‘James Potter will you please be quiet’ snapped Professor Longbottom


‘Yes Professor’ said James trying to stifle his laughs.


Professor Longbottom shook his head and went back to blackboard drawing up a diagram of some plant that I really should be paying attention too.


‘You’re going to get me in trouble you egg’ I whispered


‘Come on laugh a little Ro, the man doesn’t even notice’ he said laughing under his breath.


Jimmy had bewitched the blackboard to erase out all notes whenever Professor Longbottom turns around. He hasn’t noticed that it’s been bewitched and keeps blaming himself for forgetting to write it up. This is the ninth time he has re written the words without realising.


Now tenth. James cracked up laughing behind his fist.


There’s only 3 students taking Herbology in seventh year this year. James, myself and Albus.


Albus was barely paying attention to anything really. He was texting on his phone under the table.


Professor Longbottom sighed as James laughed out loud for the eleventh time and told all three of us to just start the practical while he tends to his personal greenhouse plants.


‘Ah that never gets old with him’ said James and his wiped away a tear from his eye.


‘Anyways so why do you take this class if you don’t want to learn, you’re distracting Al and I’ I said frowning. Every damn Herbology lesson I’ve had this year so far I’ve had to go over my notes during lunch because James has disrupted the class somehow.


‘It’s easy’ shrugged James


‘Don’t you want to do something successful with your life once you finish Hogwarts?’ I asked.


He immediately frowned ‘I wish people would stop asking me that’ he said with a complete change of tone.


I patted his hand. Al laughed.


‘What are you laughing about?’


‘Oh nah nothing’ he said whilst still laughing at his phone


‘Who do you keep texting so much anyway? Do you have a girlfriend we don’t know about?’ I asked.


‘Nah it’s just Scorp. He said Fred was trying to get that student teacher Shay’s number and failed’


James laughed together with Al. I rolled my eyes.


‘All this texting I swear I thought you had a secret girlfriend’ I said winking.


‘Oh I do but its not a secret’ he said flatly.


‘What? Who??’


‘Danika Ivans’


‘Who? ‘ I asked


‘Oh that sixth year with the big jugs’ said James hi fiving Al.


‘Seriously? That’s some offensive shit James’ I snapped.


Albus shrugged. James rolled his eyes.


‘Well what about you Miss Nosy. How’s your boyfriend?’ asked James


Albus stopped texting and looked at me. He hasn’t said a word about it to me since the night he caught me. And that was a month ago. I pretended to shake it off.


‘What my pillow? James please! I don’t have time for boyfriends’ I said laughing


James laughed and put his arm around my shoulder.


‘Are you forgetting my young and naïve cousin, that I James Sirius Potter am the current owner of the Maurauder’s Map’


I froze. I could feel Al tense up aswell next to me. Dammit how could I forget that James had the Map with him pretty much 24/7


‘Don’t worry I won’t tell anybody anything. It’s none of my business’ he said simply. ‘Does my sweet little brother here know as well?’


‘Yeah he does…’ I said. Al stayed quiet.


‘Well that saves the awkward tension then’ James laughed.


‘Please don’t say anything to Fred’ I pleaded


‘Yeah right as if I’d be the one to tell that guy first’ said James shaking his head.


‘Who else knows then?’ said Al


‘Well, you guys, Dom, Red and Cruz .. oh and Fred kinda’ I counted


‘Cruz? He knows? And he is okay with it? asked James confused.


‘Uh why wouldn’t he be okay with it? And why would I care if he isn’t?’ I asked taken aback. Cruz? What did that have to do with the price of fish?


‘Serious Ro?’ said James laughing will Al shook his head laughing aswell.


I pulled his ear.

‘OW OW OK- jeez’ said James while rubbing his ear


‘Cruz has been like inlove with you since forever’ said James


‘Even I knew that. Even Freddy knows’ said Al


‘So everyone knew but me? Some family’ I muttered


‘Oh come on how could you not know. The man calls you baby every time he see’s you’ said James


‘I thought that was to piss off Fred’ I said


‘Yeah… Probably.. but yeah anyway man you must of broke his little heart when you told him haha’ said James.


‘No actually he was very helpful. Gave me advice and seemed really genuinely happy for me’ I said.


James and Al shrugged.


‘Yeah okay’


‘That’s two guys that have apparently been inlove with me since the dawn of time. Am I that blind? Seriously is there anyone else that’s silently loving me?’ I said crossly.


