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 Chapter 8

The blinding light from the sun’s beams stream into the dorm and I growl to myself, pulling a pillow over my face and grabbing for the covers to help block the rays that just don’t care that they are interrupting my slumber.

“She’s moving, at least that means she’s alive,” a soft voice from my left says across the room.

“Well I thought we already concluded that she is alive, there will be no corpses in our dormitory,” another (unfamiliar) voice says between what seems like the sounds of brushing teeth.

“I didn’t mean it literally, Suri--”

“Maybe she’s just jet lagged--” a third voice cuts in.

“Yeah, it’s like, a bunch of hours difference from here and the United States--”

“--no no, she’s said she’s been here for a few weeks now--”

“You know she can hear you talking about her.” I sit up, admitting defeat to the bright sky, to see four girls staring at me, some startled at my remark, some smirking.

Three of which I didn't recognize (because I didn't meet them last night, they came in after I went to bed), the other being Charlotte.

The unfamiliar girls were going in and out of the bathroom, across the room from me. They all showed a sense of comfort despite having a roommate they've never actually met before.

“Good morning, princess,” Charlotte cooes sweetly.

I grumble in response and she chuckles at my glare without heat.

“Well technically it’s afternoon, but--”

“What time is it?” I ask, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, only half wanting the real answer.

“Half noon,” a girl with thick light brown hair and striking green eyes says. She’s already dressed, brushing her teeth.

“We just got back from lunch - it’s still going on, though,” a girl with short straight black hair says, who is also dressed. I take the moment to notice everyone's dressed already. And here I am in my soft band tee and shorts in my bed still.

“I brought you some food from breakfast - I wasn't sure what you like and don't,” Charlotte gestures to a very full plate of food on my bedside table. She waves her wand and steam instantly rises from it.

I smile at her gratefully, knowing lunch will most likely be over by the time I’m dressed and ready.

While eating my breakfast-lunch, I quickly met the other three girls before they headed out.

The girl who was brushing her teeth is named
Rosabel Flinn-Fletchy, a kind and sort of quiet brown-haired, green-eyed girl who is close with Verena Kamazel, who is very athletic despite not being on the Quidditch team.

Verena has her hair in a ponytail today, her hair being blonde at the ends and a little darker towards her scalp. Charlotte says she mainly sports joggers, cropped sweatshirts, and running shoes when school is not in session.

Suri Patil-Musco is their third, with a black A-line long bob and lots of animal print adorning her person and her belongings. She doesn't like anything to do with Quidditch, claiming the school is much more peaceful when everyone's out at a match and she’s in the castle. And the first thing I noticed about her when she introduced herself to me was her huge bright smile.

All three girls are gorgeous, which is kind of intimidating. They said Eve, our last roommate, is out with her friend Nia walking around the grounds. I haven't met her, but Charlotte says she’s Ravenclaw’s Seeker.

The three girls leave the room, bidding their goodbyes.

“So, what’re your plans for the day?” I ask Charlotte while changing my clothes. I choose some slim soft jean capris and a white chiffon shirt.

“Well other than the lake party tonight at seven, not sure. Anusha’s out doing Head Girl stuff so I was going to catch up on some reading in the common room - maybe find a fireplace or nice window, you?” She says, pulling out a book from her desk.

“I might go find Dom, then,” I tell her.

Charlotte tells me good luck going all the way down to the dungeons and asks if I need help going there. I tell her no, but thanks and head out.

Luckily I find her on the third floor walking away from an apparent swooning boy, so I don't need to go all the way down to her common room. She asks where I was at lunch and I say I slept in until very recently.

Her wide blue eyes stare at me, “You were still sleeping? Good Lord, and I thought I slept in at half ten.”

I roll my eyes at her and we quickly decide on going to hang out in the Gryffindor common room, as I haven’t seen it yet and also most of her cousins live there.

“As much as I love my own common room, the Gryffindor one has a cozy feel about it, I think the couches were made better or something - honestly the whole common room is more for lounging than studying in my opinion,” she states to me while walking through the portrait hole after the Fat Lady introduces herself to me by singing and commenting on that I look pretty. (I think she complimented me because I actually listened to her high-pitched etude - I have a feeling the Gryffindors could care less.)

“Yeah I kinda get--” I cut off my sentence due to being drowned out from shouting and commotion that is the epitome of Gryffindors (so I’ve been told).



