Chapter 28
"No Solutions"

"OH! What a hit! Heidi Fischer chaser for the Holyhead Harpies just hit from the front and back by the Falmouth Falcons beaters!" The announcer shouted as Heidi and her broom went careening towards the ground.

A whistle blew, "bats are for bludgers not players!" The referee shouted. "Penalty shot for the Harpies!"

Mediwizards rushed onto the field to help Heidi, she wasn't unconscious but she was trying to grip her back and stomach at the same time. She was clearly in complete agony.

Madame Dubuffet gave the signal for Sara to head into the match. She went shooting into the air...

"And Sara Mullins will be taking the spot of Heidi," the announcer informed.
Ginny hovered above the scene watching her teammates form a semi circle around the Falcons goal for the penalty shot. This game has been horrific, everyone on the pitch has been attacked by the Falcon's beaters, they've hardly swatted at the bludgers at all.

"Goal! Fifty points to the Harpies and the match resumes. The Harpies are tied with the Falcon's 300 to 300."

Ginny wanted to just get the snitch and get out of there. She hadn't seen it since it was released an hour and twenty minutes ago. The other team was cruel, it was cold, and it was the last match before holiday break and the first day of snow for the season. The snow was getting heavier and was beginning to stick.

And that's when she saw it. The gold glimmer by the Falcon's goal post. She looked for the other seeker he hadn't noticed. She began to move swiftly in the direction of the snitch but not so swiftly to catch the attention of the other seeker. Apparently she wasn't the only one who saw. The Harpies beaters came and flew alongside her.

"Let's end this Gin. I don't know how much longer we can take these guys."

"Ladies let's push it!"

Ginny glanced over her shoulder, Sara and one of the other chaser joined them. The Falcon's caught on and her team surrounded her. They wanted the snitch caught and the game over.

The third chaser had stayed by the goal with the keeper in case they planned to attack but the entire Falmouth team decided to focus its energy on destroying the Harpies cluster.

One by one the ladies began to be accosted and literally be pulled away. The Falcon's seeker managed to get in the gap and grabbed the end of Ginny's broom. The Harpies chaser kicked him and he let up enough for Ginny to speed forward.

She almost veered off course, she was startled by what was in front of her. The Falmouth Falcon's had a rather large keeper, he stood at six foot four inches weighted about 250 pounds and was known for lifting weights. It's a wonder his broom didn't buckle under the weight of him. Well he left his goal completely open, it didn't matter everyone else was too involved in fist and kicking matches to be concerned with a thing like scoring. He was staring Ginny down and charging right for her.

"Ginny down!" Sara shouted being the only one able to stick with her.

Ginny dropped flat against her broom and  dropped a bit of altitude.

"OH and Sara Mullins gives the Falcons a spectacular taste of their own medicine," she threw herself at the keeper and they both went crashing to the ground.

Ginny darted for the snitch and it was going to zip up out of her reach. "Oh no you don't"

"The snitch is caught! Weasley up to her old tricks. The Holyhead Harpies win!"

Ginny had no idea how she did it. She had the snitch in her left hand and her right arm was wrapped around the top of the Falcons center goal. She was hanging on for dear life because her broom was lying on the ground below.

"Oi! Mullins if you wanted a tussle you should have just asked me out!" Benjamin Loc the Falcon's huge keeper shouted at Sara as she and Ginny were leaving the changing room.

"Jump in a lake Loc!"

"Come on forget him," Ginny said pulling her away.

"I can't, I was thinking of asking him to your New Year's party."


"Yeah we've been flirting for a few weeks ever since we ran into each other at Quality Quidditch Supplies I was getting some more polish for my broom and he was ordering the new cleansweep for his nephew for Christmas."

"Well you do you girl. I'm sure Draco would love to meet a member of the Falmouth Falcon's... I haven't even begun my Holiday shopping yet. Would it be tacky to just hand out galleons?"