‘No no you’re good. I think you got them all’ said James playfully.


I groaned.


We continued to chat and work until the bell rang. I noticed Al spent the entire time texting. Its so annoying when you try to talk to someone who is literally not paying you any attention. So James and I ditched Al after Herbology and joined up with Fred, Cruz, Dom, Red, Samuel, and Molly as well as others, who were all lining up outside of the Defence of The Dark Arts classroom.


‘Fredddy how’d the rejection go?’ cried James laughing


Fred winked. The boys all started laughing. I swear that’s all they do. A bunch of bloody hyenas if you ask me.


‘God do they ever shut up?’ muttered Dom as they all started laughing again. Cruz had the loudest laugh of the group. Oh god Cruz.


I AM SOOOO ANNOYED. I liked Cruz as a friend. He was like a second brother to me. Now freaking James has made the whole thing awkward. Well at least I feel awkward- Cruz seems to act the same as he always does.


‘Goodmorning Class, It’s me giving you lectures today’


Uncle Harry was beaming at us as he unlocked the classroom door.


James groaned under his breath. He absolutely hated it when his dad came into school to do lectures. To be honest we all felt a little bit like that. Not that Uncle Harry was a snitch to our parents, it just felt really weird to do anything else but to give him our absolute attention. Meaning no laughing, no mucking around, no gossiping.


It was going to be a long class.


Uncle Harry loved coming back to teach at Hogwarts. I guess he just loves being here. After he gave a long ass lecture on the Different Useful Effects of the Patronus Charm, we all took our notes and laughed at my uncle’s dad-jokes until the bell rang.


‘Finally!’ shouted Dom


‘Uncle Harry’s not that bad’ said Red


‘No Red – They’re serving fajitas as lunch today!’


‘YESSSS’ I yelled.


‘Last to the Great Hall owes everyone a knickle’ yelled Red.


‘Wait- what?!’ I shouted as Red, Dom, Fred, James, Cruz all pushed and shoved each other through the hallway screaming out insults. Dom was in the lead.


I went to grab my phone to check for any messages when I realised my phone was not in my bag. I searched around me. I searched on my body. In case of emergencies I always put my phone in my bra. My bra felt normal. That’s not okay.


I ran back to the classroom when I heard Teddy talking. I knew I shouldn’t have been listening but I didn’t want to enter the room so suddenly and break their conversation. So I just stayed outside behind the pillar awkwardly. I tried to hum quietly so I wouldn’t hear when I heard teddy say my name.


My heart dropped. I could feel my skin starting to itch. When I’m really really anxious I get itchy.


‘Roxanne? You’re Quidditch training with Rocky tonight? Okay maybe some other time’ said Harry


God he is the only one who calls me Rocky besides my Dad and Uncle Ron.  Nice cover though from Teddy. Quidditch train/ sneaking out at every night to ‘talk’ up in the Astronomy Tower… What’s the difference?


‘Thanks Harry. Hey listen you reckon we can talk sometime properly about stuff? said Teddy


‘Yeah sure Ted, just let me know when. Is everything okay? Are you and your wife having problems already?’ said Harry chuckling


I flinched at wife. I wonder what Teddy’s face looked like.


‘She’s not my wife yet’ laughed Ted. ‘But yeah everything’s fine. Just thought we should talk about things’


‘Sure kiddo. Hey listen do me a favour. Keep an eye on James for me please. Gin and I are really worried about him. We get so many owls a day from professors I just don’t know what to do anymore. He won’t listen to me but maybe he will listen to you?’


‘Sure Harry. I’ll talk to him’

I heard clapping of handshakes and just had enough time to hide behind the pillar when my Uncle Harry walked out of the classroom with his teacher briefcase. 


I snuck back into the DA room.


‘So not my wife yet hey?’ I said chuckling.


‘Not my wife yet. Not my wife ever. Not my wife’ said Ted smiling. ‘Are you stalking me Rocky?’


‘Shut it. My dad made it up. And no I wasn’t stalking I lost my phone while everybody else was running for fajitas ‘


‘Where did you leave it?’


‘I don’t know you doofus that’s why I’m looking for it’ I said chuckling. Teddy smiled and made his way over to me.


‘Maybe you left if here?’ he said as he held my wrist to kiss.


‘Or here?’ he kissed my collarbone making me shiver.


‘Or here?’ he said kissing my neck. I started giggling.


He lifted my up to his waist as I wrapped my legs around him. It was all going really romantic and sexy until someone half knocked half opened the door.


