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Chapter 5!!! *does a happy dance*





My mind raced to work out possibilities of what may have happened. He wasn’t in his room. He hadn’t been in his room at all. Then where was he?

I rushed out of the dorm and into the corridor. The air was still and heavy. My mind felt fuzzy and muddled, my brain seemed to have forgotten rationality; I could not make out where to go. My feet dragged me the Slytherin Common Room. Maybe he and Albus went there and he decided to stay in the dungeons for the night?

Half an hour and much disturbance later I found out he wasn’t there either. Then where was he? Albus confirmed they both walked back together to the castle. Then where? Where did he go from there? I did not know where I should start looking from, Albus and Scorpious however joined me in helping to find him. We checked the Astonomy Tower, the Entrance Halls; it was past curfew, the library was obviously shut too. An hour had passed. All of Slytherins had been woken up, a search team comprising of the Slytherin prefects was already looking everywhere. Chaos had fully erupted within the dungeons. Parkinson, their House Head, had emerged from her quarters; scolded everyone back into their dorms but there was still no sign of Ed.

 Until Albus –with a slap to his forehead and an exasperated yelp- finally remembered that he was in possession of the map this week. I mentally punched him for realising that now. We rushed back to the dungeons, successfully avoiding Parkinson who tried with fail to keep us calm and in bed, where Albus quickly pulled out the map from under his bed to locate Ed; he was still at the pitch.

So naturally, that is where we had found him.

Lying in a pool of blood.

His own blood.

A broom was on the ground nearby.

I fell to my knees as I saw him there. I felt nauseous as I registered him lying there, limbs twisted about, skin stone cold. I tried to find a pulse in his wrist. I kept my fingers firmly pressed onto his skin as I felt a faint beat drum against the tips of mine; I momentarily breathed a sigh of relief. He was alive. Tears were flowing freely down my face now. I raised my wand to cast a patronus and inform the others not caring one bit of what they might say to us for defying their orders to stay put. It only produced a minuscule white spark.

‘Isobel? Let me.’ Scorpious offered. I saw Albus was already making his way back to the castle, out of the pitch.

‘No. I can.’ I answered determinedly. Scorpious tried to protest but I held up a hand to silence him.

I tried to breathe calmly and searched my mind for a strong happy memory. I was able to cast the patronus this time. The lioness spurred from my wand, prancing around, before it faded into the night. I looked back down at Ed. His other arm was twisted at an odd angle. The blood seemed to be pouring out of his head though, the liquid warm and fresh. I pushed his shirt up to find his chest and abdomen covered in bruises. The side of his face seemed under similar effect, the skin there had also turned purple-blue. He had been beaten to a pulp. I took out my wand to start healing his wounds. Scorpious stopped me.

‘Don’t.’ he said. ‘We do not know for sure if it is an accident or not. Plus, no offence, Liz, but you’re in no state to be casting spells. McGonagall and Parkinson will be down soon.’

I lowered my wand. My eyes remained fixed onto Ed’s motionless body until Scorpious pulled me to my feet.

 ‘Come on.’

He silently levitated Ed into the air and started carrying him out of the pitch.

The rest seemed like a blur of images and voices. All I could look at was Ed’s lifeless form lying in the hospital bed. His face was pale and his hand cold as I held it. The nurse for the night shift detached me from him and closed the curtains around his bed. Parkinson and McGonagall had reached the hospital Wing, with Albus behind them. They began asking us for our accounts of the events we had seen. We all shared the details with them. They informed us the other houses were not aware of the accident, they wanted to wait till morning before they made an announcement.

I do not particularly know when but somewhere along the line, Ed’s parents seemed to have been informed and appeared beside us. They were now seated with me in the chairs next to his bed. Albus and Scorpious had returned to their dorms. McGonagall asked me to leave the wing as only family could be allowed to stay with him as he was shifted to St. Mungo’s. I obliged.

