It was a few days later and Harry was still struggling to process the last few weeks from the battle to his visit to Gringotts and everything in between. Harry found the nightmares were still as strong, so bad in fact he had secretly been visiting St Mungos to get himself dreamless sleep potions. As much as this was helping in the short-term Harry knew this was not beneficial in the long term.



Whilst Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny played a spot of quidditch, Mrs Weasley was busing herself tidying Ginny and Ron’s rooms. Because Ginny shared with Hermione there was not much tidying to do as Hermione was very OCD and liked everything tidied to perfection. Ron and Harrys room on the other hand was something else, She was just about to go back downstairs when something out the corner of her eye caught her attention. She noticed in Harrys trunk there was lots of empty potion bottles, on further inspection she noticed they was sleepless dream potions.



Over the next few days Mrs Weasley wondered what the best way to help Harry would be. She tormented herself with worry does she get him help from st Mungo’s or leave him be. However, she didn’t need to wait too long as one night Harry realised he had not been back to St mungo’s to collect his potions and he had used his full supply. So very sheepishly he approached Molly in the kitchen and as soon as she asked if he was ok, he broke down into tears and all his feelings came tumbling out. Molly in her traditional mothering way took Harry into her arms where Harry sat for what felt like hours. Arthur then appeared in the doorway accidently interrupting Harry and Molly’s heart to heart.


Mrs Weasley then said Harry for us to help you we need to know how you feel. Harry then explained that since the war and even before the war he felt guilt for all the people who had either died or were badly injured. Mr Weasley then said Harry you are not to blame, you are just a boy caught up in this war. You ended the war which means we can all move on without waking up every day wondering what terror lies ahead.



Harry seemed to accept this but said I feel I need to speak to Madam Pomfrey to get more specialist help about mobbing forward in the long run. Mrs Weasley agreed and set about sending an owl to Madam Pomfrey to see if she would spare some time before Harry returned to Hogwarts to come to the burrow and talk about how Harry was feeling. Once the owl was sent she set about making a sleepless dream potion so Harry would be able to sleep tonight. Once it was made Harry downed it in one gulp and almost instantly fell asleep downstairs propped up by cushions. Ron and Mr Weasley hover charmed Harry upstairs to his bed in Ron’s room. It was a peaceful night until Harry woke with a start.



Harry woke up drenched in sweat, shouting top note, but he was not really making sense just random words such as attack and no. Ron knelt at the side of Harrys bed a bit annoyed he had been woken up but that soon calmed down once Ron realised that in Harrys dream there was a potential threat to the burrow. When Ron managed to wake Harry, he kept saying that he had visions of Rodolphus Lestrange and Thorfinn Rowle stalking the burrow borders waiting for an opportunity to attack. Harry then said they want to make me pay for taking their master down, Ron you have to believe me we need to wake everyone and attack before they can get more accomplices.



Ron and Harry snuck downstairs being as quiet as they could be casting the muffliato spell as they went. Ron went into his parent’s room and alerted them to the danger and that the two death eaters were looking for the slightest defect in our protective spells. Harry went into Ginny and Hermione’s room and explained the situation to them, they were ready to attack almost instantly. Ginny then woke George who said do we need to alert the DA, Ginny responded it won’t harm but Harry thinks if we attack first they won’t have the chance to recruit more death eaters as they think we are still asleep. Harry then sent a patronous to Bill and Charlie saying burrow under attack use the floo network as threat is contained.



Once everyone was awake and at the burrow and positioned, Harry tapped the DA coin and said burrow under threat, await my next move, further support not needed just yet. Bill then lowered the burrows defensive spells and the Weasley’s and Harry and Hermione sent attacking spells towards to the two death eaters who seemed so shocked that Harry had anticipated it they both dropped their wands. Both were knocked unconscious and Molly summoned their wands, whilst Mr Weasley got the aurors to attend the burrow urgently.


Both death eaters were arrested and taken to the ministry of magic under secure guard. Minister Shacklebolt then ordered them to be given the kiss so they couldn’t every cause harm to the wizarding world. Under the influence of veritaserum Lestrange confirmed they were acting alone and wanted to avenge the death of his wife. Both death eaters would remain in the cells at the ministry until the kiss could be given. 

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