Christmas went by without a hitch, the final pieces for Draco and Ginny's home arrived, and they pulled Draco's art collection out of storage and put it on display. It was December 30th and Draco's friends were set to arrive. Their home was immaculate, the kitchen stocked and Draco hadn't been around since her arrived back from Antigua two days after Christmas. Ginny knew who he was with and although she hasn't been sleeping there either she made it back before 7pm on the 30th like they agreed. His guest would be arriving any moment, they had a night out planned.
            Ginny was putting the finishing touches on her makeup when the doorbell rang. She checked herself and then left her bedroom to answer the door.

She pulled opened the small golden door to reveal a mirror, the door man's face was there. "Good evening Ms. Weasley there a three men here to see you."

"Yo Gin!" She heard Perry shout from outside of the frame.

"Send them up please."

She closed the door and thought "three" she was expecting two. A moment later the lift chimed and the doors open.

"Wow," Perry got off first followed by Gunter and Etienne. "I had to see it to believe it. Malfoy moved out of the hotel."
"Yeah but I bet he still hasn't told Lucius," chuckled Etienne.

"And hello to you too," Ginny put her hands on her hips.

"Sorry Ginny, hello, it's nice to see you again," Gunter placed his bag down and gave her a hug.

"How are you?"

"I'm very well thank you."

"Hi Gin," Perry hugged her next.

"Ginny lovely as always," Etienne hugged her as well.

"Thank you, we weren't expecting you."

"My plans changed last minute so I decided to tag along," he shrugged. "I hope it's alright?"

"It's fine come on in and have a seat," she waved them to follow her into the sitting room. "Although two of you are going to have to double up."

"You two can share," Gunter pointed at Perry and Etienne. "You can have fun driving each other nuts."

"You're just a stick in the mud," said Perry.

"Whatever, so where is Draco?"

"That's a really good question."

Draco really hoped he wouldn't get caught. This would ruin everything he's been working for but sometimes duty called.
            Cho's skirt was up around her waist her knickers balled on the floor and his trousers around his ankles. He had her up on Courtney Bolton's desk as they devoured each other. He was only vaguely aware he had someplace to be. But where he was at the moment was pretty good. He was pretty sure this is not what Courtney meant when he said take these files back to the office.

Draco arrived home to the Weird Sisters blasting in his apartment. He put his bag on the foyer table and noticed his bedroom door open so he went in.

Gunter was sitting in the arm chair near the window lacing up a pair of handsome croc skin wingtips bobbing his head to the music.
"Hey man"

Gunter looked up and smiled, "hey how's it going?"

"It's going"

"Look at you arriving home in your suit and tie you're like a real working stiff."

"I wish, I'm a real stiff intern."

Gunter stood up, "well acquiring the skill and knowledge takes time. We don't become lawyers overnight."


Gunter went to close the bedroom door but before he could Herman squeezed himself in and ran to Draco.

"That's your little man?"

"Well he's Ginny's but yes," answered Draco as he crouched down to pat Herman.

"So how are things going there? I'm assuming this is your room which is why I got it."

"Yeah it is. Nothing is going on with Ginny. We're just living, together, yet separate."

"And you're ok with this?"

"Yeah," sure he liked her, ok so he loved her but he wasn't going to get what he wanted from her. And he was enjoying what he had going with Cho. Under different circumstances he would pursue it. It has also been crossing his mind lately that perhaps he and Ginny should just call the quits. He would be free to pursue his relationship openly that would make Cho very happy.
            But then there was the fact that they just got into this apartment. Ginny put money into it, Herman was attached to him, he was attached to Herman, and Ginny would be free to pursue a real relationship of her own possibly with Potter. So there really didn't seem to be a solution.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive," he stood up. "Now I'm going to go take a quick shower and change." He opened his door and got a view of Perry dancing in the foyer, he was hoisting his glass of champagne up and down in nothing but his underwear and shirt.
"God Perry it's like you can never bother to put clothes on, my girl lives her," Draco huffed joining him in the foyer.

"Hey man when did you get here," he hugged him. This clearly wasn't his first glass of champagne.

"A couple of minutes ago."

"Draco's in the house!" He laughed.

The kitchen door opened and Ginny appeared, "hi babe. Perry give me that and drink this," she tried to get the glass of champagne away from him but he kept moving it out of reach.
"Oh come on Gin it's New Year's."

