Tonks was tugged forward, nearly upsetting the box of pastries as her feet followed suit behind Sirius’ bounding form. He hurtled toward Remus, who appeared rooted to his spot at the bottom of the steps of Headquarters with an incredulous look on his face. Once Sirius reached the steps, he barked loudly and jumped up, placing his front paws on Remus’ shoulders.

“I think your pooch missed you,” Tonks said with a nervous smile.

Remus sighed and patted Snuffles on the head. “He’ll miss me more if he’s sent back to prison.” His words sounded harsh, but he was clearly attempting to smother a grin that was tugging at his lips. Pushing giant paws off his shoulders, Remus bent down to grab his rucksack that had fallen to the ground and took the box of pastries from Tonks. “We should get indoors.”

Tonks looked up and down the street to make sure there weren’t any Muggles watching before they climbed the steps of number twelve. After peeking around the front door to make sure the entry hall was deserted, Tonks entered the house with Remus and Snuffles close behind. Remus motioned for them to follow him into the dining room. Once the door was closed behind them, Tonks crouched down to remove the leash from Sirius’ neck.

“That was quite a risk the two of you took,” Remus said, placing the bakery box on the table as Snuffles transformed back to his human form.

“What’s life without a bit of risk?” Sirius asked as he plopped down into a dining chair and pushed back, balancing the chair on two legs.

“A jog around the block is worth a trip back to Azkaban?” Remus asked sharply.

Tonks shivered and untied the long-sleeved t-shirt she’d secured around her waist after their run was complete. Now that she wasn’t standing in the August sunshine, she was chilly from her sweat-drenched running clothes. Pulling the shirt over her head, she smiled a bit when she saw Remus watching her.

“Don’t be mad at him, it was my idea,” Tonks said.

Remus looked at her for a long moment before his expression softened slightly as he shook his head. “You two shouldn’t make a habit of that adventure.”

Sirius let the legs of his chair fall back in place with a thud. “Just like that, huh?” he asked. “It’s her idea, so now you’re not so angry? Maybe I should walk around in—well, I’m not quite sure what to call what you’re wearing, but I gather Moony likes it. Maybe if I wear something similar, he’ll start thinking my ideas aren’t so mad.”

“I’ve got a tank you can borrow,” Tonks said with a cheeky grin.

Sirius stood and walked to the door. “Somehow, I don’t think it would have the same effect,” he said with a smirk. “I’m off to shower. Make sure the kids save me something from the bakery.”

Once the door closed behind Sirius, Tonks looked to Remus with an apologetic smile.

“You really shouldn’t encourage him to leave the house,” he said.

“Even if he’s miserable?”

Remus raked a hand through his shaggy hair and sighed heavily as his hand came to rest on the back of his neck. Tonks stepped closer to him and ran her fingers through the hair that had fallen across his forehead. “That’s my job,” she said with a grin.

Remus hummed in agreement. “Your version is infinitely better,” he said as he closed his eyes and leaned into her hand. He brought her fingers to his lips before releasing her hand. “Are you free tonight?”

Tonks felt her pulse speed up at the thought of spending time with Remus that did not include Order duties. “Depends,” Tonks said with a shrug. At his raised eyebrows, Tonks smiled and continued. “Are you going to kiss me at the end of the night?”

Remus grinned. “Unless we forgo the tradition of a kiss being an end of the night ritual, and I kiss you now. With your permission, of course.”

Tonks pretended to consider his idea as a series of loud thumps came from the entry hall. A moment later, Mrs. Black’s portrait roared to life with a storm of scathing words, quickly joined by Molly’s angry reproach at whoever had caused the ruckus. Tonks did not want their kiss interrupted by mad portraits or mischievous teenagers. “Sorry, Professor, but you’ll have to be patient. Anyway, I’m far too smelly for kissing right now.” Tonks grabbed the bakery box from the table. “Let’s deliver these and spend some time with your naughty pooch before you abandon him again tonight.”


