Hermione and Draco landed on the walkway to his front door. Hermione just stood and stared. The sand was so white and the water so blue. How was this possible? I thought it was just in the movies! There were vivid green plants and palm trees all over to give privacy to the front of the house. Draco gently took her hand and led her into through the front door. Inside was this beautiful home that she never expected. Everywhere she looked were floor to ceiling windows and an open floor plan. The floors were gorgeous dark wood with white furniture and sheer curtains with bight colored accent pieces here and there for pops of color. The kitchen was white with stainless steel appliances. A big island was in the middle with high stools to sit on and a dark wood dining room set off to one side. She saw out the back windows that there was a pool, an assortment of lounges chairs and tropical plants falling out of planters all over. She could see off towards the beach a dark wood outdoor bed with what looked like canvas top and sheer material falling off the sides and ruffled in the breeze.

“I don’t know what to say except that this is magnificent! I don’t think I will ever want to leave. This is truly perfect Draco! You have outdone yourself!”

He saw the happiness and joy on her face and thanked her. He loved watching her in awe of something that he had created. It made him proud of what he had done there. He led her by the hand again and showed her the bathrooms, library (which she all bet wept at the sight of), and the bedrooms. He said she could have her pick of the 2 guest rooms, one with teal accents of color and one with bright purple. She took the purple. The bathroom that was attached to her room had a huge bathtub that you could swim in, separate class shower big enough to fit four people in and a large vanity. It was a dream bathroom. She had died and gone to heaven.

She asked rather coyly, “And where is your room?” He smirked at her and showed her the master suite. The huge canopy bed was on a platform of sorts and had the same sheer material on the top and sides. The room was finished with dark wood furniture and the bathroom was identical to the others, just bigger if that was possible. He had silver accents all over the room and she was just in awe of the whole thing. He explained that the windows all opened if she wanted to listen to the ocean or feel the breeze and showed her how it worked. He turned and looked at her a bit embarrassed and put his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

“That’s the whole house. I hope you think its ok.”

“Ok??!! Are you crazy! This is amazing! Thank you for letting me stay with you! I don’t even know what to say, because thank you is so insufficient.”

She hugged him again and they just stood there for several minutes just feeling the heat and electricity flow between them. Hermione was definitely going to take Ginny’s advice and see how far the chemistry would go with them. She was legally separated and damn if she wasn’t a little bit excited at the thoughts running through her head about the man before her! He could feel the heat and need for the beautiful woman he was holding build in him and before he embarrassed himself further, he pulled away.

“I want you to remember that this is your house too, for the next month at least. Eat when you want, sleep when you want, read, swim, whatever. Don’t ask, please make yourself at home. I do have a good little house elf that will be down at nights to tidy up a bit and leave more meals and food for us. My mother insisted that for the first few weeks we have food here so we don’t have to cook if we don’t want to. No stress for us,” He said with an eye roll, but continued, “I know how you feel about house elves, but Sweetie is a free elf and is paid. She adores my mother and my mother loves her. My father was the one who treated Dobby like dirt. Not my mother and I.”

“I know. Thank you for understanding and explaining it to me. I think I will go and unpack in that fabulous room.” And she turned to leave, “Oh and Draco, thank you again. There are no words to tell you how appreciative I am.” She kissed him on the cheek and she left.

He raised his hand to touch where she had kissed him, still feeling her lips there. Damn he had it bad, shaking his head and walking back to the kitchen area to see what the fridge was stocked with.

Hermione went back to her room and open the suitcase that Ginny had packed for her. At first she thought it was a mistake and there was a baggage mix up, but there was no one else to mix up with. Then it hit her. Ginny purposely bought all these new and skimpy items to wear! That woman was gonna get it when she saw her again! Damn her!! She pulled out and hung up dress after short, low cut summer dress; flowing sheer skirts and tops, very lacy and see through undergarments, 3 bikinis that left little to the imagination as well as silk and satin nightgowns-if you could really call them that. She sighed; well she would have to make the best of it. Then she thought with a grin, this could be fun. I know he is attracted to me, but I have never tried to seduce anyone before. Well, there was a first time for everything! She put away all her make-up and lotions in the gigantic bathroom and went back into the living room area.

