We followed McGonagall in pitiful silence to her office. The only sound was of our footsteps and the soft swish of her tartan dressing gown. It was only after we had entered her office and taken a seat that she rounded on us.

"Never," she began. "Have I ever had students so neglectful of school rules!" She began to pace around her office as the portraits of previous headmasters murmured in agreement. I looked to Dumbledore to see him smiling, a twinkle in his blue eyes.

"Fighting in the middle of the night!" She exclaimed. I looked around the office, unwilling to meet her eyes. "Not to mention you lot reek of alcohol. If only you're parents could see you."

At the mention of his parents James's head snapped up. I knew the McGonagall and his family were very close, her being almost like a mum to Mr. Potter, but McGonagall also would punish any of the Wotter children in a heartbeat if they put a toe out of line.

"Headmistress..." James began, shaking his head violently.

"Oh I will be writing home Mister Potter there is no doubt about that. No matter what feeble excuse you try to come up with," she snapped her eyes flashing behind her spectacles.

"Honestly, it was my fault. James and Ashley had nothing to do with it." Fred pleaded. He was seated in between me and James and we both looked to him in astonishment.

"No! It was my fault, I picked a fight in the first place, Fred and Ashley were just trying to stop me!" James exclaimed.

McGonagall looked between the three of us clearly unconvinced.

"I appreciate your loyalty to your friends, but I am afraid all three of you will still receive punishment." McGonagall explained sternly as she took a seat behind her desk. She grabbed a loose bit parchment and a quill and began to write.

When she was finished she magically severed it into three pieces and levitated one to each of us. I took my bit and glanced at it. It was the usual.

Ashley Crawford has received detention for: consumption of alcohol on school grounds, wandering about past curfew, and engaging in muggle fighting.
Detention is too be served Tuesday and Thursday of the coming week with Professor Longbottom at 7 pm sharp in greenhouse 5.

Headmistress M. McGonagall

"Now. I expect you three to head back to Gryffindor tower immediately. I will be writing to each of your parents in the morning. You may go."

We rose from the plush seats slowly, stealing glances at one another.

One of the portraits on the wall yelled that our punishment was not severe enough, and that we should be chained in the dungeons. I threw a glare at Salazar Slytherin as we left the office, and proceeded to our common room.

On the way I had conjured up an ice pack for both boys and tried to mend their cuts. With small smiles they thanked me and headed up the boys staircase as I headed up the girls.

I expected my room to be dark and my roommates asleep since the party had ended sometime ago, but that was hardly the case.

My fellow dorm mates had drawn the curtains around their beds but the lights in the dorm were as bright as daylight, and on my bed sat two red-haired girls. I rolled my eyes, a small smile on my face and ploppped down face first between the two of them.

"What is it this time?" Lill Potter asked, and I could hear the smirk in her voice. I held up my detention slip and the two girls read over it with interest.

"Consumption of alcohol on school grounds, wandering about past curfew, and engaging in muggle fighting." Rose read loudly. I shushed her as I heard one of my dorm mates rolled over.

"Detention is too be served Tuesday and Thursday of the coming week with Professor Longbottom at 7 pm sharp in greenhouse 5. " Lily read quietly. "Hey that's not so bad!"

I groaned in frustration and rolled over. "You forget that he absolutely loves dangerous plants Lils." I explained.

"Still," she said shrugging nonchalantly.

"So, anything interesting happen with you two tonight?" Lily shrugged her shoulders, but Rose's face reddened and she looked away.

"No way." I breathed. "Spill."

Her mouth opened and closed quickly so that she looked like a fish, but in the end she failed to come up with an excuse. I smirked in triumph.

"Okay fine, but cast a Muffliato will you?" She whispered nervously looking at my sleeping dormamtes. I performed the spell and and then turned to Rose, whose cheeks now were the color of her namesake.

"So um, I might have kissed this bloke..." she started, twirling a lock of red hair as a nervous habit.

"Go on," Lily urged crossing her legs and leaning forward.

