“DO IT.” Voldemort’s voice demanded of me. I could feel his power crackle and snap in the air around me. I stood motionless looking at my victim.

Sirius stood a little way away, his face bloody and bruised, his eyes pleading with me. Pleading with me not to hurt him, not to kill him.

“NO! I can’t! I can’t! I won’t do it! Please don’t make me!” I screamed. Voldemort pointed his wand at me, “Lift your wand!” he commanded but still I would not obey. He moved to point his wand at my brother Luke.

“Their blood will be on your hands. Do it now or I will.”


I sat up in bed breathing hard.


Of course it was Hogsmeade today, the girls had not stopped speaking about it and how this would be their last chance to get dance supplies before the ball.

“Ok ladies! Let’s coordinate! I need make up and I think we all need to look at dresses, obviously we need to go to Honeydukes for chocolate, I’m running so low I’ve basically been licking a single block of chocolate every night for two weeks now to make it stretch far enough. I ate it last night by the way…” Mary said rambling on and on. Lily, Alice and I all looked a little guilty.

“Uh, Mary, I, uh, Frank would like to take me to lunch…” Alice said unsure.

“Yeah, and James wants to, uh, spend some time with me…”

“JAMES! Lily! Do you have a date with JAMES GODDAMN POTTER!” she squealed! Her enthusiasm for her friends was completely boundless.  

“No, it’s not a date.” She said but she was blushing beautifully and smile was playing on her lips.

“Ohmygodohmygod!” she said excitedly. “Don’t you two worry, Vee and I will hit up the shops…”

“Actually, before you get the wrong idea, it’s not a date ok so don’t even go there but I’m meeting Sirius but I can totally cancel, I can’t leave a girl out there on her own.”

“You will do no such thing!” she said genuinely. “I have an idea then!” she said rubbing her hands together looking so mischievous.

I had planned on wearing the same thing I always wore, jeans and a V neck T Shirt but Mary groaned, “Come on! You were a Beauxbatons girl! Show us what you’ve got.”

I pulled out the black dress I had been saving for a special occasion. It wouldn’t be suitable for the Ball but this seemed fitting. Everyone else was dressing up; I may as well do the same.

I curled my hair to get a nice wave going on, flicked it around so it looked messy, put some liquid liner on my top lids, some eyeliner on the bottom, a little bit of blusher and I was done. I slipped the dress on and it was perfect. It was tight, but not too tight, showed just enough skin and just enough cleavage and it was the perfect length. It was unseasonably warm which was great because there wasn’t much I could do if it suddenly got cold.

I pulled a medium length, tailored trench coat over the dress and I was done. There was so much Moran Magic Hold Hair Spray poisoning in the dorm room air, I couldn’t breathe. Finally we all made it into the common room. The Marauders and Frank Longbottom were standing in a group looking around aimlessly.

Mary, who was an absolute knock out in a blue dress walked straight up to Remus and took his hand.

“Hey Moony.” She said smiling at him seductively, leaning in as she spoke.

“How do you…” Peter began because James and Sirius were otherwise occupied, staring at Lily and I.

“Oh please, you think by now we don’t know your nicknames. Besides, I broke into your dorm room ages ago. I know all your secrets.” She continued honestly.

“Mary,” Remus said straightening up, his face suddenly full of resolve, “Can I take you to Hogsmeade please?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” She said and with a small wave and a big smile, she disappeared with Remus.

“Yves.” Sirius said at my side, his eyes everywhere but my eyes.

“Sirius” There was electricity in the air. I couldn’t read his face. I couldn’t tell whether he was in one of his moods or whether I would have the brilliant, kind and funny Sirius I was coming to love. Coming to love? Yes, when he was that Sirius, I could see myself loving him.

“Shall we?” he asked, extending his arm confidently offering it to me. His face broke out into his most crooked, mischievous smile when I took it and my insides liquefied.


Hogsmeade was a brilliant place; it was quaint and cute, full of touristy witches and wizards. Signs smoked and blazed; there were hoops and whistles from Zonko’s, delicious food smells and something of interest around every corner. 

