Sam had now been in St Mungos for two weeks, with Rose as his primary Healer. They were both still confined to quarantine so the Scrofungulus didn’t spread, and so far it hadn’t.

Sam was still incapacitated. Rose guessed that the Scrofungulus might be spreading to his other internal organs and had upped his dose of the potions to try and root it out.

Whenever the discussion turned to his health Sam tried to lighten the topic.

“Okay, so I’m not getting better, but on the plus side we’ve been trapped in here for two weeks and the building is still intact.”

“Oh ha ha, you’re hilarious,” Rose responded dryly, after she’d outlined his new schedule of treatments.

Sam’s parents had also been quarantined in another area, received some treatment and didn’t have any symptoms thanks to early intervention. They’d exchanged memos with Sam through the quarantine zone and were now back home at Malfoy Manor.



Sam and Rose had been spending their days talking and playing games, and Rose had even managed to smuggle in one of Sam’s favourite muggle inventions: a TV.

Copious amounts of TV, constant debates about Quidditch (Rose still had a steadfast love for the Chudley Canons) and lots of catching up on all they’d missed in the last seven years filled most of their time.




“You know, what I really want to know is,” Rose asked, “What is the absolute worst escaped magical creature situation you’ve ever had to deal with.”

They were both sitting on the couch in the living room vaguely playing a game of Exploding Snap. Suffice it to say the couch cushions were singed.

“Well, I was flying my carpet through the streets of Bangalore - don’t worry I charmed myself so the muggles couldn’t see me - and we were looking for this Re’em that had been stolen from our sanctuary. Now the good thing is that although the Re’em’s blood is what people are after, that means they have an incentive to keep it alive.”



He paused for dramatic effect, “Now - have you ever heard the phrase ‘bull in a china shop’?”

Rose through her head back with a gaffaw, “No, I don’t believe you-”

“The bloody poachers were keeping this Re’em, I shit you not, in a shop selling plates and cups, which granted were made of metal, but still!”

“That is not a china shop though-”

“Close enough! You’re ruining my story,” Sam whined.

“Well you’re ruining my day with your untrue and hyperbolic storytelling,” Rose through the Exploding Snap cards into the air and a few went off.

“Hyperbolic? HYPERBOLIC?” Sam cried, definitely hyperbolising how outrageous he found the claim. They both grinned at each other, the banter definitely hadn’t been lost in the years since they’d last spoken.

Rose’s hand darted out to pinch his nose but Sam grabbed it before she could reach him. He didn’t let go and his other hand reached up to her fringe, “You don’t have any braids for me to tug, it’s really not fair.”

As his fingers gently dragged through her fringe they shared another intimate moment, which seeme to be happening more and more…



Sam broke the silence, “How’d you do it Rose? How’d you get your memories back fully, I thought my Forgetfulness Charm was pretty good.”

Rose shrugged her shoulders, “Oh please, it was easy. First of all, I put all my memories from the flask back into my head, and then I had Al help me… with some questionable techniques,” she admitted.

“Oh dear, what does that mean.”

“Yeah he wasn’t too happy with me for a while. The way to un-repress memories properly is usually through another witch or wizard seeking to break the first charm, but you’ve got to really carefully read the line between recovering the memory and doing permanent damage to the mind. Seeing as I had all these memories back in my head, it didn’t take Al much, just a little needling.”


Sam looked sceptical, “Needling? That doesn’t sound good.”

“Oh you know, a little needling, like digging around and trying to find the initial repression. Seeing as I wanted Al to do it, I didn’t offer up any resistance and because he’s done a little Legilimency, he found your charm and he broke it. All the memories I’d stocked up in that flask stopped feeling like foreign images I was watching second-hand and just became a part of me again.”

He stared deeply into Rose’s eyes, he wanted an honest answer, “Did it hurt?”

Rose tried to look away but Sam pulled her back with the hand that had never let go since she tried to pinch his nose, “Please, tell me.”


She looked back, “Yes, it hurt.”

Sam stomach dropped, but Rose quickly added, “It was nothing I couldn’t handle and it was worth it. Knowing that my memory wasn’t impaired anymore gave me more peace of mind than I’d had in years.”

“How long ago was that?”

Rose looked down again, embarrassed to reveal how long she’d had her memories back, “2 years. I was in my last year of Healer training. I should have told you, I should said you didn’t have to stay away, Al could barely keep it a secret-”

“He kind of didn’t. He’s been asking me to come back to Britain obsessively since around then actually, but I kept making up excuses.”


Rose pursed her lips, “Well I didn’t know that, hmph.”

“He finally kind of convinced me to visit home but I honestly wasn’t planning on coming here, to St Mungo’s! I didn’t want you to see me, I wanted to respect your wishes. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this stupid Scrofungulus-”

She cut him off, “I’m glad you came back, and I’m glad you came to St Mungo’s. I feel like it’s the closure I never got, with someone who used to be really close to me. And you’ve grown up, you’re not a kid anymore, you have a great career and… I like that we can make new memories together now.”

Sam quickly brushed a tear from his eye, “Really? You think you can forgive me for all that other stuff?”


Rose gently placed her head on Sam’s shoulder and gave his hand a squeeze, “I forgave you the moment I got my memories back.”

They stayed like that for a while, in a gentle embrace on the couch, soaking in the new memories they were making.


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