Tonks stood in front of her wardrobe later that day, contemplating what to wear on her date with Remus. He would be arriving shortly, and she was currently dressed quite inappropriately for public, wearing only her undergarments. Matching undergarments, of course. Even if this was a first date and her pink bra and matching pink and black lace knickers would remain hidden under her clothes, Tonks wanted to feel pretty in every way. For a moment, she wished she had time to ask her mother’s opinion on what to wear, but then reminded herself that asking her mother would bring along questions she really didn’t feel like answering just yet. Flipping through her clothes, she thought ruefully that this is what she got for having a boy as a best mate all through school. She’d had a couple of close girlfriends, of course, but most of them were busy getting married and starting families. Now that she was doubling her workload with Order duties, she hadn’t spoken to any of her female friends in over a month.

At least her dilemma, for once, wasn’t a laundry problem. Since she hadn’t been on a date in more time than she cared to admit, anything that she deemed date appropriate clothing was clean and patiently waiting in the back of her wardrobe. Finally, she narrowed her choices down to two outfits; a pair of slim black capri pants with a purple lace-trimmed camisole and a denim jacket, or a low-backed jersey knit raspberry-colored dress covered in little black polka-dots. Remembering the offhand comment Remus had made about how she should wear skirts more often, she decided on the dress. Once she put it on, she was glad for her choice. It was short sleeved, so she’d pair it with her jacket while they were out. The dress was on the shorter side, hitting a few inches above her knees, the skirt flaring out slightly from the waist, allowing it to flutter about her thighs flirtatiously.

She slipped on her black flats and set about morphing her hair. She’d decided on pink, since it was obviously Remus’ favorite, but she couldn’t decide on a style. Usually, Tonks preferred her hair short, finding long hair to be fussy. But, for their date, she wanted something she didn’t wear to work a few days a week. Deciding she’d liked her style for the party at Malfoy Manor, Tonks closed her eyes and morphed her hair to chin length curls, but matched the color to that of her raspberry colored dress. Satisfied with her hair, she darkened her lashes—happy, not for the first time, that she needn’t mess about with mascara— and added a coat of sheer pink gloss to her lips. Stepping back from her bathroom mirror, she beamed at her results, feeling much more girly than usual.

At precisely half past six, Tonks heard a knock at her door, causing her heart to flutter wildly in her chest as she practically skipped to answer the knock. At the sight of Remus standing in her doorway, she couldn’t help the wide grin that broke across her face. He looked positively scrummy in a blue button down shirt and tan trousers, topped with a tweed jacket. The top two buttons of his shirt were left casually undone. His hair was as shaggy as ever, and he’d left his beard, but tidied it up after his week and half away. Although his clothes still had a worn look to them, she was certain he had picked his least threadbare items for their date.

He smiled and stared at Tonks as if he’d never seen her before. His gaze started at her pink curls and drifted down, taking in her dress, before settling once more on her face.

Tonks quirked an eyebrow at him. “Better than my t-shirts and work boots?”

“Not that I mind your t-shirts and boots,” he said with another glimpse at her dress, “but I do enjoy this look.”

“Thanks,” Tonks said, feeling giddy at his compliment. She stepped back the let him enter her flat. “Let me get my jacket and we can be off.” She walked to her bedroom and grabbed her denim jacket from the bed and shrugged it on, slipping her wand into a hidden pocket her mother had added near the button closure.

Tonks found Remus looking at the framed photos on her bookshelf when she emerged from her bedroom. He picked up a frame that held a picture of her and her parents when she graduated from Auror training.

“Your mother looks—”

“Tread carefully,” Tonks interrupted warningly. “Unless you want to be on her bad side before you’ve even met.”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing like her sister,” Remus deadpanned. “If her temper is anything like yours, I’d hate to aggravate it.”

Tonks laughed. “She’s far too refined to let her temper show. It’s that whole Noble House of Black upbringing.”

Remus looked at the photo once more. “You’re a good mix of both parents. Your eyes are definitely your mother’s, but your smile is your father’s.” He placed the frame back in its spot on the bookshelf and turned back to Tonks. “Are you ready?”

