Hermione slept wonderfully, considering she was in a hospital. It was about 8:30 when she woke up. She got up to go to the bathroom, wash her face and freshen up. She would shower when Ginny got here with her clothes and luggage. She knew they would leave from the hospital with a port key. They both were too weak to apparate that far, they could splinch themselves. They could on the return trip home, but they didn’t have to worry about that yet.  The same sweet elderly nurse named, Anne, came in to check her vitals. She asked about any of the side effects that Blaise mentioned and was pleased to learn she didn’t have any. Her skin looked so much better and the swelling was all but gone. The potion really did the trick. She still had pain on her chest from the broken ribs, but that was even better than it was before. Blaise said that would linger for about another week. She asked Anne for some coffee and oatmeal for breakfast as well as a fruit bowl. Anne was pleased with her appetite and left to go get her request.

Hermione decided to sit in the chair by her bed instead of in the bed. She was tired of being in that thing. She was excited to see what the day would bring. Anne brought her breakfast and she grabbed that cup of coffee. It was like ambrosia to her. Why did coffee have to taste so good? It was one of life’s little mysteries. She ate her breakfast in peace and was feeling good, waiting for her friends and Healer to arrive. It was almost 11:00 and she was starting to get a little concerned that no one was here yet. She knew it was Monday and Harry and Ginny had to work, but she thought Blaise and Draco would have been here by now. Anne came in to collect her dishes and Hermione asked where Healer Zambini was.

“Well, I heard that something had come up and he would be in a little late. Don’t worry dear. I am sure that he will be in soon. I know that you are anxious to leave,” patting her arm as she left.

She sat down and tried to read an old magazine that was left in the room to pass the time. By 11:45 she was really starting to panic. She was about to leave the hospital and walk to the ministry to see what was going on herself, when Kingsley, Draco and the Potters walked in. They all had a smile on their faces, but looked worn out already.

“Where have you been? I have been worried sick!!” She dragged each of them up in a hug.

“Hermione, sit down please. We want to fill you in on your case and a recent development,” Kingsley led her to the chair while the rest sat on the couch. He continued, “I asked for an emergency hearing this morning for your situation. I had to have Draco and Blaise testify as to what they witnessed. Mr. Thomas came as your legal counsel and advised them of the seriousness of this crime. Harry and Ginny were there as other witnesses to when you woke up. The Wizengamot agreed that this was an extraordinary case and they granted you a legal separation from Ron. This will make the investigation go faster and your divorce to be finalized within the month. Because of the severity of your injuries, Ron has to have a trace on him and live at the Burrow with his parents. The only time he is allowed to leave is to meet his probation officer or lawyer. If he goes anywhere else, he will be sent straight to Azkaban until his trial for assault and attempted murder takes place.”

Hermione was shocked and welled up with tears, “This is going to happen faster? I can start my life again?”

Kingsley nodded and stated, “Plus the only people who will know where you are staying are in this room, Blaise as your doctor and Dean as your lawyer. You will have complete privacy and can relax and heal as you see fit.”

Hermione let the tears fall as she hugged each of them and whispered thanks to each of them. She hugged Draco and noticed how good it felt and didn’t want to let him go. The feeling was so right. She reluctantly let go as Blaise came in. She hugged him, too.

Blaise clapped his hands together and said, “You ready to be released and go have some R and R?”

“Oh PLEASE!! No offense, but I would like to sleep in a real bed and have a real bubble bath!” She looked like a child at Christmas at the thought of such simple things and the joy that they would bring.

“Ok, let’s do one last physical exam, finish the paperwork and kick you out!”

Hermione went back to the bed and sat down. Blaise walked over to start, as Harry and Kingsley said their good-byes to her. They needed to get back to work. With one last hug and a promise of a visit in a few weeks, they both left.

Just as they left, Draco commented, “I better go change and get my luggage before you are waiting on me! Be back in just about 30 minutes, Hermione.” He winked at her and he left.

She blushed at the wink but turned her attention back to Blaise as Ginny noticed the exchange. Very interesting she thought…There might be some reciprocation of feelings before this vacation was over. She didn’t mind really. Her brother had been acting like bloody wanker for several years towards Hermione. She was surprised that it didn’t end earlier-she was just upset of the way it ended now. She knew Hermione deserved happiness and love and she secretly hoped that Draco could give that to her. He had changed so much and she liked what she saw in his heart.

After a few more minutes of prodding and questions, Blaise declared her ready to leave with strict instructions to take a healing potion once a day and no strenuous exercise for a few more days, then gradually work up to it. He would be down to the island in about a week to see her and Draco for another check-up.

Hermione squealed with delight and turned to Ginny. “Where is my luggage? I would like a shower and some clean clothes before we leave.” Ginny went to the door, opened it and pulled it in with her.

Hermione got in the shower while Ginny pulled out a skirt and light t-shirt for her to wear while they traveled and set in in the bathroom. Ginny didn’t want Hermione to see the surprises that she packed and the new things she picked up for her. She thought with a grin, she would just help push Draco and Hermione together with some of the clothes she packed. You can thank me later, you two, she thought.

Hermione was done, dressed and finishing up her hair in a long French Braid when Draco came in. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and holding a small bag. He already had most of his stuff down at his home.

A few minutes later, Anne her nurse, came in with the potions and the release parchment for her to sign. Hermione scribbled her name and thanked Anne for being so caring and good to her. Anne hugged her and told her to relax and fun some fun for a few days to heal. She had no idea that Hermione and Draco were leaving together for paradise. She smiled and promised she would.

Hermione turned to Draco with a huge smile and said, “Let’s go before I die of excitement!” Draco and Ginny laughed, “Ok Ms. Impatient! Give me a hug before you go!”

Ginny hugged her best friend and told to her to go easy, have fun and enjoy herself. She whispered in her ear so no one could hear, “And don’t forget to appreciate the art work. I don’t think he would mind if you tried.”

Hermione released the hug and whispered back, “Maybe… you never know what might happen!” She grabbed the handle of her suitcase and waited for Draco.

Ginny went up to him and hugged him, telling him the same things, except she whispered, “I think you might like some of the things I bought and packed for her. She needs the words and actions. Give them to her.”

Draco whispered back, “I might owe you big time Potter! Thank you for giving me this chance to make things right with her.” He pulled away and got out the empty tin can that Kingsley set up as a port key.

“Let’s go!” and with a wave of his wand, the can started glowing, Hermione grabbed on and then they were gone. Ginny said out loud after they left, “Damn I am good! You two owe me big!!” She left the room with a smile and headed off to her office at the newspaper. 

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