Scorpius POV

January 15

"Welcome back class! I hope you all had a wonderful break and are ready to continue on through our Founders assignment. Who here even took the time to read "Magic within the walls"?" Professor Jordan looked around the room hopefully only to see a handful of students raising their hands. "Ah yes well then the rest of you consider yourselves behind already! Your first task for this semester is about not only the magic within the walls, but the magic within all of Hogwarts grounds. This class is DEFENSE against the Dark Arts and you go to school in one of the safest buildings in the world due to the founders advanced magic and foresight. Why do we have statues that protect us? How do we have such complex wards to guard us? Why are we surrounded by forest? Why on earth did they make a building with so many horrible stair cases that make us all out of breath? These are only some of the questions I want you to start thinking about. Over the next few weeks figure out what it is your founder really contributed to the school. After that I want you to learn that magic and then we will work together for a month or so to begin building our own mini Hogwarts."

The sixth year class was a mix of emotions. Some looked disappointed at the new task others looked highly intrigued.

"Professor, how big exactly is a "mini" Hogwarts?" Rupert yelled out from the back of the classroom.

"Well Mr. Dodgins, about the size of a house. Well not the size of some of your homes with manors and quidditch pitches," Rupert elbowed Scorpius, "but the size of a normal house. We will build a Great Hall that may just be a 'Good Hall' since it will be small, we will create at least one or two moving staircases, we will do things that are truly landmarks of our school. This seems confusing now, but as you further your research, learn the magic, and work as a team I think we will all begin to be more excited at the prospects ahead."

Scorpius had no idea what Salazar Slytherin contributed to the school other then the Chamber of Secrets and pipes large enough for a basilisk and he ASSUMED Professor Jordan was not going to ask him to build that. Surely not? Then again Professor Jordan was… eccentric.

Julia Harris quickly raised her hand, "Professor which group will you have me join?"

"Oh yea, our new student! Welcome to Hogwarts Ms. Harris, I'm sure you will soon know more about it through this task then the majority of students anyway. Let's see, I will put you in Team Gryffindor. That will be with Mr. Potter, Mr. Scamander, Ms. Smith, and Ms. Longbottom. If you feel you need any extra guidance getting up to speed feel free to ask anyone for help!" Professor Jordan smiled at her cheerfully.

The class quickly moved into their teams to begin discussing the task at hand. Out of Team Slytherin, Scorpius was the only one to have read the book. Roger had yet to even buy it, Allison had skimmed it, and Rose was only halfway through it.

"Okay well all I found out so far was how different parts of the castle work. The book is not really specific on what each founder contributed though so I'm not sure what old Jordan wants us to create." Scorpius explained.

"Merlin's pants we are going to live in the library for another task aren't we? At least the last task let us battle." Roger complained.

"Well Roger so thankful to see you and your positive spirit here once again." Rose stated sarcastically.

Allison quickly got the group to decide on a time to begin researching and they decided that talking to house ghosts again would be helpful. As the class drew to a close and the group began to pack up Rose rushed off to quidditch practice and Scorpius found himself talking to Julia.

"So you're telling me this class has had you breaking into random parts of the castle looking for ridiculous offices, battling transfigured creatures, and now building a replica of your school?" She said both in confusion and awe.

"Pretty much yea, Professor Jordan is a creative guy I'll say. It's been crazy but also really fun I think everyone has enjoyed it and learned a lot." Scorpius replied.

"Seems like it. I feel so far behind all ready. I'm trying to catch up and learn all about the Gryffindor guy so I asked Lysander for help and he just gave me a pile of notes and said something about nargles. Is he messing with me, did I offend him somehow?"

Scorpius chuckled. "No, no you did not. That's just Lysander, he is a weird but wonderful friend who is not the greatest on social cues. I can help you sort through them later. I doubt it's too dense probably just a lot of random chaotic notes."