"Yes but they may not let you in the restaurant if you can't stand up straight." When she finally managed to trade cups with him she turned her attention to Draco. She kissed him, "how was your day?"

"Busy, I got held up. Something in Courtney's office," he explained.

At least it wasn't Cho, she thought. "It's alright. Etienne's here and hurry up and get ready we need to be off soon." She turned to go back into the kitchen.



"You look wonderful."

She smiled brightly, "thank you."

It was nearly 4am when Draco was putting out the lights in the apartment. The guest bedroom door was open, Etienne and Perry were sleeping head to feet. Perry was hanging off the side of the bed still dressed holding a bottle of champagne.

Draco shamefully shook his head and went to join Ginny in her bedroom. Ginny was in the bathroom and Herman was already curled up in his favorite spot on the bed. Draco kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt.

"Are they asleep," Ginny asked coming into the bedroom.

"Yeah they dropped like flies. Alcohol will do that to you."
"You could have got smashed with them," she said climbing into bed.

"Yeah but I have to cook tomorrow and I think I'm less likely to burn the place down if I'm sober."

"That's true. I'm setting the alarm for noon."

"Cool," Draco crossed the room to the bathroom.

Ginny picked up her notepad from the night stand and looked over the list everything they had to do tomorrow.

"I probably should have began chopping when I got home this afternoon," Ginny said when Draco came back into the room. "The flowers are to be delivered at 3 and the servers will be here a 6:30."

"You are going to make yourself crazy if you keep going over that list."

Ginny narrowed her eyes at him as he climbed into bed.

"Well I just want this to be perfect."

"It will be great," Draco said getting comfortable.

Ginny sighed and tossed her notepad back on the night table. She flicked her wand the light was extinguished.

"My God what time is it!" Perry announced entering the kitchen, still dressed from the night before and he still had a bottle of champagne. "Is there orange juice, we can make mimosas." He stumbled into one of the chairs at the kitchen table.

"It's four o'clock," answered Ginny she was helping Draco cook. She wiped off her hands and went over to Perry. She took the bottle of champagne, "you can have several cups of coffee and a carb filled late lunch, a shower and start drinking again when the party begins."

"Oh but mom I don't want to," he chuckled.

"That's very funny how about I floo your mother and tell her what you've been up."

He sat up straight, "oh no, don't do that! Coffee and carbs sound great."

"I'll put on a fresh pot."

Perry put his head in his hands, "so where are the others?"

"They went out for a bit," answered Draco. "Etienne said they were going to hit Fosters and Banks."

"Damn I should have been up I want new boots. Their house shoes are amazing."
"Yeah Blaise's Grandfather is a sartorial genius," said Draco. "Have you ever meant Blaise Zabini?"

"I don't think so, thank you," he said to Ginny who placed a cup of coffee and toast in front of him. "The name sounds familiar."

"Well he's coming tonight. He's cool. "

Other than them being a bit behind in the cooking that was the other problem. Blaise was coming, they had talked about it. They were prepared to be merely acquaintances.
"Love... love... GINNY!"

"Huh," Ginny shook herself from her thoughts. "I'm so sorry yes?"

"Where did you just go?"

"Far, far away. What is it that you need?"

"Where did you put the rest of the skewers."

She looked around the counter tops, "they maybe in the pantry. I'll go check." She left the kitchen. Their menu was full of heavy hors d'oeuvre. Everything was diced, sliced, kabobed, and hand held. They didn't have a pantry but in the large storage room they dedicated a wall of shelves for their dry goods and such.

At about 8pm the doorbell rang and Draco answered it.

"Good evening Mr. Malfoy, Merlin is here requesting to come up."

"That old cooky wizard, isn't he dead?"

"The rapper Merlin"

"What," Draco had no idea why there was a rap star trying to get into his house.

"It's cool send him up," Perry said to the doorman over Draco's shoulder.

The doorman looked to Draco for confirmation.

"Why is Merlin here," Draco asked Perry.

"I hired him to DJ," Perry shrugged.

"What! You didn't think about running this pass me?"

"Of course not, you  would have said no. Plus you would have just put on some records, this way the music will be bumpin and interactive."