Draco was in there, pulling out some crackers, meats and cheeses. “I thought you might be hungry. We left in such a hurry and it is too early for dinner. Would you like some wine? Blaise said go easy on the alcohol for the first few days to get used to the heat, and then we should be ok.”

“Oh yes please. Should we go outside and eat?”

He waved his wand and the plates when out on the patio, as they followed with their wine. They sat down and she just marveled at the scenery. It was just breathtaking. They talked about the landscape and Draco told her this was a remote end of the island, so virtually no one came down here. They had their own beach basically, with a small boat dock. Yes, he has a speed boat, raising her eye brow at him as he said it, so they could go fishing or swim whenever. “It only a 35 footer…It’s not like it’s a big one...” he had said. He had a small Jeep in the garage to the side that they could take if they wanted to go into town. There were several great local places to eat and several with live music and dancing if she felt like it. They could even go to some of the other islands by water taxi if they wanted. She just sat back and sipped her wine and thought about nothing but the view in front of her-the man and the landscape. Both were incredible she thought with a smile.

They just sat and let the silence surround them as they heard the waves gently rolling on the sand. It was nice, not at all awkward.

“I think I fancy a little swim before dinner. Do you mind?”

“Please don’t ask Hermione. Think of this as your house; Whatever you want to do is fine.”

She nodded and went back in. Well, she thought, let’s see if Ginny has a good eye. She took out some bobby pins and pinned up her braid in a make-shift type of bun and went to the dresser. She had three choices; a bright green bikini with very little material; a soft pink one that had more of a halter top and a black string type. She decided he was a Slytherin, so let’s start with his house colors and grabbed the green one. WOW…She looked good, but there was very little left to the imagination with this one. Should she do this?! Wait, I am a Gryffindor, full of bravery. I can do this. She grabbed her sunglasses and suntan lotion and headed out. She took one deep breath to steady her nerves and walked out. Draco was staring off into space when she walked out. As she walked to one of the lounge chairs she saw Draco’s head whip around to stare at her as she walked. He probably hurt his neck by doing that, she thought.

She sat on the edge of the chair and as innocently as she could, and asked him if he could put some lotion on her back. Ok, she knew it was so cliché, but she has to start somewhere. He walked over with a bit of a smirk on his face and sat beside her and took the bottle from her hands. He squeezed some out on his hands and rubbed it on her back. She was instantly on fire. Who knew that rubbing on lotion was so incredibly sexy?! What this man did to her just by touching her was a crime-but a damn good one!! He finished up as she thanked him. He got up and thought two could play at this game. He walked inside and got on his black swim trunks. They hung low on his hip bones and he knew that he looked hot; he was a Malfoy after all. Plus several women had told him so when he was at a French beach last summer. He got his sunglasses back on and walked out to the pool. He went to the opposite side as she was and stood there for a minute. She bit her lip while she was looking at him standing by the pool and thought she was in BBBIIIGGG trouble.

His body was even better than she imagined, a great six-pack, muscular arms and legs and broad shoulders. And the way the trunks hung off his hip bones drove her insane. Oh sweet Merlin! She was in over her head! She just wanted to jump him there, but figured that she should play a little hard to get-even if it didn’t last long. She continued to follow him with her eyes and bit her lip as he dove in and swam a couple of laps then came to a stop and relaxed on the edge. She looked at him and he smirked at her, commenting on the green bathing suit.

“I didn’t know Gryffindor’s were allowed to wear Slytherin colors?”

“Well, if the mood fits, then we can wear whatever we want,” she replied cheekily.

She had to do something to calm the fire that was burning in her, so she walked down the steps of the pool and swam over to him. “Do you think I look ok in green?”

Good God she was killing him, “I don’t think anyone has ever looked better in it.”

