They talked about it throughout the night and for the next day. They remembered Andrew saying that they can ask him for anything, so they decided maybe he knows of a way. But they decided not to mention too many details other than wanting to travel home by sea. They should pass through the Bermuda Triangle on their way. They called for him and arranged a meeting. He arrived in less than 10 minutes.

“Aloha, what can I do for you all today?” asked Andrew pleasantly.

“Ah. We are interested in a sea travel to get home to England. Do you know how we can do that?” asked Harry.

“Why yes, there are many grand ships that can take you back to England, some of them are very luxurious. I can arrange for one as early as this evening,” said Andrew.

“We are thinking of something a little less grand and a little more private; maybe do some stops on the way home, to see the world and all,” said Harry.

“It sounds like you want to charter a private boat back. I’m not sure,” hesitated Andrew. “You see those are not always the friendly of wizards, most of the private sea travelers are for questionable practice usually used for taking something or someone without being detected. If you still want to go this route I do know of some people who might be able to help. But this wouldn’t be help from the Hotel; more of information that I’m just going to pass on to a friend.”

Harry looked at everyone after hearing Andrew say those words.

“Can we have a moment to discuss this please,” said Harry.

“Of course, take your time. I’ll be outside your door when you are ready,” said Andrew as he stepped out.

“I’m not sure; it’s beginning to sound dangerous. I can’t ask you guys to go with me,” said Harry.

“None sense, I’m not going to leave you alone Harry. I. I’m going with you, who’s going to watch your back in a fight,” said Ginny.

Harry looked at Ginny, “I’m never going to forgive myself if.”

“If nothing” interrupted Ginny looking at Harry in the eye, “I fought Valdermort just like you. I’m no longer a little girl that needs your help. I’m going with you and this is final.”

“O.K then,” said Harry.

“Same goes with us Harry, we went through a lot together. We’re not going to quit now,” said Hermione.

“That’s right, we’re in this together,” said Ron.

Harry looked at everyone with sincerity in their eyes and realized that everyone is serious and they’re not going to back down.

“Alright then, I guess we’re going on a trip back in a magic boat with questionable wizards,” said Harry.
They call Andrew back in and told them that they want to go ahead and find someone. Andrew told them how to get into a bar at night where many sea wizards go for drinks. In there they need to ask the bartender who might be willing to take on travelers for a “private tour”. Once he points out some potential wizard or witch, they will have to arrange payments.

That night Harry and Ron went alone to the pub. They found the clam by the beach to the left of the 2 palm trees that made an X, as Andrew said. Once they touched the clam they were transported to a bar with many rowdy wizards and witches. It was like the Leaky Cauldron, way more lively and wizards shouting over each other. Harry almost got hit by some floating glasses of drinks that were heading toward their designated tables as they walked up to the bartender.

They did as Andrew instructed and asked the bartender for some wizards or witches who might be willing to take on a “private tour.”

“Andrew send you, did he,” asked the bartender. “If he trusts you then I trust you, very well. You see the table on the far left with the 3 wizards and a witch. They might be able to help. But Harry be careful, even I wouldn’t trust some of these wizards here,” said the bartender.

“Thanks for the information,” said Harry.

“Even he knows who you are?” asked Ron as they walked toward the table.

As they approach the table the 4 wizards looked at Harry and Ron.

“We are looking for someone who can take us home to England on a private ship. Heard that one of you might be able to help,” said Harry looking at them in the eyes.

There was a moment of silence from the group as they looked at Harry up and down and then at Ron. Ron appeared a little nervous and was trying to hide it. Harry on the other hand was surprisingly calm.

“So Harry Potter wants a ride home, is that really all you want?” asked the wizard with a black hat that looked like a half eaten ice cream cone.

“Yes, maybe a little sightseeing, but that is all we request,” said Harry firmly.

“Very well then, I’ll not ask any more questions. But our services don’t come cheap. The ships are very hard to maintain and all,” said the wizard. The other 3 wizards begin to smile.

“Name your price,” said Harry sternly.

“I’ll make this easy for you since you’re from England, it will be 8000 Galleon,” said the wizard.

“What?!” shouted Ron.

“That is my price for your “Private Tour” home,” he said putting emphasis on the words.