“Ok, what do you want to do while you’re here?” Sirius said. After his full appraisal in the common room he had avoided looking at me but I could feel his eyes on me nonetheless when I looked away. I could always tell when he was looking at me.  

“Um, not much, I think I’d like some chocolate and maybe we can grab something to eat and some Butterbeer?”

“What about stuff for the dance?” He asked pointing at a very congested tailor.

“I’ll order something from a catalogue. Going into a shop like that will be the death of me.”

“What about make up and stuff?”

“No, I’m fine, really. I hate shopping.”

He laughed, “I can tell by the look on your face.”

We walked up and down the road, looking into each tiny shop. There was a small shop full of oddities, a care of magical creatures store an antique jewellery boutique with the most stunning pieces.

Finally, we landed in Honeydukes and Sirius walked out with some of everything. He was a little giddy; I’m sure from sampling all the things on offer. He also had two massive bags full of chocolate. I was going to buy some but Sirius very stubbornly wouldn’t let me anywhere near the till.

“Let’s get a table at The Three Broomsticks. I don’t feel like the Hog’s Head and Madam Puddifoot’s puts my damn teeth on edge. Unless of course you would like to go there?”

“That’s perfect.” I said giggling at him. He had been making me laugh the whole day

Sirius walked in and we were ushered into booth at the back of the pub. There was a sign which looked like it was made from neon smoke flashing different colours reading, ‘Reserved: Sirius Black’. When we sat down it disappeared with a poof.

“You reserved a table?” I asked. “Are the others joining us?”

“No,” he said absentmindedly. He had caught the eye of a pretty bar wench and she had flown over a pitcher of Butterbeer, glasses and a plate of finger foods.

“Did you plan this?” I asked watching everything fly over to us.

“I did.” He said simply, grabbing a glass and the pitcher out of mid air to start pouring some beer. He settled it down in front of me before pouring for himself.

“Sirius, did you plan a date?” I asked him, my throat suddenly dry.

“I did.”

“Sirius…” I started. This couldn’t be a date. We couldn’t date. Half the time he treated me as though he hated me, the rest of the time he alternated between sullen displays and making me laugh until my stomach ached. It was too polar. We couldn’t.

“Yves please. Don’t break my heart just yet.” My breath hitched in my throat. He looked so innocent, so like a boy. There was a small smile on the edge of his mouth. He pushed the plate of food closer to me and I took something and quickly shoved into my mouth. His eyes went wide and he looked down at the plate and back to my face, eyes still huge.

Of course it would have to be a Fire Chilly that I haphazardly put in my mouth. My mouth was coated in lava, and I grabbed the Butterbeer and started glugging it down.

“No! Don’t do that! It only makes it worse!” He said but it was too late, I grabbed his Butterbeer and downed that also. Almost on cue two Firewhisky’s floated to our table and I gulped both of them down without really thinking.

The Firewhisky burned all the way down my chest but it did stop it from burning a hole right through me.

“Here, eat this quickly.” Said Sirius offering me a cheese puff. “Um, maybe you should eat all of them. You drank a lot just now on an empty stomach.” He was laughing under his breath and I was not amused. Well, actually I was but I couldn’t let him know that.

“My face is tingling.” I said poking my cheek curiously. Sirius gave a bark laugh before taking my hand and tucking it out of sight below the table.

“You’re a bit tipsy then.” He said, smiling so broadly.

“Na uh!” I said but I ate most of the plate of snacks and Sirius ordered another this time without the Fire Chillies.

“Why do you keep giving me a hard time Sirius?” I asked as we left the pub after our third pitcher of butter beer, we were both warm and I was most certainly a little more than tipsy.

“I don’t mean to,” he said pensively, “it sort of just happens. I, uh, find you infuriating.”

“Why?” I asked, stopping to stand in front of him.