Dom rolls her eyes and huffs to the sounds of yelling, as if she’s annoyed that this - whatever this actually is - is going on. My guess is that this is not an uncommon occurrence.

Couches and tables are propped up on either side of the large common room, a big space dividing what looks like a furniture battlefield.

The boys crouching behind their shelters are pointing their wands at each other, flinging objects to the other side of the room, which quickly disintegrate before hitting anyone. Currently there is an umbrella and big lantern in the air.

“Uh, what’s happening here?” I tentatively ask Dom, turning my head slightly but not enough to look away from the scene.

The girl next to me sighs, “Rerum Liquefacio. It’s a charm you cast on an object so that when you throw it towards something solid, it will dissolve, ultimately not damaging anyone or anything. Ever since they found it in a library book in Fifth Year, they have a battle of who can conjure up the biggest object, levitate it, and then fling it over to the other side. Kind of ridiculous, but hey - at least they’re practicing I guess.”

“Interesting,” I muse. I haven’t heard of the spell before, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, obviously. I notice there are about four boys on each team.

The only boys I recognize are Louis Weasley and Fred Weasley, both cousins being on opposite sides of each other.

“How long has this been going on?” Dom asks the room, which gets no response from the boys behind their walls of furniture.

“Over an hour, I think,” a small looking girl says from the corner by the fireplace. I notice there is a small group watching them, either in amazement or annoyance.

Dom claps her hands together to get the boys’ attentions, “Okay, so can we make this a common room again? To lounge?”

No response, yet again.

“Guys! Cut it out!” She tries again, in vain.

Suddenly, there are two hugeass trees floating in the center of it all that quickly zoom to each side and break up into a million pieces, no trace left.


Everyone’s eyes are up where the trees were, only to drop down and see a girl with auburn curls, looking both fed up and smug with the boys.

“Okay, so I win! Game over,” Rose Weasley chirps, and flounces over to me and Dom.

The boys grumble and levitate all the furniture back to how I’m assuming it previously was.

“Show off,” Dom smirks at her cousin, only to receive one as well.

“You’re welcome,” she curtseys to us.

The sofas are filling up so we head to a very large squishy one and sit down. The boys join us once they see we are lounging about.

“So, new girl - welcome to the Gryffindor Common Room! I am Fred Weasley, at your service,” He gives a low bow to me, standing back up with a huge smile plastered to his face then crashes down onto the couch.

“Okay, so go get us some drinks then, water boy,” Dom quips at him. Everyone laughs and Fred makes a face.

“This is Manny, Mason and Ethan - Ethan is in Ravenclaw with you,” Fred says to me, all the boys smile and nod to me.

“Oi, where’s my intro?” A dark boy asks, slapping the back of Fred’s head.

“You don’t deserve one!”

“I do too, who’s gonna announce your name at the Quidditch matches?”

The two boys then go into some punching match, bickering.

Everyone laughs at this, as if it happens on the daily. I find out from Manny that the boy in question is Mac Jordan, Fred’s family-friend and the Quidditch Commentator at Hogwarts. He seems very lighthearted, not unlike Fred. They could almost pass as being related, but Mac has dark curly locks unlike Fred’s red-brown messy hair.

All the boys are very good looking I note, Fred being a weird-but-beautiful mix of a tan ginger, Mason with his blonde hair that could rival a Malfoy’s, Manny’s very muscley build, and Ethan’s blue eyes that pierce into mine. I smile back at him.

Everyone’s kind of broken off into their own conversations and I end up talking with Ethan for a while. I don’t remember seeing him around Ravenclaw’s common room or at the Feast last night.

But I do learn he’s taking most of the same NEWT levels as me and we have a similar taste in music. He laughs at my jokes and agrees with my stance on why half breeds should be treated equally in Wizarding society. He’s also really sweet and his brown quiffed hair help give more attention to his really blue eyes.

“So, you going to try out for Quidditch, then?” he asks me, his arm thrown over the back of the couch.

Damn, his voice is really low, like dark chocolate cascading down a fountain.

Nic, stop thinking about his voice right now, he’s staring right at you. With his blue eyes. Wow, they are blue. Like a cloudless velvet sky.

“Uh--” I stutter, because he’s smiling at me. His smile is also very cute, did I mention that yet? “Um, yeah, I think I will, but not sure yet,”I cough.