“Fine,” said Harry. “We want to leave tomorrow morning. If you can do that, then it’s a deal.”
After Harry said that, the other 3 wizards looked a little shocked and then looked at each other. They look like they were friend before but now they appear to be thinking how to get at the Galleons that Harry just offered to pay.

“Wait,” said the wizard that was sitting to the right with a beard. “I be willing to do this for 7500 Galleons. And I will be ready to sail by morning.”

“Don’t let these two cheater fool you, Harry, I can help you for a fair price of only 7000,” said the 3rd wizard with a Hawaiian shirt on the left.

“What are you two trying to do?! Are you trying to pirate a fair from me? He agreed to my price first!” said the first wizard.

“Not if you can’t steer your ship,” said the wizard with the beard as he took out his wand and shot something at the wizard with the hat.

He dodged it with some ease, but the charm hit someone else sitting not too far away. That wizard stood back up and tock out his wand and shot something in the direction of Harry. Harry moved out of the way and it hit the wizard with the Hawaiian shirt. He looked like he got punched by someone and fell back. By now almost every wizard and witch in the bar had their wands out and was shooting charm at everyone else. It was a full on bar fight. Ron hid under the table with his wand out.

“Expelliarmus,” shouted Harry.

When the spell connected with the wizard that was wearing the hat, it didn’t disarm him; instead it looked like he got hit by a punch like the other charm. So Harry thought that someone else might have gotten to him fist. So he tried again. And again the wizard knocked back like he was punched. But this time he fell down and didn’t get up.

Now the whole bar was full of spells flying left and right, table and chairs were being knocked down, and broken. There were drinks of many colors flying around without glasses and wizards being punched out left and right. All the while Harry was trying to figure out what was going on with his wand, he too got hit by a charm from the back. He felt like he was punched in the back with a heavy bag. He stumped forward but caught himself before he fell. He tried the disarming spell one last time, but when it connected with a wizard; he got knocked back and fell like he just got knocked out.

“Harry! Let’s get out of here! I see some wizards are leaving by touching the old ships wheel,” shouted Ron.

Harry looked at Ron under the table as he was pointing to the many wizards now running toward the ships wheel. So Harry and Ron followed everyone else and made their way to the wheel, once they touched it they were transported out of the bar and into the night near the beach where they first entered. They saw many wizards disapparate once they came out, all of them laughing like they are having a good time. Ron and Harry were very puzzled by this, but slowly walked away asking eachother questions about what happened. Both didn’t know the answers to any of the questions they had.

“Wait Harry!” shouted someone from behind.

Harry and Ron tock out their wands and looked back.

“I mean no harm,” said the witch showing both hand with no wand.

In the moon light she was young looking with light brown hair. She stood tall and looked athletic. She wore a t-shirt with palm trees on it and a black dress. She had a pleasant voice.

She looked familiar; she was the witch sitting at the same table as the other three wizards that Harry was talking to.

“I just want to talk about your ride back to England,” she said.

“All right then,” said Harry.

“My name is Michelle Nerida, I haven’t seen a bar fight like that in a while.”

“I loved that you took out the bar keep near the end, it opened the door and we didn’t have to pay for the damages. Hahaha” laughed Michelle.

“I did what?” asked Harry.

“Oh, you didn’t know? Is this the first bar fight you’ve been in Harry?” asked Michelle smiling.

She grabbed Harry’s arms and pulled him on as they talked. Harry looked at Ron but Ron shook his head and didn’t know what was going on as well. Michelle didn’t even seem to acknowledge his presence.

“Let’s walk a little faster before the bar keep comes to and come looking for you,” said Michelle.

“Can you tell us what happened in the bar, my disarming spells didn’t seem to work,” asked Harry.

“Oh that, I guess you really didn’t know what was going on. All the bars here have a protective charm from the sort of free spirited customers. It doesn’t matter what charm you use, inside the bar it becomes a cushioned blow. That way no one gets seriously hurt. But the stronger the wizard the stronger the spell is as well. I guess the stories of you having great magical powers are true. You tock out the bar keep with one blow. And you tock out Lazard with only 2 blows, usually he can take up to 10 hits before he goes down. Also no one is allowed to hit the bar keep, because he controls the port to go in and out. And once the fight is over, the participants pay or fix any damages that were caused. But you, Harry, you took out the bar keep. So I guess who ever are still in the bar when the bar keep wakes will have to pay the damages.” Laughed Michelle again.

