Dear Tunia,

How are you? And Vernon? I hope you are well and life if being as good to you as it is to me.

So much has happened since I last wrote to you! I got a new job working at the ministry of magic (it’s like our government) but I know you hate that kind of think so I’ll just get on with it.

I’m engaged! James proposed and I said yes! I know you don’t think much of him Tunia, but I really do love him. He’s not as bad as you think, if you would just give him a chance maybe? You would see,.. he’s a good man. And I love him. I want you to come to the wedding; if you want to that is? And Vernon is welcome too of course! Maybe this could be our chance to mend a few bridges? I miss you Tunia.

I hope you’ll write back this time.

All my love

Lily x

Lily read and re-read her letter to her sister more times than she could count. She knew this would be ignored; much like the previous 12 attempts to reach out to her sister had been in the months since leaving Hogwarts, but at least she could say she was trying. She tapped the feathered end of her quill softly against the parchment a few more times, musing whether it was even worth the energy the owl sending it would expend. But she missed her sister ever so much and she would send a thousand unopened letters to her just to get her to even consider opening one and not throwing it straight in the bin, so she would continue to send those letters, no matter how fruitless the task seemed. With purpose, she placed her quill back in the inkpot that sat opened at her desk and folded the parchment and placed it in a pre written envelope. Once sealed, she set about tidying the desk, the letter remaining in the centre ready to be sent. She threw away the old broken quills that James, for some reason had started to collect instead of throw away, and mopped up a small ink spill with her wand as well as placing some old leather books back on the shelves in the office and organising some other important documents and scrolls of parchment.

A smell started to drift up the stairs of the small cottage she owned with James, something delicious was most certainly in the oven. She smiled to herself wondering what her fiancée was up to in the kitchen and whether or not she really trusted him not to burn their home to the ground in his attempts at making something nice for dinner. With a small chuckle she shook her head, deciding she should probably check on him. She slipped her slippers back onto her feet, warming them instantly, collected a few empty tea and coffee cups and finally, her finished letter before leaving the small office space.

It was as she was descending the carpeted stairs of their home that she thought to herself; maybe this time I should try the muggle post? It would after all save the owl’s efforts…

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