He tells me that he’d love to help with any type of training and I ask him if he’s on the team as well. He says no, but likes doing it on the side because his NEWTs are more important.

I tell him that that seems to be a common theme among Sevens. He agrees.

He compliments my American accent.

I compliment his British one.

He chuckles.

Why am I being such a girl about this?

Because he’s a cute boy giving you attention, that’s why you idiot. You’re, like, ninety-five percent full of hormones.

“--like Nic - right, Nic?” Dom elbows me before turning to me.

I break out of my internal monologue to face her. “Right about what?” I ask her.

“Fred slept in until one today,” Louis mentions to me.

“I did not sleep in that late--”

“Half noon is barely a difference--” Dom friendly scoffs.

“Jordan does that on a daily basis--”

“I don’t remember commenting on your sleeping patterns, now do I--”

“That’s because he snores. Loud,” Mason chips in.

“Why did you sleep in so late, Nic?” Dom asks me.

Eh, shit.

I haven’t told anyone about being out late into the kitchens yet.

“Well, I--”

“Hey guys,” a deep voice that could rival Ethan’s cuts in.

“Oi, James, ol’ boy! Mr. Poe! My main man, J-Money!” Fred exclaims, bouncing up and tackling his cousin.

J-Money? The hell are you on, Freddie?” James laughs.

“Only high on life!” He shouts, his arms spread almost as wide as his grin.

“Where have you been, the love of my life, the spell to my wand, the Gryffin to my dor?” Fred asks him, “You’ve been gone much too long, young man! My heart can barely take it!” He clutches his heart and falls back onto the couch. Everyone’s laughing at both Fred’s outburst and James’s reaction, his face all scrunched up. He immediately breaks into a grin.

“You know I had Head Boy stuff to deal with. I also went to the library afterward, but felt like passing up on inviting you. I know you break out into hives whenever you’re near the place,” James smirks. Everyone chuckles again.

“Now, now, I thought it was that Freddie’s body swells up like a balloon when he goes near the library,” Louis says, amused.

“Get your fact straight - it’s warts! I get warts all over my body and down in my--”

“Oh stop being so dramatic Fred,” Dom shouts. She pushes him over, he falls to the floor with great finesse while screaming, “I am NOT dramatic!”

More laughs. More conversation and jokes.

I’m not aware that both Ethan and James are staring at me and then each other during most of the time we hang out with them all.


“Which bathing suit screams, ‘I want to innocently date around, but also not want to get into anything as complicated as an actual relationship due to taking so many NEWTs and being Head Girl this year’?”

Charlotte skips a beat and I laugh.

“Definitely the bikini with the high neck. You’re showing enough skin and wearing a bikini to say you’re available, but not that available,” Dom says to Anusha.

Anusha puts away the purple one-piece she once had on the bed.

“You can say all that with just one outfit?” Charlotte asks Dom in awe. I don’t think she has a sister, or has put all that much effort into an article of clothing before.

Dom shrugs, as if to say, “sure,” and looks to my selection of swimsuits I laid out on the foot of my bed. She’s already dressed in hers with only shorts and sheer cardigan over top. Ellery is sitting on the floor, her back against my bed with Dom above her, my pillow behind her back.

“You have to wear that one,” she points to my rust red one piece that is low in the back.

Charlotte and Anusha look over and nod with smiles.

“It is my favorite one,” I say and they give murmurs of affirmation.

After changing into our appropriate clothing, we head down through the castle, leaving our wands inside.

Even though it is September in Scotland and normally very cloudy and cold, the day granted us with an unusual heat wave that we students greeted happily. There isn’t a cloud in the sky and it’s a delightful type of temperature where there’s no breeze to be found. Really good swimming weather if you ask me.

Many students are already down by the lake; some swimming, some running around, and some sunbathing on towels. There’s upbeat music blaring near the lake from no source in particular and people are drinking bottles of gigglewater and pumpkin juice.

“Being Head Girl, I really shouldn’t be attending a party, should I? I mean, if there’s alcohol around and stuff going around, I have to confiscate it,” Anusha says to us.

“People are just drinking pumpkin juice, don’t worry,” Dom reassures her. Once Anusha’s out of earshot and laying out her towel, she mumbles, “unless they’ve filled it with something other than the label on the bottles. . .”

