They were all excited, even Harry was a little excited. None of them has been to Hawaii, not alone the United States. It was their first time out of the country. Arthur gave them some recommendation on what to do. Molly said they should stay at “The Grand Camelot” it was where Arthur and she stayed when they went on their honeymoon. It was a hotel with a castle theme; it wasn’t all accurate being the States and all. But they stayed true to most of the décor. And best of all it was in Hawaii, and they could use the Gate Way in the Eye of London. Ginny was so excited that once Ron got permission from George to go on holiday for a week, she sent an owl post to the Grand Camelot and made reservations. Once the Camelot realize that Harry Potter was coming they offered him a 50% discount and offered up two suites as a free upgrade.

While most of the war occurred in London, even the States heard of their great deeds, and if Voldemort had won it was only a matter of time before he went outside of London. So Ginny got a post saying that they will be given the VIP service as well all inclusive meals included on their stay. That very day both Ginny and Hermione went out shopping for clothe and goods for their vacation. While Ron and Harry just packed some light shorts and Ts.

Harry wanted to talk about what to look for while they where there. But Ron seems distracted and nervous about going out of London and wasn’t much of a sounding board. So the rest of the time Harry just studied the maps by himself of Hawaii and looked for possible locations on where to look.

The day came and it was time to go. Arthur and Molly got on their broom sticks and flew with the four kids to the Eye of London. Once they got their Molly told them that the Gate Way is accessible by flying underneath Westminster Bridge’s 3rd arch on the left.

From the outside it didn’t look like anything was unusual. The area surrounding the Eye of London looked like it did any other day. They did notice some witches and wizards flying under the bridge and disappearing.

So Arthur led the way and once they all passed it they say hundred of wizards and witches flying on their broom sticks while the Gate Keepers directed everyone when to pass through the Eye of London.

First they entered the check in area which was on a floating platform above the river. There are high glass arches above with green marble floors. The whole area looked like it always in a sunny afternoon. It was an open area platform, a mixture of 16th century Gothic architecture meets modern minimalist. In the center was a water sculpture that changed from different scenes of various location of the world. It changed from an African scene with a giraffe, to a Panda in a bamboo forest, and then a dolphin in the ocean. Everyone was impressed at the grander of the whole place.

They had to go through a security check by odd creatures with huge eyes. They looked like a hairless cat with very big eyes, golden colored pupils that shined like stars, with wizards standing behind them. They would hold up their paws if they saw something that was not allowed. And Harry saw one of the creatures hold up their paws, and the security wizard tock out her wand and took out all the belongings from that witches bag and found a potion of some sorts. He watched as the potion was taken away and more wizards showed up. It looked like they were giving her a ticket or something. After they passed through that, they talked to the gate keepers and were told to wait in an area with many tropical flowers. Arthur and Molly hugged everyone and told them to have fun. Within minutes they heard the overhead announcement that the Gate Way to Hawaii is ready, and to get on their brooms and fly toward the Eye of London. As the ferries wheel turned they noticed that there are 6 gaps, and once a gap reached the top it would show a sign of where it was going and they can see the location through the gap. Once Hawaii showed up they flow though the gap and it felt cool and then warm.

It took but a minute but Harry was in Hilo, Hawaii. He looked back and noticed the exited was a huge palm tree leaf. In Hawaii the palm tree leave must have been the Gate Way. Immediately he felt the warm sea breeze on his face and felt like he should of wear something lighter. The sun was warm and a gentle wind coming from the direction of the ocean. Everywhere he looked there was blue sky, white puffy clouds, and endless ocean. There are many wizards and witches wearing Hawaiian t-shirts and dresses. Seeing them all flying around on broom sticks was a sight in itself.

The landing was above the beach and completely open to the air; it was made completely of sand with palm trees all over. It was like a floating island of itself, with flower bushes as dividers between various sections. Similar to London there was a fountain in the middle with scenes of various location of the world, but here it was created from sand instead of water. Once they passed though a check point, they saw a witch wearing Polynesian dress with long black hair. She had a plumeria flower on her hair that changed colors and gave off a sweet scent, which they could smell from a distance. She had on 2 Hawaiian Lei which also changed colors just so slightly that if you weren’t paying attention you probably won’t catch it. Next to her was an image of Harry with his name spelled out in water floating around it. Beside her was some curious onlookers who noticed the image of Harry.

