Harry put down his new Mobile phone, you have got to hand it to the muggles, ingenious, bit of kit, he called out

, Ron, Teddy, Seamus, get your stuff! come on,

Ron jumped up from his desk, as did Teddy, OK dad, Seamus rushed in, what is it, we have her! For Harry this was personal,

he got out a map, ok, guys set your devises, each had a magically modified hand held device, whoosh each disappeared, reappearing in a heavy thicket,

Teddy, whispered Ron, through that clearing, see it,

Yeah Ron, a small cottage, as he flicked several screens, its clear, no charms, he un plugged his wand from it,

Ron did the same, ok Harry, shields set up,

Seamus also set up his defensive area

ok, she cant disparate ive blocked all means of escape.

Inside Delores rocked in her rocking chair, cats meowed on the wall, in the pictures,

her shawl and mittens made her look like a old hag from a witch movie, Suddenly the windows exploded outwards  as 4 blue beams of light struck her

she was frozen, her wand dropped from her hand

good shot Ted! Said Ron,

I'M impressed , said Seamus,

Harry turned her round, Remember me Delores?

she glared as magical handcuffs were place on her,

Teddy explaining if you resist they will tighten, behave and you will be ok, she spat at him, filthy half blood,

Teddy smiled, your the one who is under arrest, just thank your lucky stars its not a ful moon! you know my dad was a werewolf?

Now she looked panicky,

keep him away from me filthy beast! Harry and Ron both smiles, Teddy was no threat, he himself wasnt a werewolf, but just the mention of it was a very effective way to scare people into talking, they hauled her up,

Ready everyone, holding area 1? ok set, everyone said and pressed their transponders, the 4 and their prisoner disappeared in a blue flash

They put her in a high security cell , and engaged the locks,

Ron had her wand, ok he said, once back in the office, lets see what you have been up to? he placed the wand on the reader, , and a vision appeared in front of them, whist at the same time recording every image,

The entire team watched stunned,

Teddy ground his teeth, a clear sign he was getting angry,

Harry , turned, Teddy, if its too much, i can get someone else to witniss it,

No its ok dad, i have read what she did, but actually seeing it, she is just plain evil

Harry , ron and Seamus all fealt sick as they saw friends being hurt by her

,Interrogation over Harry turned to Ron,

You ok? that was harder than i thought it would be, Take Ted out for a drink, i think he needs it,

Ron got Up, Come on Ted, your paying, Hang on uncle, I paid last time. How about Seamus? you coming?

As they left Aurthur came in,

Good job Harry, i hear Ted did well,

HE is very good, im very proud of him, Oh my god! as he reviewed the evidence file, you know what this means? Yeap, i had better get hold of Hermione.

Harry nodded,

Your certain on this joint  court  then?

Yes Harry, i have spoken to the Mugle chief justice, and its agreed, we will set up a joint trial, with the  sentancing  to be at the Old Bailey, 

Actually he's a very interesting man,  Do you know his son  is at Hogwarts? 

Harry had to sit down,  Oh he said.that certainly  changes things.

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