As Harry stood there watching the man in dark clothe, he noticed something familiar about him. He’s Fin from Michelle’s ship. But he is more upright and stands taller. He’s got a big grin on his face.

“Fin? But why?” ask Harry.

“Why!? You ask? Harry Potter, you of all people should know why!? You killed Lord Voldemort,” said Fin whose voice seemed to change a little as he finished his sentence.

“You’re a death eater!?” asked Harry in shock.

The two eyed each other, no one moved. Ginny tied up on the ground next to Fin. From the corner of their eyes, they noticed Hermione popping in and out not too far from them. Fin’s eyes move around fast but kept his focus on Harry. During one of those pops, Hermione seemed to notice what was going on. She stayed longer and then disappeared again.

“Harry! Give me the time wand or the girl feels the..” Fin couldn’t finish his demand.

Hermione popped in not too far from Fin and shot a disarming spell at him. Fin was watching and waiting, he was ready for it. He dodged it and used the Incarcerous curse on Hermione. Harry saw his chance to attack, but Fin immediately pointed his wand at Ginny and used the Cruciatus Curse on Ginny. Ginny rolled where she was tied and screamed in pain. Harry stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Ginny in agony.

“Move again and it will be far worse for the girl,” said Fin in a low voice.

He stopped the curse, and using his own wand floated the time wand that Hermione was holding to himself. Now he has one of the time wands in is other hand.

“Now where is the Wesley boy?” said Fin.

Harry couldn’t figure it out, but he noticed something familiar about Fin. The way he moves, the way he talks, his voice, and his eyes are all very familiar, but where does he know him from. As he was studying Fin, he noticed Fin eyes darting back and forth as if he was looking for something. Maybe he was expecting Ron to pop up around him like Hermione did.

“Who are you?” asked Harry again, this time with some curiosity.

“I’m honored that you’re remembering. Your guess is correct; I’m not this Fin person from Michelle’s ship. He is but one of many people I had to use to disguise myself. Polyjuice, it’s a wondrous thing. I even had to stoop myself to hiding among the muggles. The Muggles! Of all things, and this was all because of you. You who should have died, not Lord Voldemort. You know many times I came so close; I would have killed you myself. But my lord wouldn’t have it because of the prophecy,” said Fin.

“It can’t be you! I thought you were dead or at least in Azkaban,” shouted Hermione.

“Not dead; injured and defeated during the war, but defiantly not dead. And don’t make me laugh. Azkaban. Hahaha,” he laughed.

“Azkaban is a joke now; a child could escape from it. Without the dementors; the left over aurors are nothing but complete incompetent buffoons. I needed no help escaping from there; after I fully recovered they couldn’t even hold me for more than a month. I escaped and the only thing I wanted was to take revenge. I didn’t care how or when, just survive long enough to kill you,” he looked happy as he said that.

“You!” shouted Ron from behind.

This gave enough warning for him to turn around and shoot the Impediment Jinx at Ron before he could attack. Afterwards he made more ropes appear out of his wand, and tied up Ron as well. While this was happening Harry took his chance and shoot a disarming spell at him. But he flickered away for a moment as if he knew it was coming. He timed it just so he popped out next to the future wand where Ron was and picked it up then disappeared again and reappeared next to Ginny. He used the Cruciatus curse again on Ginny. He laughed the whole time watching her riving in pain.

“Stop! Please stop,” cried Harry.

“I told you what I would do if you tried something, and now look what I had to do,” he said while smiling at Ginny’s pain.

This time he let the curse last longer and enjoyed every moment of Harry’s pain as he watched Ginny screaming. Harry was in more pain than Ginny, and he knew that. He enjoyed it; oh this takes him back to the good old times. Maybe he will enjoy it longer. But the time wands; he will have to get the last and most important one, the wand of the past. He stopped the curse.

“I guess there is no need to hide anymore,” as Jin’s face morphed away to reveal Antonio Dolohov.

“You! I know I know it. I know something wasn’t right. It was you in the bazaar, wasn’t it,” said Harry. “You were Deanol Hafty.”

“You figured it out didn’t you! Yes it was me,” said Dolohov.

“I could of kill you right there and then, and accepted my death without any regrets. But when you spoke of the time magic, I hesitated. It gave me an idea; the other four wanna be death eaters just wanted glory and fame for killing you. They were the no name death eaters we didn’t wanted, but after the war they were the only ones that weren’t locked up. We argued on what to do with you, but they didn’t want to wait. I left them on their own, I know they couldn’t kill you without me,” said Dolohov.

“That means Masime was part of this as well?” asked Harry.

“Masime? Oh, the merchant. He was but a tool, after we learn that you were looking for time magic I used the Imperius curse on him to talk you into falling for the trap. When one of them saw his fake Time Turner, I charmed it into a port key. Lucky I didn’t participate in the ambush in the woods. And after that I was never too far and very aware of your actions. I waited patiently for you to do whatever you had to do, and for my patience it has more than paid off,” said Dolohov.