Harry can hear them murmur, “That’s Harry Potter in Hawaii. Wow, Harry Potter. I guess he needs a vacation as well.” Harry thought he even heard someone called him Dude Potter, which Harry wasn’t sure what exactly that meant. But he nodded at some of them and moved on.

“I guess you’re as famous here as you are in London.” Said Ron as he started to stare at the witch with the sign.
Ginny kicked Ron before Hermione noticed and Ron pulled himself together.

“You must be Harry Potter. I’m Meagan.” Said the witch.
“Please follow me and I’ll take you to the hotel.”

She walked them to the departure point, where everyone was exiting to various locations on the island. Harry saw that some people flew off on their broom sticks, while others got onto surfboards, some on dolphins, and still others on wooden boats. Meagan walked onto a large sea turtle, and gestured them to follow. Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione stepped onto the turtle with some sense of amazement.

“I was reading about them on the guide. They use levitation charms to fly them around, but the charm wears off so they have just enough magic to make it to wherever they are going. Once they reach their location they would recast the charm again before leaving.” Said Hermione.

“That is correct, and I’m here to enhance the charm just in case we don’t make it. But that hasn’t happened in over two hundred years. We at The Grand Camelot pride ourselves in relaxation and fun. So please don’t worry and leave everything to us.” Said Meagan smiling.

As they flew toward the hotel, they could see beach goers everywhere. Muggles playing in the ocean who doesn’t seem to see the witches and wizards flying around on broom sticks and various sea creatures.

“How is it that muggles can’t see us?” Asked Ginny.

“Muggles? Oh, yes. No Mag, we call them No Mag here in the states. There are powerful charms throughout all of Hawaii, once a wizard or witch is registered the charm is automatically casted on them, as well as on everything that we use. What the No Mag, I mean Muggle sees are either flying birds instead of witches on brooms sticks, or a tree instead of wizards tanning themselves. So the Muggles will avoid you because they think something else is in their way. This is so that we can relax and be ourselves without having to worry about been seen. After all, Hawaii is the island of relaxation.” Said Meagan.

Harry thought it sounds like a lot of trouble to hide from the Muggles, but explaining flying sea turtles to them is probably even harder. So he didn’t think of it any more. The rest of the trip everyone just soaked in all the sights as they continued on to the hotel.

The Grand Camelot was situated on a cliff next to the beach; it was built like an old English castle minus the moat.
As they approach the entrance they can see a 6 hula dancers lined up on each side. A man in a blue suit standing in front of them, and a Polynesian woman and man dressed in traditional clothing standing beside him.

“Aloha Harry Potter welcome to The Grand Camelot, I’m Andrew Kaʻanāʻanā, the manger here. We have prepared the very best for you and if there is anything that you might or will need, please just ask for me. I’ll make sure we will accommodate you.” As he shook Harry’s hands.

“Ah.. Aloha Andrew. Thank you very much.” Replied Harry.
As Harry walked pass Andrew the woman next to him gave him a necklace made of sea shells. But each shell seems to be moving from place to place but holding the necklace shape, sometimes it ticked his neck a little as they move about. As Harry stepped aside Andrew greeted Ginny.

“Aloha, and you must be Ginny.” As Andrew shook Ginny’s hands.
“How did you know?” asked Ginny.

“It’s simple, I’m a mind reader.” Replied Andrew as he paused a minute to study Ginny.

“I’m just kidding, it was a simple process of elimination; I know Harry, Hermione and Ron from their pictures in the news. You I didn’t, so that makes you Ginny.” Replied Andrew with a smile.

Ginny smiled back and said, “Aloha Andrew.”

As Ginny walked passed Andrew the man in traditional clothing gave Ginny a lei, it was similar to the one Meagan was wearing; only bigger and the color of each flower was changing color instead of the whole lei.

Andrew greeted Hermione and Ron and each of them got heir lei and shell necklace. Once they were done, Andrew and Meagan walked the four into the hotel lobby with the hula dancers following and keeping the on lookers at bay.

Inside was similar to Hogwarts, with stone floors and walls; but much more light coming from the windows. There were open ceiling and walls everywhere which made the castle feel more open, the tropical flowers and décor still made it feel like Hawaii. It seems like a castle garden more than a castle.