“Where are we headed?” Tonks asked eagerly. She didn’t care where they went, she was simply ecstatic for the chance to go on a date.

“Have you heard of Music in the Park?” When Tonks shook her head, Remus continued. “The Royal Parks run a series of free concerts throughout the summer months. Tonight, there is a band performing in St. James’s Park that is playing Rock ‘N Roll hits. Queen, The Police, Pink Floyd, The Who.” He reached into his jacket pocket and produced his shrunken rucksack. “Since I know food is a requirement, I’ve packed us a picnic. I also relieved the Black Family cellar of a bottle of wine.”

Tonks was speechless. Most of the dates she’d been on had consisted of trying to impress her with some fancy meal before asking if her bits morphed as easily as her hair. Nobody had ever put that much effort into taking her out. No matter that his funds couldn’t afford him the chance to take her out for a fancy meal, what he had planned was by far better than any other date she’d had.

With her silence, Remus suddenly looked apprehensive. “Is that—”

“It’s brilliant,” Tonks said with a shy smile.

Remus offered his arm. “Shall we?”

They Apparated to a secluded spot behind a park building. Being close to the Ministry, St. James’s Park was near her flat, and was a frequent spot for her runs. But as she usually ran the perimeter of the park, Tonks didn’t recognize where they were. Remus led her around the side of the building to a clearing that held a small bandstand where musicians were already warming up and tuning their instruments. The clearing was already half-full with people arranging blankets and picnic hampers.

“The music doesn’t start until seven-thirty, but the space fills up rather quickly,” he explained as he guided her through the maze of concert goers and their blankets before stopping at a spot a fair distance away from the stage. Tonks let go of his arm so he could pull his bag from his jacket pocket and enlarge it. He pulled out a large blanket and laid it on the grass, inviting Tonks to sit.

Sitting carefully on the blanket, hoping she hadn’t flashed her knickers to the entire park, she crossed her legs at the ankles and leaned back on her hands. Remus knelt to unpack the remaining items from his bag as Tonks surveyed the clearing. She saw a variety of people setting up their own picnics. There were couples, young families, groups of friends, but she didn’t see anybody sitting quietly on their own. She wondered how often he’d been to this park to listen to the music. Her heart clenched at the thought of him, sitting quietly alone, listening to a concert. Considering how unworthy of anyone’s company he deemed himself, she thought it unlikely that he’d brought a date—or even a friend—here before.

“How is it that I live just minutes from this park and I didn’t know about this?” Tonks asked, wondering if she should ask about his previous visits.

“I imagine you haven’t the free time to seek out musical entertainment.”

Tonks snorted in amusement. “Free time is hard to come by. How’d you happen upon this?”

“My love of music came from my mother. But, concert tickets are notoriously expensive. When I read an article in The Telegraph on the anniversary of Music in the Park a number of years ago, I checked it out.” He looked up from his task of setting out their picnic to look at Tonks with a wry smile. “A free concert in a park full of Muggles was the perfect opportunity for an economical and anonymous way to enjoy live music.”

Tonks watched Remus set about opening the bottle of wine, impressed at his use of wandless magic to pull the cork neatly from the bottle. Something about his reference to anonymity struck Tonks, causing her, once again, to wonder at the amount of prejudice he’d encountered in his life. Enough that he felt more comfortable in a group of strange Muggles than in a group of wizards. She realized she didn’t know everything there was to know about Remus Lupin, but she knew for certain that the people who shunned him had no idea that they were missing out on something wonderful. This man, who had been through so much pain and suffering in his life, had proven in the short time that they’d known each other to be one of the kindest people she’d ever met, as well as a brave soldier for their cause and a loyal friend.

Tonks didn’t want to wait until the end of the night to show him that she had no reservations about being with him. She needed no anonymity. Whether in the company of Muggles, wizards, Hags, it didn’t matter. If they were standing in the middle of Diagon Alley at that moment rather than sitting in a park, the urge to kiss him would be no different.


