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Author's Note: Sorry this is going to be another short chapter, and if I'm being honest not one of the more interesting ones. But, it is important!! The story will pick up very very soon! Please keep reading and reviewing :)

The rest of the week went by without much incident. The Hogwarts students weren’t particularly friendly or particularly mean to me. I received a few uneasy looks here and there, but I was adjusting to my new routine. 

Katie had begun to drift away from me, as I knew she would, and started sitting with the bouncy-haired Gryffindor girl in Defense classes and at meals. I learned the girl’s name was Vanessa Wood. Vanessa was Hogwarts’s version Katie; the two seemed made for each other. Both very concerned with the “holy trinity” of boys, partying, and popularity. 

It seemed my only friend left from Ilvermorny was David, who only sat with me in the classes we shared, and disappeared during every minute of spare time we had. Chase was constantly being fawned over by the Hogwarts girls, sitting at a different house table each day complete with a fan club at each one. 

The Ilvermorny students were slowly finding their place at Hogwarts, and while they were integrating, I was drifting farther outside. My only friend was Scorpious. Nobody else really tried to talk to me, I think James had too strong of a hold on the school for people to go out of their way to be nice to a person he so adamantly hated. 

As for James, his outburst at me seemed to have had no effect on his reign over Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I had been watching him throughout the week. He was always with that freckled boy, always laughing. Vanessa was not the only girl who was interested in him either. Whenever he walked past girls in the halls, they would smile, wink, or playfully touch his arm. I even noticed Katie trying to sit next to him one day at breakfast. 

He walked around the castle like he deserved to be treated the way he was, with girls falling all over him. Like he had the God-given right to own the school. I seemed to be the only person that saw through him. I saw the judgmental asshole I knew he could become. 

Scorpious and I had made plans to meet in the library to study one afternoon. I was waiting for him; I checked my watch. We were supposed to meet at 4, it read 4:07. Annoyed, I looked around, hoping to see him walking in. 

A minute later, I saw him lazily stroll into the library, but not alone. He was with a Slytherin boy slightly shorter than him, with jet black hair and as he got closer, I noticed his bright green eyes. 

The two boys sat across from me at my otherwise vacant table. 

“Hey Ella,” Scorpious greeted as he sat down, “I wanted you to meet my best friend Albus - Albus Potter.”

Albus, not seated directly across from me, looked at me cautiously, as if waiting for me to hit him. I just looked at him appraisingly, willing him to speak. Scorpious just looked amused.

“Er, hi Ella,” he started, feeling uncomfortable, “I heard about you and my brother James, and I know he can be a bit - well - a right git if I’m being honest.”

I was a little surprised at his lack of loyalty towards his brother, but it did make sense. With him being a Slytherin, and best friends with someone who James has a well-known grudge against, I’m sure it hadn’t been easy for Albus with James as a brother.

I smiled at Albus and my gaze softened, “Nice to meet you Albus,” he looked relieved. 

“I thought it might help you piss off James a little if you became friends with his brother,” Scorpious smirked, I laughed, Albus just rolled his eyes.

“How many of you are there even at this school? Potter’s I mean.” I directed my question at Albus. I should know what I was up against. 

“Here we go,” said Scorpious under his breath.

Albus scoffed, amused at Scorpious’ reaction, but started explaining anyway. 

“Well there are three Potters,” he held up three fingers, “James, me, and our younger sister Lily. She's a third year Gryffindor.”

I interrupted him, “That’s it? I felt like there were more of you..”

Scorpious looked at me with amusement in his eyes, “Oh, how naive - just wait.”

Thank you Scorpious, now, if I could continue,” he gave me an accusing look.

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

“Okay. So there are the three Potters. But there are so many more Weasleys, who we all happen to be related to. Try to keep up. Molly and Lucy are sisters, Molly is a fifth year Hufflepuff, Lucy is in second year and in Ravenclaw. Then there’s Fred and Roxanne, both in Gryffindor. Roxanne is in fourth year and Fred is in seventh - he and James are practically inseparable.”

So that was the freckled boy glued to Potter’s side. I thought Albus had finished but apparently there were more. Albus was on a roll.

“Can’t forget about Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione’s kids; Hugo is a third year Hufflepuff, and Rose is in my year and a Gryffindor. She’s also my best friend, tied with Scorp of course.” Scorpious fake gagged at Rose’s name; I guess he didn’t get along with everyone in Albus’ family. 

Albus just rolled his eyes at his best friend’s reaction. 

“Last there’s Louis and Dominique - well and Victorie, but she graduated already.  Louis is a third year Hufflepuff, and Dom is in your year and in Ravenclaw.” He finished proudly.

“Oh, is that all?” I ask, full of sarcasm. 

Scorpious and Albus both laugh, and Albus responds, “Yeah, I know there are a lot of us, but you won’t have a problem with anyone else. James is the one you have to watch out for.”

At this statement Scorpious cuts in, “Well you’ll have to watch out for Rose Weasley too you know,” he spoke her name with contempt, “that she devil has hated me for absolutely no reason since first year. You might be next.”

“Shut it Scorpious,” Albus shot Scorpious a dirty look, “and you know she has eyes of hatred only for you.”

Scorpious rolled his eyes, “Whatever Albus, you know she has it out for me because of my dad.”

“Oh, like you don’t have it out for her too? And you know she doesn’t actually care about your dad she just says that stuff to piss you off.”

She had seemed perfectly nice when she had showed us to our dorms. I was sure this wasn’t the first time they were having this conversation. Albus seemed to be reciting lines from a script and Scorpious seemed to be getting more riled up the more he talked about her.

“Okay Albus what about that time she blamed me for setting her hair on fire in third year - I was in detention for a month!

“But, Scorp, you did set her hair on fire!”

“She didn’t have to tell on me though,” Scorpious said, trying to divert all blame onto her. 

“How about when she slipped me a love potion and I ended up asking McGonagall to Hogsmeade last year?” He challenged, changing the subject.

Laughing, Albus responded, “Mate, you have to admit that was hilarious.”

“It was embarrassing!” Scorpious grumpily tried to correct him.

Still laughing Albus look at Scorpious, “Look, that’s just what you two do. You fight and you challenge each other. And you both like it so you should just stop pretending to be enemies - it would make my life so much easier.”

“I don’t like her Al,” Scorpious crossed his arms defiantly.

“Whatever you sa-ay,” Albus mocked in a sing-song voice. Scorpious just glared back. 

“Soooo,” I looked awkwardly between the two, “are we going to sit around discussing more wizarding genealogy and our weird messy relationships with each other’s cousins, or are we actually going to get any studying done?”

Albus smirked and Scorpious just shrugged stubbornly, but they both finally looked down and opened their books.


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