Ellery smirks and Charlotte laughs. We shed our covering clothes to be clad in our swimsuits before sitting down together.


We turn our heads to see the clan of boys from the Gryffindor Common Room yet again heading towards us, already soaked from the lake.

“Hey guys,” Dom says to them. They set their towels down around the patch we’ve vacated.

“Going swimming yet?” Ethan asks me with a smile on his face, a light-haired boy standing next to him. “This is Robert, by the way - he’s the ‘Claw Captain this year.”

“Hi, how’s the water, boys?” I ask them.

It all happens in less than two seconds.

Freddie and Mac Jordan look at each other and then at me. In one swift movement they’ve picked me up, despite my yells of protest and head to the dock.

The water hits me and I surface with my hair cascading down in front of my face.

A scream and a splash next to me indicates Dom has joined me.

I push my hair out of my face to see Charlotte and Anusha running, Mason and Manny tailing them. Ellery is sitting the exact same way as before, no one daring to go near her. She’s not really a touchy person. Her quietness also intimidates people, Dom said.

“I didn’t want to get my hair wet!!”

“Too bad, Chang!”

“It’s Chang-Watson--” she’s cut off by a shriek and a splash.

We all look at each other and then slowly head towards the dock, where the boys have congregated, crouching down gazing at us.

Louis’s guard is down for a fraction of a second as Dom smiles sweetly and coos, “oh, brother, how much I adore you is beyond me--” she grabs his arm swiftly.


“You can’t get me, AY YI YI YI YI!!!!” Fred cannonballs into the water next to us, drenching everyone around him.

"Fre-ed!” Everyone whines.


Once dry and back on our towels, sans the boys, I end up meeting even more people at the party. Half of them I forget their names by the time they walk away or I end up giving them nicknames like Girl With White Bikini or Boy With Leg Birthmark.

I meet even more Weasleys, trying to keep count of them all - and failing. One of the only memorable ones was Hugo Weasley, a Five. He came up to greet me hand-in-hand with a boy who waved at me. The boy’s name I forget, maybe Greg, and he was small and had kind eyes.

I learned from Dom that Hugo’s boyfriend is a secret to his parents, being Gryffindor’s Seeker only to please his dad. There’s a lot of family drama apparently with Houses as well, but Dom didn’t want to get into that here at a party.

I also come to realize that the dormitories here are numbered differently. I didn’t realize we had more than one girls’ Seven Dorm, until Anusha explained it to me.

“The dormitories are coded by House, Year, and Gender. So we are R7-A, being Ravenclaws in Seventh Year, the first dorm.”

I guess I never noticed the other dorms down the hall, ours being the first one off the landing. For being a Ravenclaw, I can be so oblivious.

“And the boys in our year have dorms that are R7-1 through 5,” Charlotte supplies. “Girls have letters and boys have numbers.”

“Interesting,” I say.

“Ellery and I are in dormitory S7-D. You can’t expect everyone in the same year to be in one dormitory,” Dom says to me.

“Well, Hogwarts used to be so much smaller than it is now,” Anusha mentions, “after the war, there was a huge baby boom. There are like twenty Harrys and Rons running around our school now.”

Dom rolls her eyes, “So unique.”

While we chatter on some more, Anusha going back to her book, my eyes wander to where James has arrived. He’s only been here for a few minutes, swimming around with his buddies until a girl joined him.

To my slight dismay, she’s blonde, curvy, and really pretty. They’re laughing together. He’s smiling as if he’d rather be nowhere else in the world.

“Who’s that?” I question, Charlotte finding where my eyes are first.

“Ah, Nia Dubois. That’s James’s ex.”


“They’re apparently still friends, according to them,” Dom adds before I can question anything else. “They dated a little last year, but it didn’t last too long. She complained he was too secretive and he hated that she didn’t spend enough time with him or something of the sort.”

“Hmm,” I hum. I don’t really know how to take this in.

Of course James is really cute and very sweet, but he’s never made any indication that he’s been interested in me, so I can’t really be jealous over something that isn’t.

“Hey,” Ethan sits down by me, distracting me from the couple in the water.

“Hi,” I smile at him. His eyes match his swimming trunks and the sky. He smells of the lake and something sweet.

“All dry, now?” He chuckles.

“Do not throw me in, Fred already got punched by me today,” I quip. He laughs again. I really like his laugh, it’s throaty and genuine.