“Ah.. thanks for explaining,” said Harry. “You mention a ride, can you give us a ride back to England?”

“Yes, about that. I like you Harry, I’ve heard about you from the news and all. You’re even cuter in person. And since you gave everyone including myself a good time tonight; so here is what I’ll do for you. I can take you back in my ship and we can leave tomorrow morning. The price will be 5500 Galleons. If you agree, then we have a deal,” said Michelle.

Harry looked at Ron again, but Ron shrouded his shoulder.

“That sounds like a fair deal. Where do we go to meet you?” asked Harry.

“Tomorrow, I’ll send someone to get you outside your hotel, say 8am. And we sail at 9am, don’t be late Harry,” said Michelle as she waved goodbye and disapparated.

The next day Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione was waiting outside the Hotel. They saw an old wizard approach them.

“Are you Harry Potter and 3?” asked the old wizard in a scruffy voice.

“Yes we are,” replied Harry.

“Then follow me,” said the wizard as he dissapparated and everyone else followed.

They came out in the middle of the deck on a ship. Everyone looked around; the ship wasn’t as big as the one they saw the Durmstrang sail in. It was medium sized, the appearance was similar but the bow had a mermaid carved on it. Her hair seemed to be blowing in the wind. The ship has two white sails; one of them had a small area that appeared to be patched up with yellow cloth. Nine wizards stood in two rows as Michelle came out of the door from the main deck.

“Welcome Harry Potter, to my ship, The Twin Sails. It’s not much to look at but she’ll take us anywhere we want to go. Also let me introduce you to the crew,” as Michelle pointed to each of the wizards.

“Fin who picked you up from the hotel is our fixer, if anything leaks, breaks, or otherwise doesn’t work as it should, he can fix it,” said Michelle as she moved on.

“We have David our cook, David our Navigator, old Ale our doc, Lucky and Malikia our ships mates, Zane and 3 hands Tony our defenders, and last but not least the quarter master Tomolot,” smiled Michelle.

As Michelle finished the introductions everyone looked at Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny without smiles. They all looked serious, Fin didn’t even look up. It was Tomolot who broke the awkward silence.

“Everyone back to work, and get ready to set sail in 30 minutes,” shouted Tomolot in a clear pronounced voice.

Everyone rushed down the door and went back to their jobs. Michelle smiled and walked up to Harry.

“Don’t mind the crew; they’ll warm up once we spend a few days together. So let me show you guys to your cabin,” said Michelle as she grabbed Harry’s arms and walked him toward the door.

Everyone followed, but Ginny didn’t look happy as she stared at Michelle and Harry walking ahead. Soon they were on the 2nd deck of the ship. There were many cabins; some of the doors were decorated with ornaments or trinkets from around the world. Harry recognized one of the items as a dragon’s tooth. Michelle showed them into a cabin with four beds. Two of those beds were floating above the other two.

“This is where you’ll all be staying for the duration of our trip to England. But I understand you want to stop at some places before we reach port. So where do you plan to go?” asked Michelle.

“We would like to visit the Bahamas and maybe some islands around that area,” replied Harry.

“Very well, we’ll sail towards that area. It will be about 2 days to get there, we’ll have to head west pass the Panama Canal towards the Bahamas. I’ll let you settle in. But before I go, I’ll have to request you pay me half of the agreed upon Galleons,” said Michelle with a more serious face.

Harry had arranged to transfer the Galleons from Gringotts to The Grand Camelot the night before. He reached into a pouch and brought out a box.

“Here you go, half of the payment. I take it we give you the rest when we reach England,” said Harry.

“Yes, that is true. We have a code at sea. We ask no questions but always keep our words. You guys get settled. Call me if you need anything, I’m just upstairs. Otherwise see you later for lunch,” smiled Michelle as she walked off.

“I don’t trust Michelle,” said Ginny.

“Yeah, this whole ship gives me the creeps, especially the crew on this ship,” said Ron. “And what does 3 hands Tony suppose to mean? Does he have 3 hands or is he a thief?”