My feet dragged me back to my dorm. Exhaustion was overtaking my senses now. Robotically, I sat at the edge of my bed, my fingers gripping its edge as the sky outside turned from ink blue to an almost florescent palette of pinks and lilacs. I realised I didn’t want to be in this room anymore; it suddenly felt much emptier and barren. The silence seemed to be screaming out at me, its volume fuelling me up with anger and remorse once more. Just when I thought I had cried all the tears left in my body, a fresh round issued. My feet dragged me around in the corridors; flashes of Ed lying in a pool of blood kept haunting me. Why? Why did he have to fall? Why was he still outside? Why? Why did he have to go flying? I didn’t want to be alone. I was sobbing again. I was angry, I angry at him for being careless. I was angry at myself for not trying to find him earlier. Had I taken too long in finding him?

I vaguely remembered the nurse mentioning how he’d lost a lot of blood. A flash of how she had shaken her head when McGonagall asked her how bad the fall had been appeared at the back of my eyes. Will he make it? Will he be alright? What if... What if he does not wake up? My body felt heavy as I again thought back to where I had found him. I was filled with fear and rage. Energy coursed through my veins and I started running. McGonangall’s words echoed in my mind. I did not care about the confidentiality of the matter for the time being. All of the Slytherins knew. In a matter of a few hours everyone would know anyway. This school would erupt in a new upheaval of rumours, as it always did. I did not understand the need to stay silent and I did not care. I just didn’t care. My life was unfair, everything about it was; then why should I be playing fair? Following every rule?

And so I ran. My crying had taken a full on hysterical mode now. Sobs wrecked through my chest. My vision was blurred by my tears, but my feet continued to race forward. I ran down corridors. I ran as numerous portraits shushed me up. I ran up the stairs and then down them. I ran through the portrait hole as I cried out the password and I ran up the dormitory stairs.

My body felt drained, my tears had seemed to have been subdued. I only felt panic now. I banged the door. I kept banging its surface even though it made my fist hurt. There was only one person I wanted to see right now. Only one person whose presence might calm me.

Finally, the door opened, I came face to face with Matt as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He looked onto me confusedly as I pushed past him into the dorm.

I stared around the crimson room for a while. He had emerged from his four poster, perched beside a bed post, gaze penetrating me through and through. I allowed myself to lock eyes with him for only a moment.

‘Mike? Charlie?’ I cried out. I wanted one of them to appear in front of me. Tell me it will be alright. Tell me he will be fine. I wanted them to tell me what I knew James could not, because I could never ask him.

Everyone in the dorm seemed to have been woken up by my banging. I saw Charlie first, standing beside his bed, his expression changed to worry as he saw me. Then Mike was beside me too, his hand on my shoulder. I looked from Mike to Charlie, I was still trying to catch my breath from all the running I had done. I turned towards Mike and stepped closer to him, I realised I could no longer stand up, the night had drained me, my body wanted to rest now even though my mind was wide awake.

A frustrated scream escaped my lips as Mike’s arms supported me and held me upright. My hands were balled into fists as I clutched Mike’s shirt for support. The dull pain inside my chest had now become a thunderous pounding, I could no longer breathe properly. I was hyperventilating.

‘Isobel? Liz, what’s wrong?’ Mike held me at arm’s length. ‘Where are you hurt? What happened?’

I shook my head as I looked down at my clothes. I was still wearing my uniform from yesterday; which was now covered in blood; Ed’s blood. Every occupant in the room had their eyes fixed at me. Waiting for me to answer.

‘It’s not mine.’ I managed to say finally, my voice was still heavy from all the crying I had done. ‘It’s not my blood.’ I explained.

‘It’s Ed’s. He.. was.. He was... down... at.. at the pitch... pool... in a pool of... of his own blood.’ I managed to tell Mike as my voice came out muffled against his chest.

Mike held me against himself, in fear that my legs would buckle and make me fall if he let go. He escorted me out of the dorm, followed by Charlie. We went down to the common room. I saw the first rays of light start to enter it. He placed me at the sofa, waiting for an explanation as to what had happened. I told them everything.

They both sat by me as I continued to cry into my hands. I cried. I cried until Charlie started pacing around, until I my body began to shiver and until Mike came back down to the common room and wrapped me in a blanket.

I cried till I fell asleep.






‘Add the Sopophorous bean's juice now. And stir counter clockwise. Eight times.’

I numbingly followed the instructions given out to me by Emilia Heart and began stirring the potion mechanically.