They were standing in the water, facing each other when he couldn’t stand it any longer. He reached behind her back and pulled her closer to him, and he didn’t know it was possible to get any closer than they already were and kissed her. The explosion was so intense! Neither had expected it, but kept going. He slid his tongue over her lips as she opened them to let him in. She moaned as he just kept going, not stopping, savoring every inch of her mouth. She had no way to stop the sensation that she was feeling. And she didn’t want to stop it either! She had no idea that kissing could be like this!! It never was with anyone she had ever kissed before. Her brain was drowning in his kiss.  He started kissing down her cheek to her neck and by her ear. She was jelly at this point and was so glad that he was holding on to her so tight because she would afraid she will slip into the water and drown. He moved back up to her mouth and kissed her again. She never wanted it to end. Right after she thought that, she felt him pulling away and the kiss ending. She opened her eyes and saw him staring at her and they were both breathing heavy, lowered his forehead to hers as their breathing become more normal.

“I had to stop that kiss before we both spontaneously combusted. I think that was a real possibility right here in the pool. Plus, I think we should take it a little slower. We both need to heal a little bit more before we dive into this.”

She bit her lip and looked at him and whispered, “Are you sure you want me?”

“Oh baby, don’t EVER question that. I want you so bad and I will have you before long. And I will in every room in this house,” he promised, kissing her nose. She blushed a little and nodded.  “I am going to get changed and start dinner. You can go take a bath if you would like.”

“I was going to do that after dinner. I think I will lay in the sun for a bit before dinner.”

He got out and dried off his body and walked back in the house. He let out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding. WOW... What the bloody hell just happened? He turned down one of his lifelong fantasies just then. He realized that it needs to be the right time, not just anytime. She had been through a lot and her confidence with herself and her beauty had taken a beating after being with that stupid weasel for so long. He needed to remind her that she was a beautiful woman and was desired and loved. He started getting out the fish to grill and pasta salad.  He glanced out the huge window to the back and saw her sitting in a lounge chair, facing the house with her eyes closed. He hoped she was ok after that kiss.

She was a little embarrassed that they didn’t have sex, but she understood why he did it. They should wait a little while before they started the physical part of their relationship. They both had been through terrible traumas in the last few weeks and needed to think of their health. But a little romp in the sack couldn’t hurt anything either. She sat on the lounge chair in the sun, thinking about Draco and how much he had changed in the last several years. Gone was the rude, arrogant little toe rag. He had grown up and it was lovely to see. She watched him through the windows as he was going to cook dinner. The Slytherin Prince was cooking for the Gryffindor Princess, my oh my, how times had changed. She closed her eyes and smiled at the thought.

Once the fish was cooked and everything else was ready he went out to wake Hermione, the strong, beautiful woman that was at his house. He sat on the edge on the chair and gently rubbed her knee. God, her skin was so soft. He quietly called her name as she opened her eyes. She stretched and nodded. Draco stood up and offered her his hand. She accepted it and didn’t let it go as they walked. He kissed her hand as he led her into the dining room where he had lit some candles for them to eat by. He helped her into her chair and then went to his. He had decided while he cooked dinner that he was going to seduce her and romance her in every way, shape and form.

They had a lovely meal together, laughing and talking as they never had before. They flirted shamelessly throughout the evening. They heard the clock chime nine o’clock. Draco rose from the table and took her hand again. He walked her down the hall towards her room.

“I know you want a nice hot bath, go soak and relax. I will clean up and check on you to make sure you are not sleeping in the tub.” He kissed her gently, leaving her wanting more and walking away. She entered the room and looked through the drawer for something to where to bed. She finally chose a black satin nighty with lots lace all over. She held it up, it barely covered her bottom! She just shook her head and laughed at the thought of Ginny picking all this out. She went into the massive bathroom and started filling the tub with hot soapy water. It gave off a tropical scent that she loved. She could get used to this, she thought as she slid in the sudsy water. She waved her wand and lit some candles, sat back, closed her eyes and let the stress of the last few weeks fade away. She had no idea how long she was soaking, but the water was getting cool, so it was time to hop out. She dried off and spread a thick layer of her favorite cream all over her body, feeling deliciously feminine. She pulled the black nighty over her head, opened the door to enter her room and ran into Draco. He had showered and was wearing a pair of sleep shorts and no shirt. Those shorts hung just like the swim trunks, low and showing off his muscular physique.

“Oh!” She shrieked.

“Sorry baby! I was just checking to make sure you are awake and ok.”

He noticed what she was wearing and how she smelled and a sexy smirk spread across his face. “You are not going to make this easy, are you?” he asked, drinking her in from head to toe.

