I groaned loudly


Dom was standing at the foot of my bed holding up at dress bag. She was grining from ear to ear.


‘You’re going to look so hot in this dress!’ she said excitedly.


‘DOMMMM CLOSE THE BLINDS AND GO AWAYYY!’ I yelled into my pillow.


‘AHHH’ I yelled as she lifted the covers off me.  She laughed. Bitch.


‘Come on get up, Nana has breakfast for you guys then I need you to shower and pre prep so I can prep you’


‘What the hell is pre prep Dom?’ I mumbled.


‘Ro your negativity is itching for a bitchin. Just wash yourself and then dry your hair so I can doll you up’ she snapped as she left our bedroom that we shared.


What in Merlin’s name is Itching for a bitchin? She is way too much sass for me in the mornings.


Admitting defeat I pulled myself off the bed and walked downstairs. To be honest I was pretty hungry.


‘Good morning my Roxanne’ said Nana Molly


‘Morning Nana, what’s for breakfast’ I said happily. Nana’s food always makes me happy.


‘Pancakes dear, everybody is seated outside’ she said as she continued to flip pancakes on the pan with her wand.


I walked out into the backyard. There was a massive long table full of pancakes, juice, bacon, eggs, muffins, and sausages, the whole works. Most of my family were already eating. I sat down immediately and stuffed my face with bacon.


Fred appeared at the table not long after looking sleepy. Dom must have woken him up as well.


He took as seat next to me and piled his plate full of food.


‘You okay Ro?’ he asked


‘Yeah why wouldn’t I be?’ I asked as I helped myself to more bacon before Fred ate it all.


‘Just asking’ he said nonplussed.  Though I suspect he feels my anxiety aura. It’s a twin thing.


I was so nervous about seeing Ted today. Especially since it’s his engagement party.


By the time I finished breakfast Dom had already dressed herself and ordered me to go have a shower.


Cursing at her bossiness I grabbed my towel and made my way into the bathroom.


I opened the shower door to find Cruz standing naked with a towel in his hand.


‘OMG IM –OMG SORRY CRUZ I-I SORRY!’ I spluttered as I closed the door.  I could hear him laughing behind the door. It made me blush soooo bad .


‘It’s okay Ro’ he said chuckled as he opened up the door with a towel wrapped around his waist. I never noticed how toned and tanned he was before.


‘I’m so –s-omg’ I said. I could feel my face blushing harder. Oh no I can feel my inner tomato seeping through my skin ...


Cruz laughed.


‘Jeez Ro, I would have thought it would take at least the 3rd/4th date to see me naked. Oh well’ he said grinning.


‘I’m going to have a shower…’ I mumbled looking at my feet.


He walked past me scruffing my hair.


I pretended to laugh as I closed the bathroom door.


Wow as embarrassing as that was... I never noticed how attractive Cruz was….well is….wait what….



‘God what took you so long in the shower?’ asked Dom as she dried my hair with a hairdryer.


‘Nothing’ I lied


‘OW OW OW’ I said as she yanked on my hair.


‘Stop being a baby, Red didn’t seem to mine when I combed her hair. And her hair is thicker with more ringlets!’ snapped Dom


‘Well Yippe-Ki-Yay for her!’ I groaned as Dom pulled on my roots.


‘Okay that should do it’ said Dom as she analysed my head. ‘Yep time to start your make-up, DO NOT MOVE ROXANNE! ’ she said leaving the bedroom.


I froze. Dom was scary when she wanted to be.


Dom came back with big box of god knows what and immediately began attacking my face with a mist spray and a powder brush.


‘Wow never noticed how fairly even your skin tone is Ro, hardly an blemishes’ said Dom


‘Aw thanks Dom’ I said proudly.


‘Dominique I feel stupid in these heels!’


Red came through the bedroom wobbling. She looked very pretty though.


She was wearing a long black maxi dress and her hair was twisted up in an elegant knot on top of her head


‘Wear chucks, you can hide them in that dress’ I said. Red beamed. Dom glared.


‘Fine wreck your outfit I don’t care’ said Dom. Red smiled in triumph as she kicked off her high heels.


‘Aaaaand that should about do it’ said Dom inspecting my face from every angle. ‘Wow you look great!’


‘Let me look in the mirror’ I said


‘Wait wait wait, I want you to try on the dress first. So you can completely look at yourself properly’ said Dom. She hurried away to get my dress.


‘Okay put this on’ she said passing me the red tight dress.


With a little help from Red and Dom, I managed to get in the dress without spoiling my make and hair.


‘WOW’ said Red while Dom flapped her eyelids with her hands to stop herself from crying.