This was my last class of the day. And each class during the day had brought me closer and closer to having a breakdown. Each time I had fought back tears as they threatened to spill out. Each time, I’d collected myself before returning back to worrying. The day had seemed to drag on ever since I had left Edward in the hospital wing, ever since McGonagall had told me the horrifying truth behind his accident.




I had been called in by the headmistress herself during my Herbology lesson. She asked for my memory from the night of the incident. I had placed my wand against my temple and retracted the memory into a vial for her.

Hesitantly, I asked her why she needed it. She considered my words gravely before answering.

‘We have reasons to believe that Mr. Lowell was under the Imperius curse when the accident happened.’

I could only stare at the headmistress in disbelief. An Unforgivable? But why? Why had someone wanted Edward to be on that broom so bad? Who wanted to harm him? To the extent that would cost him his life? And so I asked her.

‘Why would someone cast the Imperius curse on Edward?’

‘It appears that the attack wasn’t meant for Mr. Lowell. The broom we found next to him had the initials J.S.P marked onto them, the broom we believe he was flying on when he fell; the broom that was cursed to make him fall.’








I treaded through the pitch, the air was cold today, the chilly weather of the October wind was settling in.

‘Why are we here James?’

I asked as James came out of the Gryffindor locker room. He held two brooms, one in each hand.

‘Remember how you told me how you weren’t good at flying.’ I nodded.

‘Well. I am about to give you your first lesson.’                                

James tossed one of the brooms in my direction. I missed it and it fell to the ground. As I picked it back up, I saw the engraving that was embedded into its handle.

‘J.S.P?’ I asked.

‘ Yeah. That’s my broom. James Sirius Potter.’



I blinked as I reminisced about my first flying lesson. J.S.P. J.S.P. J.S.P!

The attack wasn’t meant for Edward. It was meant for James.

I had to find Amalthea.






I had patiently been waiting for the moment I’d find her alone. My anger was bubbling like lava inside me, hot and boiling, ready to burst.

So naturally, my wand was pointed right at her as I spotted her alone in a deserted corridor, dismissing a third year, watching the boy leave. Her back was turned towards me; I lingered around the corner until the third year was out of earshot, for that’s when I lost it all.

‘Amalthea!’ I screamed.

I waited for her to turn before I threw a hex her way. I do not attack behind one’s back. She stepped out of the way, dodging it easily. I threw another spell her way, she stepped away again, taking out her wand and pointing it in my direction, similar to how mine was pointed at her.

‘What the fuck, Lestrange?’ She questioned, irritated.

‘You said you’d keep him safe!’ I screamed back, sending another hex her way, she deflected it with her wand. ‘You said it was the only way to keep him safe!! Yet, the attack happened and Ed suffered!’ I was bellowing now, ‘I TRUSTED YOU.’

‘That was before Goyle saw you chatting with Potter by the edge of the lake that night.’

Her eyes were cold, I deflated at her words.

‘I tried Isobel. Even I didn’t know he saw you two then.’

I lowered my wand, Amalthea did the same.

‘I’m sorry.’

‘How?’ I took a pause, gathering myself. ‘How did it happen? What exactly happened?’

‘He threatened a third year to cast the Imperius. And then obliviated him and broke his wand, replacing it with another identical to it. All proof has been erased. The third year though was able to cast the curse, preyed on the wrong victim. James Potter had already left the pitch when Edward and Albus came. The third year confused the boys with one another; thought Albus was James, but still aimed wrong and cast the spell on Edward instead.’

 ‘What about this third year?’

‘I talked to him; the poor thing does not remember a word of what he had done. He’s a loner; naturally, he had no friends that would have come looking for him.’

I numbingly nodded, processing all the information. A thirteen year old had almost committed murder, unknowingly, all for a petty rivalry he wasn’t even aware of.

‘Now what?’

‘Now everyone thinks I’m protecting yours and Potter’s secret relationship.’ Amalthea hissed.

‘What?’ I asked baffled. I wasn’t expecting this one.

‘They saw me with you two by the lake, remember?’

‘Fuck.’ I wanted to pull my hair out and scream in frustration.

‘Exaclty. Fuck.’ Amalthea concurred.






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