"Thank you Scorpius I would really love that. You're too sweet! How does the library tonight or tomorrow during break sound?" Julia said kindly.

"I could do break tomorrow. I'll meet you there." Julia nodded and they continued walking back to Ravenclaw tower while Scorpius questioned her about America and how she ended up at Beauxbatons then at Hogwarts.

"Well you see, my parents were originally from Australia. And then--" Scorpius quickly interrupted her.

"I love Australia! Well at least what I've heard, I have always wanted to go! My dad lived there for a short time after the war!"

"Oh well it's wonderful I really love it there. Let me know if you ever go! Did you dad go there for work or something?" Julia replied.

She didn't know… Scorpius never really knew anyone who had no idea about his family. Although maybe she was just being polite and not bringing it up.

"Um no, just a bit of a vacation really." Scorpius responded as the two talked for a few more minutes before departing for Julia to go meet up with Aphrodite and for Scorpius to go find Rupert.

"Hey where did you go? You bolted out of class Rupe."

"Yes because we have quidditch to think about! If we can beat Slytherin in the next month by 100 then all we have left is beating Hufflepuff by what I assume will be a smaller point margin. Look at my model, you're disgusting!"

And sure enough Rupert was using the mini quidditch play making model Scorpius had gotten him for Christmas. And of course, the mini Scorpius had hopped off his broom and was snogging the mini Rose in the center of the quidditch pitch. Scorpius laughed at his little action figure.

"Will he even listen to you and run the plays?" He asked Rupert.

"No! It's just like real life he can't tear himself away from his bloody girlfriend!"

Eventually the boys got the mini Ravenclaw and Slytherin replicas playing a game and they spent a few hours brainstorming new plays to beat Slytherin. As much as Scorpius loved Rose, he could not wait to beat her in quidditch.

That night after dinner Scorpius and Rose went to their meadow in the Room of Requirement. They had not been back since their first date and were excited about the idea after realizing it was way too cold for a walk out on the grounds.

"Any updates on your father?" Rose asked.

"Mm no. I told you Rose nothing will come of it like always. I know your dad is trying really I do, but there are just too many possible suspects. My dad is safe now though and will be better in another week or two. Either way he will be better in time to see me beat you in quidditch."

"Oh please Scorpius, you saw how easy I could score on Rupert when we played at your house. I can pull way ahead before you even see the snitch!' She exclaimed confidently.

"Yes, but he was distracted about getting to make out with Acacia the entire time!"

"Maybe somewhat, but I think I can pull it off and when I beat you, I want you to tell me all about how great Slytherin is and then tell me about Rupert's rage later." She said smugly.

Scorpius had never noticed how competitive Rose really was. He knew she had some of that in her since he had seen her get intense in school, but she was in the hospital wing when Slytherin destroyed Hufflepuff since they had just finished the Werewolf Battle at Waterloo task.

"I mean I agree you are a fantastic Chaser, BUT we over on the Ravenclaw side also have fantastic chasers. I mean did you see Marley's stats from the last game? Rupert was over the moon and I swear had he not been with Acacia he would have kissed her."

Rose paused. "Would that have bothered you?"

"What? Merlin, no! Rose we dated over a year ago. Where is that even coming from?" Scorpius had no idea why she would even ask about Marley.

"I don't know, you've never told me about it or told me why you broke up." Rose said while looking down.

"Oh. Well it wasn't crazy or anything. We just did not have a lot in common outside of quidditch and she was really clingy so I broke up with her. We are friends and have both moved on. She's a great person though and really funny.

"How long did you date?"

"Um six months I guess." Scorpius could not tell Rose was closely listening to every word he was saying. Somehow, even the genius Scorpius Malfoy was not aware that you should not talk too highly of your exes to your current partner.

"Wow, we have not even been together six months yet." Rose said in a monotone voice. Scorpius still wasn't picking up the signal to change the subject.

"Yea I guess you're right. We started dating October 9th, so yea you're right only three months. That's crazy it feels like forever." Rose just nodded at him.