‘Jeeez dramatic much? Why are you crying ?’ I said laughing.


‘It’s just -WOW, I’m .. I’m a freaking genius!’ she said


Red and I laughed .


I turned to the mirror and gasped. It was me, but like it didn’t look like me?? Does that make sense? The girl in the mirror was astoundingly beautiful. Her hair was sleek and wavy, her make up was sutle yet had enough shimmer to look elegant, and her dress was tightly fit making her boobs pop out. I didn’t even know I had boobs to be honest.


We watched Dom get ready and then we all walked together downstairs.


‘Wow girls, you all look really beautiful, good work Dom’ said my dad. Dom beamed at him.


Everybody was looking really good actually. James even looked decent. I’ve never seen him in a tux before. Al looked dashing as well. 


Danika came downstairs next. She was wearing a bright colourful dress that made her glow James gawked at her. I noticed Al was to busy joking around with Scorpius to care. Dani seemed to sense that too. She looked so disappointed.


I marched right up to Al, and slapped him behind the head.


‘OW WHAT- What was that for!’ sulked Al


I ignored him.


‘Doesn’t Dani look hot!’ I said


‘Oh yes she does!! Wow you’re stunning !’ said James cutting in before Al could. Dani blushed.


‘You look really nice’ said Al smiling genuinely.


James and I rolled out eyes. She seemed content with Al’s answer though.


‘Can we go now, we’re extremely late!’ snapped Aunty Hermione ‘Who are we waiting on?’


‘Fred, Cruz and Dad’ said Red. Hermione muttered something under her breath as she rushed back upstairs.


5 seconds late she returned with Uncle Ron, Fred and Cruz in tow.

‘They were taking selfies’ said Hermione shaking her head.


‘Aw come on Aunty Hermy if we look this good, the social network needs to know’ laughed Fred and Cruz. Uncle Ron hi-fived them.


‘Um excuse me partner, but we are scheduled to walk in style together. Not with my twin’ I laughed as I tapped Cruz on the shoulder


Cruz’s eyes popped wide when he turned to look at me


‘Wow you look wow…-uh- so ..you look- wow- Ro ‘ he said stuttering, I burst out laughing. I’ve never seen him lose his cool like this, usually he is suave . Mr Ladies man.


‘Thanks’ I said smiling mischievously ‘Am I making your nervous or something there b-b-b-buddy’


He immediately snapped out of it.


‘Not as nervous as I made you when I caught you perving at my body- Yeah I saw your eyes travelling down. You totally wanted to see my –‘


‘Shut up shut up shut up shut up’ I said blushing furiously.


I totes forgot about that. He winked.


‘Check mate’ he said with a satisfied smile.


‘Alright ready gang, lets go . Everybody into the limo’s’ said Nana Molly.


‘Limo’s?’ said Fred


‘Yeah muggle transport. Vic and Ted are doing their engagement party not too far from here’ said Red.


We all divided into groups of three’s and four’s into each limo.


‘We are so late’ said Uncle Harry shaking his head once we left the burrow.


‘Stop looking so smug’ whispered Dom giggling. I rearranged my face at once.


We we finally arrived it was clear to see how late we were. Everybody was already dancing and drinking. Uncle Harry jumped out of the Limo first , followed by everyone else.


Cruz turned to look at me.


‘Ready Beautiful?’


‘Uh yeah I think..’ I said.


We stepped out of the limo holding hands.


The engagement party was in held in a massive marquee in the Uncle Bill’s massive backyard. My dad said Uncle Bill used to live in a small beach cottage until they had kids. That beach cottage is now to be given to Ted and Victoire as a future wedding present.


I was boiling with anger and jealousy.


‘Finally you guys came! Oh wow you all look so great!’ said Victoire smiling.


‘As do you my dear. Where’s the lucky man?’ asked Uncle Harry. Something in Victoire’s expression turned sour.


‘Here he is!’ said Harry beaming as Ted walked up to us.


Teddy Lupin looked so god damn handsome in a tux that it was just not fair. He grinned when he saw me, and then looked down at my hand holding Cruz’s hand. His face turned stone almost immediately. He was glaring at Cruz with such intensity that it even made me shudder. Cruz however gave him the smuggest face he could master.


‘What wrong there Ted?’ asked Harry looking worried. Ted straightened his face and forced a smile.


‘Nothing nothing. Welcome Harry, come join the party’ said Ted as he took Harry to the bar.


‘God could you two make this party any more awkward’ whispered Dom behind us. I’m not sure as whether she meant Cruz and I making it awkward or Ted and I…


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