“No worries,” he puts his hands up in mock surrender. “I wanted to ask y--”

A high-pitched yell cuts him off and a boy I remember briefly meeting comes running up to me. “HELP! My friend, he can’t swim and is in the lake!”

The change in atmosphere is way different than before.

People are all yelling and gasping.

My mind is zooming, Ethan and me getting to our feet, running up to the dock.

I go into emergency mode, looking for my wand, only to recall that this is supposed to be a wandless party.

“WHO BROUGHT THEIR WAND?” I yell, only to get negative murmurs.

I see the boy in question, face down, feet away from me.

“EVERYONE OUT OF THE WATER!” Movement away from him immediately goes into action.

Jumping into the water, eyes trained on the boy, I grab a random party inflatable.

Quickly I put the floatation device between me and the boy, grabbing his torso under his armpits and pulling him onto his back so he’s laying on the floaty, face-up.

I swim backwards, towards the shore, vaguely hearing a splash near me.

My mind is racing, trying to remember what I learned in CPR class.

Everyone has moved out of the way and evacuated the water.

Someone has come up to help me get him onto land.

James’s amber eyes meet mine and he’s surprisingly calm, waiting for my orders.

“Grab his legs, we need him to lay out on the ground,” I clearly direct.

The boy’s eyes are shut and he’s laying down, I listen for his breathing, checking a pulse.

Starting to press the heel of my palm down on his chest, I hardly hear James directing people to step back, making the circle around the boy and me wider.

People are crying, some are yelling why did we leave our wands in the castle, some are shocked into silence.

After thirty compressions on his chest, I quickly tilt his head back so his airway is clear.

Plugging his nose and gripping his chin, I make a seal on his mouth and blow into it.

No movement, I go back to press on his chest.

Mouth-to-mouth again.

While I’m giving more chest compressions, he suddenly spits up water, coughing heavily.

People are yelling, cheering, sighing.

The boy’s eyes open to the sky and then rolls to the side.

“Are you okay?” I ask him.

The boy’s eyes are wide and on mine, he nods slowly and silently. He sits up.

“You sure you’re okay? Can you walk?” I ask the boy again.

He nods shakily, and James bends down to help him up.

“I will notify a professor later, he’s alright, but I will take him to the Hospital Wing,” James says to me, making his voice a bit louder so that the students around him can hear him clearly.

As they walk away, Anusha gets up and says no more lake party. As the sun is setting now, she says we can make a bonfire closer to Hagrid’s Hut.

People start to walk away after grabbing their things, everyone murmuring to each other of what they just witnessed.

“Wow,” Dom breathes, finding me through the crowd. “How did you know how to do that?”

My mind is still racing, but it’s slowing down as reality swims into my vision. “My mom made me take these No-Maj health classes at the beginning of the summer - she wanted to be cautious, being a Healer and everything.”


On our way over to the bonfire spot, people rush by me thanking me or congratulating me. I usually just nodded, not wanting to really talk about it since it was so fresh.

I didn’t want to go back to my dorm, or to the Hospital Wing, even though my friends asked me over and over. I know that if I did I would just wallow or sulk by myself about it all.

The bonfire is pretty big, with benches all around it. I was surprised by the number of people that stayed. Maybe they wanted to see if anything else happened while I am around, who knows.

There’s a clearing around the bonfire that people are standing by to stay warm, as it’s cooled down a lot since earlier in the day. Some people are roasting desserts and foods the No-Maj way, others are just sitting down talking to each other.

The group of friends of the boy who almost drowned went inside the castle and I notice Ethan isn’t anywhere around.

Anusha decided she wants to stay to supervise and Dom went off with a pretty black-haired boy, leaving Ellery and Charlotte to chat for a bit.

I decided to sit off a little ways, watching the fire. I stare at the flames while they lick the huge logs, the sparks shooting out and making crackling noises. Shriveled up ashes flying around occasionally. Fire is enticing, beautiful, yet harmful. It’s a helpful, but a dangerous element.

The sky is a navy velvet color by now, slightly purple by the horizon line and dotted with stars above our heads. The moon is a lovely crescent shape, barely lighting up the faces of students with a small white glow.

The mixture of the warm light from the fire and the cool-tone of the moon gives off a comfortable atmosphere. Now that it’s been a couple hours since the lake, the energy of the area is higher than before.