"Perry you sod," sneered Draco, "send him up," Draco said to the doorman.
Merlin, in his hideous silver glitter suit and his entourage of two big goons and three witches in skin tight dresses appeared in the apartment and setup in front of the windows. Fifteen minutes later Draco was on to bothering Ginny.

"Ginny its 8:15 and you are not dressed," she was still in her t-shirt and sweatpants. She was putting the finishing touches on the dining room table.

"Yeah I know," she said not bothering to look at him as she placed the fresh white peonies and the stack of plates and cutlery. "I'm almost done."

"Yes and you need to be almost done dressing because this party started fifteen minutes ago."

"I'll be sure to thank our guest for being fashionably late." She waved her wand, the table filled with food. The food was beautifully placed on lovely platters, it was festive and inviting.
"Perfect," she smiled and looked at Draco. "Wow, babe you look handsome."

Draco felt his cheeks warm he hoped he wasn't blushing. "Thank you, now go get ready."

"Alright," she kissed him on the cheek. "You're so sweet when you blush." She left to get ready.

"Mr . Weasley, Ms. Johnson, may I take your coats," Glen was the member of the staff that got the pleasure of answering the door. He and the doorman had a guest list so he didn't have to ring up every time someone arrived. The name glowed on Glen's list when the guest were in the lift.

"Oh my god," George said looking around the foyer. "This is massive."

"Sweetie close your mouth you look ridiculous," Angelina said as she removed her coat and handed it to the doorman.

"Ah George, Angelina welcome," Draco said appearing in the foyer.

"Malfoy," they said in unison.

"You're the first to arrive come on in," he waved them towards the sitting room.

"This is a very lovely home you have," Angelina said politely.

"And that's Merlin," George said his head going to the beat.

"Thank you and yes it is. The bar is open, food in the dining room."

Angelina made her way to the bar.

"Where's Gin?" Asked George.

"She's still getting ready, she should be out soon," answered Draco.

"Hey guys," Neville smiled entering the sitting room. "You remember Hannah." He pointed to his date Hannah Abott.

"Yes of course guys come on in..."

"Happy New Year," Declared Theodore Nott entering the room.

Draco was relieved to see someone from his side of the guest.

"Hello Nott."
"Hello Draco, here you go," he handed him a bottle champagne.

"This is lovely thanks. Etienne's here."

"Cool I haven't seen him in awhile."

"You can find him by the food."
Ginny heard people arriving as she dressed. She tied her hair in a knot at the top of her head. A little mascara, concealer under the eyes, and bright pink lipstick. She wasn't entirely sure what she was going to wear but she knew she had something. When she went to her evening section of her closet which Lydia had so expertly organized by length and color. She also put everything in see through garment bags. When she came across the dress she knew, it may be too much, it may be too expensive but she loved it and hasn't worn it yet. She felt like being bold. It went with her lipstick and the hot pink strappy sandals that she was thinking would look great with it. Or at least she hoped because Jeff was coming and if she looked awful he would tell her.

The party was growing, everyone seemed to be having a good time and Draco's food was a hit. It was also a surprise to everyone that he had actually made it. Some of Draco's classmates and half the Holyhead Harpies had already showed up.

Draco was going to put a fire under Ginny. On his way to her room the lift opened and Blaise stepped out.

"Hey man," Draco greeted him and shook his hand. "Glad you could make it."

"Thanks for having me. This is a lovely place..." He trailed off. Something down the hall caught his attention and Draco looked on as well. He couldn't blame him, Ginny came out of her room and was walking towards them. She was wearing the dragon skin gown Draco bought for her.

"Too much" she said when she stopped in front of them.

"Not at all you look perfect," said Draco.

"Well you said for a dinner at home. Blaise it's nice to see you again," she kissed him on the cheek.

"You as well, you look lovely."

"Thank you, everyone's in the sitting room. Glen will take your coat," she gestured to the young man standing in the foyer.

Blaise took his coat off and handed it to the attendant.

"Come on man let's get you a drink," Draco said leading Blaise off.

Ginny let out the breath she was holding. That went quite smoothly, too smoothly she wondered what nightmare was to come.

"Oliver Wood and his guest are about to arrive," said Glen as he glanced at his list.