He looked up from pouring wine into two glasses. She fleetingly wondered what charm he’d used to bring them safely along in his bag. “Hmm?”

“I was wondering.” Tonks kicked off her shoes and maneuvered to her knees. She shuffled across the blanket to a surprised Remus and ran her hand along the stubble on his jaw. “May I have a quick preview of the end of the night?”

His gaze darted to her lips before he closed the distance between them. Their lips met lightly, tentatively, as if waiting for something to interrupt them once again. When no interruption came, Tonks leaned in closer as his lips press more firmly against hers, parting to teasingly draw her bottom lip between his. The kiss was brief, but sent Tonks’ pulse racing with the delightful promise of what was to come later. She fought the urge to lean in for another kiss. They were, after all, in a park full of people. If she kissed him again, she wasn’t sure she would be able to stop from assaulting him with a full-on snog.

“Thank Merlin we weren’t interrupted that time,” she said, smiling at his slightly dazed expression while holding the wine glasses.

Remus handed Tonks her glass of wine. “I’ve never been more thankful for a few moments of quiet.”

They talked and laughed easily as they relaxed on the blanket, eating and drinking the food and wine Remus had packed. Tonks was thrilled with the picnic. There were sausage rolls, sliced roast beef on baguette—no horseradish to ruin snogging opportunities with dragon breath, she happily noted—and fresh strawberries. Most importantly, there was a Honeydukes chocolate bar for them to split for dessert.

As it began to get dark, the music started. Tonks laughed loudly at the sound of Queen’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love being played by classical instruments. She was thoroughly entertained by having some of her and her father’s favorite Rock N Roll songs played by the orchestra. As they listened to the music and finished their bottle of wine, they began a game of identifying the songs; whoever could identify the song first got to ask the other a question.

“Did you ever morph to impersonate a teacher?”

“Of course,” Tonks answered quickly.

“Did you really get a detention for calling Professor McGonogall ‘Minnie’ during class?”

“Yes,” Remus answered rather sheepishly. “I blame your cousin for that one.”

“Who is the worst Auror in the office to get partnered with?”

“Dawlish,” Tonks answered without hesitation.

Tonks enjoyed hearing Remus laugh at her story of how she’d been caught breaking Charlie out of detention by morphing into Bill, nicking his Prefect’s badge for good measure. It worked brilliantly until they encountered the real Bill coming through the fruit bowl portrait concealing the kitchen just as they went to enter.

They were still laughing as the next song started. Tonks didn’t recognize it and raised her eyebrows at Remus in question. He smiled in return and said, “Queen. You Take My Breath Away.

“All right then, Professor. What’s your question?”

Remus stood and took off his jacket, tossing it to the blanket. “Dance with me?” he asked as he held his hand out to Tonks.

“Dancing with me comes with a bit risk, you know,” Tonks replied with a smile, reaching for his hand. “You could easily end up with a broken toe.”

He pulled her to her feet and grasped one hand while wrapping his arm around Tonks’ waist, holding her close to his body. “Any risk I’ve taken with you so far has been well worth it.”

Tonks thought for a moment she might actually swoon as they danced—swayed quietly, really, since the clearing was crowded with picnic blankets. The whole evening had been like a lovely dream in the middle of the harsh reality of their current life. A glimpse into what their relationship could be like if they didn’t have to constantly juggle work, Order meetings, and missions. She rested her cheek on Remus’ chest and tried commit the entire evening to memory.

The music ended and Tonks heard applause, indicating the end of the concert. She was unwilling to move. If they collected their things as others in the park were doing, it meant the night was almost over. As much as she was anticipating the end of the night ritual that awaited them, picking up where they’d left off earlier, she didn’t want their date to end.

