It was Fred. Goddamit Fred.


Teddy rolled off me as I tried to sit up, and let me tell you it was really hard considering everything was so muddy and slippery.


‘Sorry man’ Teddy said as he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly.


‘Don’t you have a future wife-to-be somewhere?’ spat Fred.


Teddy glared at him, sighed and then walked back off to the castle. ‘Cya Ro.’ He said waving his hand.


‘Why are you being a prick Fred? We didn’t do anything?’ I snapped


Fred turned to look at me. ‘Are you effen serious Ro. Are you that stupid. Victoire has been looking for him for the past hour. She’s our cousin our loyalty is to her- not to Him’.


‘I thought you liked Teddy?’


‘I did. But seeing him play my cousin with my sister isn’t exactly something I want to see’ he growled.


‘Oh go screw yourself! Mind your own business will you! I know what I’m doing and I don’t need a babysitter. You are my brother not my dad so sod off’ I said storming away.


What did he know? He doesn’t have girlfriends lasting longer than a week. He gets bored. Or just loses interest. What would he know about how I’m feeling? But what exactly am I feeling? Do I honestly really have feelings for Teddy or is this just lust because he is completely off limits. Great now I’m confused again. But am I? Oh Merlin I’ve never pissed myself so much before in my life. 


‘Hey Ro, why are you covered in mud?’ someone chuckled


I looked up, Cruz Zabini just came out of the Great Hall looking famished.


‘Oh hey Cruz, meh long story’ I said shrugging. ‘Have you seen Teddy?’


Cruz squinted thinking ‘Uh yeah he went somewhere with the veela’


I rolled my eyes.


‘You okay Ro? Need helping getting cleaned? I can help you wash if you want’ said Cruz winking. We both laughed. This guy is a crack up I swear.


‘Oh man why can’t guys be like you Cruz, always making funny’s. You’re such a good friend’ I said smiling. He smiled too.


He decided to walk me back to the Gryffindor common room, whilst talking non stop about his recent Quidditch tryout. He was a beater on the Slytherin team last year.


‘Ro why don’t you come play on our team’ chuckled Cruz. ‘Yeah Sam and I reckon you’d be a great asset to our team. Its hardly fair that all this years Quidditch Superstars are in Gryffindor again. Like come on mate play fair’


I laughed. ‘Gryffie till I die mate’


We parted ways once we reached the Fat Lady’s portrait. I went straight up stairs to take a shower.


Oh Merlin, Mud is so much harder to wash out of your hair than sand is.


I can honestly say it’s been one hell of a long day. I can’t remember learning anything today’s subjects or even the conversations I’ve had with people. It’s just been a long confusing long ass day. God I hope the week doesn’t follow like this.




The next morning I waited for my cousin Albus to come downstairs so that I could ask him about his dramatic problem last night. He however had different plans and did a whole 360 on me and acted as if I was over exaggerating. Said he was annoyed about a homework assignment he was given and that there was no need for me to be questioning so much about nothing. Sounded extremely suss to me. Pff as if I’m an over exaggerator!


‘Come on Ro, let’s just go downstairs to have breakfast’ he chuckled. I was glaring but I was so goddam hungry at the same time. ‘


‘FINE’ I said


At the Great Hall, our Gryffie table was packed with a lot of extra non Gryffindors I noticed.

Victoire had her hair pinned up in a straight pony tail, she was talk animatedly to the Hufflepuffs douchebag Qudditch Captain, Lucas Dierre. Arrogant twit, of course he would get along with Vic, they’re practically almost alike.


There were only seats available infront of them. Just my luck. I turned to tell Al but he disappeared. What the hell….


‘Roxy, Roxy, Roxy’ said Lucas in a mockful tone. Victoire turned to glare at me. Yep she definitely dislikes me. I pretended to not notice.


‘Hi’ I said whilst serving myself some plate of food.


‘Whoa easy there carb-arella you’re going to want to stay fit and thin for that Qudditch Cup this year’ said Lucas. Victoire smirked and then laughed.


‘Bite me Lucas’ I snapped.


‘Oh I wish honeycakes’ he winked. Victoire frowned.


‘Ugh why are you here mate? Go back to your table. I can’t eat my breakfast in peace knowing I’m sitting in front of you’I said through gritted teeth.


‘Calm down Roxanne, he was clearly joking I mean come on it’s YOU. You really just love making public scenes al about you don’t you?’ said Victoire. Lucas laughed. They then got up and walked out of the hall together. Stupid slag, she’s probably boning him out by the forest.


I was so angry that I couldn’t butter my toast without shoving the knife through the bread with every swipe.


‘Hey there Ro, what did the bread do?’


Teddy was laughing as he sat down next to me. I said nothing.


‘I was joking Ro. But I doubt you’re pissed off about my bread joke. What’s wrong?’


‘Nothing’ I said ‘Actually yeah something. I have no idea what you seen in that wannabee veela. I don’t know what I did to her. Well I do. But like she doesn’t know. Or does she?’


‘No’ said Teddy. ‘Well unless Fred told her’


I shook my head. Fred would never betray ME like that.


