and packed up about 4 and was ready to go with his candy wrapper port key at 4:45. He thanked Hermione for taking care for him and for the lovely weekend. She told him she wanted to hear about how his date with Evie went later that week. He promised he would let her know and gave her a big hug. He moved to Draco and gave him a big hug and whispered something to him. Draco nodded and they shook hands. About a minute later, his candy wrapper started to glow blue and Blaise was gone in a flash. Draco went over to Hermione and enveloped her in a big hug.

“How about if you go get yourself into a hot bath, make yourself fancy and I take you out to dinner to make up for last night and this morning?”

“Like how fancy are you talking? Where are we going?”

“Well, there is a really nice restaurant in the big muggle hotel on the island and I have to wear a jacket type of fancy. What do you think?”

“Ok, give me about an hour or so and I should be ready. Thank you, Honey,” and she went down the hall. As long as he was feeling up to it, this was the night. Hermione was tired of waiting. She wanted him, and she would have him.

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