Fourth year. Grace,

At first, Grace thought that Albus was just joking around with his snide and hurtful comments,

and Grace had laughed along for the sake of it. But she was sick of him speaking to her this

way, did he really hate her? Why hate your sister’s best friend? And frankly, she was sick of it.

Every time she spotted his black, messy hair coming towards her, she would tilt up her nose

and stride past him, ignoring his rude comments. She had thought he seemed quite nice, and a

perfect gentleman, the way he spoke to other Gryffindors. But he hated her. No, he downright

despised her.

Of course, Grace didn’t care. Not in the slightest. She didn’t feel like someone had stabbed her

every time he looked at her with loathing in his eyes. Of course not.

Of course not.

All thoughts of Albus Potter were driven from her mind as an owl dropped a letter in her lap. A


She’d never gotten a letter before, not at Hogwarts. The letter was addressed in emerald ink,

the same color that her letter that invited her to Hogwarts had been written in. And for a

moment, she felt an overwhelming sense of pride in herself. She was important. Someone

cared enough to send this. The sense of happiness was intoxicating and she could barely

breathe. But then again, the owl probably dropped it in front of the wrong person.

Grace McMullin; it was addressed to her, so it definitely wasn’t a mistake. And whoever had

written this letter didn’t know her well enough. Hale. Not her stupid father’s name; McMullin.

She went by her mother’s name. Grace Hale.

She felt oddly… on edge. She felt as if whatever news was in this letter, it was bad.

She slowly opened it, feeling her heart pounding in her chest. Lily was busy ripping into her

letters that she’d received from many members of her family. Grace tried not to be jealous,

instead looking down at the letter.

It wasn’t a long letter, only one or two sentences in it. How bad could it sentence be?

It is with our sincerest regrets that we must inform you of Eliza Hale’s passing, our


-St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Meladies

The air wouldn’t come into her lungs, as if they were on permanent protest. Her mother…

dead? No, she couldn’t be dead. She was too strong to let that disease get her. Mum had told

her it would soon be gone, their was nothing to worry about.

Her lungs screamed for air, her eyes welled with tears that never came. Her eyes bulged oddly

and her bony fingers gripped the paper, her nails ripped the paper where they came in contact.

She couldn’t be dead. Mum couldn’t be gone. No. Mum wasn’t that old either. Only twenty-nine

years old. Only seventeen years older than Grace herself. Surely life wasn’t that short? No one

could die like this, and leave their daughters behind, alone. He mother would never leave her

alone. She wouldn’t die. She wouldn’t.

But she had.

She felt as if a beast was tearing her down from the inside, as if she would die without her

mother. How could she no longer get any hugs from her, no more love from the only person

who loved her? It was too much information. No one could simply just be wiped off the planet,

especially her mother.

But why would St. Mungo’s send this if she wasn’t dead? Was this some cruel joke? No one at

Hogwarts, not even Lily, knew about her mum.

But her mind still felt empty, as if nothing mattered in the world except hearing her mum laugh

one last time. Just once. Just once more. She couldn’t breathe. She was drowning in it. She left

her, alone. Grace felt abandoned, devastated, angry.

Mum was gone.







Not gone, dead.

And Grace hadn’t been able to save her. She was slowly falling through dark waves of sadness,

descending into the depths of horror that was paralyzing her, making her go numb. She was

. She would never see her mother again. She wanted to see her one last time. Just once.

Only once. She would die to see her again, it was all she wanted.

She stood quickly, ignoring Lily’s protests and the curious looks she as she bolted out of the

hall, feeling as if she was burning all over. Her entire body was trembling as a storm seemed to

rage inside her of conflicted emotions.

Anger, for her mother leaving her alone.

Regret, for being angry.







But something else. As if all happiness had been sucked from the world, and Grace didn’t want

to take one more breath in this world without her mother in it. She wanted to die and be with

her mum. She felt as if she’d never be happy again, as if the pressure building in her chest

would soon cause her to implode, and she was quite happy with the thought.

Grace wanted to die.


How could she be such a coward? Her mother would be ashamed. She needed to keep moving,

for her. For her mum.

But right now, she needed to be alone. She was gasping for air still, because she knew she

would never see her mother again. No matter what. She was gone forever. No matter what

happened. And tears were blurring her vision, but she would not allow them to fall. She blindly

began climbing the staircase, happy that everyone would still be at breakfast.

Oh, what’s going on with Gryffindork?’ Said a snide voice. She wanted to crumble. She wanted

to scream at him, to sob and break him in half. Break his heart as hers was.

She kept walking as Albus followed.

‘Oh, too above it all to respond, huh?’

She would not give him the satisfaction. She would ignore him.

‘Wow, for a Gryffindor, you’re a coward. Are you going to go write to your mummy? Complain

about the nasty Slytherin?’ That hit a nerve. No. She would never get a letter from her

mother. Never. And that tore her apart. She whirled on him, and for the first time in her

life, let the tears fall, let the tears stream down her face now. Albus, through her tears, looked

utterly shocked and unsure what to do.

‘No! I won’t! Why are you so awful? What have I ever done to you? And I hope you know, these

tears,’ Grace pointed at the hot tears rolling down her cheeks. ‘Are not for you. I couldn’t give a

flying bezoar what you do! Just leave me out of it!’ She yelled,, feeling her rage pour off her in

waves. Not only about her mother but the pent up hurt from Albus being so awful. She moved

forward, not ashamed of the tears hitting the floor.

They were about the same size, as Albus hadn’t gone through puberty yet. She couldn’t read

his expression, but she didn’t care. Her chest was on fire.

‘I don’t care that you’re a Slytherin! I don’t care about… I don’t care…’ She whispered

pleadingly, shaking her head, just wanting him to get it. All she cared about was her mum. All

she wanted was one last hug. And she would never get it. She wanted to fall and never get up


‘I care that you are the most horrible person I’ve ever met, and I hate you with my entire being.’

I said, and I felt the beast inside me roar louder in my ears, as if in victory as I lost control, now

I was screaming. ‘And - And I wish I could hurt you! Make you feel how I feel for just ten

!’ Her hands shook. ‘Because you’d be as broken as I am! You’d know how it feels that

she’s dead!’ Grace screamed in his face. She felt ready to crumple to the floor, a sobbing

mess. But she took the last of her strength, and pushed herself away, stumbling ungracefully

down the hall towards a shortcut to the common room.

Hey! I'm back (surprise), and decided to get this chapter out to you ASAP, as requested.

This chapter was hard to write, to put myself again in the mind of loosing a mother or father

can crush someone. Grace's emotions are really based on my own in this chapter, and her

reaction. We see some very un-Albus-but-actually-Albus stuff, which was weird. So, first Grace

is an asshole, now Albus is an even bigger one! Confusing!

Please review! Love,


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