“No need to check in, we have already done that for you. I’m going to leave you to Meagan who will show you to your rooms. She will tell you more about the accommodations. And again if you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask for me. Aloha for now.” said Andrew.

The four thanked Andrew again and walked off with Meagan. She led them to an area with a long table full of large sea shells of various kinds spread out on sand.

“By touching the shell associated with your floor you will be taken directly there. Your area is the Triton’s Trumpet. I’ll show you.” Said Meagan as she touched the shell with her hand she disappeared.

The four looked at each other and one by one they touched the shell. They came out in floor 18 of the west tower. They saw Meagan walking toward the end.

“I’ll show you to your rooms. Also tonight we have prepared a special dinner for all the guests and you have a special seat. Please join us at 7pm in main dining hall. There are maps in your rooms to show you around. Also if you get hungry before then, you can go to any of restaurants. There is no charge. Do try the pineapple pie that is my favorite.” Said Meagan as she stopped in front of a room.

“Here we are, room 1843. It is two suites in one; you can choose who sleeps where. Please take your time to settle in. Have a pleasant stay. If there is nothing else, I’ll be leaving you for now. Aloha.” Said Meagan as she walked away after making sure everyone was o.k.

The suite overlooked the ocean, they can hear the ocean waves, and see the garden underneath, and the patio was large enough for at least 10 people. There are 2 large rooms with two beds in each room. They had towel animals running around on their beds. The monkey appeared to be teasing the elephant on the other bed, who ignored him and just walked around and waving his trunk up in the air every once in a while.

“This is wonderful, it’s so beautiful here.” Explained Ginny looking outside at the scenery.

“The water is so blue and clear, I bet lying by the beach, with the sun light to read a book would be perfect.” Said Hermione as she looked down at the beach and the hammocks.

Though Harry was thinking about flying to one of the sections where the lava flowed out, he too was distracted by the calmness that Hawaii brought. After they had time to settle in and walked around The Grand Camelot, taking in all the stores, restaurants, beautiful gardens, and the many pools.

Soon it was time for the dinner Meagan mentioned, and they headed towards the main dining area.

As they entered the door they saw Meagan showing everyone where to go. The dining area kind of reminded them of the great hall at Hogwarts only smaller and more natural lighting. When she saw Harry she waved them into the center area. Once everyone was in their locations a soft Hawaiian music started in the background. The room melted away into an outdoor beach scenery with a fire pit in the middle. They ground turned to sand and soft cushions appears under each person. They all sat down and looked at the center.

The gentle breeze of the ocean can be felt as they watched the fire in the middle. The fire move with the breeze and then it started to dance. It grew higher and higher until a man emerged from it. He was a fire dancer and not only his poi on fire but his hair as well. It didn’t seem to bother him and every time he moved a fire shadow would appear. That shadow turned into another fire dancer. The first person did this until there were 6 of them total. They performed their traditional dances and Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron couldn’t take their eyes off them. They poi would shout flames and it would turn into animals, palm trees, one of them even turned the flames into coconut and juggled it. They had never seen anything like this at all. Near the end the 6 dancers spun in a close circle with their backs toward each other until they turned into a huge dancing flame and in a puff of smoke they were gone. Everyone cheered and hollered at the fantastic show. It got everyone excited and shouting at the great performance.

“Aloha everyone. From the sound of your cheers you enjoyed our first act.” Said Andrew.

More cheers came from the crowd. Then plates of traditional food, as well as pulled pork and fruits appeared in front of each of them. As they started to eat, they heard Andrew make another announcement.

“The Grand Camelot thank you for joining us tonight, please enjoy the food and our next show.” Announced Andrew.

The flames again started to move but this time it turned green and then blue. Now it was more water than fire. Just like the fire dancers, this time hula dancers that emerged out of the water. The skirts they wore was water shaped like palm leaves. It moved gracefully with each dancer as they danced around. A trail of water would follow them when they moved from one location to another. Their dark hair moved like as if they were in water. It was like watching them dance inside water. Ron’s mouth was wide open as he watched the 10 dancers did their show. No one noticed because they were also mesmerized with the movement and gracefulness of the dancers.