"Did you and Marley um. Well did you… Did you sleep together?" Scorpius froze. He had not thought the conversation would get here. He didn't want to say yes. But they had. Probably way too often. But Marley did not care as much about that as Rose did and Scorpius, well Scorpius wanted to do it. He realized he was taking too long to respond.

"I’m sorry Rose what was your question?" He tried to act like he hadn't heard her.

"You know what I asked Scorpius."

"Well, yea sorta. Um we did."

"How do you "sorta" sleep with someone?" Rose asked with an annoyed tone.

"Rose, you and I weren't together you can't get mad at me for that. You didn't even have the nerve to talk to me yet, other than to ask for a quill!" Scorpius realized that was the wrong thing to say.

"I'm aware of that Scorpius and I was not getting mad at the fact that you slept with her, I was getting annoyed that you were trying to hide it and are now bringing up when I was too insecure to talk to you."

"I wasn't trying to hide anything! I just knew you wouldn't like my response." Scorpius said quickly.

"So will you always respond like that when I ask you something and you know I won't like the answer?" Rose was getting frustrated with him.

"Okay Rose let's just calm down. I didn't mean to piss you off, if I could take back sleeping with Marley I would! I wish I was sleeping with you instead!" Again, Scorpius realized that was still not the right thing to say.

"So are you frustrated I'm not sleeping with you?" She asked as her eyes narrowed.

'What? No! I mean, I would like to. Do it. I mean not now, but that would be fine too. I mean this is getting all out of context Rose. I just mean I am happy to wait until you want to do it too."

"Well I'm sorry that I think there is more to sex then just doing 'it' Scorpius." Rose said with her arms crossed.

"I think it's important too Rose!"

"Then why did you sleep with your girlfriend that you didn't love."

"Because I wanted to and so did she." He said it so matter-of-factly that Rose was beyond annoyed at how differently they viewed sex.

"Was she great at it?" And here it was. The question that Scorpius should never have answered, but sadly, he did.

"What? Yea of course." He saw Rose's face. "I mean I think so. I don't know she has been the only one." Rose was beginning to bite her lip in anger. "But don't worry I'm sure you'll be better!" He said encouragingly.

"Oh you think I'll be better. How kind of you Scorpius! Thank you for letting me know, I'll be sure to do some research in the library so I can be better in bed for you so that you can forget about your ex-girlfriend!" Rose quickly got up and was trying to leave while Scorpius was sitting dumbfounded, confused as to how this conversation had happened.

"Wait Rose, I think I said this wrong! I didn't mean it like you have to impress me!"

Again, wrong thing to say.

"Oh good Scorpius because I had been working on my sexual resume and beautification charms all month so I could reach your standards!" She yelled as she marched toward the door.

"No Rose! None of that matters! Marley doesn't matter! Everything is always greater with you simply because it's you!"

There it was! There was the right thing to say. Rose's face softened but she had tears in her eyes.

"I know Scorpius, I just think we have really different views on this. I know you can't take back what happened with Marley. I'm not asking you to make a time-turner and keep your pants back on from a year ago, but I just hate knowing that you'll compare me to her." Rose began to look down at her feet.

"Rose, there is no comparison there. I love you. Marley McCabe was just some crazy teenage lust."

"Scorpius we are teenagers, and we have lust. Yes we say we love each other all the time but even I still wonder sometimes if this is love. I think it is! I really do. But I still wonder." Rose said with a little more confidence.

"I, I don't know Rose."

He said the wrong thing again.

Rose sighed, hugged Scorpius and said she wanted to go back to her dorm. They walked back in silence simply holding hands.


When Scorpius arrived back in his dorm Rupert was still working on quidditch plays and Lysander was reading a book.

"Did you know that Godric Gryffindor made the statues that protect our school, and when he first was experimenting they tried to attack him?" Lysander stated.

