Once Harry was upon the island the storm seemed to have settled. The island was big; it had a beach and a large volcano with many palm trees and overgrown foliage all around. It appears untamed and very natural. As Harry got closer he noticed smoke coming from the volcano top, but when he landed on the beach he felt cold. Once he settled, he brought out the locket and let Ron, Hermione, and Ginny out.

“Wow that was wicked. The room locket was quite comfortable and we can see what was happening outside from the inside. I should get one for myself,” said Ron looking around.

Harry handed it to Ron, “Sure you keep it. I don’t think I’m going to need it again.”

“Gee, thanks Harry,” smiled Ron as he took the locket from Harry.

“I’m cold. And this island is strange. I don’t hear anything,” said Ginny.

Everyone stopped talking. Ginny was right there was not a single sound; the movement of the leaves on the trees didn’t make a sound, the waves on the beach didn’t make a sound, there was wind but no sound. The scene felt quite eerie.

“Well this might just be the island from Harry’s visions. Let’s look around for the wands,” said Hermione.

“In my vision, I saw myself flying high, reaching for a wand that was hanging on the edge of a cliff. I’m going to fly around on my broom and look around,” said Harry.

“I’ll go with you,” followed Ginny.

“O.K. then, I guess Ron and I will look around elsewhere, should we meet back here in 30 minutes or so?” asked Hermione.

“That sounds like a good idea, let’s do that,” said Harry as he and Ginny prepare to fly off.

Harry and Ginny flew towards the volcano and looked around the cliffs and edges as they circled it. Ron and Hermione were walking around the beach and then the forest. Soon they also got on their brooms and circled near the bottom of the volcano, until they noticed something unusual.

“Look over there by the trees, I think I see a cave or something,” said Hermione. “Let’s get closer.”

“Be careful, I think we should let Harry know,” said Ron.

“It’s not time yet, let’s take a quick look,” replied Hermione.

They got closer to the cave and noticed the foliage didn’t grow anywhere near the entrance. Once they reached the inside they saw ice inside the cave. But the temperature was not cold, it was warm. Ron felt the ice and it was also warm.

“This is wicked,” said Ron. “Warm ice.”

The cave seemed to go further in the volcano. They didn’t want to go too far, so they headed out to the beach and waited for Harry and Ginny to return. Soon they saw Harry and Ginny flying over.

“Harry we found an entrance to a very weird cave. You won’t believe this but it had warm ice inside,” said Ron excitedly.

“Warm ice? That’s more than we found, let’s go check out this cave then,” said Harry excitedly.

Soon they were at the entrance of the cave and they flew inside. Once they pass the long tunnel, it opened into a grand area with ice crystals everywhere and lava flowing near the bottom. But the temperature was just right, not hot or cold. Light seemed to be emitting out of the crystals, like light bulbs. Near the wall of flowing river of lava there appeared to be words carved into the stone.

“Never combine two wands,” it read.

“I can feel it, the wand must be here somewhere,” said Harry as he was looked around and flew off.

“Wait Harry,” cried Ginny as she flew after him.

Ginny was good on the broom, she was the schools seeker in a Quidditch game. But Harry was much better; he was flying around dodging the crystals as if he was back in Hogwarts playing in the Quidditch games. Ginny couldn’t keep up, and Harry didn’t even look back as she yells out his name.

Harry knew he was close, he could feel it. As he was flying around, the crystals seemed to grow as he approached. As he flew upwards the crystals grew faster as if trying to catch him. Just as he was looking up, he saw it. A wand; or half a wand, was floating underneath a crystal on the top of a cliff. He made a beeline for it. The crystals was growing faster now, a few ripped his clothe. He reached out his hand and grabbed it, like he was grabbing for the Golden Snitch. Once he touched it he vanished from sight. From a distance Ginny saw Harry reach the wand and vanish. The crystals became calm again.

“No! Harry!” screamed Ginny in disbelief.

Tears flowed from her eyes as she flew over where Harry vanished; she circled the area but, no Harry. She tried to find him, but it’s not where he is, but when. With a heavy heart she flew back to Ron and Hermione. When she reached them she saw Hermione standing on a large cliff over the lava flow with a wand in her hand. She was flickering in and out, like she was there one minute and then somewhere else another. She thought she saw Ron in one area, and then he disappeared. Then he would reappear in another area. Once she saw Ron and Hermione together in one area, both had a wand in their hands. Then Ron disappeared but Hermione stayed. Hermione appeared more stable and so Ginny quickly flew over to her.

“Hermione what’s going on? What is that wand you’re holding?” asked Ginny.

“I can see you, I can see all, and it’s hard to explain. It’s as if I’m everywhere at this time and I can see the ministry of magic as well. I,” Hermione couldn’t finish her words before she flickered away again.