“Andrew did warn us about this when we first asked him,” reminded Hermione.

“I guess it could be worse, we could be on the ship Lazard owns or one of the other wizards that was knocked out,” said Harry. “So far no one has done anything to make us suspicious.”

“Michelle has already done something suspicious,” mumbled Ginny to herself.

Around lunch time Tomolot came to get them. He walked with them to the dining area, which was a table in the main cabin. A small meal was set up and the food didn’t look all that unpleasant. Michelle was already sitting and waiting for them.

“I don’t usually eat here, but since it’s your first meal, I thought I’ll make an exception. So how do you like my ship so far?” asked Michelle.

“It’s comfortable and pretty smooth, we don’t feel any movement at all,” said Harry.

“Movement? You mean like movement with the waves? Oh that is right you grew up with No Maj. This is a magical ship, you don’t feel any movement. It’s almost like we are sliding on ice as far as the motion goes. The waves just pass us by,” explained Michelle.

“We saw the ship Durmstrang used to travel. It could go under water. Does your ship do the same?” asked Ron.

“Yes and no. Officially we are not allowed to do that, but yes we can if we have to. For the most part once we are in the open ocean we can do anything we please. That is the freedom we get for being out in the open seas,” said Michelle.

“I’m curious,” said Hermione. “The name of your ship, The Twin Sails, does it have a meaning?”

Michelle looked at Hermione.

“They say you’re the smart one. I guess the rumors are also true on that as well. Yes, it does have a meaning; this ship was named by my sister. Sorry if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got other things to attend to. I’ll be leaving you for now. Have a good meal. Tomolot will help you with anything else you need,” said Michelle as she left the table.

“Hermione did you say something to offend Michelle?” ask Ron.

“I didn’t mean to, I noticed one of the sail was patched up. Usually wizards can fix something like that up so it’s good as new. And her ship the Twin Sails; so I was just curious if there was some meaning behind all of it,” said Hermione.

“Maybe it’s something she doesn’t want to talk about. Just let it go,” said Harry.

“Or maybe she’s hiding something,” mumbled Ginny.

The rest of the trip was quiet. The four stayed in their cabin talking about what to do when they reach the Bermuda triangle or how to explain to Michelle what it was that they want to say. The crew for the most part stayed away from the four of them. Every time the crew passed Harry or others on the ship they just nodded and moved on.

When they were about to reach the Bahamas, Michelle gave Harry a silver locket. It had a carving of waves on it. It wasn’t too fancy but just fancy enough to not mistaken it for any other trinket.

“That is the usual gift we give our customers. It’s a room locket that can hold up to 6 wizards inside,” said Michelle.

“A what?” asked Harry.

“It’s like your pouch that can fit many things inside, but this one is just smaller and can fit wizards as well as items. What you do with it is up to you,” said Michelle as she walked away.

Harry stared at the closed door for a minute before he figured it out. Andrew said that ships like these are used to carry items or wizards to areas undetected. So this locket must be one of those ways that they smuggle things around. They weren’t planning on smuggling anything, but having a room locket might come in handy.

When they reached the Bahamas, the four tock their brooms sticks out and ride around some of the tourist areas. They did this just to make it look like they were sightseeing. When they were done, Harry asked if they can sail back to England passing through the Bermuda Triangle.

“You want us to pass through the Bermuda Triangle? What are you up to?” asked Michelle.

“We heard strange rumors about the Triangle and thought that; since we are heading that way we should see that place for ourselves. How many times will we be able to sail across the ocean like this?” lied Hermione.

“Usually we avoid traveling inside the triangle. The weather is very unpredictable inside.
Ships have known to disappear from there and turn up month later somewhere else with no one on board knowing what happened. Since you’re paying for this trip, I’ll sail through it. However if I feel we are in any danger, I’m taking my ship and crew out,” stated Michelle.

“That sounds fair enough,” said Harry.

