The next morning I woke up suddenly. It was the same dream I had been having for weeks and each time I woke up more exhausted than I had before going to bed. This morning was no different. I peeled myself from my sweat damp bed sheets and opened the drapes around my bed. Everyone was still asleep. I could see a purple sky beginning to peek through on the horizon and decided that there would be enough time to shower, dress and get out of the common room to breakfast before I had to speak to anyone. That way I would have some time to compose myself before the inevitable barrage of questions.


After my scalding hot shower, I put on a simple pair of tight, black jeans and a V-neck T-Shirt. I decided that my hair would just have to hang the way it was but my face, good lord. I looked like I hadn’t slept in months. I had deep purple rings around my blue eyes, my skin looked even paler with my dark wet hair framing my face. I had lost a lot of weight and was looking a little gaunt. I decided to put on some foundation, a little mascara and some bronzer on my cheekbones so I didn’t look like a corpse. As for my serious weight loss, I put on a cardigan to cover my arms. Maybe I’d be able to put on some weight once I got settled here. No body likes the emaciated look.

I stepped out the bathroom to see Lily milling around, tidying the floor around her bed.

“Good morning!” she said brightly. “Did you sleep well?”

“Very well thank you.” I said in my best impersonation of a real girl.

“I’m so glad. I can’t wait to introduce you to the girls,” she said before increasing her volume, “who should be waking up soon!” she ended to a chorus of groans.

“God Lily!” said a blond haired, vivacious looking girl who viciously pulled her drapes apart, “Can’t you wake us up decently. Always with the bright and cheery crap. Once, just once, couldn’t you be all doom and gloom? It’s not too much to ask.” She continued in this vein for a while muttering more to herself than anyone else but she did succeed in waking up the other girls.

“Shut up!” said another girl with dirty blond hair and sharp, pretty features.

“Ok, ok,” said Lily diplomatically, “Now that were all up… Yves, this is Mary,” she said gesturing to the grumpy girl still moaning to herself. “And that is Alice.” She said inclining her head towards the girl with the sharp features.

“This is Emmeline and Marlene.” She said gesturing to the last two girls. “Everyone, this is Yves but you can call her Vee. She has transferred from Beauxbatons.”

The girls looked at me severely.

“Beauxbatons?” Mary said loudly looking confused, “Are you French?”

“Um, not exactly. I am English but my family moved to France when I was a child so I am kind of both.”

“It must be so scary for you,” said Alice in a small voice, “I would hate to have to go to a new school in Fifth Year. I mean O.W.L.s are around the corner and…” she stopped suddenly, Lily gesturing for her to stop speaking, “sorry, some times I don’t know when to shut up.”

“No worries.” I said walking over to my bed to pick up my book bag.

“Where are you going?” Emmeline asked.

“To breakfast.” I said uncomfortably.

“Oh no girl, you’re not going anywhere. We got to know all about you. Besides, you’ll just get lost and run into Peeves and that isn’t gonna help no one.” Said Marlene.


The girls spent the next hour and a half getting ready for the first day of school and excitedly asking me anything they could think of.

“What are the boys like?” Mary asked with a cheeky glint in her eye after the more probing questions about my family, which I successfully lied about.

“They are very beautiful.” I said smiling.

“Beautiful?” Alice said red cheeked.

“Yeah, they’ve all got perfect skin and hair, their teeth are straight, you know…” I said trailing off.

“Oh wow, this sounds like my kind of place!” Marlene said dreamily while putting on copious amounts of eye shadow.

“To be honest, it gets a bit much after a while. Imagine what it’s like if you have a bad day.” I said, “One zit in that place is like you grew Grindylow tentacle from your face.” They all laughed. “Although, I have to say, the boys you have here are legendary.”

“What do you mean?” asked Mary.

“The Marauders.” I said. “The girls at Beauxbatons all know about them. Their pranks are spoken about all over Europe especially after the fiasco last year.”

“You mean when they turned the Durmstrang ship bright pink?” Mary asked laughing. “All around Europe! Oh god, please don’t tell them! They don’t need bigger egos.”

“Uh…” I said looking at the floor. “I might have said something to Sirius Black.”

They collectively groaned as we grabbed our bags and made our way to the Great Hall for breakfast.




Walking into the Great Hall, my heart was thumping in my throat. I wasn’t so such worried about the Gryffindor’s as I was about the Slytherin’s. My family were batshit for pure bloods and with the threat of Voldemort around every corner, I had a feeling that the sentiment would be shared by some of the families in Hogwarts just like they were at Beauxbatons. I mean, Sirius Black was here and his family knew my family. I wonder whether they had been in touch with the Black’s and how much they had told them about why I had to leave Beauxbatons. I suppose I would find out in due time. There was a burning in my stomach that had been there since the incident. No- I couldn’t go there. I had to get through this day.


“Hi everyone.” Lily said with her cheerful voice. I was glad to have her in my corner. She was emoter and everyone around her couldn’t help but be caught up in her mood.

“Good morning Lily.” Said James as he moved to stand next to her. Her shoulders immediately tensed as she said “James” in a simple greeting, nodding her head.

“Yves, oh, um, Vee, this is…”

“We’ve already met.” James interrupted with a certain amount of satisfaction.

“When?” she asked in a growl. Wow, this guy really rubbed her up the wrong way, which was strange considering he was quite cordial.

“On the train. She was sleeping in the corner of our compartment.” He said as we sat down.

“Don’t you mean my compartment?” I said trying to establish banter. James was obviously someone to have in your corner. I noticed everyone looked at him when he spoke; a definite influencer. “ I was there first.”

“It was hardly your compartment. You were dead to the world by the time we got in there, sawing logs and drooling all over the place. It was simply embarrassing to behold.” Sirius said from right next to me. He had slipped in without me noticing. I felt my cheeks go warm in embarrassment.

“Merlin Sirius! You can’t say something like that to someone you don’t know.” Remus said also slipping into chair opposite me.

“But I do know her.” Sirius began and everyone’s eyes slipped over me. Emmeline and Marlene in particular looked incredulous.

“What are you talking about?” I said, my stomach dropping. I set my face again. I wouldn’t show weakness.

“Last night…” he winked at me letting the statement hang. Of course he was flirting. But this is the second time he had insinuated knowing more than he was letting on. But I’d be damned if I was about to give this SOB any satisfaction.

I moved close to his face, holding his eyes. Suddenly his face changed, it went from smug, to unsure, to expectant in a matter of seconds. I held my pose for a few moments, looking at his lips, which were disgustingly perfect and slowly drew my eyes all the way back to his eyes, taking in his face’s strong lines and the slight stubble that graced his cheeks. I opened my mouth and he looked at them eagerly.

“Sirius Black…” I paused putting my hand on his cheek, “I am so far out of your league it’s absurd. Try somewhere else darling because you’ll never have me.” And I pushed his face lightly way from mine.

I saw something momentarily flash across his face but I couldn’t tell what it was before he smirked. The Marauders were laughing, the girls giggling, some sounding sympathetic. I didn’t care. By the look on Black’s face, my little stunt had gained me an enemy.

I turned to eat my food, listen to the girls go on and on about how I had humiliated Sirius Black, the illustrious ladies man. He didn’t say much next to me but every time I threw a glance his way, he caught my eye. The smirk was back. He always looked like he had a one up on me, even now, after my spectacular display. It was exceedingly frustrating but I’d be damned if I was going to let him know that. Finally Professor McGonagall came to hand out our timetables and I dashed off with Lily to our first lesson.




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