“You just never behave the way I expect you to, you never say the things I am sure you’ll say… you’re different.” He spoke looking down at me. He had stepped straight into my personal space again, so comfortable in doing so. He looked into my eyes for what felt like a long time, and then leaned even closer and said, “will you teach me to dance?” his crooked smile reaching his eyes.

“Do you want me to?” I said moving closer to him, he was looking at my lips now.

“Do you…” but the rest of the sentence was drowned out a sudden wind that was blowing cold as death through Hogsmeade. Sirius’s head shot up and he swung around, hearing something I obviously couldn’t. He had drawn his wand and angled me behind his body but pressed me tightly to him. It had become dark in what felt like seconds and we stood in the dim lights emanating from the shops. Something in the air felt wrong, unnatural, as it whipped around my coat, violently tugging the corners and the unfastened belt.

“Remus!” Sirius yelled. “Remus! Where are you?” Only now could I hear Remus calling Mary somewhere in the distant dark.

He came running out of the darkness ashen. “Sirius! I was settling the bill but she went outside! She was hot; she needed some air…” he was blabbering.

“Mary?” Sirius asked cutting him off.

Suddenly there was a piercing scream and something shot up into the sky, gossamer at first, and more solid in moments. A Dark Mark materialised right there in front of us, right there in Hogsmeade. It swirled, an alive threat made of the ill wishes of the mad.

“Mary!” I said, seeing a familiar figure in the distance. I took off towards her unafraid. I had to help her! I could see that there was something wrong from the angle of her body but I couldn’t see what from this distance.

Sirius screamed behind me but I had to get there, I had to get to her.

“Yves! Wait!” but it was too late. I had reached Mary; her face was twisted into a voiceless scream, her eyes white in her head. Her arm was dislocated and her ankle wasn’t in the correct walking position but she still lumbered forward like a broken puppet.

“Mary!” I screamed in horror.

Her head shot up and her milk white eyes looked at me and she spoke in a voice quite unlike her own. She spoke in his voice.

“Join me.” Was all she said before she fell to the ground? Her eyes returned to normal but that was when she began screaming. She screamed the most horrific, bloodcurdling scream.

She would not let anyone touch her. Eventually, Professor Slughorn arrived with McGonagall and together they administered a Calming Draft before whisking her off to the castle. A very disturbed Hagrid and Professor Sprout herded the rest of us back to the castle.  

I hadn’t realised that I had been crying until Sirius had put his arm around me to stop me shaking. Join me, I knew exactly who the message was from and so would Dumbledore. He was coming for me.


Back at the school, we went straight to our dormitories as per the instructions from Dumbledore himself. I sat by the fire, trying in vein to warm up my frozen insides. Sirius had not left my side for one second. I didn’t wanting him to look too closely at me, he saw too much. I wasn’t sure if he had heard what Mary had said to me, and he gave no inclination that he had, but he didn’t have the best track record with sensitive issues. A little while later, Hagrid strode into the Common Room. He looked so out of place; huge, sprawling, burly and awkward, he stood just inside the portrait hole.

“Yves Fleury?” He asked, booming into the enclosed space full of tense students.

Sirius jumped up at my side, even before I could stand, and angled his body in front of mine.

I stood up, suddenly feeling beyond weak, beyond exhausted. Everyone looked at me bewildered.

“Professor Dumbledore would like a word.” He said, inclining that I exit the Common Room. I didn’t look around. I could only imagine what everyone would be thinking about me being called to the Headmasters office after the events at Hogsmeade. Sirius was by my side walking me to the door.

“Hey Hagrid.” Sirius said, offering his large hand to Hagrid’s enormous one.

“Sirius.” Said Hagrid, taking his hand.

“Can I come with?” He asked Hagrid and I shot him a look. I didn’t want him to come with me!

“Erm…” Hagrid began, pushing his dishevelled hair from his face.

“I only ask because, well, you can see, she’s dead on her feet.” He said doing his best impression of a good boy.

“Well, if you put it like that…” Said Hagrid, ushering us outside.

