‘Fred said I’d find you here. So this is your hide out spot huh?’


I ditched everyone at the Great Hall again to come think by the lake. Too many looks of guilt just made me feel pathetic.


‘Yep’ I said


‘I told her off’


‘That’s great’ I said flatly


‘I’m telling everyone this weekend that I don’t want to marry her and it’s over between us. I don’t care anymore’ said Teddy kicking a rock into the Lake.


‘Mmm’ I said


‘You don’t really feel like talking to me anymore do you?’ said Teddy as he sat next to me


‘Nup’ I said childishly. I won’t lie. I’m childish.


‘But you’re listening, so that’s a start’ chuckled Ted


‘Not in mood’ I said as I pulled my hoodie over my face


‘Are you in the mood for honeydukes chocolate?’ said Teddy


‘Yes’ I said though it sounded muffled from under the hoodie. Teddy slipped in a couple of bars from the little hole I was using to breathe air.


‘It’s okay Ro, I’d be so angry too if the tables were turned. Just please be patient with me’


I gave him a thumbs up.


‘Ro stop turtling around’ chuckled Teddy


I pulled my hoodie back.


‘Mate I’m more upset at myself than you’ I snapped


‘Why?’ frowned Teddy


‘Because I look stupid’ I said


‘Nobody is forcing you to stay with me’ said Ted. He was getting angry now. Good. I hope I’m pushing all the wrong buttons and make him explode.


‘Well that’s not fair on the count I’ve been given broken promises. Just wait. Just wait. Just wait is all I get from you. Wait for what? To watch you snog my cousin or to watch you host your own engagement party? ‘ I said . I am so angry. 


‘When have I made a broken promise to you Ro?’ he said angrily ‘I said wait because I have a plan. Victoire isn’t part of my plan. The shit she does isn’t part of my plan either. How was I supposed to know she was going to do all this!’


‘Well you should know her by now she is your future wife after all!’ I spat.


Teddy chuckled looking up at the sky then shook his head.


‘Low blow. But fine. Fine’ he said standing up. ‘You don’t have to wait for me Ro. I’ve told you from the very beginning my life is kind of messed up at the moment and I was in the progress of fixing it. You chose to jump on board with me. I’m not forcing you. So do yourself a favour and find somebody who doesn’t make you feel stupid’


I didn’t bother yelling after him as he left to walk back up to the castle.



‘Aw that’s cute I guess? You guys had your first fight?’ said Red


‘Or break up. I don’t know. Can you break up with each other if you never really were together?’ I asked Red as we practised charms on each other.


‘Don’t ask me? You and Dom are in those weird secret non official relationship things’ she said.


‘Hmm’ I glared.


‘Anywho I heard Dom this morning telling Al that we all could bring dates to this bullshit engagement party. Who are you bringing?’ she said


‘God it’s not a Prom Red. I don’t even want to go to it. My mom is forcing me’ I muttered.


‘I just realised Dom’s cousin Yzabel will be there’ she said rubbing her temple


I groaned. Great. Of course she would be.


Yzabel Delacour is the most twisted, evil, manipulated person I’ve ever met. She lives for the drama, and likes to purposely stir the pot. She finds its fun and thrilling to flirt with Dom’s boyfriends. I’m telling ya she’s evil.


Seriously don’t know why Ted is even bothering to protect these morons.

‘I think Al said he was bringing Danika Ivans. Scorp and Dom are going together. James said no one. Fred said he was bringing Cruz. Molly said she was bringing Earl, and I think Lily said she was bringing one of the Scamander twins. I forgot which one?‘ she said.


A loud knock on the door and Victoire enters giggling


‘Sorry Professor I had another appointment with my Fiancé. Carry on’ she said to Professor Flitwick.


‘Forget it Ro, she’s doing it to make you angry’ whispered Red


‘Well it’s working’ I said through gritted teeth


Victoire spent the class bouncing from table to table helping students with their charms. She saved our table for last.