“Trust me; it’s not easy for me either. There is nothing I would like more than for you to kiss me until I lose all feeling in my body. But I think you are right, we should go a little slower. Both of us have had a hell of a few weeks!”

“Me and my bright ideas,” he groaned. “Well, then I will give you a good-night kiss and see you in the morning.” He leaned in and gave her a sweet, soft kiss that still made her toes curl. He pulled apart and whispered good night again. He turned and left her room, closing the door behind him. She climbed into bed, pulled the covers up and listened to the ocean waves outside her windows. She waved the lights off and curled into a ball as sleep took her very quickly.

Draco was back in his room, laying in the dark, thinking of how she looked in that tiny scrap of material called a nightgown. Damn, she looked good enough to eat. He had to pace himself or the wanting and desire would kill him. As he lay on his pillows and listened to the ocean waves, he just thought about how much things had changed since the war. He was proud of himself and how he had changed and was doing good things in the world. Just as he had turned over to go to sleep, he thought he heard something. He sat up and looked at the clock it was 11:30. He heard a noise again and got up to investigate. He opened his door and listened. That’s when he heard Hermione scream out, “Please stop!! Leave me alone!! Help me please!!” His heart dropped and ran into her room. He turned on the light switch and saw her thrashing around, having a bad dream. There were tears running down her face as she flailed around. Draco ran over and shook her arms and calling to her.

“Hermione, it’s ok. Wake –up darling, it’s only a dream. Baby open your eyes, its ok.” He called in a soothing voice and finally she opened her eyes. She had a scared look in her eyes as she finally realized that she was safe and not with Ron. She looked at Draco and dissolved into tears as he pulled her into his lap. He just let her cry it out as he rocked her and ran his hands over her hair, smoothing it down. The tears began to slow and her breathing started to even out.

“I’m sorry Draco…I had a nightmare...” she managed to get out. He kissed the top of her head, picking her up in his arms. He carried her into his room and laid her on his bed as her breathing started to become normal. He never took his arms off her as they both lay down and he pulled the covers over them. He kissed her head and whispered, “Close your eyes baby, and sleep. I am here; I will not let anything happen to you…” She nodded her head and closed her eyes.

The next thing Hermione knew it was morning and she was in Draco’s bed alone. She looked at the clock and saw it was a little after 9. She looked at Draco’s empty pillow and saw a beautiful orange tropical flower and a note. She broke out in a smile as she picked up the note and read it.

Hey Baby, I went for a run to get rid of some of the tension you left me with by being so beautiful and warm in my bed.

Be back soon

She lay back on the pillows holding the note and feeling quite pleased with herself, thinking he really is attracted to me. She lay their gloating to herself for a few minutes. She got up and decided to make him breakfast to make up for the disruption to the night. She thought she would makes things interesting and not wear a robe, and just cook in her nightgown.

She walked into the kitchen and saw the cutest house elf putting some marinade on some chicken breasts. She had a nice, clean purple and white apron on with a bow head band on between her large ears.

 “Hello, you must me Sweetie! Draco told me that you would be popping in to help with food until we are on our feet. Thank you for your help!” Sweetie jumped a little at Hermione speaking with her. She wasn’t expecting someone to be there.

“Oh miss. I am sorry for disturbing. I thought you and Mister Draco were out. I will leave you in just a moment,” She said bowing before she stopped talking.

“Oh please don’t worry! I’m sorry I scared you. Please take your time. I was going to make some breakfast for us. I hope you don’t mind.” She waited and saw Sweetie nod her head. “Draco told me you work for Mrs. Malfoy for the most part. Do you have anything planned to do with her today?”

As Sweetie started to answer her, Hermione went to gather her items to make omelets and fruit salad. “Oh I love Ms. Cissy! Today is flower garden day. We is so excited, we have 3 new rose bushes to plant! You should be seeing the gardens; Ms. Cissy is having the most beautiful gardens, especially in spring and summer.” She was beaming with pride and Hermione could tell the true feelings that she had for Draco’s mother.  It was amazing to see, Hermione was so touched. They talked a bit more as Sweetie finished her work and Hermione finished up the omelets.

