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Ron reached for the last turkey leg as McGonagall rose to the podium. She raised her hands to quiet the Great Hall and slowly the students’ nearest her quieted down and elbowed those still talking around them. Once the hall had silenced, Professor McGonagall brought her hands together and smiled.

“As many of you know, our annual field trip to Hogsmeade is approaching.” Allie leaned over to Hermione.

“What’s Hogsmeade?” She whispered. Hermione opened her mouth to explain to Allie and the two muggle girls sitting next to her who had leaned in, but was interrupted by McGonagall who spoke above the students’ excited voices.

“For our third years and muggle students, let me explain what you’ll find in Hogsmeade. Hogsmeade is a wizarding village within walking distance of Hogwarts. There you’ll find some shops and restaurants you can go to for the day. Some of the popular ones include Honeydukes, The Hog’s Head and Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Be warned, any pranks done within the school will result in detention and removal of anything bought at Weasley’s.” McGonagall peered over her glasses sternly. She paused over some students who had taken over for the Weasley twins.

“New permission slips have been sent out to all the guardians of third years and older.” McGonagall cleared her throat.

“If you are a seventh year who is returning to finish your schooling after being unable to complete it last year due to the War, you do not need a permission slip. Instead you will need to come to my office and sign a waiver giving us information on who to contact in case of an emergency. If we do not have the waiver, you will not go. For our muggle and muggleborn students, if you need to change muggle money to wizard money, Mr. Filch and Professor Flitwick will be at the Entrance Hall early the morning of the Hogsmeade trip. Plan accordingly, they will be leaving their post once all students in the Entrance Hall have left for Hogsmeade. Remember you are representing Hogwarts when in Hogsmeade. I will not hesitate to revoke your privilege of going. Make wise choices while there.” McGonagall gave a meaningful stare over her spectacles before returning to her seat.


The group left the Great Hall discussing everything they wanted to do in Hogsmeade, while Allie and Kristen listen. Marcus, the boy who had warned Harry about the boy’s locker room, was asking Seamus and Dean about wizardry money. Seamus continued to talk his mouth off without noticing the confusion on Marcus’ face. As they reached the stairs Dean whispered that he’d write the conversion down for him later. Marcus’ muggle friends were still hesitate about befriending witches and wizards, but since warning Harry, Marcus had slowly become good friends with Seamus and Dean.

“Of course, we’ll have to go to the shop to visit George.” Ron said. His face was blank as he spoke, Harry could not tell what emotion he truly felt as they climbed the staircase to their first class.


*October 2nd*

“But Professor!” Harry argued with McGonagall.

“I am sorry Mr. Potter but the muggles are arguing that it is racist against them for not allowing them to at least try-out. It is out of my hands.” McGonagall said behind her desk, which used to be Professor Dumbledore’s. She had called a meeting of all the Quidditch captains.

“But they are muggles they can’t even fly!” Roger Davies, Ravenclaw’s captain yelled.

“I understand that Mr. Davies, but the muggles are not listening when we have told them. They insist on making this an issue. It has already made headlines in muggle newspapers.” McGonagall said not looking happy along with the captains.

“I say screw what the muggles think. They can’t fly and they should live with that or at least listen.” Draco Malfoy argued from the chair in the corner. After a lengthy trial, Draco was released from charges of being a Death Eater after Harry had intervened. Harry had made a deal with the Minister because he knew Draco had only been a Death Eater out of fear. Draco would be allowed to finish Hogwarts and not go to jail if he helped with the reconstruction of Hogwarts and worked in the Muggle Assistant section of the Ministry for a year after he graduated Hogwarts. After Harry had done this Draco had in his own way thanked him. They were on semi-good terms, but still used surnames.

“It pains me to say, but I agree with Malfoy, Professor.” Harry said, across the room from Draco. Malfoy lifted his sharp chin in Harry’s direction and nodded.

