The Auror investigation was going to take longer than they thought. So they told Harry they will let them know once they find anything.

So Harry went back to concentrating on time magic. However after a few days of trying he was nowhere closer to any answers. Even Hermione and Ron were losing hope and ran out of ideas. Ginny suggested asking Don again on how the owl works. Thought it might give Harry more visions. But Don didn’t know how the vision works, nor could he provide any more info than what he told them before. Finally Ginny thought maybe Harry and the owl should spend more time together. Harry didn’t mind the idea and maybe it would clear his head. Harry was not expecting what came next.

Day one:

Harry thought he should name it Hedwig 2.

As he approached the owl and said “I’m going to call you Hedwig 2”.

But this owl didn’t seem to like the idea and turned his head away and ignored Harry. For a second Harry swore he heard the owl sigh. So Harry thought for a few seconds and walked around the cage and said, “How about Laszlo?”

The owl bite the air and turned away again.

“Larry?  Andrew?  Sam?  David?  Henry?  Tim?  John?” said Harry.

And the owl looked like it was very angry and flapped it’s wings violently and tried to bite the cage door.

“What? What is it?” exclaimed Harry.

“Fine you don’t like any of those names, how about stuff up owl then!?” said Harry angrily.

Now the owl looks looked straight into Harry’s eyes and Harry didn’t have to be a mind reader to know it was very angry at him and maybe he should stop with the name for now and take a break. Harry walked off to tell Ginny what occurred.

Harry said “I’m so frustrated, the owl is mad at me, I tried to come up with some good names for him. But he just keeps turning his head and acts angry, it’s like talking to a girl.”

And after he said those words, he felt a cold air about the room. He looked up and Ginny and Hermione was looking at Harry with the same look on the owl’s eyes. It hit him like a brick.

“The owl is not a he, it’s a she!” Exclaimed Harry.

“I’m so stupid.  And I’m sorry for saying what I just said.” Said Harry to the girls.

Both Ginny and Hermione said, “I forgive you, because you said you’re stupid.”

Ron just shook his head, and didn’t say a word. He knows better now to not say anymore or he too will get it.

So after lunch Harry brought a snack for the owl.

As he gently placed the meat in the tray he said, “I’m sorry for not noticing earlier, but do you like the name, Hazel?”

At this gesture of kindness the owl’s eyes opened up and looked at Harry, she looked happy with the food and the name. She nodded, which is kind of unusually for owls.

“But what is normal nowadays, if Hazel can somehow give more clues to this time magic, then maybe he can save his parents or even stop all the death before it started.” thought Harry.

And with that thought in mind; he needed Hazel and he needs to figure out how Hazel works.

Day 2:

The next day Harry decided to take the owl out hunting, so he let Hazel out of the cage and perched on his shoulders. He said bye to everyone after breakfast and went out to the woods. He watched Hazel fly around and come back with a mouse in her beak.

And watched her devour it as he talked, “Hazel, I’m not sure how this works, but if you can show me more clues it would be much appreciated. You see.”

For some reason Harry told Hazel about his childhood, what little he remembers of his parents, the whole time at Hogwart, how Ron, Hermione, and of course Ginny made his life much better. It felt very comfortable, like talking to an old friend, he could say anything he wanted. Hazel would tilt her head one way and another, blink, and sometimes Harry felt she understands. It’s weird but somewhat comforting. Without realizing it, the sun was going down. Harry even forgot to eat lunch, and then his stomach began to growl.

“We better be heading home, it’s getting late.” Said Harry as he let Hazel perch on his forearm as he disapparated home.

Day 3:

As Ginny walked outside to find Harry, she saw him trying to place a hair clip with a flower on it onto Hazel. It looks very familiar to her.

“Is that mine hair clip? That’s the clip you bought me on our first date.” Said Ginny

“Oh yeah, Hazel was looking at the flower and so I thought she wanted to try it on.” As Harry showed off the flower clip on Hazels head.

The flower would go from a peddle and open up into a full blooming flower and back again and changes from yellow carnation, to a red rose, and a white daffodil. Due to the brown color or Hazel, it almost liked an enlarged flower blooming from a tree bark. It looked a little ridiculous, but Ginny wasn’t laughing. Harry watched as Ginny walked away a little mad.

Day 4:

Harry took Hazel out again and he forgot to tell Ginny. When he returned home late, he found Ginny sitting in the living room waiting for him.

“I was so worried about you, where have you been?” Asked Ginny

“We went to the beach and the mountains today, it was so fun, you should have seen Hazel fly in the mountains between the trees. And Hazel really liked the cold air of the ocean, I never known an owl to like the ocean so much. She had a big smile the whole time.” Said Harry.

“I see. Please tell me where you’re going and when you’ll be back. I left some supper for you.” Stated Ginny as she walked off.

She wasn’t angry at what Harry did. Now she’s a little jealous.
Harry watched as Ginny walked off to her room again. He realized that maybe she was angry with him, but it came a little late and she was gone by the time he thought of talking to her. So he settled back in and went and had supper with Hazel next to him.

Day 5:

“Hermione, is it o.k. to be jealous of an owl?” asked Ginny.

“I know it’s rough on you these few days, Harry has pretty much ignored all of us, especially you. But give him some time, hopefully once he figures how to bond with Hazel he’ll be Harry again. Besides Hazel is an owl and your Ginny.” Said Hermione.