A figure sits down next to me, making the bench sag a little under their weight.

“Hey,” I look over to see the green eyes of Albus Potter.

I give a small smile and shift my gaze to the center of the fire again.

“Look, Nicolette - I wanted to apologize for being such a - a prick yesterday,” He pushes his hand through his hair, not unlike his brother. I’m thinking it’s a genetic trait.

“Yeah?” I softly ask, my eyes not leaving the warm glow and dark wood.

“Yeah - I. . . was being insensitive, I didn’t really know how else to introduce myself, it’s quite natural to be a wanker and I know that sounds conceited, but it’s just become a habit, I guess.”

“Okay,” I say. I don’t know how else respond, so I don’t.

Albus pauses. “Well, I hope we can become friends sometime--”

My head snaps towards him. “You try to ask me out in a rude way, apologize, then expect a friendship from this?” My eyebrows are up high, a slight frown upon my face.

“Uh - yeah, I g--”

“I’ll think about it.” I pause, turning back to the fire. “You’ll have to make it up to me somehow.”

“Okay,” he states simply. Another pause. “And I wanted to thank you for rescuing Asher back there. It was very Gryffindor of you. I don’t think anyone else really knew what to do, being in shock of it all.”

“Yeah, so I’ve been told.”

Albus eventually turns to look at the fire.

I look back at him. “You look a lot like James.” I don’t know why it came out, but it did.

“Yeah, so I’ve been told.”

I recognize the shadow of bitterness, something common among younger siblings that live in the wake of their older ones.

“Can you answer something for me?” I ask, deciding on to voice my thoughts before I let it go and say nothing.

Albus turns to me, and I take it as a yes.

“Who is Nia Dubois?” Biting my lip, I twist my head back towards the fire.

“She’s not a threat to you, if that’s what you mean.”

Side glancing at him, “I don’t know what you’re--”

“There’s very few reasons why you’d ask who she is.”

I hear Albus sigh next to me after a few moments. “James doesn’t let a lot of people in, no matter how obnoxious or loud he can get. He shuts those that are close to him out, been that way for a while now. . .”

Albus trails off and I think back to when Anusha and Charlotte told me he changed his attitude the end of his second year here.

I’m left alone once again after Albus leaves when the silence is too much for him I think. Dom shortly joins me. I think she heard us talking.

“James is a flirt,” she says quietly. Her soft tone catches me off guard and for a second I think she’s someone else.

I turn my head to look at her. She looks normal, as if we were talking about a school assignment or what she had for dinner.

“James is a flirt,” she says again, in that small volume. “He may be the perfect good boy, but he knows how to use his words and actions to his advantage.” Her eyes are trained on the fire in front of us.

“What do you m--”

“He just - he . . . can get his way easily by flirting with girls and charming professors. It’s what both the Potter boys do - my brother does the same. James may not kiss or bed girls all the time like Al, but he can be like any other teenage boy. Not saying he’s not a great cousin and friend, but - I don’t want you to get hurt--”

“Dom, I won’t get hurt, it’s okay, I’m a big girl,” I reassure her.

She sighs, “Fine. But understand that my cousin always isn’t sunshine and daisies and all that shit, even if he might be my favorite one.”

“There’s always something underneath each person,” I shrug.

She releases a slow exhale, “Yeah.”

People get honest and resilient at night.

When the crickets are out and the darkness encompasses everything, words are subdued, actions are slower, thoughts are reflected. The night is when truths come out, making people more vulnerable, more hazy and lax by nature.

It’s why I both love and hate the night - that time when the day goes to sleep, when one is awake and their true self. And it’s usually not intentional, but an organic component of just being human.

A/N: Hello, I'm back with another update! Did you enjoy that chapter??? Please let me know what you think down below in that nice little review box!! Were you expecting the whole rescue thing? Do you like Ethan as much as Nic does? What did you think of the bonfire bit? Who's your fave character so far? Already bored with this fic?

As I said in one of the first chapters, this story will slow down a little in updates because I am going to be moving back onto my univeristy campus next week, which is going to be downright chaotic! I'm going to try and write as much as I can beforehand then update periodically, so I don't have to stress about it as much.

Anywho, enough about my personal life. Let me know what you think about this chapter! They're longer than beginning chapters, do you like that or would you rather have it in smaller portions?


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