Hermione awoke a little while later, noticing that it was late afternoon based on how low the sun was in the sky. She carefully inched her way up so as not to wake him up. She thought that she would make dinner tonight, since he did it last night. She turned to look at him before she put on her swimsuit cover up, and smiled as she gently brushed the hair out of his face. Then the thought struck her like lightening and she almost couldn’t breathe...she was falling in love with him! How the bloody hell did flirtation and a sexual attraction turn to love so fast?! Oh my god! What was she going to do? Nothing; She was just going to play it out and see what happened. She just wouldn’t let him know.

She took a deep breath a whispered, “Damn you! I am falling in love with you, Malfoy,” as she got up and walked back to the house.

He waited until he was sure she was by the house, then opened his eyes. Was this a dream? Did she really just say she loved him? Oh sweet merlin!! Can all my dreams really be this close to coming true? He had to keep his cool and pretend he didn’t know what she said. He was so happy! He just turned over with a big smile on his face and watched the trees gently move with the breeze.

She was going to grill the marinated chicken that Sweetie had left. She had turned on the radio and listened to some muggle country music that she liked, and danced little while she cooked. She hadn’t heard him come in, until he was talking to her. She spun around with a start to see him leaning against the door frame with the sexy smirk on his perfect lips.

“Damn it Malfoy! You scared me!”

“Sorry about that Baby, I was just watching you cook me dinner and didn’t want to interrupt. But PLEASE, for the love of Merlin tell me that you like other music besides American muggle country?!”

“Of course I do! I like all kinds of muggle music-as I grew up with it. But I also like wizard music too.”

“Oh good. I was worried that I might have to send you home after dinner,” as he came by and gave her cute bottom a playful smack. He realized that it fit his hand perfectly. Man, he couldn’t wait to find out what else fit him perfectly.

“You are terrible! Now go set the table. Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes.” He laughed as he got the dishes and set them in the dining room. She brought in a great meal and the rest of the meal continued just as the day had, with them talking, laughing and having fun.

After dinner, Draco quickly did the dishes as he had Hermione go sit on the couch. He went to a closet and brought out a selection of muggle and wizard games for them to play. She was shocked that Draco Malfoy had such a large assortment of muggle board games! They choose one and played all evening while listening to music. He got out wine and they had the best evening, just enjoying each other’s company. As they finished their last game of Parcheesi, the clock chimed 10pm.

“I think I am going to shower and hop in bed. Good night Hermione. Sleep well,” as he placed a gentle kiss on her lips, tasting the wine on them.

“You too, Draco.” She watched him walk down the hall and decided to get her nighty on. She threw the one she wore last night in the hamper to wash this morning because it had tears on it. She pulled out a silvery blue nighty and went into the bathroom. She took off her make-up, took a quick shower and put on the clothing. The feel of it was outstanding. It was made with the most luxurious satin she had ever felt with a lace overlay. This one was long with a long slit up the leg that didn’t stop until it was almost to her waist. She was going to have to write to Ginny and tell her she did an AMAZING job picking out clothing! She owed her a huge debt now and knowing Ginny she would keep reminding Hermione of this until she repaid the favor. That woman! She giggled, she loved her. She finished her bedroom routine and left the bathroom. She looked at the beautiful bed and wondered if she would have nightmares again. Should she just go get a dreamless potion or should she go to see Draco? She sighed. She didn’t want to rely on either of the choices, but she had to admit, she never slept as well as she did last night with him. I hope I don’t look pathetic; she thought as she walked to his door and knocked.

“Come in,” she heard and she opened the door.  She saw him sitting up in bed as he looked at her questioningly. “Are you ok, Hermione?”

“Oh…um… I just thought that I would take you up on your kind offer from this morning if it still stands.”

A caring smile came on his face as he threw back the covers for her. She closed the door behind her and climbed into bed with him. He brought the soft sheets over them both as the settled down on his bed. She lay on his chest again listening to his heart beat, as he wrapped his arms around her.

“The offer will always stand,” as he kissed the top of her head and she sighed. Yes, thought, it really was heaven. They both drifted off to sleep in that position, with smiles on their faces and content for the first time in a long time. 

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