Draco came running in from outside looking incredibly sexy in his running shorts and baseball hat on backwards with sunglasses. She bit her lip as she looked him up and down as he took a long drink of water. It was shocking what he did to her. She was turning to jelly just looking at him and felt this pull in her stomach to him.

He put his cup down and sniffed the air, “Something smells wonderful! Are you going to share?”

“Of course, I had to make up for disrupting your sleep,” she said with a cheeky grin.

“I am going to run shower real quick. Keep it warm for just a minute, baby.” He came up to her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and started walking down the hallway to his room. He yelled back to them, “Thanks Sweetie! Tell Mother I said Hello and that I am doing well.”

Sweetie smiled and was getting ready to go. “Oh miss, I forgot to give this to Mister Draco. This is a letter from Mister Healer Zambini.” She handed Hermione a letter that was in the pocket of her apron. She promised her would give it to Draco and Sweetie, thanked her and apparated away, ready to tell her mistress what she had seen. Draco came out with a swim suit and t-shirt on. Hermione had him sit at the island counter and put a plate with fruit salad and a hot cheese, sausage and veggie omelet. She took her plate and sat next to him.

“Did you have a good run,” Hermione asked as innocently as she good.

“You cheeky witch! You saw my note-what do you think?! I woke up this morning with a bit of a problem that men tend to have when they see a beautiful woman sleeping in their bed. I thought that the run would help take my mind off of you in my bed, and it almost worked until I saw you cooking my breakfast in that scrap of material you are calling sleepwear.”

She giggled as she looked at him. She then got serious, “I am sorry about last night. That nightmare came out of nowhere and it just escalated so fast. I hope I didn’t worry you too much. I will try a dreamless potion tonight so that I don’t bother you…”

Draco set his fork down and looked at her seriously, “PLEASE do not apologize for something that you couldn’t control. I leave it up to you, but you are more than welcome to sleep in my bed until you feel safe enough to be by yourself or are ready too. I promise to behave myself, but I just want you to know that this is an option for you anytime you are here. I am here to help you.”

She was so touched that he would say that and promised that she would think about the idea. She didn’t want to impose on him and create more sexual tension between them. She gave the letter to Draco that Sweetie had dropped off with her. He was excited that Blaise would be coming by Friday to do a final check of them both and then stay for the weekend. She liked seeing Draco in a fun mood. She still wasn’t used to seeing genuine smiles on his face, but she definitely like it. He asked what she wanted to do today and she thought going and playing in the surf sounded like fun. It was something she had always wanted to do. He agreed. He cleaned up the breakfast dishes as she went to change. She thought the light pink halter top bikini would be a good bet for playing in the water. She pulled her hair pack in a bun, grabbed her sunglasses and went back to the kitchen. She saw him getting some boogie boards and other water toys out in the back. She went to help him carry the items down to the beach, just 30 yards away.

They set up a couple of chairs, an umbrella and then went to the waves. She loved playing in the surf and feeling the push and pull of the waves. They played Frisbee and he taught her how to ride a boogie board. She loved it! They laughed and joked all morning. This was a day she would never forget. After a few hours, they climbed out of the water and sat under the umbrella and had some lunch. Draco had quickly thrown some food in a cooler for them earlier. They ate and chatted some more. He marveled at how easy the conversation was between them. Sometimes it was light-hearted banter, sometimes more serious, thought-provoking conversations. It was nice to have someone listen to you and listen to someone else’s idea. He had never really been able to talk with anyone like this before, except for his best friend and his mother. But they didn’t count. They finished up their picnic lunch and headed back out. Hermione loved the boogie board and was determined to become good at it-if not master it. Draco love watching her determination.

After several more hours, she discovered that she was exhausted. They packed up and sent the items back to the house with their wands. They held hands walked back up to the back yard of his home. She asked if he wanted to join her on the incredible outdoor canopy bed for a nap. He couldn’t of anywhere else he wanted to be, so nodded his head as she led them over. They lay down in the shade of the trees and curtains, watching the birds play in the wind and waves as they both drifted off quickly for an afternoon nap, with Hermione laying on Draco’s chest and his arms around her. She thought that this might just be what heaven felt like.

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