"Think I can charm them to beat up Gregory Flint before the quidditch match?" Rupert said quietly.

"Rupert, why are you stressing so early about this game? Gryffindor was a better team then Slytherin and you were not as worked up so early. Something is clearly on your mind." Lysander stated.

Scorpius had just walked into the room still frustrated about what happened with Rose.

"What happened to you?" Rupert asked instead of answering Lysander.

"Well. I don't understand women. They want you to be honest, but then you say it wrong. Rose found out I slept with Marley." Scorpius collapsed onto his bed and sighed.

"Well how exactly did she find out? Did you tell her Marley was a better a kisser or something?" Rupert joked.

"Well not exactly." Scorpius said anxiously.

"Merlin's beard Scorpius what on earth did you say!" Rupert asked with half concern and with half humor at what Scorpius must have done. Lysander of course simply listened.

"Well first she asked if I slept with Marley. And I waited to long to answer so she got mad. Then she asked if I was upset she wasn't sleeping with me and I said yes and no because I understand where she is coming from but I'd still like to. Then she said sex wasn't a big deal to me and it just got worse, and then, OI SHUT IT!" -- Rupert was laughing at his friend's mess.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's just hilarious that this is your first argument. Keep going, does it really get worse?" Rupert smirked.

"Yes actually. She uh, she asked me if Marley was um, 'good'". Rupert and even Lysander howled in laughter.

"You didn't Scorpius, you did not! Please tell me you said 'no not at all, she was rubbish!' Please tell me you said that!" Rupert was near tears now.

"Em, no I was honest."

"Scorpius Malfoy, that is one of those moments where you should have gave her a line. Told her, "I really don't remember, but snogging you Rosie is a thousand times better'" Rupert yelled mockingly.

"Well, I know that now! I just thought I should be honest!"

The boys continued to make fun of Scorpius for the rest of the night while Scorpius thought about how he really needed to think more emotionally instead of logically sometimes. Dating was tricky.



"HE TOLD YOU SHE WAS GOOD IN BED?!" Acacia shouted appalled.

"Yes, and then he told me he was "sure I'd be better". What the hell is his problem! Does he think if we have sex it's just all about him! Do I have to prove myself now?" Rose was upset, she was the perfect combination of hurt, insecure, and angry.

"Rose he is just a dumb boy. Maybe actually a stupid boy in this case." Acacia said while patting Rose's back.

"I just think it should mean something! Is that so ancient and old fashioned of me?" Rose looked up at Acacia through her tears.

"Of course not honey. Why do you think I kept Rupert waiting so long, I know he sleeps with a lot of girls and I did not want to be another one on the list."

"Yes but you are sleeping with him now and you have been together less than I've been with Scor!" Rose was past the point of reasoning.

"Okay. Maybe you're right. But look Rose, Scorpius loves you. So he slept with Marley McCabe, it's not like he can take that back and it's also not like he'll go hook up with her."

And now Acacia had said the wrong thing.

"You don't think he'd do that would he? He wouldn't cheat?" Rose's insecurity was raging now.

"ROSE STOP IT! Stop doubting Scorpius. Yes he said some real stupid things but now you need to ask yourself why are those stupid things bothering you so much! There are plenty of couples not sleeping together so why does it stress you out so much?"

Now Acacia had said the right thing.

"Ugh I don't know. I don't know where this is coming from I am not this person Acacia." Acacia nodded at Rose.

"You're right, you're not. You are confident Rose Weasley. You're smart, kind, beautiful, and have nothing to feel insecure about!"

Rose and Acacia talked a little longer before deciding to go to bed. Rose went to bed with the decision that she would not let her insecurities get the best of her.


The next day Rose had just sat down for breakfast with Acacia and Albus when Scorpius came walking up to the Slytherin table.

"Rose can we talk?" He asked hopefully.

