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I didn't want to go out yesterday night.

I told Lily it had been a full day, but being the person she is, she didn't take no for an answer.

It will be fun she said, a good way to celebrate she said.

Bloody Merlin.

My head was hammering.

I just had to get pissed drunk, didn't I?

Okay Rose, calm down and pull your shit together.

I mean I can get out of this right?

Julian will forgive me.

It's not like I murdered his mother or anything.

I just slept with his best mate. The same day he proposed to me.

Holy fuck.

There's no way out.

Well that's not entirely true actually.

I could fake my own death.

Find a nice little place in Ukraine to live the rest of my days in.

Without family or friends.

Sounds jolly.

Or I could just be honest with him.

Best case scenario I break his heart, he dumps me and moves on with his life.

Whereas I decide to give up relationships completely and start adopting stray cats. At first it would be like one or two, nothing too strange, right?

Then I'd start to blow my friends off to have little tea parties with all of my kitties. I would eventually grow old alone with about thirty cats all named after my favorite telenovela characters.

I mean that doesn't even sound that bad. Humans are overrated anyway.

Worst case scenario he murders me and that blond twat, but then being the good guy he is, he would be consumed by guilt and commit suicide.

The blond besides me groans and my whole body stiffens.

I honestly don't know how this happened.

Of all people out there he was the one less likely to sleep with me.

I mean we've hated each other since the first year of Hogwarts.

Albus and Julian were the only thing stopping us from tearing each other a part.

I run my fingers through my hair.

One thing's for sure.

I need to get out of this bed before Scorpius wakes up.

I slip out of the sheets and into my panties.

There's barely enough light to see and I search desperately for my bra.

Where the fuck did I put it?

Oh wait, let me rephrase that.

Where the fuck did he throw it?


In Merlin's name. This situation is getting better and better by the second.

My hands automatically fly to my breasts to cover them up.

As if he hadn't seen them.

"Uhm... hi... I'm just looking for my..." I pause. "Bra."

He looks around and points to the corner of the room.

I turn my back at him and put my bra on.

I can feel his gaze burning into me.

I pick up my blue dress and pull it over my shoulders.

A sigh escapes my lips.


I think we've never gone this long without arguing.

"I-I should-"

"Wait." He cuts me off. His voice is raspy. "What are we going to do?"

Good question. What are we going to do?

And then it hits me. I really fucked up this time. I was so close to real happiness and I fucked it up. I betrayed someone I love.

My lips start to tremble. I can't deal with this now.

"I have to go." I whisper.

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