Once Harry touched the wand he felt like he dissapparated and the cave vanished. He appeared outside a cottage. This placed looked familiar; it was his parents cottage. He recognize the area as Godric’s Hollow. He is now standing in front of his parent home. He noticed the door was forced open; then that means. He couldn’t stand the thought, he ran inside, and then he saw it.

Voldemort was standing there like a statue, he didn’t move. Then he saw him, his father facing Voldermort, but his father wasn’t moving either. He stood there studying the scene. It took him a few minutes to realize this. But he has control over time now; he is now back before his parents died. Then his mother must be upstairs, he passed his father and moved toward the baby room. He saw her, his mother, she looks panicked but determined. Tears rush down his checks as he stayed there just looking at her, he want to touch her, to tell her that he lived. He didn’t even realize his own hands touching his mothers’ hands. Once he touched her, she moved. She looked like she stumbled and caught herself before she fell.

“What?! What’s going on?” Then she saw Harry. “Who are you?” her voice trailed as she studied Harrys’ face.

“Mom?” said Harry, as he watch his mother move and talk in surprise. “How is this possible?”

“Mom? Who are you?” asked Lily again.

“My touch, you moved after I touched your hand,” said Harry as he turn towards his father wanting to do the same.

“No! Don’t go there Voldemort is here! You’re not safe!” screamed Lily after getting over the shock and realizing what is going on at the moment.

“It’s O.K. mom, I know what I’m doing,” said Harry as he went over to touch his father’s hands.

Just like Lily James came out of his time pause; he was shocked to see another person appear out of nowhere. He was still horrified that Voldemort is standing in the same room. After realizing Voldemort isn’t moving at all, he calmed a little.

“What’s going on?” asked James.

Harry didn’t answer; he is looking at his parents for the first time in his life. They are alive, as alive as he is, and they are standing in front of him. Tears flowed out of him, out of joy.

Both James and Lily looked at Harry with some suspicion, but after studying the person in front of him looking back at them with tears in his eyes. They realized that he looks very familiar, he has Lily’s eyes and James unkept hair.

“Mom, Dad, it’s me Harry. Harry Potter,” said Harry looking at his parents.

“How is this possible?” asked James. “Are you really Harry, our little boy Harry?” as he looked at Harry and up the stairs toward the crib where baby Harry laid, not moving.

“Time wand, I’m have a time wand,” stumped Harry as he tried to get over the shock of being in the same room with his real parents.

All he wants to do is run over to them and hug them forever, but he can’t, not yet. So he slowly explained about getting the time wand. Afterwards James and Lily looked at each other, still not 100% sure what is going on is real. But Voldemort isn’t moving, their own son is back, and time has seemed to stopped everywhere.

“Why did you come here?” asked Lily.

“To save you from Voldemort,” replied Harry.

Now that Harry is standing next to his parents, he is not sure what to say. Or how to say all the things that he wanted to tell them. He had imagined this moment over and over in his head for years, but now he is lost for words. It was James who broke the silence as he walked over to Harry and touched him on the shoulders. Looking him in the eyes with proud look on his face. In the Mirror Of Erised James did the same. But this time Harry can feel his father’s touch and hear his voice.

“Harry my boy,” he said.

At the touch of his father, Harry couldn’t hold it in any more. He gave his dad the biggest hug he had ever given anyone. James let out an “oof” as he was bear hugged by Harry, and Harry couldn’t hold back his tears of joy. Lily looked at this scene and started smiling. She let go of any doubt and ran over, Harry felt the hug of his mother and it felt like he was in heaven. He was could just die of happiness right now, he couldn’t think, he didn’t care what was happening, he didn’t care about anything anymore. Right now, right here he is happy, and he wanted this to last forever. With the time wand, he can make it last forever.

Ginny was lost, she didn’t know what to do. She had to think fast, if this is time magic, that means they are around just not where, but when. If they flicker in and out that means they are all still somehow connected to this place. Then the question is how to get them to flicker back to this place and hold them here?

Harry and his parents, talked and talked, they talked and asked each other questions like the biggest happiest family reunion that Harry has ever been in. It felt like minuets but hours has gone; Harry told James and Lily about everything that he could remember; his life with the Dursleys, his years at school, how he used the invisibility cloak, his Guidditch games, his school teachers, his adventures outside of school, his time with Dumbledore, his time with Sirius, Remus, Alastor, and other from the Order, his battles with Voldemort, how he beat Voldemort, his 2 best friends Ron and Hermione who helped him through this, and Ginny his new love. At the thought of Ginny, he flickered out.

Harry was standing in the cave again, and his eyes meet Ginny’s.

“Ginny?,” said Harry quietly.

