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 Dearest Reader,

I am back! And I'm writing so much more. I plan to only write fanfiction on here. I have also grown a lot since as a writer. Hopefully that will become evident.

A little bit about this story: it's supposed to have a playlist that you listen to while your read. Each chapter name will be the name of the song. This is NOT a song-fic. It's just a fun experiment that I'm trying out.

Every direct quote in this chapter will have a star next to it, as with every other chapter. This portion comes from pages 171 - 192 of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Please read, write, and review!


Disclaimer: I only own anything you do not recognize.


Iris by the GooGoo Dolls

The Great Hall was overfilled with students. Durmstrang sat with the Slytherins. Beauxbatons sat with Ravenclaw. Nobody noticed, though. Everyone was staring at the goblet with blue flames standing next to Dumbledore. He was explaining how it worked before introducing a man named Barty Crouch. Mr. Crouch's words seemed to upset the general assembly.

"That's rubbish!"*

"Not fair at all!"*

"SILENCE!" Dumbledore's voice roared over the crowd.*

Hermione Granger sighed, resting her head on her arms. Fred Weasley turned his head to her, forgetting his temporary rage. He returned to his seat next to her.

"Problem, Granger?" He asked. She huffed in response. He lifted an eyebrow at her, questioning her.

"Later, Fred," she said. Crouch was continuing with rules and regulations for the Triwizard Tournament. And she hated every single one of them for it. She believed that the three schools needed a better sense of community, but not like this. Was she the only sensible one here? Someone could die! She glared at the Ministry officials that stood at behind the staff table. None of them seemed to notice.

"Careful, Granger," Fred whispered in her ear. She tensed, startled. "You might break them." She elbowed him in between the ribs and he chuckled. As Crouch stepped backwards, a Durmstrang student stood up, wand raised. Everyone turned their attention to him. He thrust his arm forward, wordlessly casting a spell. The electric blue lightning went straight for Crouch, who threw up his wand and produced a shield charm. The lightning bounced off the shield and went into the Goble of Fire, which turned a sickly green color. The flames roared. Dumbledore's wand flew to his hand and he tried to contain the flames, but it was too late. The damage was done.

The flames burst throughout the room, swirling, dancing, turning. Every student was hit. Fred grabbed Hermione, trying to hide her from the blast but ultimately failing. The odd thing was the flames did not burn anyone. Instead, they went through everyone, as if they were ghosts. After the flames came the smoke. There was so much smoke.

A few moments later, the smoke cleared to reveal several teachers and aurors clearing the smoke with their wands. Students coughed and quaked in their seats. Some of the younger students cried, but all in all, it appeared that no one was hurt. A sudden scream from Pansy Parkinson made heads turn back to the Slytherin table. The Durmstrang student was sprawled on the floor, dead. A Hufflepuff - Cedric Diggory - pulled Pansy away as the Aurors rushed over to remove his body quickly. Karkaroff started yelling at his students in Russian, all of whom seemed to shrink back. Dumbedore raised his hand.

"Igor, I do not believe your students are out to hurt everyone," he stated. "I believe this was an isolated incident that was caused by distress. I do not place the blame on you." Karkaroff visibly relaxed, along with he rest of Durmstrang. Dumbledore smiled at the students. "I apologize for Mister Asinov's rebellios act. As soon as the evening is over, we will begin our investigation." He looked directly at Hermione and she knew what he meant. She nodded slightly and he continued. "Now, off to -"

"WHAT IN MERLIN'S BEARD IS ON YOUR ARM?" Everyone turned to see Lavendar Brown pointing to Pavarti Patil's left wrist. There was a twisting pattern that went up her arm. Panicking, she rolled up her sleeve to reveal that it went all the way up past her elbow. Hermione quickly looked down at her left arm and found a similar design. Hers had a heyna dancing along the lines. Everyone stared at their own arms, perplexed.  Some did not have any lines, which was even more confusing. She stood as Dumbledore sent fireworks out of his wand.

"ALL STUDENTS TO THEIR DORMITORIES IMMEDIATELY. PREFECTS, PLEASE LEAD STUDENTS TO THEIR ROOMS NOW." The Great Hall became a mess as students began scrambling for the exit. Prefects led the first years to their dorms. Hermione stayed in her spot. Ron and Harry sat with her. Once all of the students were out of the Great Hall, she approached the staff table, her best friends on her heels.

"What do you need from me," she asked. Madam Maxime scoffed.

"Let the experts handle this," she said.

"Hermione Granger is the brightest witch of her age," Dumbledore said before anyone else could speak. "Let the 'professionals' focus on protecting the school. She knows the library inside and out. I give you full permission to peruse every inch of that library, Miss Granger. You must be careful, though. There are secrets in the library that must be kept a secret. That is why Mister Potter and Mister Weasley cannot join you on this crusade. Only you can do this." Hermione's eyes widened.

"You want me to find out what is going on, sir?"

"That is precisely what I want you to do. I want you to report your findings to either any professor or Auror. I have complete faith that you will find out what happened and what can be done to undo it." Dumbledore nodded at her. "Good luck, Miss Granger." Hermione nodded, still in shock, but she walked out of the Great Hall. Ron and Harry followed her.

"I need to make a times table," she said as the walked up the staircses. "Classes start up in a few days, so I need to make sure that I have enough time to sudy -"

"Merlin's Beard, Hermione!" Ron shouted. They were on the third floor. She whipped around to look at him. He was grimacing up at her. "You get the chance to save the school, instead of Harry, and all you can bloody think about is school?"

"School is important to me," she said, low enough for only them to hear. A painting of three old women sipping tea nearby shouted at the trio.

"What the devil is going on," one asked.

"Nothing we'd bother telling you," Harry quipped. They tutted about, "Rude children," and, "How dare they treat us this way?" The three Gryffindors climbed the rest of the way to their tower in silence.

"Sophocles," Ron muttered at the Fat Lady. He rushed inside. Harry put his hand on Hermione's shoulder.

"I know that Dumbledore said that we can't help you, but if you do need help, please ask me," he said. "Ron won't help. He's upset that Dumbledore trusts you with this mission. But I've got a feeling that he will be okay with me knowing." Hermione nodded in agreement.

"I'll use you for whenever I need it," she said. "You just focus on Quidditch and school. At least this year, you're not the one who has to save the school, right?" They both laughed as they entered the Common Room. Most of the students were already in bed, but Fred and George sat on the couch by the fire.

"Have a nice chat with Dumbledore?" Fred asked, quiriking an eyebrow at the pair.

"He wants me to find out what's going on," Hermione explained. The twins looked at each other in surprise. "I'm meant to save the whole school."

"Shite," George whispered. Fred stretched his arms above his head, showing off his left forearm. An otter swam across the lines. Hermione turned and headed for the stairs.

"I'm going to get some rest. I have a feeling I have my work cut out for me and I don't want to fall asleep in the library." She turned back the three boys. "Good night." She ran up the stairs, trying to think of her day. When she opened the door, she spotted Lavendar and Pavarti perched on Lavendar's bed. Pavarti's arm was bared to the world.

"Hermione," Pavarti said, gesturing her to come forward. "What do you make of this?" Hermione approached the girls, ignoring Lavendar's glares. The lines on her arms swirled, but there was something missing. It took Hermione a moment to realize what it was.

There was no animal dancing along her arm.

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