She sighed. "Scorpius we're fine, don't worry about it anymore. I know you didn’t mean it how it came out." He looked relieved. Although part of Rose wanted him to push her to talk about it.
"Oh, okay then. Yea I'm sorry about that Rose. I love you?" He said it more as a question.

"I love you too." She kissed him on the cheek and went back to her breakfast.

"Okay well um, see you in class." Scorpius walked away confused.

"You sure that's how you want to handle it?" Acacia asked from across the table.

"Yea, I just want to forget about it. Maybe that's dumb but I'd rather just run from that conversation right now." Rose said as she began to eat her breakfast.

"Wait, what was all that about? What did you fight about?" Albus asked curiously.

Acacia laughed, "trust me Albus you don't want to know."

The Slytherins ate their breakfast in silence as Rose pondered how she was ever going to be nice to Marley McCabe again.



What a weird night. From what he could tell Rose was fine and it was nothing but a weird misunderstanding. He decided just to move on and never ever bring up Marley McCabe to Rose again. Marley was his friend but maybe he should just avoid her like she was a dementor at this point.

Scorpius had a pretty normal day, he almost fell asleep in runes, Rupert almost blew up their draught of living death in potions and killed them both, and then they got to DADA. Scorpius was nervous to work with Rose and make sure they really were okay. And they were! Rose acted almost too normal.

Scorpius decided that day, the most difficult part of dating Rose Weasley was reading Rose Weasley. She either wore all her emotions on her sleeve, or was able to mask them at the drop of a hat. She hid her crush on him for two years, she was acting all normal now, but then at the same time she was someone who easily blushed and expressed herself to Scorpius freely.

She was so confusing.

That day in DADA Scorpius, Roger, Allison, and Rose merely got more books from the library on Salazar Slytherin and Hogwarts construction. One of the books they needed had already been checked out and the team was disappointed that someone could be ahead of them.

"I'll go ask Madam Cord if she can tell us who checked it out, maybe they'll let us borrow it before it's returned." Allison quickly got up and went to go ask. "The new girl, Julia, has it. Does anyone know her?"

"Yea, I'm helping her study later. I'll ask her." Scorpius said while underlining a sentence in "Salazar Slytherin, villain or hero?".

Rose's head jolted up from her reading. "You're studying with her?"

"Yea, Lysander wasn't helping her catch up and was being weird. So I told her I could, remember Penelope asked me and Aphrodite to help her out on the train ride down?" Scorpius suddenly felt nervous, like he had to justify helping someone study. Allison clearly felt the tension and began packing up, Roger of course was oblivious and kept trying to talk about the task.

"Oh, of course. Alright well is that everything for today?" Rose asked the team. Roger looked surprise to already be done but happily packed up. Allison gave Scorpius a confused look went on her way.

"Rose, I don't have to help her. You can come if you'd like. I was just being friendly I promise. Is this about last night?" He asked scared for a response.

"No you're fine Scorpius, I just thought it was random that's all."

Rose kissed Scorpius goodbye and left for her common room. Scorpius still felt like something was off. He stayed in the library for break to wait for Julia. He was just being nice, nothing is wrong with that. Marley never cared who he hung out with. Merlin now he really was comparing Rose to Marley. He needed to sort things out with Rose and try not to say anything rude when he did. While he was deep in thought Julia had come up behind him dropping all her books on the table and scared him.

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to scare you!" She said with a smile on her face.

"Sure you didn't. You just happened to drop this enormous amount of books next to someone who was not at all paying attention." He said jokingly.

"Well you looked too deep in thought and we aren't even studying yet! You needed to wake up a bit."

"You're right, you're right. Sorry just random things on my mind. Let's get started with Godric Gryffindor. Do you know much about the other founders?" He asked kindly.

"Honestly not a lot. I know each house had their own reputation but even that I'm just figuring out as I go. The sorting hat told me a little when it sorted me a few weeks ago but that's it."

"Okay well let's start there, what do you know?" Scorpius was curious. In England every wizarding child grew up knowing the basics about each house.