When they finished the dances, they went out to the audience and pick 10 female participants to hula with them. They took one water leaf from their skirt and placed it on the participants and it immediately turned into a water hula skirt for the selected girls. Ginny and Hermione both were picked to the show; at first Hermione was very reluctant to attend, but Ginny pulled her in and they tried to shake their hips like the hula dancers. Harry and Ron watched and laughed as they watch Ginny and Hermione attempt to move their hips clumsily. When they were done all the participants sat back down and kept their skirts. After Hermione and Ginny sat back down.

"You guys were great." Said Ron and Harry.

The Hula dancers finished their show and afterwards vanished back into the water flame one by one.

Next Andrew spoke about the history of Hawaii, how the Hawaiian witches were renounced as healers, the many locations of Hawaii and the wonders it holds. As he talked they can see the scenes play out above the flames. The soft traditional music playing in the background, the gentle sea breeze brushing up against them, the warm fire sounded them; it was a wonderful magical night. Harry felt Ginny lean against him and he held her until the last of the music stopped. Harry thought how wonderful this feeling was and wished it would last forever. It wasn’t until Hermione said it was late and they should get some rest for tomorrow that brought Harry back to reality. After the show everyone clapped and walked off. The four went back to their rooms and fell fast asleep.

The next day Harry wanted to look at the different lava sites. Ginny suggested they fly around inside a large sea shell that the hotel had to offer. Everyone liked the idea and it was much more comfortable than their broomsticks, because it had cushions and some couches. It was set up like a small lounge inside the shell. So they borrowed it and flew to the largest volcano first. They saw many other witches and wizards all flying about looking at the lava flow and scenery. Harry suggested that they look at more remote areas where less tourists travel, because if the location was in a place where many wizards came to visit someone would have seen something by now.

Once they recharged their shell with more levitation charm they headed to areas where less people visited. In their search they discovered a water fall with natural tropical flowers growing from its sides. The scenery was untouched by man or wizard but the various trees, many flowers, and rustling bushes seemed to have been placed so perfectly. They all stood up to take in the sites of this beautify location, and slowly steering the shell closer to the waterfall. They can feel the cool mist from the water on their faces. Ginny reached out and touched the water and used it to dampen her face.

“This feels really good, try it.” Said Ginny as she reached out for more water.

Hermione tried it as well as Ron, Harry was a little reluctant. And when he didn’t do it, Ginny had a big smile on her face and splashed some of the water right into his face.

“Ahh.." cried Harry from reflex.

But the cool water did feel pretty good in comparison the warmth of the Hawaiian weather. And so a little water fight was started, it was girls against guys as they splashed each other. Hermione wasn’t paying attentions to where her footing was and slipped from the shell. She fell right into the water underneath, without thinking Ron dove right in after her. Harry and Ginny watched and was ready to use levitation charms to get the out of the water then they saw Ron and Hermione surfaces with smiles on their faces. Without another word Ginny dove right in as well. Harry watched how graceful Ginny was as she jumped into the water and came out of it while splashing her hair to one side. It was as seeing Ginny for the first time again, and realizing how beautiful she was.

“Harry come on in, the water is warm.” Cried Ginny.

And so Harry too, jumped in and they played in the water for a while. And afterwards they dried themselves off and went to look around again. They didn’t find anything unusual and called it a day and went back to the hotel for dinner.

The next day the girls wanted to see the beach, so Harry reluctantly agreed to take a break from the search for one day. They prepared and walked to the beach where they saw many wizards and witches in bikinis and boxers. Some of them had bought tan potions from the local venders where it would look like they had natural tans once they drink it. It was like one of George’s potions that turned people green or blue, but this one actually worked and did give people tans.

Once they set up, they changed into their boxers and bikinis and Harry just realized that he had never seen Ginny in a bikini before. And she was wearing a green one pieces that had a dolphin swimming around the front and back. Hermione had a blue one with flying books on it. Harry tried not to stare at Ginny when she came out of the tent.

Ron was eyeing Harry, and said, “That’s my sister you’re staring at.”

“What. Oh.. I’m sorry.” Harry said blankly.

“I’m just being a big brother. Just don’t get any funny ideas.” Said Ron.

But Ron was staring at Hermione with similar expressions. Once they got over it.

Ginny came running up to Harry and said, “let’s go swimming, I got these air bubble charms and we can dive around and look at the fishes here.”

And so, Ron watched as Ginny place the charm on Harry and herself and ran into the water and disappeared underneath.

