Sixth Year. Albus,

Albus didn’t know who this girl was, but she was a welcome distraction from Grace. He could

barely handle seeing her snogging Patrick Vane among other blokes, or listening to Percy pine

for her any longer.

Albus needed to stop thinking about a certain sharp-tongued Gryffindor, and get the image of

her out of his head.

The girl was in fifth year, Albus knew that much, and a Gryffindor. But he didn’t know her name.

He was feeling tipsy from all the drinking he’d done at James’ Halloween party, and was being

pulled into a broom closet a little ways away. Al could still hear the pounding of music from the

room of requirement. The girl’s long dark hair was pin-straight and polar opposite of Grace’s.

Her hips swayed exaggeratedly as she walked into the broom closet, turning and Albus saw her

face for the first time that he could remember.

She wasn’t as pretty as Grace, then again, no one was. Her lips were thin and stern, her brown

eyes were dull and boring to Al, nothing compared to Grace’s bright eyes. He pestered himself.

Stop thinking about her! Her nose wasn’t like her nose, and her eyes were slightly too far apart.

For some reason, Albus found this funny.

He burst out in giggles. The girl, Albus decided she would be Francesca, frowned, looking hurt.

She placed her hands on her hips, her catlike figure swayed drunkenly.

‘What?’ She hissed over the pounding of the music. Her voice was husky and deep.

Nothing Francesca, nothing!’ He giggled. She frowned.

‘My name’s not –’

Albus waved his hand at her.

Whatever, now, what were we doing?’ He slurred, his voice went husky, something he

knew girls loved.

‘Oh, yeah…’ Suddenly, her voice became more deep and seductive. She played with his belt

absentmindedly. Oddly enough, Albus didn’t feel aroused. Didn’t feel… well, anything. Why

couldn’t he stop thinking about her? Angry with himself, and determined to stop being stupid

about Grace, when he had a girl who was interested right here, he pressed her up against the

wall, kissing her deeply.

She began unbuttoning his shirt, and suddenly the door flew open, drenching them in

torchlight from the hallway. Albus blinked and his eyes focused on two figures:

Lily and Ben Scruple, a Hufflepuff in her year.

Albus’ immediate reaction was anger. But it was wiped from his mind at the look on Lily’s face:

one of utmost rage.

Kailey? You – My friend – Why – ’ She seemed unable to gather proper words. So Francesca

was Lily’s friend? Oops. Now that he thought of it, Francesca did look like a one of Lily's closest

friends (Other than Grace) : Kailey.

‘Get out! Don’t ever talk to me again! Either of you!’ She yelled suddenly. Wow, Lily was really

showing her Weasley-woman temper. Ben Scruple was leaning away from her slightly, looking


She let out an infuriated scream, slapping Albus across the face before he could blink.

‘Lily, we were just snogging – ’ Albus tried to interject, but he let out another giggle.

This made her even angrier.

‘Albus! She’s my friend! You know they’re off-limits! And Kailey,’ She looked venomously at


Knew that. Fuck you.’ She said in a low voice. Francesca looked affronted.

‘Lily, what’s the big deal? It’s just –’

‘No! No! He’s my brother! If he dates any of you, that’s all I’ll think about! If you guys broke up,

it would be awkward! It's all anyone does! Don't you realize that I trusted you? Every girl tries

to get close to me, just so they can be with my brothers! I can't trust any of you! I thought I

could trust you! But apparently Grace is the only one who's got my back!’ She said, looking as

if sadness was mingling with her anger. She sounded desperate, as if they needed to

understand. Ben Scuple had been long forgotten, and was moving slowly away, back towards

the party hoping to leave unnoticed.

Al felt sorry for his sister, and untangled himself from Francesca.

‘Well, I’m sorry Lily.’ He slurred, doing an awkward bow. She fixed him with an incredulous look

as Albus continued on.

‘We shouldn’t have. Never again.’ He said, then burst out giggling again and gave a salute. He

turned, waving to Francesca.

‘Bye Francesca!’ He said cheerfully before walking back to the party.

‘My name’s not –’ But Francesca’s next words were cut off by the door slamming in her face.


Hi Again! Small Chapter, sorry about that. This chapter isn't crucial to the plot, but it really

shows what Lily thinks of Albus dating her friends. And how close they are... kind of. I had fun

with drunk Albus. You might remember me mentioning a Kailey before, but just a few times.

After the last chapter, don't we all need a funny one? Thanks for reading my loves!


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