“This is the best part,” said Dolohov. “After learning you were going to Hawaii, I found Michelle’s ship heading that way. I took out Fin and used the polyjuice potion. And you could only imagine how I felt when I learned that you were going to use Michelle’s ship to travel back. During the trip it wasn’t hard to use the Imperius curse on Tomolot, with his stuck up personality. The rest of the crew just followed him with some encouragement from Fin of course,” said Dolohov excitedly.

“Look at me talking to you like old friends. I guess when your vengeance is at hand you’re a little excited,” said Dolohov.

“Now, Harry Potter, if you don’t mind hand over the wand of time. The next curse on your girl friend will not be the Cruciatus. Slowly and don’t try to use it,” said Dolohov.

Harry looked at Ginny, Ron and Hermione as they lay tied up. Then he looked at Dolohov.

“No!” shouted Ginny.

“Don’t do it Harry!” followed Ron.

“Crucio!” shouted Dolohov as he shot the curse at Ron and Ginny this time.

Ron and Ginny screamed in pain, as they twist about where they were tied up. Dolohov enjoyed himself a little too much as he watched Ron thrashed around in pain. He wanted to curse all three of them just to see them scream and make Harry watch. But his enjoyment will have to wait. He focused back at Harry, who was screaming stop.

“Stop, I’ll give you the wand, just stop hurting my friends,” said Harry calmly.

Dolohov let Ron and Ginny scream a little longer and stopped the curse.

“You’re calm as ever, I guess you already faced death, so it’s not new. Now throw your time wand over,” commanded Dolohov.

Harry did so. Dolohov had all three wands in his hands. He looked like he was going to combine them all together.

“No, you can’t. The warning on the wall, you can’t combine two wands,” shouted Hermione.

“Oh your right,”said Dolohov pausing for a second. “I’m not going to combine the two wands, I’m going to combine all three!”

As the three wands touched each other, a golden line formed and sealed itself. Now the three separated wands are one. And Dolohov looked at the one Time Wand and started to laugh.

He laughed at the thought of being about to control all of time, the present, the future, and the past. This is it, he is going to change time itself. He was going to save his Lord; Lord Valdemort will once again rise to power. He will tell him of Harry Potter and how he lived after the Avada Kedavra Curse. They will make sure to kill Harry this time around. But wait.

He now has complete control over time itself. So why does he need to support Valdemort, when he can change it so Tom Riddle will support him. He can become the greatest dark wizard in history, in all of history. He can be Lord Dolohov and rule over his own Death Eaters as the Dark Lord. He can make all muggles and half blood pay.

At that very second Harry gestured something with his hands and the rope around Ginny disappeared. She reached into her pocket and throws something inside Dolohov’s open mouth as he was laughing. All that Quidditch practice has paid off. The object hit it’s mark, and landed into Dolohov’s mouth. Once it went in, Dolohov heaved over and vomited red hot fluids out, he looked like he just ate something that was really hot and spicy and he was vomiting it all out. Then as if time went backwards and the vomit went back into his mouth and out again. Ron was looking at this event and was almost nauseated himself. Then he realized this was one of George’s vomiting pills. It was the Ghost Pepper Vomit Pill or GPVP for short; guarantee to make your worst enemy never forget and regret ever messing with you. It was one of their prototypes. How did Ginny get her hands on it?

Harry seemed to be making movement with his hands; a shield charm formed and enclosed around Dolohov in sync with Harry’s movements. Then a shield of ice formed and enclosed the shield charm. Next the lava from the ground flowed over and enclosed the ice. And last another shield charm formed around everything and held it in place. Once complete the barriers seemed to form into a crystal like glass. Then the crystals that were nearby grew by themselves until they almost touched the globe. The structure looked like a snow globe held together by a crystal stand. Harry walked over to Ron and Hermione and gestured again and the ropes from their bodies also disappeared.

“How are you doing this? You. You’re performing wandless magic like Dumbledore,” said Ron.

“I’ll explain later,” said Harry as he helped everyone up.

They all looked at Dolohov as he was trapped inside this shield sphere. This reminded the three of Rabastan Lestrange who attacked them in the Room Of Mysteries when he got his head stuck in the crystal bell jar. They watched as Dolohov turn from himself, to an old man, to a young kid, and back again. All the while trying all kind of spells to break free of the sphere that he’s in. Sometimes he had the expression that he was ready to die, other times he stared out with hatred in his eyes, and next he seemed like he went mad. He was trapped inside this dome and the effects of the time wand made no changes on the outside world.

“Harry. How did you know to make this crystal shield?” asked Hermione.

“How did you know I wanted to use the vomit pill?” asked Ginny.

“How did you do this without your wand?” asked Ron

“O.K. O.K. I’ll tell you guys. Enough with the 3rd degree,” smiled Harry.

As Harry said this, Hazel flew out of nowhere and landed on Harry’s shoulders. Which confused the three even more.

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