"Well I mean that's it. But, the real shocker is who I um...kissed." I raised an eyebrow and Rose took a deep breath.

"I kissed Scorpius Malfoy." She whispered so low I barely heard her.

"Excuse me, I thought I heard Scorpius Malfoy. I must have heard you wrong." Lily said in a disbelieving voice. Rose's blush spread further down her face and she bit her lip.

"Shut up." I exclaimed. Next to me Lily's jaw had dropped so far it almost reached the bed.

"The whole family is going to murder you," Lily exclaimed laying a hand to her forehead.

"Never mind that! How was it?" I asked eagerly. Rose began to pick at her cuticles and she wouldn't meet our eyes.

"Rose..." she looked up at us a small smile on her face.

"It was bloody brilliant." Lily and I screamed (you know, the girly kind) and bombarded Rose with questions.

"Who made the first move?" Lily asked first.

"Well I did. Scorp is always too afraid to come and chat with me. I think he feels threatened by all the blokes in this ruddy family if I'm honest."

"Was he a good kisser?" I questioned next, eyebrows raised in a knowing way. By now Rose was the color of the comforter on my bed.

"Yes." She squeaked out.

"How good?" Lily followed up, smirking greatly.

"Let's just say he made my knees go weak..." Rose answered making me and Lily both let out excited screams.

"Lily is right though, what will your family say?" At that Rose's elevated expression fell off her face.

"I don't know," she mumbled staring at the comforter. "I like him though. I really do." She said meeting my eyes.

I pulled her into me and gave her a hug. "I know." I whispered smoothing her hair back. "If you ever need me to I guess I can try to talk some sense into the lot of them." She gave me a grateful smile I let my arms fall from her shoulders.

"On another note I heard my brother was busy snugging Caroline O'Donnel tonight." Lily began.

"Wait? I thought she was dating Curtis Harris. The Hufflepuff captain?" Rose asked looking at me in confusion.

"Oh trust me she is," I laughed as I looked through my trunk for some clean pajamas. "And Curtis all but walked in on them too. Thank god Freddy and I got there first. Otherwise your dear brother might've been a dead man." I laughed as I pulled on a pair of flannel bottoms.

"No." The girls gasped. I laughed at their stunned faces before plopping down between the two of them.

"Yes." I grabbed a hair tie from my bed table and began to braid my chocolate curls.

"Although, James claims he had no idea. Poor bloke."

Lily rolled her eyes and lay down next to me. "It must be so hard for him." She said thoughtfully.

"What do you mean?" Rose asked from my other side.

"All these girls constantly throwing themselves at him. James told me it can be quite exhausting." Lily explained.

I let out a laugh at that. "Don't let him fool you Lils. Secretly I think he likes all the attention."

Rose snorted in laughter beside me.
"As if his big head needs an ego boost."

Suddenly Lily turned over on her stomach to look at me intensely. "You know. None of these girls stand a chance."

I turned to look at her as did Rose, who was now propped up on one elbow.

"I beg your pardon?" I asked quite confused.

"None of them could ever compete with you." She said as if it was obvious. I looked to Rose to find she was nodding her head in agreement.

"Lily's right." She said.

"Every girl in this school could throw themselves at James. But none of it would matter. The only girl he wants is you." Lily explained, a smile on her face.

I didn't answer. Instead I stared up at the curtain around my four poster bed. None of what the girls were saying made any sense.

James loved the attention girls gave him. And he had definitely had his fair share of girlfriends. I mean, he was just snogging some dim witted bimbo just a few hours ago.

"Ash," Rose said softly beside me.

"No. We aren't talking about this." I said firmly. With that I flicked my wand and killed the lights in the dorm and we all lay there in silence.

Truth was we had already had this conversation. Many times, although not quite worded the same.

But I knew. I could never date James Potter. Hell, I couldn't even daydream about him. We were best mates. Period. If I thought of him as any more than that then I would find my heart broken and missing a friend. Probably two considering Freddy would probably take his side.

In my mind it was practically set in stone. I Ashley Crawford could never fall in love with James Potter.

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