“Well it’s just you and me.” Said Ron looking at Hermione, “What do you want to do?”

“I was thinking of doing some reading and I even selected some books for you as well.” Said Hermione.

Ron didn’t look too happy at the idea of sitting and reading, even if it’s next to the ocean with great scenery. He looked around and saw some kids playing in the sand. They had wands that made castles and sculptures with some ease.

“Let’s give that a go, it looks like loads of fun.” Said Ron.
“Well..” started Hermione.

“Hermione, we’re in Hawaii. You can read anywhere. Let’s do something fun and relaxing. I’ll go get some of those sand wands.” Said Ron as he walked off to purchase them.

Soon Ron and Hermione were sculpting funny looking rabbits and making them walk around inside lopsided castles Ron made. Both of them seemed to be enjoy themselves. They were at it for a while when Ginny and Harry returned holding hands.

“It’s marvelous, we saw sea turtles, fishes of all kinds, and I even touched a sting ray.” Said Ginny. “You guys should try it.”

And so they switched, Ron and Hermione went diving and Harry and Ginny playing with the sand wands. Harry had never let himself go like this before. He didn’t even think of looking for the lava locations. He found himself staring at Ginny from time to time. He noticed little kids playing in the sand; he heard song birds sinning, the flowers felt more beautiful and the sky bluer. They enjoyed the whole day playing and laughing at the beach. They stayed until sunset and watched it fall over the ocean. It was wonderful, more so holding Ginny’s hands. Hermione told Ron to hold her because she was a little cold, and Ron did so with a smile.

The rest of the days they spend enjoying themselves more than looking for the island. Then their vacation was almost done and they haven’t found anything. However, at this point they don’t care, because they are finally relaxed and enjoying themselves. That night they went to eat at the Round Table Restaurant inside the hotel. There were murals of King Arthurs and his stories throughout the restaurant. Harry was looking at the scenes with some curiosity.

Out of nowhere Harry screamed, “Avalon!”

This startled everyone around him.

“Sorry, everyone, I’m sorry.” Harry apologized to the people sitting around them.

“Avalon?” asked Ginny.

“Maybe it’s all the sunshine, but why didn’t I think of it before. This hotel, The Grand Camelot is from the story of King Arthur. It was staring at us the whole time. Avalon, is an island where they took King Arthur to heal him after the war. It’s said that he will rest there until England needs him again. Let’s say this Muggle legend was true. If they took him to a location where there is time magic they can suspend his body or event reverse time to bring him back.” Said Harry.

“What?” asked Ginny and Ron.

Hermione explained the story of King Arthur to Ron and Ginny.

“Muggles making up stories of wizards, who would have thought it.” Said Ron.

“I thought this hotel was just a made up fancy.” Said Ginny.

“It’s one of my favorite stories as a kid. It has magic and adventures; it’s a nice escape from the reality with the Dudley’s.” said Harry.

“If legends from the wizarding world like the Hollows can be true, what is to say legends from the Muggle world can’t also be true? If I remember correctly Avalon needed to cross the sea to get there. But where can it be..” Frowned Harry.

“Harry, you just reminded me of one of my role models when I was growing up, Emelia Earhart. She flew across the Atlantic Ocean all by herself in a Muggle plane with no magic.” Said Hermione.

Ron and Ginny looked lost again. This time Harry explained about Emelia Earhart and how she was the first female pilot to fly across the ocean but was lost and never found.

“That is right, and one of the locations they thought she was lost in was the Bermuda Triangle. It’s a place where many ships and plans go missing in the Muggle world.” Said Hermione.

“Your right, and if time magic is being used, it would make sense. The Muggles wouldn’t know what is going on. Hermione you’re a genius!” said Harry with excitement.

“You helped started it. I would of never ever to think about this.” Replied Hermione.

“So you guys think the island in your visions might be in the Bermuda Triangle?” asked Ginny.

“It all fits; we know time magic can make things disappear, we know it’s a good distance away from England where it needed to be traveled by sea, and we already learned that some legends are true. So, I think that might be the best location for an island with time magic wands in it. And that is probably whey no Muggle or wizards have found it.” Said Harry.

“That’s great but how do we get there?” asked Ron.

They all looked at each other and couldn’t come up with an answer.

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