“I have already told you four it is out of my hands. You will have to allow the muggles to try out. Anyways it could be an interesting try-out because of them.”


“I still don’t understand why McGonagall is letting the muggles try out?” Ron said angrily as he put another flyer on the wall.

“I don’t think it’s McGonagall’s choice this time. Sounded like it might come from the Ministry.” Harry said as they kept walking towards the library and putting flyers up.

“Look what happened the last time the Ministry interfered. Are we gonna be stuck with an Umbridge again!” Ron kept complaining as they put up flyers near the entrance of the library. Harry could see Dudley was sitting at a table with other muggles. He was watching Harry, clearly trying to make eye-contact, which Harry avoided.

“Hey look! It’s a flyer for our Muggle Technology class.” Ron said pointing to a bright orange flyer that read ‘Teacher Assistant Needed IMMIDENTALLY! Must be able to work with computers on a basic level and assist with multiple students at a time’.

“I’ve been sending letters to dad about that class. Told him how I was finally able to log in by myself. He was proud.” Ron said as they walked to the library front desk.

“I thought Hermione had to –“ Harry whispered as they were within ear shot of Madam Pince.

“Yea, yea, but I did most of it by myself. Anyways, dad’s thinking of buying one for home.” Ron said louder than Madam Pince deemed appropriate, earning them a warning glare. Harry turned around to see Dudley was still watching him.

“Let’s keep going.” Harry said as he looked away from Dudley’s direction and whipped out of the library before Dudley could leave his chair.


*One Week Later* Friday Night* 5 o’clock*

“Interesting” was one way to describe the Gryffindor Quidditch tryouts. Harry stood in front of bleachers that were installed for the muggles sports. A group of Gryffindors and a few muggles had gathered on the bleachers. Behind Harry stood Ginny, his only chaser, Jimmy Peakes and Ritchie Coote, his sixth and seventh year beaters, and Ron, his keeper. Harry had passed a clip board around to have everyone trying out sign up. When Harry got the clip board back he was grateful to see Dean Thomas’ name. Harry was relieved to see that at least someone on his list could actually play or for that matter fly a broom. Harry looked up to see everyone staring at him patiently waiting to begin.

“Alright. We’re going to start by throwing the Quaffle back and forth. If you drop it too many times you’re out. Get in groups of two and grab a ball.” The witches and wizards jumped down from the bleachers immediately grabbing their brooms.

“Eh- you won’t be needing brooms right away.” Harry said as the group starred at him before silently teaming up. McGonagall had told Harry he wasn’t allowed to cut all the muggles at once. Ginny had been the one to suggest throwing quaffles and muggle basketballs back and forth. Her thought was that at least it would remove the uncoordinated ones. Harry made the partners throw directly at one another and up in the air. After a few minutes he cut four muggles, a first year witch and third year wizard. Next, he, Ginny and Ron held up hoops. Those trying out were given ten shots, if they made less than seven goals through the hoop they were cut. Ten minutes later and with a grumpy Ron, Harry dismissed two more muggles, a second year wizard and another first year. Seven muggles remained with eight witches and wizards, including Dean.

“So..ah.. everyone split into groups of five and we’ll start with flying around the field.” Harry yelled over the crowd.

“If you can’t fly-well you will be cut immediately. You will only be cut if your skills aren’t the best for a chaser.”

Ten minutes, later Harry was ready to break his clip board in half. The last hour had been a waste of time and some muggles were still trying to fly. One was even claiming he needed time to warm up. After a few minutes, the muggles gave up and started heading back to the castle. One girl stayed and was talking to Ginny about ways it could be possible for her to fly. Eventually the girl’s face fell in understanding, but perked back up when Ginny said she’d give her a ride after dinner. Soon after Dean and a fourth year were named chaser.


Author’s Note: Yes, I know Zonko’s is the joke shop at Hogsmeade and the Weasley’s is in Diagon Alley, but I wanted to change it for possible future chapters.

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