Eventually, they broke apart. As Tonks folded their blanket, and Remus collected the remnants of their picnic, they chatted animatedly over which song had been the best and which songs should never have been set to an orchestra score. When they returned to the Apparition point, Remus wrapped his arms around Tonks and spun them away, landing a moment later with his body pressing Tonks against her door. Their position reminded her of ending their mission to the Poison Quill many weeks before. She’d been longing for him to kiss her since that moment.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to wait any longer. With his intense gaze focused on her, Remus lowered his head and pressed his lips to hers. This time there was no interruption, no crowd of people, nobody to stop them as their lips moved slowly against each other’s. Tonks slid her hands up his chest to the back of his neck, one hand continuing its path to run her fingers through his hair, earning her a low groan of approval from Remus. His lips parted, silently asking permission to deepen the kiss as he held her against his body.

Tonks had never experienced such a kiss. It was so sweet and tender that it nearly brought her to tears, yet the heat behind it was undeniable. Feeling the light touch of his tongue run across her bottom lip, Tonks tightened her grip in his hair, urging him to continue. She surrendered to his kiss, allowing her senses to be overwhelmed by him; the feel of his hair clutched in her fingers, the taste of wine and chocolate on his tongue as it slid against hers, the warmth of his hands as they skimmed down her back to rest on her hips.

Remus broke the kiss to trail his lips across Tonks’ jaw, continuing a path down her neck.

“Come in?” she asked breathily.

Remus’ response was muffled against the sensitive skin below her ear, but she gathered that it was a yes considering the attention he was now giving her earlobe. Tonks released her grip in his hair to fumble with her jacket, searching for her wand. She released her wards and groped behind her for the handle. Still attending to Tonks’ neck, Remus released a hand from her hip to assist in her efforts with the handle.

Once the door was opened, Tonks stumbled through as she used her wand to turn on the light. She giggled breathlessly as Remus’ strong arms kept her from toppling to the floor. He waved his hand vaguely at the door, causing it to slam shut. They stopped for a moment and simply stared at each other, a small smile pulling at Remus’ lips. Tonks smiled back, taking in his disheveled hair and astonished expression. Tonks placed a hand on his chest and pushed him toward the couch, keeping her eyes on him. Thankfully, there was nothing to trip over along the way. She tossed her wand to the chair before shoving Remus’ jacket off his shoulders. He shrugged free of offending outerwear before Tonks placed both hands on his chest and pushed him to sit on the couch. She kicked off her shoes and kneeled on the couch, straddling his thighs.

Remus reached up and pushed an errant raspberry colored curl behind Tonks’ ear. “Je ne peux pas arrêter de te, he said softly. “Vous êtes comme un arc-en-ciel dans un monde de gris.He ran his hands slowly up and down Tonks’ bare thighs. “It means I can’t take my eyes off you. You’re like a rainbow in a world of grey.”

A shiver went through her body at his words. Tonks grinned as she ran her hands up his chest to settle on his neck once more. “I believe I owe you a prize.”

Their lips met again, tongues sliding more insistently this time as their hands roamed each other’s bodies. Remus helped her shrug free from her jacket before returning his hands to her backside, caressing in leisurely circles. Deep, slow kisses caused them to move against each other. Their mutual attraction and weeks of touching once another—sometimes innocently, sometimes not—was fueling their passion, driving them to explore one another. As their embrace became more intense, Tonks wriggled on his lap, trying to angle her body with his in a way that would bring relief to the heat flooding through her.

Suddenly, Remus tore his mouth from hers and gasped, “Nymphadora.” He took a deep breath and gripped her hips to still her movements. “We shouldn’t rush this.”

Tonks rested her forehead on his and attempted to slow her breathing. A voice in the back of her head brought her back to the reality that it was only their first date. Although it didn’t feel like a first date; it felt like they’d known each other much longer than the month that they had.

“Must you be the voice of reason?” Tonks asked with a smile.

“If it’s any consolation to you, I immediately regret my decision,” he replied in a voice even more hoarse than usual.

Tonks giggled. “You’re leaving me in the same wretched state I was in all last week,” she said with a sigh. Not wanting to tease him any further, she gave him a light kiss before scooting back to rest closer to his knees. “Except now, I have even more naughty thoughts to distract me.”

Remus wrapped his arms around her and quickly twisted them so Tonks was lying beneath him on the couch, earning him a surprised shriek. He gave her a lingering kiss. “Did you think of me while I was away?”        