“Your right. I had to share Harry with the world. But he kept away from that and we were always alone and it felt great. Now Hazel is here and I’ve have to share Harry with an owl. It’s kind of silly if you think about it. Me; being jealous of an owl, even if this owl is some kind of wonder. Maybe I should help Harry instead of fight it. I think I’ll go out with them tomorrow. Thanks Hermione, you’re the best.” Said Ginny.

“Any time, beside those two bone heads can’t survive without us.” Said Hermione referring to Ron with a big smile on her face.

And Ginny smiled back.

Day 6:

Ginny tagged alone that day, hoping to help out in some way. However Hazel was acting a little strange, almost like she disliked Ginny. Every once in a while Hazel would give Ginny a cold stare, or try to bite her as she got close. Harry almost got bite when he got too close trying to separate the two. Ginny got so mad one time; she cast a charm to have a small branch of a tree fall as Hazel was flying by. Somehow Hazel knows it was Ginny that did it. Not sure how, but when she came back she dove right for Ginny, she cast a shield charm just in time. Later that day Hazel pooped on Ginny and got a good one right on her head. Ginny could tell Hazel did it on purpose because she watched Hazel gloat. Not sure how she know that Hazel was gloating but Ginny just know. Harry helped by using a poop evaporating spell and apologizing as he did it. This went on most of the day. Harry was getting a little tired breaking up fights between Hazel and Ginny.

“Maybe we should go home and take a break.” Said Harry.

“I can’t agree with you more.” Stated Ginny coldly.

So they all went home just after lunch was done. But not before Hazel ate her rat in front of Ginny a little more violently than usual. Which kind of made Ginny nauseated.

Day 7:

Harry and Hazel went out again early that day. Ginny was at home today. She needed a break from what happened yesterday.

“If I go out again with Hazel, I’m going to make her eat one of George’s balding charms. Make Hazel into a featherless chicken.” Smile Ginny in an evil kind of way.

“Oh, stop it. Was it that bad?” asked Hermione.

“You should have seen her; she purposely acted like she was hurt and cuddled up Harry so he could hold her tight and check her head. As if that tree branch was that big. Plus she stuck her tongue out when Harry was not looking. Oh. that made me mad.” Exclaimed Ginny.

“Wow. You’re talking as if Hazel is human; I’ve never known any owl or animal to act that way. She sounds like a snooty little girl. Well then, how about I help you with the balding charm. That surely will teach her to mess around.” Said Hermione smiling.

Just as she was finishing her sentences, Hazel flow through the window. She looked like she was rushed.

“What’s going on? Where is Harry?” Asked Ginny.

Hazel looked around at Hermione and then at Ginny. She sat there for a few seconds looking at Ginny. Then all of sudden Ginny could see Harry, lying on some rocks. He looks like he is hurt, like he fell or something. He’s breathing but, got his eyes closed and not moving.

“He’s hurt, where is he?” asked Ginny urgently.

Ginny looked at Hazel again and she saw Harry, and then the mountain area where they were yesterday. And not far from the area was the cliff and on the bottom was Harry, lying there. Ginny ran outside and disapparated to where Harry was immediately. She got there and saw Harry lying still. She used the levitation charm to rise Harry up and once she could touch him, she disapparated again right back to home. Hermione saw Harry and helped lay him in bed. They examined him and noticed something wrong with his right leg. Hermione used the Episkey spell on the leg and it returned back to normal. They waited for a few hours and finally Harry came to. Ginny was the first person Harry saw.

“I saw another vision, it was of an island. It wasn’t big. It was in the middle of the ocean, with violent waves and weather surrounding it. I think I also saw lava or fire and maybe ice?” Said Harry.

“Never mind about that, how do you feel? You got us very worried. I didn’t know what happened to you and probably broken your leg.” Said Ginny.

“Did something happen to me? I think I blacked out when I was watching Hazel. She was flying towards me, I was waiting for her to land on my forearm, then I stared into her eyes because they look like they were changing color and then everything went blank. That is when I had the visions again. It must be another clue.” Said Harry.

As he tried to get up, he noticed a pain shooting from his right leg and a feels a little stiff and sore all over.

“Did I fall or something?” Harry asked checking himself out for the first time.

“You must of; it was like the time at the Owl Wall. You must have blacked out when you had the visions and fell. Hazel came home and she somehow showed me images of you. How am I able to see those images, now that I think about it? I thought you were supposed to be the one who can see the images?” asked Ginny.

“That is strange, I’m wondering if it has to do with the connection you two have. How you and Hazel were in some ways fighting for Harry; so maybe Hazel knows that you have strong feeling for Harry. And that connection is what allowed you to see Harry.” Deduced Hermione.

Harry looked at Ginny and Ginny meet Harry’s eyes and she started to blush.

After days of looking at maps and trying to figure out which one had volcanoes and ice on it, they didn’t narrowed it down too much. There are hundreds of island with volcanoes. Almost all the small island are created from volcanoes, but the ones with possible ice on it were too big. However Hawaii in the States was a possibility. It had volcanoes and there are many smaller islands around. Sometimes the waves can be very violent and the weather can be calm and rainy all in one place. And that caught the attention of both Ginny and Hermione. Sometimes they would walk off on their own and talk about going to Hawaii for vacation. Ginny would come back and point out how the volcanoes, lava, and storms fit perfectly with the visions to Harry. After about a week of getting nowhere and gentle encouragements from Ginny to Harry, it was decided; they would go to Hawaii.

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