On the day that they were within the triangle, the four of them got on top of the ship and looked around. Everyone looked in different directions to see if they see any islands or land of any kind. None can be seen. They stayed there the whole day, but the only thing they saw was ocean. Nothing but endless ocean, and Ron saw a dolphin swimming around. He got Ginny and Hermione to go over and watch it swimming for a little while. Harry was too busy trying to find some kind of island. Come night time Ginny, Ron, and Hermione was tired and wanted to go to bed. Harry still wanted to keep looking. But Ginny said that it’s too dark to see anything even by moon light. So Harry reluctantly went into the cabin.

That night Harry was awakened by a loud Bang and screams of laughter. He barely was awake when he saw 4 men rush in and grabbed him. They held him and took him to the top of the ship. There stood all 9 members of the crew with Michelle missing. He saw that Ginny, Ron, and Hermione was also taken up to the deck and tied down.

Tomolot stepped forward with Harry was still being held tight by 2 other people.

“Harry Potter. Harry Potter. It was a stroke of luck for you to be on this ship. There are people who are very fond of you; you who killed Valdemort, the greatest dark wizard that ever lived. Now what would happen if say, I was to take you out. History would remember me as the greatest wizard that beat Harry Potter,” smiled Tomolot.

Harry tock a minute to grab his composure, he didn’t have his wand, his friends was tied up, Michelle was not here. Is she also part of this? He has to think of something fast.

“How can you say you’re the greatest when I don’t even have my wand to fight back?” shouted Harry.

“Oh. Your right. I have your wand,” laughed Tomolot. And don’t even think of getting at it. I’m not going to give you any chances to defend yourself. You think I’m going to play fair. We are pirates of the wizarding world,” laughed Tomolot as his clothes faded away to expose a rough dark looking garment.

All 9 of their clothes faded from what they were wearing to a dark, stained, torn, and reminiscent of old pirate clothes.

“This is the perfect setting for our “duel”, the Bermuda Triangle. History will remember us for taking out the great Harry Potter,” said Tomolot as he pointed his wand at Harry.
The other two wizards let go and stepped away from Harry. A streak of red light, then Bang!

But it wasn’t Harry who fell over, it was Tomolot. Everyone’s looked toward Harry, but Harry didn’t do anything. Then he realized it wasn’t him that they were looking at. He turned around. There stood Michelle, she was wearing a torn dark dress and her hair was fire red. Her eyes seemed to glow red as well. She held a low posture like a tiger that was about to attack.

“Tomolot!” shouted Michelle with anger that seemed to send shock waves.

“You locked me in my cabin, used a charm to cancel out the noise, you tied up our customers, tried to kill our customer, and the rest of you. This is mutiny from all of you, AND THAT MEANS DEATH! I’ll remind you all again why they call me the evil twin,” screamed Michelle as she started waving her wand like a sword. And charms flew out of it. The crew of 9 started to scamper about. In the commotion Fin started to attack the others from behind. He tock out David and Lucky and ran over to free Ron, Ginny, and Hermione. Afterwards he tossed Harry’s wand to him as well. He was very agile for his age.

“I never wanted to take part of this,” Fin screamed as he tock out another.

Michelle as already dispatched 3 of the other crew members. Harry was now focused on Tony while Tomolot and Michelle were dueling. While this is happening a storm cloud came out of nowhere. It came at them quick and it approached them in no time. The waves were getting very rough, the wind picked up quick, and lighting and thunder followed. They all stopped fighting and watched as the clouds and waves came at them. However in the distance Harry saw a spot of land or was it his imagination. He walked closer to the edge of the ship and, yes it was an island. It had a volcano on it.

“There is where I need to go,” Harry shouted.

“What are you talking about?” asked Michelle.

“Sorry no time to explain, I’m going to go visit the island,” said Harry

“This storm is too rough; it’s not safe for you to go anywhere. I can’t allow it,” shouted Michelle.

The storm was upon them and the mist was getting thick. There were movements in the mist.

“Sorry, but I’m leaving now. You can take your ship to safety and wait for us. If we don’t return in a day, then leave us,” shouted Harry over the wind.

“Accio Firebolt. Ron, Hermione, Ginny get inside the locket,” said Harry as he rushed over to them and flew off once he got them in.

Once Harry started to fly toward the island, sections of the storm appeared to clear up, almost like a clear pass was opening up for him. But all around the path the storm was as violent as herd of rampaging rhinos. And just as loud.

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