“It’s possible,” Tonks said noncommittally.

“What did you think about?” he murmured against the base of her neck.

“A little of this, a little of—” Tonks gasped as Remus rocked his body deliciously against hers, his desire quite apparent. “That.” Hung like a Hippogriff, indeed. “You’re not playing fair,” she said as she slithered a hand around his body to pinch his bum. “You said we should stop.”

“Did I?” he asked distractedly, placing kisses across Tonks’ collar bone. “You’re right.” He pushed himself up to look into her face. “It’s getting late, and you are far too lovely for me to behave myself.”

A shiver ran through her at his words. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes, desperately wanting him to stay, but thinking it was probably a bad idea. If he stayed any longer, he’d likely see the pretty matching underwear she’d picked out. She opened her eyes to see his almost pained expression and realized she’d said the last bit aloud.

After two half-hearted attempts to say goodnight and one very passionate snog at the door—unfortunately interrupted when the nosy old witch across the hall abruptly opened her door—their night ended. As far as Tonks was concerned, it had been the best date in the history of all dates ever, and she could hardly wait to see Remus again. Smiling like a fool as she readied herself for bed, she thought that perhaps she had never been in a better mood.


The following morning, Tonks couldn’t help the grin she sported, or keep from humming of tunes from the previous night’s concert as she spent the morning with her parents. She was happily replaying the night in her mind when her mother interrupted her thoughts.

“Nymphadora, what is that tune you’ve been humming all morning?”

“Queen. You Take My Breath Away,” Ted replied without looking up from his newspaper.

Andromeda eyed Tonks critically. “Are we going to continue tip-toeing around the subject of the man you’re seeing?”

“How did you get from Queen to that?” Tonks asked, knowing that the questions she didn’t yet want to answer were looming closer. When her mother said nothing, but continued to watch her, Tonks rolled her eyes and said, “I’ll tell you about it when I’m ready.”

“I’m very curious of this man you’re seeing.” Ted said over the edge of his paper.

“We’ve only just had our first date, I’d hardly call that seeing one another.”

“First date, hmm?” Ted said with a smile. “A lot can be said for first dates.”

Tonks huffed in amusement. “Like what? You and Mum have a bang on the first date?”

“Snogged in the Hufflepuff locker room.”

“Ted!” Andromeda cried. “That was not our first date!”

“You’re right, love, that was before our first date, wasn’t it?”

“Really?” Tonks said, laughing loudly. Not even the slightly disturbing thought of her parents snogging could temper her amusement. She knew, of course, that her parents had fallen in love sometime in their sixth or seventh year at Hogwarts, but she didn’t know exactly how it had started. The stories she knew all took place after school had ended and her mother had left her family for good. Suddenly curious, she arched an eyebrow at her mother in a perfect Black Family impression.

Andromeda gathered her composure after her uncharacteristic outburst at her husband. “Your father was very charming,” she said loftily, sending a pile of breakfast dishes to the sink with a swift flick of her wand.

“That doesn’t answer my question,” Tonks said, enjoying the rise she was getting out of her mother.

“The matter of your father and I in a broom shed is none of your—”

“Broom shed?” Tonks shrieked. “He said locker room!

Andromeda’s cheeks tinged pink as she glared at Ted who was chuckling behind his paper. “You two may clean up breakfast.”

As her mother left the kitchen, Tonks groaned at the thought of attempting any sort of householdy spell.

“Reckon I deserved that,” Ted said as he folded his paper. “You send the things over, and I’ll do the washing.”

They worked in companionable silence for a few minutes before Ted spoke. “She’s worried about you, poppet. That’s why she’s asking after this Remus bloke.”

Tonks let a coffee mug crash to the floor in her surprise. She knew from their earlier cryptic conversations that her mother was aware that the man she fancied was Remus, but Tonks was surprised that her mother had spoken to her father about it. Frowning, she wondered if that indicated their opinion on the matter. With a quick Reparo, she fixed the mug and sent it to the sink.