A moment later the doors open and Oliver and "Penelope Clearwater," Ginny was surprised.

"Hi Ginny it's nice to see you again," she smiled.
Ginny shook herself, "I am sorry it's nice to see you too. Oliver hi."

"Hi Gin," he hugged and kissed her on the cheek.

"Glen will take your coats... This is just, you know my brothers coming or already here."
"Which one Ms. Weasley," asked Glen.


"Yes he's here."

"I'm just going to go say hello, I haven't seen him since school." She left Ginny and Oliver alone.

Ginny took the moment to pull Oliver down the hall a bit away from prying ears. "You and Penelope, is this why none of your stunts involve women?"

He smirked, "she's my New Year's date Gin. You know I don't attach myself to anyone, I ran into her a couple weeks ago and asked her to the party. You look great, I am too going to say hello to your brother," he left Ginny alone.

The party was underway and everyone was enjoying themselves. Percy and Gunter we're going back and forth about transportation regulations. The bartender was impressing with fire lit drinks and Perry was right about the DJ because people were dancing. The apartment was spacious but it was starting to get crowded and all the guest hadn't arrived yet.

Glen was bopping to the beat, Merlin was on fire. When the doorbell rang he danced over,  he thought it was odd since the doorman had the guest list. He opened the small gold door.
"Good evening sir," said the doorman. "There is guest here who's not on the list requesting to get upstairs."

"Alright who is it?"

"Harry Potter"

"Ok one moment," he closed the door.

He left his post and went to find Draco or Ginny. Draco was closest so he tapped him.
"Excuse me sir. Harry Potter is downstairs requesting to come up."

"Thank you Glen, I'll take care of it."

Draco excused himself from the party and went down to the lobby.

"What can I do for you Potter," Draco asked getting off the lift and placing his hands casually in his pockets.

"For starters you can go get Ginny."

"She's busy playing hostess"


"Ah Sara ... and Mr. Loc," Draco ignored Harry and greeted his guests.

"Hi Draco," Sara trading kisses with him, "This is Ben," she introduced.

"I'm a big fan," Draco said shaking the hand of Benjamin Loc Keeper for the Falmouth Falcon's.

"Thank you," he said politely.

"This is Harry Potter. Harry it's been awhile," said Sara.

"Yes it has but it's always nice to see you."

"You as well, this is Ben."

"Yes I've heard."

"Why don't you two go up and enjoy the party. You don't need to press anything in the lift Melvin here will take care of it."

When they were on the lift and moving upstairs Draco turned his attention back to Potter, "Now what is it you needed?"

"How's everything," Ginny asked as she checked their dining room table to see if anything needed to be replenished.


"It's delicious and Draco did all this?"

"Yes he did," smiled Ginny.


"Sara," Ginny turned around, "you look wonderful," she was wearing a royal blue plunging dress.

"Thank you," she hugged her so she could whisper to her. "I don't know if you know but Harry's in the lobby and he Draco look like they are about to get into it."

"Thanks," Ginny pulled away.  "Loc it's nice to see you as always. If you'll excuse me."
And enter the nightmare, she hastened but not in a way to cause a scene. "Will you please refill the shrimp," she stopped one of the wait people as she crossed the room.

When the lift doors opened on the lobby she was unsurprised by what she saw Draco and Harry were fighting and Melvin the doorman was lying on the ground as if he was knocked out trying to break it up.

"STOP IT!" Ginny shouted as she rushed to Melvin, "are you alright," she asked crouching down next to him.

"Yeah I'm fine," he said wiping blood from the corner of his mouth.

"STOP!" Ginny shouted again as she stood but the two didn't break apart.

At that moment Dean and Padma arrived and Dean immediately jumped into the fight, "break it up!"

"He started it," Draco said between clenched teeth as Dean wedged himself between him and Potter.

"Well I'm ending it," huffed Dean as he pushed them both in opposite directions. "Look I don't know what you two were fighting about..."

"He's brainwashed her!"

"Oh get over it Potter she made a choice!"

"She's mine!"
"She hasn't been yours since you let her go!" Draco shot back.