‘So did you girls need any help?’ she asked


‘What help could you give us? You were only here like last year’ chuckled Red


‘Bla bla bla, I’ll have you know I got all O’s in my final score for charms’ she said smiling


Red laughed. The traitor.


‘So who are you girls bringing to my engagement party this Saturday? She said smirking


‘Uh no one to be honest. All the guys here are little assholes’ said Red shrugging


‘What about James friend Samuel? He seems nice’ said Victoire


‘Hmmm never thought about it to be honest’ said Red


‘And you Roxanne? Who are you bringing?’


I PANICKED. The first and only name I could think of without saying Teddy’s out loud was


‘Cruz Zabini’ I said in a matter of fact.


Red stared at me but didn’t say anything infront of Vic.


‘Sexy guy I reckon that kid is. You must have a think for blue eyes then?’ she said smirking again.


‘Nah why do you say that?’ I said


‘I don’t know, just seems like your type. Don’t worry I’m just like you. Ted has blue eyes too’ she said.


She was testing me.


‘Good for him’ I said shrugging


She narrowed her eyes. ‘You’re so lucky you’re my cousin’


‘What do you mean by that’ I laughed nervously


‘Nothing. Others would die to be in your position. You get to come to my big engagement party. So lucky’ she said quickly smiling her veela like smile.


‘Well I guess I’ll see you and Cruz on Saturday then?’ she said


‘Are you leaving today? I said hopeful


‘Yeah Teddy and I are going tonight to get preparations ready. It’s going to be so much fun. I’m so excited’ she said winking.


I gave her a thumbs up. Damn these thumbs have a mind of their own when my brain shuts off. Fiesty little things they are. 


It was Tuesday today meaning Saturday was 4 days away. Ted is going to go back alone with Victoire for 4 days.


I feel sick


Dom said they had so much sex before break what if after yesterdays fight with Ted, he’ll go back to the sex with Victoire. I’m not ready for that.


‘I’ll be sure to tell Ted about all the plus ones we have. Good thing he likes Cruz Zabini hey Rox?’ said Victoire


Now she’s going to purposely rub Cruz in his face. He is soooo going to sleep with her now to get back at me. My eyes are starting to water.


Victoire seemed satisfied with that and said ‘Okay girls see you on Sat ‘ as she walked away.


I blew air from my mouth upwards trying to reach my eyes to dry them while I flapped my hands as fans


‘Will. You. Pull. Yourself. Together’ snapped Red as she handed me a tissue. 


I nodded.


‘Do you trust Ted or not?’ she said


I nodded again


‘Ok leave it at that. Don’t get yourself worked up for nothing. She’s being a cow’



‘Ro stop stabbing the chicken’ said James.


‘Why it’s just a stupid dead chicken’ I snapped.


‘We’re going home tonight. Aren’t you a little happy?’ asked Al


I glared at him


‘Ok ok I get the point’


Our parents have organised too floo out of Headmistress McGonagall’s fireplace at 9:08pm tonight. Everyone is meeting at Nana Molly’s burrow. Everyone.


My cousins are all excited to be going back home literally. I think it annoys me a lot more that they’re so happy. And I’m the complete opposite.


‘So have you decided on what you’re wearing tomorrow Ro?’


‘Dom! Seriously? ‘ I snapped


‘Hey don’t snap at me! I’m asking you because don’t you WANT to look drop dead gorgeous to rub it in you know who’s face?’ she said under her breath


‘No not really’ I muttered.


Dom rolled her eyes. ‘Don’t worry I got you. I have some dresses at mine that you can borrow’


I gave her a thumbs up.


‘Ro are you going to ask Cruz to be your date. Or are you going to ask Cruz to pretend to be your date? said Red carefully.


‘I…I don’t know…’ I said truthfully ‘ Usually I would ask him to pretend like we did once when we were younger but ever since James and Al told me he has a thing for me I feel like asking him to pretend to be together to get Teddy jealous, is well.. really mean’


Red and Dom nodded.