“Are you worried?”

“Your mother’s worried you’ll get your heart broken.” Ted turned to look at Tonks levelly. “I’m worried about your job.”

Tonks snorted. “I think some of my other activities are more threatening to my job.”

“Exactly. You’re already taking a risk.” Ted took a deep breath before continuing. “The Ministry isn’t exactly keen on werewolves right now.” He held up a hand when Tonks opened her mouth to argue. “Before you lose your temper, neither one of us gives a toss that he’s a werewolf.”

Tonks stared at her father for moment, thinking over his words before cracking a small smile. “Were those Mum’s exact words?”

Ted chuckled. “Go talk to your mother while I finish up here.”

Her father must really want Tonks to speak to her mother if he was offering to do housework for her. Tonks went in search of Andromeda, finding her tending to the pile of robes she’d brought. “Are you going to tell me about your adventures in various hidden spots around Hogwarts?” she teased.

“I’ll make a bargain with you,” Andromeda said as she lifted a set of wrinkled work robes from the pile, giving Tonks an impatient look.

“A bargain from a Slytherin?” she asked as she flopped down on her parent’s bed. “You’ll end up benefitting from this so-called bargain.”

“I’ll tell you one small story of how I fell for your father’s…charm, as he puts it, if you’ll listen for a moment.”

“Story first,” Tonks demanded.

Andromeda smiled and shook her head, before grudgingly beginning her story. Tonks giggled mercilessly at her mother’s story of being caught by Madame Hooch in the broom shed off the Quidditch pitch. Apparently, she’d pretended to be telling Ted off and using her Prefect’s powers to give him a detention for lingering after practice. Andromeda said that Madame Hooch had certainly seen through her story, but, like Poppy Pomfrey, she wasn’t one to ask too many questions. After all, students snogging in the broom shed was not a novel idea.

“Now that I have thoroughly embarrassed myself, you’ll tell me a bit about this romance of yours.”

Tonks shrugged. “I like him.”

“You’ll have to do better than that, my dear.” Andromeda hung another set of work robes and brought them to a perfectly pristine ironed state with well-practiced wand work. “I had already gathered that you like him.” She looked down at Tonks still sprawled across her bed. “Through no fault of his own, he’s had a hard life. This relationship will not be simple.”

“I know that,” Tonks said defensively. “He’s just… .” She wasn’t sure if she was ready to tell her mother the depth of what she felt for Remus. “Unlike anyone I’ve ever met. He’s kind and thoughtful and… .” An amazing kisser and so bloody handsome.

“You’re blushing, Nymphadora.”

Tonks covered her face with her hands to hide her smile and her flushed cheeks. “I get it, all right? I’ll be careful.”

“You have quite a lot to be careful about these days.”

Tonks looked at her mother’s worried face. She sat up and scooted across the bed to envelope her mother in a hug. The sort of hug that made Andromeda fret over her wrinkled clothes on the outside, but Tonks knew made her happy on the inside because for most of her life she didn’t receive such comforts. One didn’t lower themselves to needing physical comfort past the toddler years in the Noble House of Black.

Tonks enjoyed the afternoon at her parent’s house. After tea, she was contemplating whether popping in to Headquarters to see Remus would be silly or not. Knowing he was spending the first part of the day with Dumbledore discussing his latest mission, she thought he would probably return for dinner. She decided she would stop in under the guise of dropping of a care package for Sirius from her mother. Standing in the kitchen, gathering the items her mother had set aside, Tonks hummed You Take My Breath Away

A/N: So...what'd you think!? Hopefully you've been dying as much as I have for them to have their first date:).

As usual, it's Jo's not mine. I particularly enjoy Tonks' description in OOtP of not being particularly good at "householdy" spells;)

Also not mine are the Queen songs mentioned in this chapter. Crazy Little Think Called Love and You Take My Breath Away are both songs by the wonderfully iconic British rock band, Queen, that was formed in London in 1970. If you don't know any Queen songs, go check them out...they're great! Have a great week!

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