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Author's Note: It has definetely taken me way too long to post this chapter, but better late than never right? Thank you to everyone who's left a review, I really do appreciate that people are atcually taking the time to read my story, and that y'all actually like it!! I'll try to be better about updating in the future :)

 The next morning Katie and I walked to breakfast, only getting lost twice on the way down. Our table was still in the middle of the great hall, which I was relieved about. It would have been too overwhelming to choose where to sit amongst the Hogwarts students on our first day here. It was nice to stick with who I was familiar with for now. 

We plopped down and joined the other three people already at the table. It seemed the Thunderbird boys had beat us to breakfast. This group included the love of my life Chase Rester, along with his friends Evan Redbone and Liam King. 

We all said our hellos, and of course when Chase said hi to me I felt the butterflies in my stomach flutter. I noticed that some of the Hogwarts girls sitting at their tables were eyeing Chase too. 

It was only a matter of time before he became the heartthrob of Hogwarts. The universe hated me, and as if it wasn’t enough for me to compete against the entirety of Ilvermorny for him, now I had to go against all of Hogwarts too. 

I start piling food on to my plate, choosing a selection of scrambled eggs, toast, and potatoes. Just as I start eating, David pops down next to me.

“Have they passed out the schedules yet?” He asked as he started filling his own plate with heaps of eggs and too many strips of bacon to count.

I swallowed my mouthful, “Not yet, but they said they would be coming around soon.”

Right as these words left my mouth a friendly looking male professor showed up at the front of our table.

“Er - hello,” he started rather awkwardly, I guess we didn’t seem like the most welcoming group at the moment, “my name in Professor Longbottom and I am head of Gryffindor house, and I’m going to pass out your schedules now.”

Sabrina Torres, a Pugwudgie, was closest to Professor Longbottom so he started with her. I continued eating as he walked from student to student until he reached my spot. 

“Hello,” he greeted me, “what’s your name?”

“Ella Chambers,” he snapped to attention when he heard my name, giving me a look of scrutiny but not saying anything about it.

He tapped his wand on an empty slip of parchment and my new schedule appeared.

“Here you go,” he handed me the slip, “let me know if you have any questions,” he gave me one last inquisitive look, smiled, and turned his attention to Katie who was sitting to my right.

I was used to people judging me by my name, but I was glad Professor Longbottom didn’t say anything or ask me any questions. I was used to the recognition, but I hated the attention. I had hoped that maybe the infamy associated with the Chambers name wouldn’t have made it’s way all the way here. I guess I was mistaken.

Looking down at my schedule, I saw that I was taking the same classes as I did at Ilvermorny. Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes, and Charms. Today started with Transfiguration, then Defense, Care of Magical Creatures, and a free period at the end of the day.

“What do you have?” I look at Katie to see what her schedule looks like. It looked the same as mine except instead of Ancient Runes she took Arithmancy. 

“Okay good,” I said, relieved. “We won’t be alone on our first day.” It was weird that I was already depending on Katie again. I thought that when I came here I would be more independent, as I had learned to be at Ilvermorny. But I was falling back into old patters.

“Thank God,” she agreed, “come on, let’s start heading to Transfiguration, I don’t want to walk in late because we got lost.” She moved to stand up, and I followed her lead.

“Well at least we would make a grand entrance,” I joked. As we were walking out of the great hall I felt someone watching me. I turn around and see that same auburn haired boy from the night before staring at me. I shrug it off and laugh as Katie comes up with more ways that we could embarrass ourselves on our first day of classes.

We sat through our first Transfiguration lesson, and it didn’t seem like it would be any different than the classes at Ilvermorny. I also had Ancient Runes which at NEWT level mostly ended up being Ravenclaws, who seemed like the type of people I could get along with. For the last class of the day, we were now headed to Defense Against the Dark Arts, which I learned we would have with the Gryffindors. 

Katie and I find a table in the back of our Defense classroom, which was quickly filling up. I see the weird staring boy walk in while animately talking to a tall, be-freckled boy with light brown skin. I noticed the Gryffindor girls all eyeing the boys and smiling at each other. 

One particular girl with long blonde hair tied up in a bouncy, high ponytail looked at her friend and smirked. She determinedly stood up and strutted over to the front desk where the boys had ended up sitting down at. 

I watched her with interest, seeing what would happen and maybe figuring out who this mysterious boy was. 

She hopped on to the front desk, and perched herself on the side so that she was mostly facing the auburn haired boy. She touched his shoulder and started talking to him. I slightly leaned forward and strained to hear what they were saying from my position in the back. 

I could only catch snippets of the conversation. I think she asked him about the Gryffindor quidditch teams chances this year - he was on the quidditch team, noted - and she obviously did not care about the subject of the conversation at all. 

Her intentions were clear, even to me who didn’t know her at all. She was flirting with him so hard it was a little painful to watch. The thing was though, the boy seemed to be encouraging her.

A woman walked in to the classroom and all the Hogwarts students snapped to attention, quieted down, and the very friendly girl hurried back to her seat. 

“Good to see everyone again,” she said briskly, “and nice to see some new faces. My name is Professor Restoria and I have been teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts here at Hogwarts for ten years now.”

