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Almost immediately after Teddy had left, Victoire had crumpled to the floor behind the bar in hyperventilating tears unable to get any coherent words out. Rose swiftly came into action, closing the restaurant and ringing up Fritz and some of the other servers to come in when they could. She grabbed Rose and apparated to her flat, dragging her to the couch and and tossing the softest blanket she had on her. It took close to an hour until Victoire was able to speak more than whimper. When she finally could speak she blubbered on about how sorry she was for Rose to have to see her like this, that it was so embarrassing to still feel this way about him. Rose sat beside her and listened, it was what her cousin needed then, to vent and perhaps a little wine which she had readily available. They sat there well into the afternoon, Rose occasionally patting Victoire’s head between sips of wine while they watched the cheesiest sitcoms they could find on the television.



Eventually, Victoire settled and the tears stopped coming in part because she had none left. She had spent hours just laying on the couch with Rose when the door to the apartment opened. Both heads looked at the door in surprise only to see a weary Scorpius enter.



“Oh, I didn’t know we’d be having guests.” He said quietly, Rose motioned to Victoire who still laid with her head in her lap. “Though I don’t suppose it will be much of an issue to make pasta for three.” He added cautiously.



“Oh, I’m so sorry! I don’t mean to disrupt your evening!” Victoire exclaimed, sitting up and sniffling into her wine. “I should be going anyway.”



“No, you are in no state to be going anywhere Vic. You can stay the night here.” Rose demanded, standing up to greet Scorpius.



She quickly swept over to where her boyfriend now stood in their small kitchen. A quick explanation of what had happened earlier in the day, and Scorpius understood how fragile of a state Victoire was currently in. He had been an unofficial part of the Weasley and Potter family since his early days at Hogwarts due to his friendship with Albus and eventually his relationship with Rose, so he had been one of the witnesses to what had happened between Victoire and Teddy nearly four years before. Most of the family had turned a cold shoulder to Teddy except for Harry Potter and his wife Ginny. He had sympathy for her for sure.



“Vic, I am going to make alfredo. Do you have a preference on type of noodle?” Scorpius asked in her direction. “This one likes the corkscrew, but I’m hoping to break the monotony.”



“Uh, what are my choices?” Victoire asked, somewhat started by the question.



“Don’t even get him started.” Rose chuckled wrapping her arms around Scorpius waist as he walked to the pantry to sort through the types of pasta he kept in jars.



“What, why?” Victoire asked turning around on the couch so she could see them in the kitchen.



“Oh, this one seems to think himself a fancy chef. I swear he spends as much money on food as you do.” Rose explained.



Victoire smiled, “Had I known that I’d have you picking up shifts at the diner.”



“Believe me, if I had the time I’d take you up on that offer. I consider myself more of a home cook.” Scorpius replied.



“If that’s the case, let's see what you can do with angel hair.” Victoire replied, happy to have someone else cook for her for once.



“You’ve got it, Rosie do you mind?” Scorpius said, nudging Rose to grab the pasta. “Dinner should be done in half an hour max, if you were watching something.”



Victoire stood up straightening out her food stained clothes, realised she must look like quite a mess. She made her way to the guest bathroom to clean herself up. In the mirror what she saw hardly looked like her. Had it been so long since she had really taken a good look at herself in the mirror. Beyond the puffy red eyes and cheeks, the smeared, runny makeup and messy bun, all she saw was a thin, sad face so unlike the one she pictured in her head when she thought of herself. She had lost more weight than she truly had to lose. But she was happy with her life now wasn’t she? She had the career and restaurant of her dreams, she had her family, and best friend in Rose. Was she really so lost?



Quickly, Victoire washed off her mess of makeup. Again staring at herself in the mirror as she finger brushed her long golden hair and put it back up into a comfortable bun. Perhaps she needed to make a change.

Scorpius was just putting the pasta into a bowl when she came back into the sitting room, Rose looked up at her worried since she had taken much longer expected in the washroom. Victoire shook her head in a manner as to say that she was fine. Rose did not have a dinner table so Scorpius brought the bowl of pasta and set it down on the coffee table between the couch and the television. Rose followed along behind him with plates and utensils. They all sat down and dug into the food.



“Wow! This is really great! The flavor is fantastic.” Victoire exclaimed upon first bite of the pasta.



“Thank you. Means a lot truly.” Scorpius replied whole heartedly.



“Yeah, you are his favorite chef, and he has had private chef’s all his life.” Rose added.



“Well you must have picked something up from them. I don’t think I’ve had pasta like this outside of that trip to Italy.” Victoire said happily.