Like who does that it’s knock then enter not knock and enter at the same time. It defeats the purpose of the knock.


It was Cruz. He was wearing a look of sombre.


‘Sorry’ he said. Though he didn’t sound sorry at all. ‘Ro you left your phone behind and I picked it up. I was going to give it to you at lunch but then Molly said she saw you going back to look for it. Thought I’d spare you a search’ he said smiling.


‘OMG thanks Cruz!’ I cried jumping down from Teddy and running over to Cruz.


‘No problem’ he said laughing as I hugged him excitedly.


‘Well cya in Potions baby’ he said as he made to leave.


‘Cya babe’ I replied as I held my phone to my chest. God in the wrong hands this could have screwed everything up.


‘Baby hey?’ chuckled Teddy as Cruz left


I rolled my eyes. ‘Just a thing Cruz and I do. It’s our thaaang’


‘Ok ok’ he said


‘To be honest with you I thought it was going to be really awkward between me and him but it’s not really. I mean He still acts the same’


‘Why would it be awkward? I thought he knew about us?’ asked Ted


‘Yeah he does know about us. Oh yeah I totes forgot to tell you. He is exactly like you. Apparently has had a secret crush on me since forever. Like what the hell is with everybody this year?’ I said.


‘Well that explains a lot’ said Ted.


‘Explains what?’


‘Why he gives you this look every time he see’s you. I thought I was just imagining it’


‘Does it bother you?’ I asked puzzled.


‘Nah not really. I mean if you want to be with him I’d be happy for you...’ muttered Ted.


‘I’m fine where I am’ I said frowning.


‘Then nothing bothers me’ said Ted smiling.


‘Lupin did you just display a figment of jealousy?’ I said poking him


‘I have no idea to be honest’ said Ted laughing. ‘I don’t know what it feels like to be jealous over someone I really liked. Vic tried it all the time but most if not all of the time it made me laugh. I’ve never had this emotion before’


‘Welcome to the Emotion Club’ I said


‘Cool- Do they have food, because I’m starving!’


‘True, let’s get some lunch’ I said.


We walked to the Great Hall for lunch whilst chatting about the Pros and Cons of Puddlemere United Reserves Team.


‘But at the end of the day, I’d be so happy to play for them at the end of the year’ said Ted, helping himself to a third plate of fajitas.


‘Are you hibernating or something that you’re shoving a whole farmyard into your mouth?’ I said.


‘Bulking season bruh’ said Ted through a mouthful as James and Red laughed.


‘Hey everyone! Hey baby’


Victoire joined our table carrying a magazine. Dom looked over Victoire’s shoulder to look at the magazine and made a face. Red looked over and made the same face. Guilt. She signalled to me to look. I managed to peer through her arms .


Witches Wedding Weekly


‘Look babe, I found a Wedding Cake I really really like’ she said shoving his plate away from the table and laying down the magazine so that everybody could purposely see.


James coughed and Fred frowned.

Everybody went quiet.


‘Don’t you like it Ted? I think it’s pretty don’t you Roxanne?’ she said glaring at me with a smile.


‘Uh yeah sure…’ I said shrugging.


She smiled and then sat herself on Ted’s lap. Flicking page after page showing all the cute wedding articles and ideas of the magazine.


‘So Dom how’s the bridesmaid dress shopping going? Did you and Rose find anything online?’ said Victoire nonplussed.


‘Uh ….’ Said Dom nervously while looking at me.


‘You’re a bridesmaid Dom?’ I asked trying to sound as happy as I could.


‘Yeah she is. And so it Rose and my cousin from France Yzabel. Sorry I didn’t make you one Roxanne. I just didn’t have enough room’ she said flicking her hair.


‘I’m sure’ I said simply.


I am so mad at Dom and Red for not telling me about being bridesmaids. I can’t even deal right now. I couldn’t express my anger because Victoire was watching me like a hawk.


‘Teddy Bear, you still want to get married right?’ she said sweetly


Everybody stared at Teddy waiting for an answer.


He coughed uncomfortably.


‘Umm…yeah...’ he said looking at me sadly.


Victoire smirked at me in a triumph kind of way and gave him a long kiss on the lips. Ted winced.


‘Ok- Bye Family’ she said smirking still as she walked away.


‘Ro…’ began Ted, Red and Dom at the same time.


‘Nah… Screw you all’ I said as I got up to leave quickly.


I ran out of there as quick as I could.


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