Once Ginny saw Harry she ran over as quick as could, she held him tight.

“Harry! Harry please don’t leave me! I love you! I don’t want to lose you. You did so much for so many, please just this once, let me help you, let me save you,” sobbed Ginny as she held tightly onto Harry.

Harry looked at Ginny as he was being hugged. He was torn between trying to save his parents in the past or being with Ginny in the present. But he was finally happy with his parents who he never saw. Finally they are alive to him. He can’t lose them now. As Harry starting to have these thoughts he flickered away from the present. But as he left he saw a dark image of a man, who tossed something towards Ginny and himself, was it Ron? He left that thought go.

He was with his parents again, in the past.

“Ginny? Who is Ginny?” asked James, who didn’t notice Harry flicker off and back again.

Harry told them about a little more about Ron and Ginny. James and Lily looked at each other and smiled. Then they looked at Harry. This time it was their turn to talk.

“Harry, it is unfortunate that you had to experience all that. I can only imagine what you went through to get to this point, but you got to this point. Look at what you have accomplished. You have become more powerful than Voldemort himself, and you defeated him, the greatest dark wizard of our time. You are here talking to us with a time wand, that no one could of imagined was possible. You have made great friends. And you have a girl who sounds like she loves you. As your father I cannot be more proud and happy for you. I know you came back to save us, but,” James looked at Lily.

“But as your parents, it’s our job to protect you. Our sacrifice made you strong and to know that it was not in vain makes me happier than you could ever imagine. If you changed time now and saved us, what then? Voldemort will only hunt us down, we would only be running from him. To kill him you have to destroy all the Horcrux and from what you told us even Dumbledore had a hard time. I may not like the idea of not seeing my son grow up, but to know that you have become what you are now makes me very happy.” said James as he looked at Lily again.

“Harry, my little pumpkin, I guess I didn’t get a chance to tell you. But I can tell you now. You were named after the father of a good muggle friend of mine. Her name is Anna, she grew with her uncle and aunt. Her father died protecting her in a car accident, his name was Harry. She told me that the last image she had of her parents was during the day of the car accident. The other truck came out of nowhere, it hit them head on, the steel beams that truck was carrying came crashing into their car window. Her father used his own body to protect her in the back seat. He didn’t make it, but he died protecting her. When she woke up in the hospital the doctors told her that her mother also passed away. But she gave her heart to her; you see she had a heart disease. It was only a matter of time before she would need a heart transplant; so with her mother’s injuries being severe she chose to give her heart to her instead. She told me she never shed a tear for her parents, because they lived on in her. Her mother was her heart and her father was her strength. That was something she will never forget.” said Lily as she almost went into tears.

James looked at Lily; it would seem they were thinking the same thing. It wasn’t fear, anger, or sadness that they will face when Voldemort kills them; it was the look of happiness when they looked at Harry standing there, knowing that he will live.

“Son, someday when you have your own kids, you will know what we are talking about, and have many,” said James.

“James,” said Lily with a smile.

Harry smiled back. It took him a minute to digest what his parents just told him. For the first time, he didn’t feel sad knowing that he didn’t grow up with his own parents.

“Oh, I’m sorry for the way my sister treated you,” said Lily.

“Yeah, you know we would have spoiled you more than the Dursleys spoiled Dudley,” smiled James.

James, Lily, and Harry smiled at each other and joked and laughed about different events that Harry went through. They took their time talking knowing that soon Harry will be going back to his time, and James and Lily will be killed by Voldemort.

“Give Ginny our best regards,” said James. “She sounds like a wonderful girl.”

“Oh, let me give you this as our gift to you,” said Lily as she took off her wedding ring. “I hope you will give this to your special girl.”

“If you go back to The Grand Camelot, stay in room 6613. I carved our names in one of the stone on the corner of the room, when we stayed there for our honeymoon,” said James with a smile.

Harry smiled back. They said their last farewell and embraced each other. This time Harry didn’t shed a tear. Once they were ready, they got back into position that they were in before Harry freed them from their time. As Harry watched them get ready, he started to think of the present. Then time started to move again. He watched as Voldemort used the Avada Kedavra curse on his parents. He watched as they died, he thought he noticed a smile on James’s and Lily’s face. He watched as Voldemort tried to kill him as a baby and vanish, leaving him crying in his crib. He started to walk, as he did so scenes of his childhood passed by in the background. As he walked and more scenes of his life passed on, he seemed to feel lighter and happier. As if a heavy burden that he was carrying has finally been lifted. As if all the pain and sorrow was disappearing from his soul. His head was clearing up, he thought more clearly than ever before, he felt like he was levitating without the levitation charm. He walked until finally he was back in the cave where Ginny would be waiting.

But she was tied up and who is that standing next to her?

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