She started to pace through the desks and continued, “As the Hogwarts students very well know, I do not tolerate side conversations, cheating, or inadequacy in this course. You are here because you are smart enough to be here,” she stopped at the front of the room, “so act like it.”

Professor Restoria reminded me of a younger version of McGonagall; I didn’t know yet if that was a bad or good thing. She started writing on the board, it seemed like the introductory lecture was done with. When she stepped back I saw that she had written in bold letters:


“Now, I know we have reviewed the basics about the unforgivable curses. At Hogwarts we introduced the subject the fourth year,” she paused and asked, “when did the rest of you learn about them?”

“In third year,” Katie responded, glancing at me and quickly diverting her attention back to Professor Restoria. 

Third year was the year Katie started treating me differently, like she was better than me. She and I both knew why. 

“So we all have equal knowledge on the subject, excellent. Today, we delve further into understanding these curses, and better yet we will start trying to learn the best ways to fight against them”

Stare-boy raised his hand. From what I could tell, he didn’t seem like the type to participate in class much, so this was a surprise. Rester seemed to be a little surprised too.

“Yes, Mr. Potter?”

My eyes widened in realization - of course he was a Potter. I assume that it was James Potter, Harry Potter’s oldest son. It made sense now why he had been so scrutinizing since my arrival.

He failed to restrain the anger in his voice when he spoke, “What about people who want to use the spells instead of trying to defend them? Should we even be teaching them this information at all?” He looked back at me accusingly at this point, “History repeats itself, doesn't it?” 

It was weird to me how that this aggressive, judgemntal asshole was the same person as the smiling, carefree boy from the begining of class.

Everyone in the room was looking at me suspiciously, Katie was looking pointedly down at the table, and the room was quiet in anticipation for only a moment. Professor Restoria gave me one fleeting look, and addressed the class.

“Now is not the time to question beliefs and allegiances Mr. Potter,” He looked like he was about to interrupt her, but she continued, “This is a school, and since I am a teacher and you are my students, I will tech every single one of you and every single one of you will learn.”

She looked at James with such sternness, I could tell that doing anything but staying silent would have ended with more punishment than it was worth. 

“Now, if there are no more questions - we can begin.”

“Wizarding laws change all around the world. Since we are lucky enough to have some wizards here with a different government than ours, there are different prohibitions when it comes to spells and curses. In America, there are not three, but how many unforgivable curses?”

The Hogwarts students all looked confused, but every single Ilvermorny student raised their hand, including me. 

“Miss - "?


I caught a brief flash of something on her eyes before she spoke my name again, "Aright, Miss Chambers?"

I answer, “There are four unforgivable curses in America.” 

“Correct, take five points for - well - you don’t have a house yet, so take five points to whichever house you decide to join later on.” 

“And what are the four unforgivable curses in America?” She directed the question at me this time. 

I sat up a little straighter as I delivered this response, “The first three are the same as here; Imperius, Cruciatus, and Avada Kedavra, but in recent history we added a fourth,” I took a deep breath, “the Edeon curse.”

“Take another five points Miss Chambers. Can any of my Hogwarts students tell me exactly what the Edeon curse does?” She challenged her own students this time, I was relieved she didn’t ask me this one. 

James spoke without being called on and looked directly at me when he described what the curse did, “It wipes your memory, like nothing ever happened. You can’t make new memories and you can’t remember anything from before it was cast.”

Now, I look down, training my eyes on my tightly curled fists under the table, rather than watch the classroom scene unfold.

“Potter don’t speak out of turn,” she reprimanded, “but, you are right. The Edeon curse was invented 30 years ago, and is essentially the most powerful memory charm ever created. It curses the human brain. You forget everything you’ve ever known and you cannot learn anything new. A person who has been cast with the Edeon curse lives an empty existence, a pitiful life. And it’s almost irreversible - the only way for a person to regain themselves is for the original caster to lift the curse, which rarely, if ever, happens.” 

The more she explains the more focused I become on my fists. This was third year all over again.

I knew James was getting angrier, and I knew another comment was coming, and I knew he thought I deserved to be known for what my family had done.

His voice was strangely calm and casual when it came, “Yeah, and her father invented it,” He gestured towards me at his last words. 

The Hogwarts students narrowed there eyes at me, and I even heard a few gasps. Restoria expressionlessly looked between James and me, seeing how this would play out. The Ilvermorny students just looked uneasy, this bombshell has been dropped on them four years prior, and although they had yet to completely accept me, it was better to be treated like nothing at all than to be hated for something you didn’t do.

I had been keeping calm this entire class, knowing this is where it would end. I knew my father sins were not mine. I knew who I was, and I shouldn’t have to defend myself in front of a room of strangers. 

I stood up and spoke with as much confidence as I could muster, “Yes, my father did invent this terrible curse, and he is in prison for it. I on the other hand, did not, invent such a curse, nor have I ever used it.” I glared back at James, “I believe you should judge me based on who I am, not for who my father is and what he’s done.” 

David gave me a nod of appreciation, I look at Katie and she still has her gaze firmly glued to the desk. I stay standing, daring anybody to try and blame me for what he had done. This time I would stand up for myself. 

"That's enought for today," Restoria intervened, before it could go any further, "class dismissed."


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