"Well, Ravenclaws, we were started by Rowena Ravenclaw, and people in our house are known for being intelligent. Um Hufflepuff, was Helga, and they're hardworking. I heard they're good finders too, but what does that even mean? Then Gryffindor who I'm studying was brave, and Harry Potter was in that house. Then there is Slytherin which I'm told are ambitious and people say they're evil around here. So yea, I don't know a lot." She said while pulling all her notes and quills out.

"Yea there is a lot more to it for sure. So Ravenclaw, we are not only known for intelligence but also quick wit. However there are plenty of other intelligent people in other houses, but to be in ours you have to love learning. Gryffindor's are brave yes, also suppose to be chivalrous. They can be pretty reckless at times too but they push people to new limits. Then you have Hufflepuff and they get teased a lot but truthfully we would all kill each other without Hufflepuffs. They make everyone get along in the end. They're fiercely loyal. Lastly are Slytherin, and they're very ambitious. My girlfriend is one and she is the most determined person I know. I think one of the biggest differences there is while a Gryffindor will lash out, wear their heart on their sleeve, a Slytherin will typically wait for the right moment and create a plan to get to their goal. Ravenclaws and Slytherins think, and Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs do.

Does that make sense?" Scorpius asked, he forgot how much he enjoyed teaching.

"Yea that really helps, so all the founders embodied these traits?" Julia asked.

"Yea, and I mean the sorting hat is by potential. So there are Gryffindors you meet at first years and they are shy, there are Slytherins who are wildly ambitious but do not yet have an ambition, Ravenclaws who love learning but aren't sure what they love to learn about, and Hufflepuffs, well they're always true to Hufflepuff. Great people." Scorpius loved talking about Hogwarts houses and explaining how people worked and grew with their house.

"Okay so then for Godric Gryffindor that makes sense why his office was in a tower where he could guard everything because he was chivalrous and brave. Then his battle in Transylvania where he had to work with other founders furthered his love for the bravery trait. And now as we get to this part about the castle, I'm not sure what makes sense?" Julia was taking notes as she spoke trying to take all the information in quickly.

"Yea, you're getting it. I honestly have no idea on the castle though. My group isn't too sure either where to begin as far as what Slytherin built." As Scorpius said this his mind raced with all the possibilities of what Slytherin could have created in the castle.

"Do you wish you were team Ravenclaw? I kind of do since it's my house now." Julia continued to talk and take notes.

"It could have been cool. But I've liked being on Slytherin, I mean that's how I started dating Rose, and it's given me an appreciation for a founder I think most people cast off." He said thoughtfully.

"Oh you and Rose just started dating this year?" She asked.

"Yep, three months a few weeks ago." He replied.

"Oh wow, that's still pretty new then huh?" Julia had stopped writing and was looking at Scorpius.

"Yea, I guess so. It seems like a lot longer though. Being with her has been the best three months." He said with a smile.

"That's sweet. I have a boyfriend back home who goes to Ilvermorny and that has been the hardest part of transferring here. Beauxbatons let's you speak through the floo a lot more often then Hogwarts." She said sadly.

"Oh that sounds terrible. I get bummed out if I can't talk to Rose for a week, I can't imagine a semester."

"Yes and this school is so different. Hogwarts is much more obsessed with quidditch. I mean I can't even fly and all of you are on broomstick while you're still in diapers!" She said jokingly.

"You're so American. Here we call them nappies. Not diapers, what even is that!" Scorpius laughed at her and as they finished studying told her he would teach her to ride a broomstick. He needed Julia to get to know Rose so they could all be friends.

There was a lot going on for Scorpius Malfoy and the last thing he wanted was a frustrated Rose. Instead, he would help Rose make a new friend, help a new student feel welcome at Hogwarts, and then apologize to Rose when Ravenclaw beat Slytherin in quidditch. He would turn this week around in no time!

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