Sirius steered me towards Dumbledore’s office, walking near me but not touching me. I walked in a kind of daze, not sure what lay ahead, only knowing that I felt as though I may die of guilt. What was happening to Mary, what happened to her, it was my fault.

I clinched my fists at my side in an attempt to keep the tears from taking over but it was too much and I started sobbing.

Sirius rounded on me, placed his hand on the back of my head, pushed my face gently into his chest and held me until I calmed down. He stood, cradling me, saying nothing, his hand a constant, reassuring presence. It couldn’t have been more than a minute that we stood that way but it felt as though it had been hours. I stopped crying and rested further into him, taking comfort in the smell of him. I lifted my head to stare into his eyes. He was all shadows and furrowed brows and before I could do anything, he pressed his lips to my forehead, nuzzled his nose into my hair and said, “I’ll be here when you get out.”


Dumbledore’s office was a myriad of items, all of them interesting and intriguing but I didn’t have much chance to look around. He had been waiting for me.

“Miss Fleury,” He began, indicating that I should take a seat in one of the stunning, comfortable armchairs by the fire. “I should have invited you to come to my office long before now.” He said, holding out tin of candied pineapples.

“No thank you, Professor.”

“Yves,” he said getting down to business, “I have tried not to hover about you since starting at Hogwarts, and I will not begin now.” He began, “Today, at Hogsmeade, we have seen our second instance of Dark Magic since you have joined us here…” He let the statement hang in the air.

“You think it’s me?” I asked him, not sure what his implication was.

“No, Yves, absolutely not. Not after what you’ve gone through with your family. No, what I meant was that something seems to have followed you to Hogwarts…” He let the statement hang for the second time.

I didn’t say anything, I just looked at him. If he had a point to make, he was going to have to make it.

“I have been informed that you are friends with Mary McDonald?”

“Yes Professor.”

“And of course, this is common knowledge,” He said more to himself than to me. “I wonder, first the direct attack on you, and now on one of your close friends, perhaps, someone is trying to get your attention.”

“I don’t doubt it sir.” I could tell him about the letter and about what my attacker said but I didn’t want to have to leave Hogwarts. I was just starting to grow something after all I had lost. But if I stayed, everyone around me was in danger.

“Yves, I need you to be careful.” Dumbledore said, looking at me with his piercing blue eyes, a frown playing on his forehead. “I have put as many measures in place as I can for you to be safe but if there is a threat inside the school…”

“Professor, I got a letter.” I blurted, interrupting him. What was I doing? I didn’t want to ruin everything but I had to do all I could to keep my friends safe. Look what had happened to Mary because of me. I should have told him sooner. He simply looked at me, waiting for me to continue.

“It was from my mother, it wasn’t much, she just asked me to reconsider my, uh, choice. But I didn’t respond. And then I was attacked and someone said they were sent to make sure I made the right choice. And with Mary,” I was becoming more and more hysterical with each passing word, “there was a voice, and I know it was his voice, and it said “Join me”. Professor, he sent me another message. It’s all my fault.” I burst into tears.

Dumbledore considered me for a long time.

“Why did you not tell me this child?” He asked suddenly looking a lot older than he had moments before.

“I didn’t want to have to leave,” Said honestly, “but now… I can’t continue to put everyone around me in danger. I can go somewhere else, I’m not sure, but I can maybe…”

“Yves, please, you are not going anywhere.” He said confidently. “Voldemort will not get you here. Thank you for telling me, it gives me insight where before I had none. I would like you to come speak to me if anything happens Yves, can you do this for me?” He asked looking at me critically.

“Yes sir.” I said, hanging my head in relief.

“Well then, you need to rest and I have work to do.” I walked to the door before he began speaking again.

“You know Yves, in your blood runs the blood of great wizards past. This for Voldemort, is of immense importance. But it is not all you are, you are not your blood and you are not your family. He will continue to come for you Yves, you must be resilient.”

“He will never get me.” I said turning my back to Dumbledore. I would make sure that he would never get me, I would never change sides. 






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