‘Don’t worry about it too much. Victoire has her mood swings. I think she is starting to feel the reality of the situation. That I don’t love her and she doesn’t love me. She is just used to winning all the time and getting her way’


‘Why are you with her again. Seriously fuck her family. Well except Dom’


‘Not doing it for them Ro. Well you know how your uncle harry is yeah? Harry feels the need to protect his family. If he found out that the deatheaters were after Bill and backed off because of me he’d go right after them. I could never forgive myself if I let my emotion get in the way of harry’s life’


‘And I’m the emotion right?’ I frowned.


‘That’s not what I said Ro’ said Teddy


‘Explain yourself because it sure sounds that way’ I spat. What is it with the Boys in Hogwarts today? Did they all decide to wake up and act like pricks.


‘No the emotion is my freedom’


‘Okay well if you think that I’ll be okay with being your side chick for the rest of your prison like life you have another thing coming buddy’


‘I’m working on it Ro. I’ve been in contact with the French Aurors. We can’t pin these guys yet.’


‘Oh okay then’ I said still angry.


Teddy sighed. ‘Look, I know how bad this looks. Believe me I know. And I completely understand if you want me to stop messing around with you. I honestly encourage you to run away and date someone who isn’t so messed up to be honest. But there’s something about you that drives me crazy and my better judgement goes flying out the window. Maybe I just should back off’


He looked defeated. I didn’t say anything. He really really needs to stop putting me in these awkward conversations with him.


‘I gotta get to class Ted’ I said.


He smiled. ‘Ok- But hey we can still be friends right? If you want, we can chill by the astronomy tower tonight?’


‘Ah Ted that’s out of bounds?’ I said


‘Take that as a yes then’ he winked ‘I’ll text you when I’m outside the portrait around 8:30?’


‘Uh okay’ I said. He looked satisfied with himself and waved goodbye.


I walked/ran to potions. Professor Slughorn arrived 10 seconds after I did.


Red and Scorpius Malfoy were waiting for me at our usual table. They barely glanced at me when I sat down. My brother Fred walked in with Cruz laughing hysterically. They were late as per usual and still have the nerve to cause a scene.


‘Mr Weasley and Mr Zabini amused are we?’ said Professor Slughorn frowning.


‘No sir, sorry’ said Fred apologetically and together he and Cruz joined our table.


‘Ok class, today we will be starting off the year with something simple and easy. Something to jog your holiday brain back into mode. You are to produce a full strength Girding Potion. As this is an easy peasy potion to brew I want you to pair up and experiment the effect on each other. Also I have minimised the ingredients as the successful endurance the potion gives one lasts 8 hours. The revised version I have recreated however should last the double lesson for today. And no Mr Zabini and Mr Weasley you cannot be partners for this exercise’


‘Aw No worries Professor S, I’ll just take Miss Weasley instead’ chuckled Cruz as we hi fived.

Red partnered with Scorpius as Al dropped out of potions this year, WHICH I didn’t realised had left the classroom with an uneven amount of students.


‘So uh Professor do I partner with you?’ said Fred


‘No my dear boy, don’t worry we have a student teacher coming in soon’


I groaned. No more student teachers please. They’re just bringing in the bad luck already for this year. Fred looked annoyed. He was probably thinking along those same lines. Twining.


‘So partner how we doing this?’ said Cruz


‘I’m glad you said WE, because I ain’t pulling your weight if you’re not contributing’ I laughed.


Once we started gathering the ingredients and measuring them into the caldron, the potion was indeed fairly easy. We finished it within 20 minutes to absolute perfection. We left it sitting there though and pretended to keep working because neither of us wanted to do extra work for the next hour.


Just then the student teacher comes down into the dungeons. She had long black hair and was fairly tanned. She was very pretty.


‘Goodmorning Miss Abrams. Class attention please’ We all stopped to turn our heads.


‘This is Miss Shay Abrams and she will be our potions student teacher this year. Please make her feel welcome’


She smiled warmly.


We all said our hellos and went back to our cauldrons. Or in our case back to conversating. I could overhear Professor Slughorn partnering Shay up with Fred. I wonder how old she is. She looked around Victoire’s age maybe a year older?I don’t know. Fred however seemed pleased to have a partner.


‘So young Miss Ro Weasley how was your Christmas break?’ said Cruz


‘Meh umm kind of confusing and annoying, what about yours?’ I mumbled.  


‘What made it so confusing? That I wasn’t around?’ chuckled Cruz. ‘My break was alright abit too warm for my liking to be honest’


‘Oh yeah you and Samuel went to Bali how was that?’

‘Fun but way way too stuffy. Anywho nah but for real what was so confusing about yours? I’m not that conceited you know. I do care about you even if I’m flirting half the time’ he said winking.


‘You flirt with me?’ I asked puzzled. He rolled his eyes smiling.


‘So what happened? And I promise to not say anything to Fredsky’ he said sincerely.


I figured I could trust him. So I told Cruz everything. From Christmas to now. He didn’t interrupt me like Rose and Dom did, and he didn’t judge me like Fred did. I think this guy could potentially be my new best friend this year. Wow this would make it an actual non related best friend. Woo.


When I finished telling him everything Cruz just pushed his hair back with his hands and said ‘Wow not sure what to really say about that’. He smiled ‘But do you like Lupin?’


‘Yeah I guess’ I admitted.


‘Well he doesn’t deserve you babygirl but if it’s what you really want then go for it. Lifes to short to hold back on anything’


‘Thanks Cruz, wow didn’t know you were so philosophical’ I laughed. ‘You’re right though’


‘Of course I am’ he smiled.  


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