Dean rolled his eyes, "that's enough! This is really getting old. She's mine! If you want to get technical I had her first and she's still going to be mine after she gets sick of you two sods."
"Harry please tell me you didn't come over here to assault my doorman and harass my boyfriend."

"Of course not, I came to talk to you. But Malfoy here wouldn't ask you to come down or let me up."

"He wouldn't do that because we have guest," she explained. "Which I'm sure you knew, getting us closer to the real reason you're here."

"He's here because all of his friends are upstairs or en route here and his two closest friends are off enjoying their first New Year's as a married couple." Draco stated smugly.

Harry scoffed at Malfoy's declaration. So what if he was at home having a couple of drinks thinking about how he invited both Ginny and Draco to his home for Christmas. Ok so Mrs. Weasley did it but he didn't argue and Draco was courteous enough not to show up. And Ginny couldn't even bother to send him an invitation to turn down.

The thing was Draco was right and she didn't even think about that as she made out her guest list. Neville, Harry's housemate was even upstairs. Ginny felt really bad, he was alone on a major holiday.

"Would you all go upstairs and leave us alone please," Asked Ginny.

Everyone left and Melvin returned to his post. "Let's talk outside for a moment."

Harry followed her through the glass doors out onto the muggle Street.

"I am so sorry," Ginny began. "I didn't even consider that you would be alone for New Year's."

"Ha, you think Malfoy was right."

"Yeah I do otherwise why are you here?"

"I wanted to talk some sense into you."
She sighed, "on New Year's Eve? We've been here for six weeks. I was at your house for Christmas. Seems like there were a lot times you could have talked some sense into me."


"Harry, you can't do this anymore. You can't keep interfering in my life. I hurt you, I was wrong, and for that I am truly sorry. But every decision I made after our breakup had nothing to do with you. I don't consider you in my choices just as you never crossed my mind when I made out my guest list. I don't say these things to be mean but to be honest with you. I'm always going to care about you but I think it's best that it's from a distance because you can't handle my choices. So you have a goodnight, Happy New Year."

Ginny didn't wait for him to say anything she just went back into the lobby. Harry watched as she pushed the button for the lift and rubbed her arms to warm up as she waited.
            He didn't know who she was anymore. She was different and maybe even more mature. The country girl he fell in love with was standing in the lobby so elegant and refined. The doors to the lift open and Draco was on it, he supposed he hadn't gone back to their flat because he was still disheveled from their fight.
           The two of them didn't even seem to notice him still standing out there as they exchanged words. Draco took off his suit jacket and draped it around her shoulders the last thing he saw as the doors closed was him kissing her on the forehead.

"Are you sure you're alright," Draco asked again when they arrived back at their flat.

"I'm fine, go get cleaned up," she removed his jacket from her shoulders and headed into the sitting room. The joint was jumpin'

Sara saw her come in and grabbed Ann and rushed over to her.

"Is everything alright," Ann asked. "Sara told me what happened."

"Yeah, it's good. It's all good how are you enjoying yourself?"

"Great party."
"Are you sure everything's ok, are you ok," Sara asked sincerely.

"Yeah I'm sure let's dance."

At five minutes to midnight Ginny made sure the bartender filled champagne glasses for everyone including the wait staff.

She then tried to catch Blaise's attention. He was currently being drooled over by some girl from Draco's half of the guest list.

She was going to excuse herself before the clock hit twelve and have him join her. But that wasn't going to happen at this rate. Serves her right trying to kiss him at midnight instead of Draco that man she's living with and throwing this party with...

"Did you need something," Blaise whispered coming up behind Ginny.
He startled her so she almost dropped his glass.

"Sorry for scaring you. What's up?" He kept it causal.

"Having a good time?"

"Delightful... I love Merlin."
"Good," she lowered her voice. "Straight down the main hall. The door at the very end before midnight." She spoke at the normal level again, " if you'll excuse me, I have to go powder my nose," she walked away.

As she made her way through the room champagne had began to be distributed for the midnight toast. Ginny slipped away.

Blaise slipped into the room Ginny directed him to, he closed the door and locked it behind him.

She rushed over to him and they immediately wrapped themselves around each other.

"Your look absolutely amazing do you how hard it's been not to notice you," Blaise said breaking the kiss.