When dinner was finished we each went back to our dorms to pack our bags.


I packed a mini backpack while everybody else packed big sports bags.


‘Carrying light are we?’ chuckled Cruz as we all walked to Headmistress McGonagall’s office


‘I wanted to pack small but Dom yelled at me to pack extra clothes. I was just going to bring my toothbrush’ I shrugged.


‘Aw clean teeth and dirty clothes. Cute’ said Cruz playfully shoving me.


I laughed. ‘Hey Cruz… would you want to be my date to this stupid engagement party?


He smiled ‘Sure buttercup.  You sure Lupin won’t mind?’


‘Would he mind if I took at date to his own engagement party? Pffft’ I scoffed as Cruz laughed.


When we entered Headmistress’s office she made us all line up single file and gave us all a pinch of floo powder.


‘When you’re ready James’ she said as James was first in line. Potter Privilege as well call it.


‘The burrow’ he said firmly as he stepped into the fireplace and vanished. Next was Al, then Lily, Red, Hugo, Fred, Me, Lucy, Molly, Dom, Cruz, Lysan Scamander, Danika Ivans, Scorpius and Earl Finnigan.


‘ROXANNE’ my mama yelled as I stepped through nana’s fireplace. I stared crying. I really missed her.


‘What’s wrong baby?’ she said whilst hugging me and Fred.


‘Ow Mom let go’ said Fred as he was squashed in between us.


‘Nothing I’m just so happy to see you again’ I said hugging her. ‘Hey dad!’ I said as he gave me a kiss.


‘Rockyroad missed ya kid’ said my dad.


‘Guys it’s been a month’ said Fred.


‘Fred, son…’ said my dad seriously ‘Nobody said anything about missing you’


Then they both started laughing. My dad and Fred joke around all the time it drives my mum nuts.


‘Don’t say that to him George!’ she snapped while they continued to joke around.


I looked around. Everybody was here. Everybody except Victoire and Teddy. It made my stomach drop. Dom and her young brother Louis soon left with their parents, as well as Molly and Lucy and their parents, Red and Hugo left not long after with their parents.


‘Alright let’s go then to dad?’ I said as I realised I had neither of my girls left.


‘We’re staying here the weekend Rocky’ said my dad


I banged my head on the table.




‘Hey are you okay Roxanne?’


Danika Ivans took at seat next to me. I’ve never really spoken to her before. She seems really nice though, like one of those people that have a friendly charasmatic face.


‘Yeah I am Danika, you can call me Ro ‘ I said smiling


‘And you can call me Dani’ she said giving me a handshake.


‘So you and Al are together huh?’ I said trying to make conversation


‘Yeah I think so…’ she said


‘You think so?’


‘I feel like he is in a relationship with his phone more than me’ she giggled.


‘How annoying is it right!’ I agreed as she nodded.


‘So Dani, does our Nana’s burrow feel like home yet?’ said James as he took a seat next to her.


‘Haha I don’t know. Is it supposed to?’ she said


‘Aw come on you practically belong in this family with us’ he said winking. She smiled.


‘Better go find Albus, to find out where I’m sleeping’ she said as she got up to walk away.


‘Man’ said James with a dreamy look on his face. ‘She is so beautiful’


I kicked him under the table. ‘That’s Al’s girlfriend James!’


‘I know I know, keep your knickers on!’ said James as he scrunched his eyes and rubbed his shin. ‘The twat doesn’t deserve her. Always on his phone’


‘Anyways’ said James grinning again ‘What’s this I hear about you and Cruz? So that whole charade with Teddy is finished now is it?’


I rolled my eyes. ‘I’m going to bed’ I said.


‘Goodnight Ro’ said James chuckling.


I’m glad he finds this amusing.


Man tomorrow is going to be one long ass day filled with drama.


And that’s not even including if Teddy is still planning on telling everyone the truth.


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