“I swear he is trying to fatten me up when he comes over to cook.” Rose said licking her lips before kissing Scorpius on the cheek.



“Maybe I should have you come be a guest cook for me occasionally.

Live your fantasy.” Victoire suggested, Scorpius’ eyes lit up.



“You know, I may take you up on that sometime.”



“Actually, you should. Vic needs a break more than anything. It’s about time you took a step back and stopped working so much and just let it run with out you for awhile.” Rose nearly demanded through a bite of pasta.



Victoire took a sip of the water that now replaced the wine in her wine glass and sat back on the couch. “I couldn’t do that Rose. The diner is my baby. I wouldn’t know what to do without it.”



“Pfft. Vic you work six to seven days a week for more hours than is likely legal. We’ve got more than a full staff, and a constant flow of customers.

You can take a step back and just work the busiest shifts of the week.” Rose explained.



“Blimey, you work seven days a week? Not even Rose’s mum works that hard and she’s the most dedicated Minister for Magic.” Scorpius explained, looking around the room as if it was bugged and someone was listening in.



Victoire sat for a moment thinking to herself and took another bite of the pasta savoring it. “But..”



“But nothing-” Rose cut in. “Didn’t you say that you’ve been offered multiple food columns in the paper and some magazines? I’d wager that you could get a cooking segment on one of those morning shows on WizTV. You already get up early enough.”



“I had forgotten about those.” Victoire lied. She was thrilled at the offers, it would give her the opportunity to talk about food and how much she loved it. That and the ability to prepare a variety of different things that she couldn’t just offer at the diner. It afford her a lot more freedom, while not completely abandoning the restaurant.



“Of course you forgot about the offers, all you do is think about work! That’s what I am trying to say. You need to relax.” Rose nearly shouted.



“In my opinion, you both need a break. Rose you work two great jobs as well as going to school, and it's running you ragged. Vic, you own and run a business that you rarely leave. You two should have a girls weekend or something to just relax.” Scorpius said decidedly.



“Aw, sweetie. You deserve a break too.” Rose agreed, leaning over to kiss him again. He leaned down and kissed her forehead before wiping a bit of sauce from her cheek and dabbing on her nose and kissing it off again. Rose giggled relentlessly as she fell into his arms.



Victoire watched their intimacy in a distant manner. It had been years since she was that intimate with another person. Quickly, she looked at the television before they noticed her watching them. Her emotions took a turn again but she did her best to hide the loneliness that had hit her hard.



“Stop it you weirdo!” Rose giggled, turning back to Victoire while still held in the crook of Scorpius’ arm. “Like we were saying. We all need a break! Let’s do it, take a few days and just relax? Then you can let go and forget about that idiot.”



Victoire slumped back in the couch, wishing that she could have more wine. She crossed her arms over her chest and frowned. “I can’t.”



“Of course you can! You deserve a break, if anyone does its you.” Rose said. “Look, I’m going to call the diner and have Fritz take care of everything for the next few days, and you can’t stop me.”



Rose pulled out her cell phone and dialed. She got up and out of Victoire’s reach before she could stop her and went to the kitchen to make some calls.



“That reminds me, I should probably let the Minister know I’ll be out for a few days.” Scorpius said, pulling out his phone as well.



“Don’t you think it will be weird if she’s your mother in law and you still refer to her as the Minister for Magic?” Victoire smirked, Scorpius rolled his eyes at her as he put the phone up to his ear.



So that was it then, she was taking a mini vacation and had no say in the matter. Rose was a bit stubborn like that, and really Victoire appreciated it.



The three of them spent the rest of the evening watching old movies as Rose came up with all sorts of plans about how to spend their days off. Despite protests by Scorpius she reserved a spa day for all three of them in one of the fancier wizarding oriented spa’s in London. They talked for ages conveniently avoiding the subject of Teddy in favor of Scorpius and Rose’s work drama relating to his family. The pair were technically engaged, the both knew that they had wanted to marry each other since early in their time together, but it took Rose admitting it out loud to make him believe it, though the majority of his family actively worked against them being together. The pair eventually made their way into Rose’s room for the night, and Victoire made herself comfortable on the couch continuing to eat pasta out of the serving bowl while watching trashy talk shows until she fell asleep.


A/N: Apologies on this taking forever to update. RL got in the way with a new routine and its been hard to make time for this. Apologies if this chapter feels disjointed or off but feel free to comment your thoughts as they are always appreciated. I've reccently been sick so I've had a lot of time to catch up on the story, and with any luck I'll be able to start posting with some regularity. Thank you for reading.

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