"Thank you love and do you know how hard it was not to walk up to that girl you were talking to and grab her by her hair."

Blaise laughed, "you have nothing to worry about there."

Ginny breathed in his scent she wanted to be with him. She wanted to end this arrangement with Draco. But she had put money into this flat, Herman was attached to him, and he would be free to pursue Cho openly. She really didn't want that bint getting her hands on another one of her guys. So there really didn't seem to be a solution.
The countdown had begun in living room.5,4,3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ginny and Blaise kissed.

"Happy New Year darling," he said, his voice heavy.

"Happy New Year," she smiled, "wait a couple minutes before your follow me out."

Before leaving her bedroom Ginny put her game face on and then rushed from her room. She pushed through the crowd to get to him, "I'm so sorry," was all she said before she wrapped her arms around Draco's neck and kissed him. People in the general vicinity whistled. "Happy New Year babe!"
"Happy New Year love."

World Cup Draft

The entire building was packed with World Cup hopefuls from around the world. They had flocked to Brussels for the draft hoping to be selected for their nations teams. The evening began with the drawings for Africa's teams. Then they moved onto the UK. The drawing for Ireland was first and followed by Scotland. Wales was getting ready to be picked. This was the team Ginny had thrown her name into the fire for and she was beyond nervous. She wasn't even focused on what the commentator was saying, the event was being broadcast live globally on the Wizarding Wireless Network.
            There was a giant clear orb sitting on a stand center stage. It was tossing around slips of paper with the names of hopefuls on them. Ginny was sitting in a middle row with her family hoping she was lucky.

“And last but not least the seeker for Wales’s will be…” Ginny held her breath and closed her eyes. Draco took her hand. She interlocked their fingers and squeezed. A piece of paper flew from the cup, the announcer caught it, “…Ginevra Weasley.”

Ginny let out her breath and stood. She didn’t notice she was still holding Draco’s hand and pulled him up with her, “sorry but oh my god,” she hugged him.
“Congratulations love,” he whispered in her ear before letting go of her.

Draco was sitting on the end and he moved so she could get out. As she walked down the aisle of the applauding room towards the stage, she was jumping out of her skin. She may have seemed excited yet composed but in her mind she had just done back flips all the way to the stage. She climbed the stairs and shook the announcers extended hand.


"Thank you," she continued down the row of officials. At the end of the row was the team coach. He handed her a Jersey and then they posed for a photo shaking hands.

“Ginevra Weasley known to many as Ginny, was just announced seeker for the Welsh World Cup Team. This past fall Ginny started for the first time with the Holyhead Harpies, she’s going to have a lot on her plate this year and she's only 20. "The first half of this season has been a dream come true", she told, Quidditch Daily last week when asked about the draft. Here to support her tonight are her Father Arthur Weasley along with her brothers George, Percy and Bill, her sister in law Fleur and her boyfriend Draco Malfoy." The commentator told the entire wizarding world.

Ginny’s family joined her center stage to be photographed by the mob of photographers. They all huddled together for a group photo before they were ushered off stage.

"Congratulations Ginny!"

"This is amazing!"

"I'm so proud of you!"

Her family embraced her and sang their praises when they were backstage. She was only out of her father's grasp for a minute when one the ushers showed her to the corral. There was press lined up photographing and interviewing players as they were selected. She was just asked if she was prepared to take on the challenge when something caught her ear. She knew that had moved on to picking the England national team but she couldn't have....

"Comet Rae was just chosen seeker for England, the crowd here is going crazy! Comet retired as Seeker for the Holyhead Harpies in September. She retired just after the season began and was still able to enter the draft with a pardon from the league she put herself up for her home country of England. This will be the first World Cup for Comet, she was signed to the Holyhead Harpies at the age of 17 while she was attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is joined tonight but husband Sir Marshall Thorn and her Mother and Father Robert and Marcia Whiner."

She heard right Comet Rae was back and she was playing for England. Ginny stood there watching mortified as she was photographed with her family. When Comet turned to come off stage she didn't even glance at Ginny she just kept walking passed her.
            Ginny had a very bad feeling about this.

"No Solutions"

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